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Brand manager job description

I/ Key duties of Brand manager

1. Develops monthly and quarterly reports for management.

2. Support the development of brand strategies and marketing plans across the

3. Aid in developing brand identity and related positioning and messaging to help inform
the creative process.

4. Develop and execute creative in support of the brands and related products.

5. Manager the day-to-day activities associated to all marketing efforts, including, project
management, creative development, cross-functional implementation, campaign tracking
and reporting as necessary.

6. Assist in monitoring brand health metrics and support the development of new brand
tracking across businesses.

7. Assist with financial projections and budgeting process.

8. Manage budgets and financial related to marketing campaigns.

9. Assist with management of third party agencies.

10. Leads the Marketing lifecycle process for designated brand(s).

11. Defines and helps facilitate master plans for designated properties.

12. Functions as the information hub for designated brand(s).

13. Works closely with all relevant Media departments to integrate media mix plans.

14. Monitors and advises brand.

15. Manages day-to-day progress of product marketing planning and execution.

16. Maintains brand integrity across product lines, advertising, and all other internal and
external communication as it pertains to assigned brand.
HR management and career development

17. Collaborates with a wide variety of functional areas such as sales, editorial,
marketing, design, and operations to execute specific marketing plans for each assigned

18. Coordinates and develops marketing, sales, editorial, and financial plans for product
19. Provides financial and marketing justification for acquisitions.

20. Prepares marketing objectives and schedules for all phases of product solicitation and
introduction to market including but not limited to sales materials and retail

21. Conducts market research and identifies and tracks market trends in company’s

22. Produces competitive analysis materials comparing product with its key competitors.

23. Participate in key sales and marketing presentations as necessary.

I/ Job description types of Brand department

It include job description of positions as follows:

   1. Brand manager
   2. Brand coordinator
   3. Brand clerk
   4. Brand associate
   5. Brand executive
   6. Brand supervisor
   7. Brand specialist
   8. Brand consultant
   9. Brand assistant
   10. Brand director
   11. Brand officer

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