August 2_ 2007 _Amended_ - CITY OF EAST POINT by decree


									                                 CITY OF EAST POINT


                             Meeting Synopsis - Amended

                                       August 2, 2007
                                          6:30 p.m.
                                       Regular Meeting
                       East Point City Auditorium, East Point, Georgia

Board Members Present:             Mr. Robert CARSON, Chairman

                                   Ms. Penni DUDLEY, Esquire

                                   Mr. William FAUNTLEROY

                                   Mr. Alex PRINCE

                                   Ms. Earnestine SHUMAKE

                                   Mr. Joseph SHORTER

                                   Ms. Karen THOMPSON-JOHNSON

Also Present:                      Mr. Gerald SANDERS, Director
                                   Economic Development

                                   Mr. Ronn TIGNER, Legal Counsel

                                   Mr. Charles JOHNSON, Esquire

                                   Mr. Jim WATSON, Esquire

                                   Mr. Charles W. STRICKLAND

                                   Signed: ________________________

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                                        - - -

                              (Whereupon, the August 2, 2007 meeting

              of the East Point Business and Industrial

              Development Authority convened at 6:30 p.m. in

              East Point, Georgia)

                                        - - -

              Call to Order

                     The August 2007 BIDA meeting was called to order

              at 6:50 p.m. by Mr. Robert Carson, Chairman,


              Adoption of Agenda

                     Mr. Carson sounded the agenda and asked if there

              were any changes or additions.

                     A motion to adopt was made by Mr. Shorter,

              seconded by Mr. Fauntleroy.

                                        - - -

                              (Whereupon, the Motion passed)

                                        - - -

              Approval of Minutes

                     Mr. Carson announced that the July 12, 2007

              Minutes were not available and asked that the Motion

              be held until the next meeting.


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                     Mr. Carson asked Mr. Sanders to introduce the

              meeting guests who included Charles Strickland, Teens

              At Work; and attorneys Charles Johnson and Jim Watson

              on representing the City.        Per Mr. Sanders, Teens At

              Work contends that the subject property (1622 Ware

              Avenue) should not have been transferred by the City

              to BIDA.

                                      - - -

                     (Whereupon, the Speakers approached the podium)

                                      - - -

                     Mr. Strickland said that the organization

              purchased the property in 1994 and provided the

              warranty deed.     He was recently reviewing property

              records and saw that the City quit claimed the entire

              block of properties in 2003 (including the subject

              property).      He said that BIDA was erroneously listed

              as the owner effective in 2004. Mr. Strickland

              requested that BIDA make the necessary correction.

                     Ms. Dudley agreed that an error had occurred

              after the City passed a resolution to convey surplus

              property to BIDA and a blanket quit claim was

              processed.      She said however that nothing needs to be

              done but she agreed to make a motion to quit claim it

              back to Teens At Work.

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                     Speaking on behalf of the City, Mr. Johnson urged

              members to proceed cautiously since no title work had

              been done.       Mr. Watson suggested broader review of the

              chain of title.

                     Ms. Dudley reported that she had personally

              analyzed the quit claim deed, will review her

              information, but is certain that this is an error just

              like Isabel Jeffries (phonetic) property.        Mr. Tigner

              reminded members of a former HUD program wherein the

              City took the security deeds and this was probably

              picked up during research.

                                        - - -

                     (Whereupon, the Speaker exited the podium)

                                        - - -

                     Ms. Dudley made a motion, subject to confirmation

              of an error, that BIDA quit claim the property with a

              historical explanation to clarify the title, to Teens

              At Work, seconded by Mr. Shorter.

                                        - - -

                              (Whereupon, the Motion passed)

                                        - - -

                     Mr. Carson asked Mr. Johnson to provide a TAD


                     Mr. Johnson reported that following the City's

              opposition and presentation, Fulton County passed a

Ace Reporters ♠ Transcripts             8-2-07                   4
              substitute motion to adopt the TAD resolution without

              the affordable housing conditions.        He said that the

              City will now proceed to the school board which had a

              moratorium in place pending Beltline litigation in the

              Supreme Court and establishment of a TAD policy.      Mr.

              Sanders said that the Mayor has initiated some

              discussions already.

                                        - - -

                       (Whereupon, the Speaker exited the podium)

                                        - - -

              Report of the Treasurer

                     Mr. Carson announced that Ms. Macaluso had

              resigned as Treasurer, effective the August 2nd


                     The Chair said that members have information on

              the June checking account and asked for a motion.

                     Mr. Shorter made a Motion to approve the Report,

              seconded by Ms. Shuemake.

                                        - - -

                              (Whereupon, the Motion passed)

                                        - - -

              Review and Approval of Expenditures

              Invoice from Ronn Tigner - Mr. Tigner said that May

              and June invoices will be submitted for the next


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              Report of Legal Counsel

                     Mr. Tigner said he will prepare the Teens At Work

              contract soon.   Regarding Kimberly Brown, he said they

              plan to return with a counter.

              Report of the Economic Development Director

                     Mr. Sanders distributed a written report and said

              that some items had already been discussed.

                     Teens At Work Proposal - Previously Discussed.

                     TAD Update - Fulton County Consent Resolution -

              Previously Discussed.

                     Update Street Configuration for downtown - Mr.

              Sanders said general discussions between the City

              Manager and Selig have transpired.   The City Manager

              says it is still conceptual and there is no directive

              to staff to draw up any reconfiguration.   Mr. Sanders

              said that conversations with the Sizemore Group noted

              that as of late the interest in reconfiguration is

              cooling per talks with Ms. Jo Ann Chitty (phonetic);

              rather the focus is on Grady selling.   Selig

              reiterated that Publix wants that corner and hopes not

              to lose them.

                     Usage of BIDA property for Fire Dept. picnic -

              Per Mr. Sanders, the Department has requested

              permission to use the gravel lot for a cook out and

              another event.   Mr. Carson asked that the same

Ace Reporters ♠ Transcripts         8-2-07                    6
              conditions be stipulated for use as with PALS.           Mr.

              Tigner will email the PALS agreement to Mr. Sanders.

                     Mr. Prince made a motion to approve, seconded by

              Mr. Shorter.

                                         - - -

                                (Whereupon, the Motion passed)

                                         - - -

                     Mr. Sanders reported that the City Manager has

              resigned effective August 1st.         The City Council has
              hired Mr. Crandall         (phonetic) Jones, for a minimum

period of 6 months. He is meeting with Department heads and is

expected to meet with BIDA.          He has 24 years in municipal

              government.     Mr. Carson suggested that the Commons

              team get a meeting with him ASAP so as not to lose

              time on the project. Mr. Sanders has mentioned the

              projects to him and per Mr. Carson will send him the

              Selig proposal.     Temporarily, Mr. Sanders suggested

              that members send info through him to Mr. Jones until

              his email is established.

              Unfinished Business

              Property Transfer from City/DDA to BIDA - Ms. Dudley

              said has sent comments to Ms. Hickson.          The full

              Council has copies. Restrictions on land should be

              project specific, she explained.         BIDA needs to know

    First Name Added By Mr. Fauntleroy 9-6-07 BIDA Meeting.

Ace Reporters ♠ Transcripts              8-2-07                    7
              what the project is before restrictions are

              established.    Regarding reconveyance, state law

              obligates BIDA and she said it doesn't need to be in

              the deed; it ends once BIDA sells the land and

              shouldn't extend to subsequent owners.     Mr. Tigner

              agreed and said that financing would be in jeopardy

              with the reconveyance language proposed.

                     Ms. Dudley suggested a meeting to end the

              gridlock and that Mr. Tigner pull the resolution to

              see if there were any conditions in it.    Mr. Carson

              asked that the meeting be scheduled in the next couple

              of weeks, if possible.

                     Commons Project Update - Mr. Carson said that

              Grady's new CEO has responded to the Mayor's letter.

              A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday to discuss the

              hospital's plans in general, for the clinic, and the

              Commons project.


                     Mr. Shorter made a Motion to Adjourn, seconded by

              Ms. Thompson-Johnson.

                                             - - -

                               (Whereupon, the Motion passed)

                                             - - -

                 (Whereupon, the Proceedings concluded at 7:50 P.M.)

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