Advertising manager job description

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Advertising manager job description

I/ Key duties of Advertising manager

1. Follow up on all advertising inquiries in a timely manner, and keep a log of all contacts
made/outcomes of those interactions.

2. Generate new ideas for ad campaigns throughout the year.

3. Work Closely with newspaper Designer to ensure ads appear in the paper properly.

4. Assisting General Manager with collection of outstanding accounts.

5. Manage both existing and new accounts with the same degree of professionalism.

6. Place all ads on page templates at the beginning of each production week.

7. Prepare budgets and submit cost estimates.

8. Generate new advertising sales through direct solicitation of area businesses and
campus organizations.

9. Provide timely follow up on all advertising inquiries, and maintain availability by
telephone and email to clientele and staff members.

10. Negotiate advertising and sales contracts.

11. Approve contracts negotiated by team members.

12. Work with campus organizations and departments to produce and publish ads.

13. Oversee the coordination of weekly ads (all versions), specific store events,
segmentation, print media and electronic media planning and creative grand opening

14. Sell ad space in weekly and special issues.

15. Grow new relationships with local, national, and campus advertisers.

16. Maintain and post a list of all ads booked for the current and future issues, including
client name, size and type of ad of ad.
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17. Provide weekly updates of activity and projected ad space for each issue to the
managing editor.

18. Coordinate ad placement for each issue with the managing editor.

19. Track the success of ad campaigns after they are launched.

20. Responsible for developing and achieving advertising budgets.

21. Participate in identifying, screening and selecting ad agency partners.

22. Manage production of agreed advertising materials on time & within budgets.

23. Present a report of this activity to the publication manager on a monthly basis.

24. Coordinate with the publication manager to complete billings, including statements
and tear sheets, to all clients immediately after each issue is published.

25. Develop media plans and manage partner media agencies.

26. Analyze expenditures and their effectiveness, and develop reports to share with
managers & senior management.

27. Oversee communication and processes between Fry’s and print production and photo
hubs; provide strategic and creative direction for division initiatives.

28. Develop strategic promotional plans for division/stores and other sales impacting

I/ Job description types of Advertising department

It include job description of positions as follows:

   1. Advertising manager
   2. Advertising assistant
   3. Advertising director
   4. Advertising officer
   5. Advertising coordinator
   6. Advertising clerk
   7. Advertising associate
   8. Advertising executive
   9. Advertising supervisor
   10. Advertising specialist
   11. Advertising consultant
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