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									a splash
of inspiration
Refurbishing your bathroom isn’t something you do every day.
So, choosing a finish that will last for a number of years
is important.

Mermaid – the ultimate waterproof wall panel system – is the
only inspiration you need for a wall covering that is stylish,
practical and will stand the test of time. This attractive
alternative to tiles will provide a definitive look and feel for your
bathroom or shower.

Relax in a haven inspired by the soft warm tones of the
Coastal colours. Give yourself a kick-start in the morning amid
the refreshing greens and blues of the Tropical range. Create
a modern look with the design-led Metropolitan and Techno
designs, or how about achieving a distinctive finish with the
innovative Mists?

Whatever your preference, there is a colour or design to suit
in the extensive Mermaid collection. All of the panels are
manufactured to the highest quality. No grouting means
that they only need a wipe over with a cloth or squeegee
to maintain a pristine appearance. A ten-year watertight
guarantee also provides ultimate peace of mind.

Your Mermaid dealer will be happy to advise you what to
order to suit your particular room. They will also be pleased to
show you laminate samples in A4 size or on large boards if
available. You will then be able to see the real beauty of the
decors. Alternatively, contact the Mermaid Sample
Hotline on 01472 240832.
    Embrace city living or develop a rural retreat with a panel
    from the Metropolitan range.

    The hot design of Firecoat and the striking effect of Nebula
    are the latest additions to this popular collection. The eclectic
    mix of vibrant and stylish tones provides a luxurious finish,
    which will help to create a room to suit your lifestyle.

    Be enchanted by the indulgent reds and metallic of
    Carnelian Gold, be captured by the structured surface of
    contemporary Slate, or introduce your room to the timeless
    elegance of Luna and Glacier White. Whatever the colour,
    the Metropolitan range will give your room a joie de vivre that
    you will struggle to find with any other wall covering.

    Photo: Firecoat
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Soothe the stresses and strains of everyday life in a bathroom
transformed by the Coastal collection.

These soft, warm and calming colours have stood the test
of time and are reminiscent of long days spent lazing on
the beach. The complete range has been designed to help
you create a tranquil space that will provide every ounce of
relaxation you will ever need.

Perfect for complete bathrooms, bath-sides or simple shower
enclosures, the Coastal collection is best viewed on large
boards in a showroom. Each panel has been designed to
complement a wide range of colour schemes.

If you need more space for storage and toiletries, the strong
panel construction means that shelves and other fittings can
easily be fixed.

A quick wipe over with the Mermaid E-cloth will help to
maintain your panels in pristine condition and keep your new
sanctuary sparkling.

Photo: Verona
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The Techno range will help you create a sophisticated,
design-led finish whatever the size of your room.

Contemporary, eye-catching Pixels are available in Bronze,
Pearl and Silver, and have a modern, glimmering effect. The
three-dimensional colour will be brought to life by the light
in your room and will change naturally throughout the day.
The different Pixels work well together, and can also be used
separately to match a wide range of other wall finishes,
fixtures and fittings.

Fashionable metallics push the boundaries of modern
design. From the contemporary Concrete to the rich tones of
Ferrite, these panels can help you to make a statement. They
suit every extreme, from a small shower enclosure to a full
lavish, walk-in wet area, and will work with modern and ornate
interior designs.

Whatever Techno decor you select, you can cover a large
area in a fraction of the time it would take to tile, and without
the mess!

Photo: Concrete
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Create a chic, modern finish with the computer-generated
Mist collection.

These soft, warm colours are best viewed as full panels to
appreciate their full beauty. The exquisite designs are ideal for
making an impact in grand, open areas with no distractions
from fixtures and fittings. They will also open up smaller spaces
and complement simple interior design, clean lines and bold,
modern accessories.

Available in four soothing shades, the finish of the Mist
collection comprises graduated blocks of colour. They are
available in large format 1200mm-wide panels and can be
cut as required to suit the effect you desire.

Photo: Pearl Mist
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Create your own oasis with the Mermaid Tropical range. It will
leave you feeling as though you’ve just stepped out of a spa.

The selection of exotic colours will rejuvenate your senses and
leave you refreshed every time you leave your bathroom or
shower. The collection of tropical blues and greens evokes
memories of rainforests, waterfalls and lagoons, and will inject
you with a feeling of excitement and invigoration.

Ideal for helping you to create an experience rather than
just another room, the high performance of Mermaid panels
makes them perfect for shower enclosures and can be
combined with a wide selection of tiles.

The unique two-part ‘Click-Seal’ profile system ensures a
watertight corner and can be colour-coordinated to suit
the finish you choose. One wipe with a squeegee and your
panels will look as good as new.

Photo: Blue Scintilla
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Nebula            Glacier White     Firecoat              Feather Marble   Jet Argent       Carnelian Gold    Aztec Stone
(Gloss) C         (Gloss) C         (Gloss) C             (Gloss) A        (Gloss) C        (Gloss) C         (Gloss) A

Silver Crush      Luna              Slate
(Gloss) B         (Gloss) B         (Matt/Structured) C


Verona            Sorrento          Quartz White          Ermine           Snowdrift        Cream Amber        Pearl Crush
(Gloss) A         (Gloss) A         (Gloss) A             (Matt) B         (Matt) B         (Gloss) C          (Gloss) B

Sirocco           Lava Stone        Verlaine              Travertine       Snow Lustre
(Gloss) C         (Matt) A          (Gloss) C             (Matt) B         (Gloss) A

Norske Interiors is continually improving its products and reserves the right to alter the specification without prior notice.
Colours shown in this brochure are as accurate as the printing process allows. Laminate samples should be viewed before
purchase as these are a closer match to the actual panel than printed colours.

Glacier Blue   Water Crystal             Waters Edge             Eau de Nil            Blue Scintilla   Gemstone      Chine Blue
(Gloss) C      (Gloss) A                 (Gloss) A               (Matt) B              (Gloss) C        (Gloss) A     (Matt) B

Aquamarine     Ocean Marble              Mint Crush
(Matt) B       (Gloss) A                 (Gloss) B


Ferrite        Copper                     Concrete              Silver Pixel           Bronze Pixel     Pearl Pixel   Quicksilver
(Matt) C       (Matt) C                   (Matt) C              (Pixel) C              (Pixel) C        (Pixel) C     (Gloss) C

mist                    The decor samples shown below represent full boards
                        (2400 x1200mm) with the pattern scaled to fit. A4 samples
                        (scaled) showing the full repeat pattern are also available.

Silver Mist    Pearl Mist                Palm Mist              Pacific Mist
(Matt)         (Matt)                    (Matt)                 (Matt)
your questions answered
How are wall panels made?
The waterproof wall panel concept was developed in                        Mermaid 600mm-wide bathroom panels can be used for full
Scandinavia and Mermaid is now renowned as the UK’s                       room installations. Ideally this should be planned to ensure
market leader in this sector. The Mermaid panels have been                that the joins between the panels are symetrical, particularly
tested by the Norwegian Building Research Institute and                   around windows and doors.
awarded NBI Technical Approval No 2294 for use in wet
areas. In addition to being attractive and easy to maintain,
they also offer many other advantages to the installer and
consumers alike.

Mermaid panels are made of 9mm water-resistant WBP
plywood. This is bonded with a decorative high pressure
laminate which results in a 100% waterproof surface. There is
also a balancer laminate to the reverse.

Are they easy to install?                                                 Mermaid panels can be used for two- or three-sided
                                                                          shower enclosures.
A specialist fitter isn’t required. Mermaid panels can be
installed by a competent trades person.

Large wall surfaces can be covered in a fraction of the
time it would take to tile the same area. All of the Mermaid
panels are manufactured in three sizes, except for the Mist
collection which is only available in 1200mm-wide panels.
They are supplied as easy-to-order kits, including all the
required profiles, colour sealants and accessories.

• Bathroom panels         2400mm x 600mm (nominal)*
                          For full room installations or walls greater
                          than 1200mm in length
• Hi-ShowerWall           2400mm x 900mm
                          For shower installations where the wall is
                                                                          Is preparation required?
                          less than or equal to 900mm
• Wide ShowerWall         2400mm x 1200mm                                 The panels are easy to fit to most types of bathroom wall,
                          For shower installations where the wall is      including studwork and even over the top of existing ceramic
                          less than or equal to 1200mm                    tiles. Whatever the surface, it is important that the walls are
                         *Important note: laminate face width 585mm       flat, reasonably square and provide a suitable fixing for
                                                                          screws and plugs. It is also recommended to use
                                                                          multi-purpose adhesive when installing Hi-ShowerWall and
                                                                          Wide ShowerWall panels.

                                                                          The materials used in the construction of wall panels
                                                                          mean that normal woodworking tools can be used for the
                                                                          installation. This also means that no problems should occur
                                                                          when drilling to fix mirrors or other bathroom fittings.
                          Bathroom panels
                          Tongue and grooved panel edges (only
                          available on 600mm boards) eliminate the
                          need for joining strips and mean that fixings
                          can be neatly concealed.
What else helps to make the How are they supplied?
panels watertight?          Mermaid wall panels are available in over 40 colours, so
                                                                    there is something to suit every taste. They are supplied as
The internal and external corner profiles on Mermaid panels         complete kits with comprehensive fixing guidelines. The
are a unique two-part              profile system, which            edging and corner profiles are colour-coordinated to create
doesn’t require a sealant. The design incorporates a PVC            a professional finish. You can also upgrade to polished
section on the rear and colour-coordinated PVC or polished          aluminium if desired. White bottom seal profiles are supplied
chrome aluminium face. The two parts simply click together          as standard.
and a self-adhesive barrier tape creates a watertight join.
                                                                                                               Care Inst
                                                                                                                                 NEW                     12/7/07
                                                                                                                                                                                      Page 1

                                                                                                                 HOME O
                                                                                                                       WNER C
                                                                                                                              ARE INST
                                                                                                                              panels are

                                                                                                                 and grime                   designed
                                                                                                                               within the               to reduce
                                                                                                                                             bathing area.           the build

                                                                                                                 of cleaning                                                     up of dirt
                                                                                                                               will keep                      However,
                                                                                                                to come.                    them in pristin              a minimal
                                                                                                                                                              e condition            amount
                                                                                                                                                                           for many
                                                                                                               CLEANING                                                                years
                                                                                                              Panels can
                                                                                                                             be cleane
                                                                                                              cloth. Altern              d using norm
                                                                                                                             atively a non-s              al soap, water
                                                                                                                 The recom                     cratch liquid              and a soft
                                                                                                                              mended metho                      cleaner can
                                                                                                            is to rinse                           d of cleani                 be used.
                                                                                                                          them and                              ng Merm
                                                                                                           the squee                    then clean                        aid panels
                                                                                                                         gee. Wipin                 off the exces
                                                                                                          use is impor                g down the                     s water with
                                                                                                                           tant as it                laminate surfac
                                                                                                          and limesc                    will preve                     e after every
                                                                                                                        ale.                       nt the build
                                                                                                             Finally, to                                           up of residu
                                                                                                                          achieve a                                               e
                                                                                                         water using                   superior finish                                       HOW TO
                                                                                                                         the micro                       remove any                                       MAINTAIN
                                                                                                        Particular                   fibre E-Clo                        remaining           • Wash                       THE E-CLO
                                                                                                                      attent                      th includ                                             regularly
                                                                                                       sealant, these ion should be paid                        ed in your
                                                                                                                                                                            kit.            • Boil in              up to 300           TH
                                                                                                                          should be                  to areas of                                        saucepan               times
                                                                                                       build-up of                      wiped clean                 exposed                                         or machine
                                                                                                                       dirt which                      to prevent                             (initial washe                     wash on
                                                                                                                                    may prom                         the                                     s should be                    60ºC
                                                                                                                                                 ote mould                                 • Hot wash                       at 60ºC)
                                                                                                      Abrasive                                                 /fungus growt                               on 90ºC
                                                                                                                  cleane                                                       h.         • Wash                      to release
                                                                                                                                                                                                     separately                   particles
                                                                                                     and go” cleane rs should NEVER                                                       • Use small             or in a bag
                                                                                                                         rs should                be used. The                                                                  as colour
                                                                                                                                                                                                         amount of
                                                                                                     acidic conte
                                                                                                                    nt.This may
                                                                                                                                      also be avoid
                                                                                                                                                       ed as some
                                                                                                                                                                   use of “wash          • Rinse thoro                 washing powd may run
                                                                                                    the surfac                       cause disco                      have a high                         ughly                        er to avoid
                                                                                                                 e of the panel                    loration or                          • Do not                                                   fading
                                                                                                                                   s over time.                    damage to                          use fabric
                                                                                                   Do not allow                                                                         • Tumble                  softener or
                                                                                                                                                                                                     or hang dry                bleach
                                                                                                                      paint stripp
                                                                                                   agents, w.c.                      er, nail varnis
                                                                                                                  cleaners                            h, spirits,
                                                                                                  the panel                   or bleach                           dry cleani
                                                                                                               surface.                     to come                          ng
                                                                                                                                                       in to conta
                                                                                                                                                                     ct with

                                                                                                                       TO ORD
                                                                                                                              ER MORE
                                                                                                                                      HOME OWN
                                                                                                                                               ER                          CARE KITS,
                                                                                                                                                                                      PLEA         SE CALL
                                                                                                                                                                                                           0147        2 240832

Conventional tile installations often result in leaks as the seal
between the bath or shower tray and wall breaks down
over time. The Mermaid bottom seal system accommodates              A Home Owner Care pack is supplied with Mermaid corner
movement, to ensure that this doesn’t happen. The patented          and wall panel kits. This includes an E-cloth, squeegee and
profile and special formulation sealant allow shower trays to       instructions on how to keep your panels in pristine condition.
drop by up to 10mm and still remain watertight.                     These packs can also be purchased separately with non-kit
                                                                    Mermaid orders.

Are they easy to maintain?
Panels are easy to clean and just need wiping with a damp
cloth so that they look as good as new – unlike wallpaper
or paint, which can peel or flake; and tiles, which can crack
or chip. The panels are durable and – as long as cared for
correctly – they will last for many years.
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