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					     Polycom Introduces Asterisk SIP support on the SpectraLink 8000 system

Price List Section   Voice

Affected Region      North America/Global

                     As part of its ongoing strategy to provide SIP integration on wireless telephones,
                     Polycom is pleased to release the SpectraLink 8000 system SIP interface for Asterisk-
                     based PBXs. A leader in SIP integration, Polycom offers the only Wi-Fi telephones
                     certified for interoperability with Digium’s Asterisk Business Edition, the enterprise-grade
                     version of its acclaimed open source PBX for the Linux operating system.

                     Featuring a variety of functions, the SIP- enabled telephone is an ideal choice for
                     businesses running on enterprise-grade 802.11b, g or a wireless networks, needing
                     durable handsets with basic call control capabilities.

      PB # 782                    Polycom Proprietary and Confidential                                 5/9/2010
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                      This solution is offered on the SpectraLink 8000 Wireless Telephones through a
                      downloadable software update.

                      Supported Features:

                                      Basic Dial, Redial                Call Park/Call Pickup
                                      Hold (with                        Up to 6 calls per line
                                      Music)/Resume                     Forked Calls
                                      Mute                              Consultation Call
                                      Do Not Disturb                    Message Waiting
                                      Caller ID                         Indicator
                                      Call Forward                      Call Waiting
Product Description                   Call Transfer (attended           Centralized Conferencing
                                      and unattended)

                      The integration supports both the Asterisk Open Source SIP Platform and Digium’s
                      Asterisk Business Edition. Through premier membership in Digium’s Interoperability
                      Partner Program, the SpectraLink 8000 Telephones have been tested and certified by
                      Digium to ensure the interoperability and reliability of critical functions and features.

                      Interoperability with Asterisk adds to Polycom’s extensive list of PBX platforms
                      supported through circuit-switched and VoIP protocols.

                      Asterisk Business Edition (ABE) is tailored for small and medium sized business
                      applications, supporting up to 240 simultaneous calls. It can solve a wide range of
                      customer issues, from common PBX and key system replacements, to highly-
                      specialized applications. For more information on Digium Asterisk products, go to
Target Markets and
                      These SpectraLink 8000 wireless telephones with Asterisk SIP integration are ideal for
                      medium sized businesses, with 100-200 lines, running an Asterisk PBX on premises
                      and requiring mobility.

       PB # 782                    Polycom Proprietary and Confidential                                   5/9/2010
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                      All SpectraLink 8020 and 8030 wireless telephones are updateable to use the SIP
                      interface by setting the license ID code (i.e., telephony protocol) to 36, and loading the
                      appropriate software versions listed below.

                       Product                                      Version

                       SpectraLink 8020/8030 Wireless                  131.002

                       Handset Administration Tool (HAT)               2.2 or higher

                       SpectraLink 8000 SVP Server                     17x.028 or higher
   Specifications      SpectraLink 8000 OAI Gateway (MOG               54.032 or higher
                       600 )
                                                                       82.017 or higher
                       SpectraLink 8000 OAI Gateway (MOG
                       700 )
                       Digium Asterisk Business Edition
                                                                       V1.2 or later
                       Asterisk Open Source

                      The SpectraLink 8000 software updates can be downloaded from

Supporting Material   Sales and Marketing materials:
                          Presentation on Polycom Resource Center: Voice Communications Solutions
                          Group – Q1 2008 Wireless Update
                          Press Release: SpectraLink Expands IP Telephony Support Through
                          Digium|Asterisk Interoperability Partnership
                      Documentation on http://www.spectralink.com/resources:
                          NetLink 8000 Series Wireless Telephone with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
                          Configuration and Administration (Part Number: 72-1094-02 Issue A)
                          NetLink 8000 Series Wireless Telephone SIP User Agent: Features and Standards
                          (Part Number: 72-1094-01 Issue A)
                          131.002 Release notes

       PB # 782                     Polycom Proprietary and Confidential                                5/9/2010
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System Requirements, Pricing and Ordering Information:

Product                                      Software Version       List Price

SpectraLink 8020 Wireless      WTB150        131.002                $595
                                                                    Software update available at no charge to customers who have
                                                                    already purchased SpectraLink 8020 Wireless Telephones.
SpectraLink 8030 Wireless      WTE150        131.002                $675
                                                                    Software update available at no charge to customers who have
                                                                    already purchased SpectraLink 8030 Wireless Telephones.
SpectraLink 80XX Handset       NCS100        2.2                    $35
Administration Tool (HAT) CD
                                                                    Software update available at no charge to customers who have
                                                                    already purchased the HAT CD.

 PB # 782                                   Polycom Proprietary and Confidential                                              5/9/2010
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