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Database manager job description

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Database manager job description, Database assistant job description, Database director job description, Database officer job description, Database coordinator job description, Database clerk job description, Database associate job description, Database executive job description, Database supervisor job description, Database specialist job description, Database consultant job description

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Database manager job description

I/ Key duties of Database manager

   1. Manage data capture of data sets into all databases.
   2. Ensure safe keeping of all data from internal and national programs and surveys.
   3. Create and maintain contacts with (actual and potential) information and data
       partners by participating in meetings and forums relating to monitoring and
   4. Provide data and information to program staff, management, consultants, partners
       and other interested parties as per instruction from management.
   5. Develop protocols for data dissemination and access.
   6. Review data needs.
   7. Analyze existing data base systems.
   8. Train all staff on use on a regular basis.
   9. Develop, manage and maintain databases on behalf of the national unit, as per
       database system documents.
   10. Develop, manage and maintain database on behalf of the company, as per
       database system document.
   11. Design and prepare reports based on management requirements.
   12. Develop training guides and information manuals for use by all levels of staff and
   13. Train and mentor staff in the use of the databases and database information.
   14. Maintain hardware to perform to the required standards.
   15. Populate the databases with initial datasets.
   16. Participate actively in the annual planning process, including developing and
       executing individual work plans, evaluating and providing feedback on plans as
       the year progresses.
   17. Provide ongoing staff support as issues arise.
   18. Establish regular monitoring procedures to evaluate use and effectiveness.
   19. Assist in pulling data for reports, meetings, etc.

II/ Job description types of Database department

It include job description of positions as follows:

   1.   Database manager
   2.   Database specialist
   3.   Database consultant
   4.   Database assistant
HR management and career development

   5. Database director
   6. Database officer
   7. Database coordinator
   8. Database clerk
   9. Database associate
   10. Database executive
   11. Database supervisor

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