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									                                                            TRAVEL PLANNING
  Conference/Workshop                                              Admissions In-State travel                               Admissions Recruiting Travel
  74-3907 Enrollment Services                                      74-3908 Admissions                                       03-3910 Recruiting Initiative
     NACAC Conference                                                  NACAC Fair Seattle                                       NACAC Fair
     NACAC Fair Portland OR                                            NACAC Fair Spokane                                       UW Night
     NAFSA Annual Workshop                                             Community College Fall Tour                              RMACAC Fair
     PACRO Annual Conference                                           WCHSCR Workshop(s)                                       WACAC Fair
     Other Conference / Workshop                                       Other                                                    Other
     Other out-of-state travel

       DARS Workshop: 03-3902 DARS

Location / Destination:
Complete the appropriate section(s) below if they apply.
Airline Reservation needed:                                  No               Yes
 Departure date and time preference(s):
 Return date and time preference(s):
 Airline, seating, and food preferences:
Car Rental:                   No                  Yes         Number of days needed:
 Pick up car at                                               Return car to
Conference Registration:
 Payment of conference registration fee
    paid on-line using department Visa (attach registration confirmation notice)
    pre-pay by UW purchase order                   UW corporate Visa                                                 at the door
Hotel Reservation needed?                         No              Yes If “yes”, credit card #
 Hotel Preference:
 Guarantee for late arrival?                      No              Yes
 Sharing a double room?                           No              Yes*                    Other traveler’s name:
Per Diem Advance** needed:                        No              Yes If “yes” by what date?
  **Advance will not be issued if you have a corporate Visa card, or you request less than $200. Allow minimum of 10 work days to process check.

Materials to be shipped to conference / fair site?                           No                Yes
    Trifolds: # boxes             FrIPs: # boxes
    Fr App Only: #                TAPs: # boxes                                                Other material:
  Materials will be shipped UPS standard (3 – 5 days delivery time) unless otherwise indicated.

Any personal travel before or after trip?                         No                Yes

 Lodging receipts are required. Obtain original copy when possible indicating your name, itemized daily room charge and taxes, and *single room charge if you
  shared a double.
 Receipts are required for all expenditures over $50
 For overnight trips, you will be reimbursed up to the maximum food allowance specified for your destination.
 Compute mileage using either the car mileage and rates table on the Web or your actual odometer readings. Do not guess at mileage.
 Separate “point-to-point mileage” (getting from here to there and back again) from “vicinity mileage” (going hither and about at your destinatio n). For vicinity
  miles, use your odometer reading.
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