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									Graduate School of Management
  St. Petersburg State University

         Gladkova Margarita
              Master Programs
• Master in International Business —intensive two year
  full-time program including one semester of exchange
  studies in a partner EU university. The program prepares
  for successful international & cross-functional careers at
  multinational companies.
• Master in International Technology and Innovation
  Management — full-time program developed in
  partnership with Lappeenranta University of Technology
  (Finland) to prepare for successful international career at
  innovative & high-tech companies in Russia and abroad.
• In 2007-2008 there are 51 Russian Federation students,
  38 exchange Master students from EU.
             Doctoral Programs
• Doctoral Program offers two fields of specialization:
   – “Economics & Management of National Economy”. The field
     concerns the following areas of special studies:
      • Marketing
      • Management Theory of Economic Systems
   – “Organization of Production”
• Full-time 3 years studies in Russian.
• Now there are 49 PhD students.
                 Other Programs
• Executive MBA’s purpose is to facilitate development of the
  Russian economy by having our students acquire systematic
  knowledge and skills of professional managers needed for making
  efficient decisions managing competitive companies in the dynamic
  national markets. Two years modular program.
• International EMBA (English)
• Presidential Program - the Program on Training Managers and
  Executives for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian
• Research Institute of Management. The SOM research is
  focused on the following subject areas: topical problems of
  contemporary management, practical aspects of public
  administration, theory of innovative development.
                Financing GSOM
• Revenues from tuition, publishing, consulting and other
• Fundraising
   – SOM’s unique for Russia background of raising $6 mln. for renovation of
     its buildings in Volkhvosky Pereulok (1997-2002) – donations from 16
     major international and Russian companies (incl. Procter & Gamble,
     Gillette, United Technologies, L’Oreal, Henkel, Honeywell, Norsk Hydro,
     Gazprombank, Alfa-Bank, BBH, International Bank of St. Petersburg,
     IST Group)
   – GSOM’s fundraising plan at $100 mln., primarily in endowments
• Funding from the Russian Federal Budget
   – $7 mln. In FY 2005 to complete the renovation and equip SOM’s
     buildings in downtown St. Petersburg
   – total $50 mln. in FY 2006 and 2007 for new curricula and courses
     development, faculty advancement, research projects, equipment, etc.
   – funding for GSOM’s new campus on the outskirts of St. Petersburg
     (close to the Konstantinovsky Palace – President V. Putin’s residence)

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