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					Report on Google Analytics results for ScholarlyCommons@AUT
February 2009 update
12 March 2009
Prepared by Craig Murdoch

This report outlines some of the key results and interesting highlights from Google
Analytics tracking of ScholarlyCommons@AUT usage. Accurate tracking of the entire site
began on the 25th of August 2008.

Note: Cumulative figures for 2009 appear in brackets.

1. Visitors

a. Visits

Total visits 1/2/09 to 28/2/09: 4,467 (8,690 ytd)
     • New visitors: 3,876
     • Returning Visitors: 591
Total unique visitors: 4,012 (7,638)
Total pageviews: 11,306 (23,626)

Average visits per day: 160
Average time on site per visit: 1 minute 38 seconds
Average pageviews per visit: 2.53

Busiest day (visits): February 10, 201 visits
Busiest day (pageviews): February 2, 832 pageviews
b. Site Search

Number of visits in which visitor did not search within ScholarlyCommons: 3,993
Number of visits in which visitor did search within ScholarlyCommons: 474

Those who searched within ScholarlyCommons spent 6.6 times more time on the site
and viewed 5.7 times more pages than those who didn't (on average).

c. Browser Share

Browser             % Share
Internet Explorer        69
Firefox                  25
Safari                    3
Chrome                    1
Opera                     1
All others                1

This month we received our first confirmed visit from a mobile device - an HTC Touch 3G
T3232 (running a version of Mozilla surprisingly)
d. Countries

Top 20 countries ranked by visits:

Country/Territory Visits - Feb 09          Country/Territory Visits - YTD
New Zealand                     1079       New Zealand               2068
United States                        598   United Kingdom            1137
United Kingdom                       526   United States             1065
Australia                            281   Australia                  529
India                                262   India                      527
Malaysia                             151   Malaysia                   290
Canada                               132   Canada                     249
Philippines                           85   Philippines                176
China                                 76   China                      145
Thailand                              63   Indonesia                  118
Indonesia                             60   Thailand                   117
Saudi Arabia                          57   Germany                    101
Egypt                                 55   Netherlands                 93
Netherlands                           55   South Africa                92
South Africa                          53   Singapore                   91
Iran                                  51   Iran                        91
Singapore                             46   Saudi Arabia                89
Hong Kong                             43   Egypt                       84
Germany                               41   Turkey                      82
Turkey                                38   Ireland                     74

New countries in February (with multiple pageviews): Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina,
Liberia, Tonga
2. Traffic Sources

a. Summary
b. Top Search Engines
Note: Google Scholar is not considered part of Google and is listed under referring sites

Search Engine Visits - Feb 09          Search Engine Visits - YTD
Google                       2662      Google                   5193
MSN                            27      MSN                         53                     18                  34
Yahoo                          13      Yahoo                       26
MS Live                        13      AOL                         23
AOL                            12      MS Live                     23
Ask                             6      Ask                         10
Altavista                       1

c. Top Referring Sites

Referring Site              Visits Notes               526                     210            151           Redirections from the old repository - likely from
                                    Google hits            77 Blog of Professor Mubarak Al-Dosar, Saudi Arabia            50                38 The Library catalogue              33 KRIS                     25               16
d. Top Keywords used in Search Engines

                          Visits - Feb   Keywords                 Visits -
                                    09                               YTD
rugby analysis                     18    creatine                      37
creatine                           17    otago exercise program        29
strategy                           13    aut scholarly commons         29
samoan patterns                    12    rugby analysis                26
code switching                     12    samoan patterns               25
hospital bug, h bug                11    hospital bug, h bug           21
lightness design                   10    modernisation theory          17
air new zealand                     9    indian girls                  17
otago exercise                      9    code switching                16
aut scholarly commons               9    management information        14
3. Content

a. Top Pages

Page                Pageviews Notes
/                         829 Home
/handle/10292/5           238 Masters Theses collection
/browse-title             220 Title browse result page
/mydspace                 201 My Account page
/community-list           191 List of communities and collections
/handle/10292/4           148 Doctoral Theses collection
/submit                   121 Deposit an item
/handle/10292/364          93 Withdrawn item
/browse-author             82 Author browse result page
/tools/edit-item           75 Admin page for approving deposited items
b. Usage by Item

Note: It's not clear what "Unique Pageviews" exactly is, but given the context it most
likely means number of views from different addresses. Thus it would eliminate the issue
of a Library staff member or an author repeatedly viewing one item.

Note: Pageviews is not the same as downloads of the associated pdf. For that we need
the DSpace internal statistics. However Pageviews is a valid measure of an item's

Top 20 Items by Pageviews:

Page Title                                                       Pageviews
Ethical issues and workplace problems in commercial
                                                                         67          63
hospitality: a New Zealand study

Game analysis in Rugby Union                                             62          51

Tensions in the toolbox: the meaning of Western acupuncture
                                                                         61          48
for New Zealand physiotherapists
Students' motivation to learn, academic achievement, and
                                                                         56          46
academic advising
A comparison of physiotherapy and RICE self treatment advice
                                                                         55          50
for early management of ankle sprains
Barriers to strategy implementation: a case study of Air New
                                                                         51          40
Career expectations and requirements of undergraduate
hospitality students and the hospitality industry: An analysis           49          38
of differences

Repositioning: a case study of McDonald's New Zealand                    49          39

Lightness, sustainability, design: framing product design                46          33

Physiological response to sport-specific aerobic interval
                                                                         43          40
training in high school male basketball players
What influence does brand image and brand reputation have
towards achieving a sustained competitive advantage in the               41          30
sports apparel industry?

Mind shift: creating change through narrative learning cycles            38          28

Code-switching and identity on the blogs : An analysis of
                                                                         36          32
Taglish in computer mediated communication

Obesity and its determinants in girls from five ethnic groups            36          31

Board characteristics and firm performance: evidence from
                                                                         35          25
New Zealand
The Acute Effects of Creatine Monohydrate Loading on
                                                                         34          33
Simulated Soccer Performance
An examination of how product involvement affects brand
                                                                         33          32
Corporate social responsibility in Islam                                    32          25

Family factors in bilingual children's code-switching and
                                                                            32          26
language maintenance : a New Zealand case study
Using information and communication technology to facilitate
supply chain management in the New Zealand construction                     32          23

All Items by Title:

Page Title                                                           Pageviews
"Patterns in a world in slippage": Playback theatre as
professional development in three primary healthcare centres                13          10
in Aotearoa New Zealand

10 Bowen St.                                                                17          12

A comparative study of mobile internet deployment models in
                                                                            18          15
New Zealand
A comparison between media representation of Asian
international students and their own accounts of experience in               8           8
New Zealand
A comparison of physiotherapy and RICE self treatment advice
                                                                            55          50
for early management of ankle sprains
A comparison of surface EMG temporal and spectral
parameters from the vastus medialis of subjects with and
                                                                             7           6
without knee joint osteoarthritis during a sustained, fatiguing
submaximal isometric contraction

A familiar villain : surveillance, ideology and popular cinema               7           7

A fatal cycle                                                                2           2

A field study of domain knowledge sharing in the software
                                                                            10           9
development industry in New Zealand

A fine balance                                                              12          11

A phenomenological and thematic interpretation of the
                                                                            10          10
experience of creativity
A phenomenological study of the experience of
                                                                            13          10
psychotherapists who meditate
A philosophical critique of the best interests test as a criterion
                                                                             2           2
for decision making in law and clinical practice
A pilot study to develop and validate a traditional Chinese
medicine (TCM) questionnaire : a health status instrument for
                                                                            11          11
TCM assessment in patients with Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip
or knee

A scope of human experience and memory                                       3           3
A study of the academic writing problems of New Zealand-
                                                                  15   13
born Samoan students in tertiary institutions
A thematic analysis of recent PHARMAC new medicines'
                                                                   4    4
subsidy decisions
A visual interpretation of Chinese immigrants' identity
                                                                   7    5
dilemma in New Zealand

Abstract reality: the alienating gaze                             20   15

Accruals: signalling or misleading? Evidence from New
                                                                  11   10

Acid hydrolysis of neutral glycosphingolipids                      4    4

Acuity of force appreciation in the osteoarthritic knee joint      9    8

Adult NZ Chinese comparative study of body composition
                                                                  15   15
measured by DEXA
Alienation theory and its relationship to contemporary Arte
                                                                   1    1
Povera practice

All dolled up and no place to go                                   3    2

Alternative accountability in the Ugandan community-led HIV/
                                                                  14   10
AIDS programme
An analysis of the impact of the Priority Club Rewards
programme on the Crowne Plaza Auckland Hotel's revenue            10   10
development performance
An empirical investigation of category-level effects of
                                                                   5    4
consumer factors on private label purchase
An ethnography of children with dyspraxia participating in
                                                                  15   13
An examination of how product involvement affects brand
                                                                  33   32
An exploration of inter-firm knowledge transfer in
                                                                   9    9
multinational organisations
An exploration of systematic strategies for representing three-
                                                                   4    2
dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface
An exploration of the experience of children and prospective
parents as they transition into a permanent placement             11    8
arrangement: An interpretive collective case study
An exploratory study aimed to determine the efficacy of an
assessment battery designed to examine oral English                9    8
language acquisition in refugee and migrant children.

An investigation into 5-lobe lung modelling                        2    2

An investigation into the dynamic response of vocal folds          2    2

An investigation into the effect of stretching frequency on
                                                                  22   19
range of motion at the ankle joint
An investigation into the reuse of organic waste produced by
                                                                   7    6
the New Zealand mussel industry
An investigation into the thesis/dissertation writing
experiences of Mandarin-speaking Masters students in New          12   10
An investigation of assessed writing requirements at
                                                                   8    8
undergraduate level in the humanities
An investigation of ESOL teachers' attitudes towards teaching
                                                                  25   18
about taboo English in the second language classroom
An investigation of service delivery : the difference between
front-line employees' and customer's perception of the service    10   10
delivery within the New Zealand real estate industry
Analysing the nature of relationships between organisations
and their stakeholders: a stakeholder and organisational          15   13
enablers relationships (SOER) framework

Anatomics                                                         11   10

Anticipatory lower limb muscle activity during a turning task     10   10

Applying post-critical approaches to refugee-centred education    15   11

Aquatic invertebrate fauna of Matapouri, Northland.                6    6

Arguments, argumentation and agreement: a symbolic
                                                                   7    7
convergence study of the Lake Omapere Project

Ashes without reserve                                              4    3

Assessment of ethanol, honey, milk and essential oils as
                                                                  17   17
potential postharvest treatments of New Zealand grown fruit.
Assessment of seedling recruitment under manuka
(Leptospermum scoparium) and kanuka (Kunzea ericoides)             7    6
plantings at Shakespear and Wenderholm regional parks
Assessment of the effect of a civics information intervention
on the participation of year 13 students in the 2004 local body    7    5
elections in North Shore City
Association of ABO, Lewis and Secretor phenotypes and
                                                                   4    4
genotypes with Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Attitudinal Shifting: A Grounded Theory of Health Promotion in
                                                                  12   12
Coronary Care

Backpackers: The next generation?                                 28   23

Balancing recognition and disrespect: recovery as the process
of identity formation. A New Zealand study of how services        10    7
shape recovery from sexual abuse
Balancing the desirable with the feasible: a study of how
marketing and operations need to work together to ensure          14   12
that branding promises can be delivered in practice.
Barriers to strategy implementation: a case study of Air New
                                                                  51   40
Being constrained and enabled : a study of pre-registration
                                                                     4    4
nursing students ethical practice
Being together and separate : a grounded theory study of the
                                                                     6    6
experience of first-time fathers during childbirth
Benthic-invertebrate diversity of Tucetona laticostata
                                                                     3    3
(Mollusca: Bivalvia) biogenic substrata in Hauraki Gulf
Between Likeness and Unlikeness: A Fusion of Chinese Ink
                                                                     4    4
Painting Aesthetics Into the Medium of Photography
Board characteristics and firm performance: evidence from
                                                                    35   25
New Zealand
Border crossing: Work-life balance issues with Chinese
                                                                    23   19
entrepreneurs in New Zealand
Breaking the silence : a critical analysis of integrating a
community level intervention model within a domestic                15   15
violence public awareness campaign in New Zealand
Bridging to new possibilities: A case study of the influence of a
                                                                     4    4
bridging education programme
Building trust to work with : a grounded theory study of
                                                                    14   13
paediatric acute care nurses work
Career expectations and requirements of undergraduate
hospitality students and the hospitality industry: An analysis      49   38
of differences
Caregiving for children who have had a traumatic brain injury
                                                                     4    4
: structuring for security

Choice determinants of donors giving to charities                   11   10

Code-switching and identity on the blogs : An analysis of
                                                                    36   32
Taglish in computer mediated communication

Cognitive inspired mapping by an autonomous mobile robot             7    7

Commercialising national identity : a critical examination of
New Zealand's America's Cup campaigns of 1987, 1992 and              8    6
Common success factors when bidding for sporting events in
                                                                    17   14
New Zealand
Computerised detection and classification of five cardiac
                                                                    21   15
Confronting design : case studies in the design of ceramics in
                                                                     5    5
New Zealand
Constructing, contesting and consuming New Zealand's
                                                                    11    8
tourism landscape : a history of Te Wairoa

Consumer evaluations of brand imitations : an investigation         22   21

Contextual information retrieval from the WWW                       15   12

Corporate reputation: Ontology and measurement                      13   11
Corporate social responsibility in Islam                            32   25

Critical factors that influence staff retention in an acute
                                                                    16   13
perioperative environment
Dance and stillness: a phenomenological hermeneutic inquiry
into the experience of stillness: presented through the             14   10
medium of dance performance and written exegesis
Desperately seeking a national identity : an examination of
narrative in the Heartland television series and its influence in   15   12
defining New Zealanders
Destruction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH's) and
                                                                     8    7
aliphatic hydrocarbons in soil using ball milling
Determinant attributes of customer choice of banks, supplying
                                                                     6    6
mortgage products
Determining differences between novice and expert
physiotherapists in the emergency on-call environment: a            12   11
vignette-based study
Developing and implementing a user-centred intranet
organisational culture, communication and knowledge                  6    5
Developing positive physical activity experiences, perceptions
                                                                     5    5
and habits: a soccer based intervention in children

Development of a gluten-free commercial bread                       17   17

Development of a grapefruit-flavoured spirit with the
                                                                    11    9
opalescence properties of pastis
Development of Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI)
techniques in New Zealand: Array simulation, image synthesis         7    7
and analysis
Drawing from Voice: An exploration of sound in search of
                                                                     4    4
representational codes of the unseen

Dwelling in architecture: Design for a house for two strangers.      4    4

Effect of brief-intermittent hypoxic exposure on high-intensity
                                                                     5    5
kayaking and cycling performance
Effect of caffeine on simulated intermittent high-intensity
                                                                    23   22
sport performance
Effect of cooling circuit duration on formation of solidification
                                                                    10   10
shrinkage in A356 casting automative wheels
Effect of cyclodextrins on the flavour of goat milk and its
                                                                     7    7
Effect of diet and physical activity on the markers of oxidative
                                                                    10    9

Effect of simulated altitude exposure on sea level performance       7    7

Effects of extrusion conditions on "Die Pick-Up" formed during
                                                                     7    5
extrusion of aluminium alloy AA6060
Electronic commerce and internationalisation in New Zealand
                                                                  28   23

Emotion and function: rethinking display and shelving              7    5

Emptiness as a visual strategy: an exploration of visual
                                                                  19   15
absence in contemporary art practice
Entrepreneurs and organisations: A case study of the Gisborne
                                                                   9    7
aquaculture cluster
Envy amongst psychotherapists in a psychotherapeutic
                                                                  13    9
community : a hermeneutic inquiry

Epicardial pacing in New Zealand (1977-2002)                       1    1

Ethical issues and workplace problems in commercial
                                                                  67   63
hospitality: a New Zealand study
Ethnic minority migrant Chinese in New Zealand: a study into
their acculturation and workplace interpersonal conflict          16   14

Euthanasia : a Foucauldian analysis                               13   10

Evaluation of the conflict resolution questionnaire               14   13

Evolving Spiking Neural Networks for Adaptive Audiovisual
                                                                  22   19
Pattern Recognition

Exegesis and screenplay for a film entitled Mangrove               6    5

Experiential learning in journalism education: a New Zealand
                                                                   3    3
case study
Experimental techniques to determine the Young's Modulus of
                                                                  10   10
the trachea
Exploring physiotherapists' participation in peer review in New
                                                                   5    4
Exploring the supervision of occupational therapists in New
                                                                   3    1
Exposure assessment of traffic-related pm10 pollution in
                                                                   6    6
outdoor play areas of early childhood centres
Factors affecting the implementation of enterprise systems
                                                                  13   10
within government organisations in New Zealand
Factors influencing students' approaches to learning : a case
                                                                  25   21
study of postgraduate students at a New Zealand university
Factors influencing the adoption and usage of internet banking
                                                                  26   18
: a New Zealand perspective
Family factors in bilingual children's code-switching and
                                                                  32   26
language maintenance : a New Zealand case study

Fate of vitamin C in commercial fruit juices                      31   30

Finding the shadows in the mirror of experience: An
                                                                   9    7
ontological study of the global-co-worker
Fuzzy ontology and intelligent systems for discovery of useful
                                                                 15   11
medical information

Game analysis in Rugby Union                                     62   51

Gāpatia i Fa'anoanoaga'                                           2    2

Gendered embodiment and critical tourism - Exploring Italian
                                                                 23   20
women's sensuality
Gene selection based on consistency modelling, algorithms
                                                                  2    1
and applications
GIS model for assessment of land use and urban development
                                                                 11   10
effects on stormwater runoff: Puhinui Catchment case study

Graphic film: a new genre of moving image                         4    4

Growing through adversity : becoming women who live
                                                                  5    5
without partner abuse : a grounded theory study
He matatika Maori : Maori and ethical review in health
                                                                  7    7
He tirohanga a Ngāti Awa uri taone mo ngā ahuatanga Māori:
                                                                 18   11
An urban Ngāti Awa perspective on identity and culture
Heavy metal concentrations in the Pacific oyster Crassostrea
                                                                 10   10

Hesitating Performance                                           10   10

Hollywood, Wellywood or the backwoods?                            2    2

House and contents insurance: an exploration of tactility and
                                                                  6    5
How do Chinese print media in New Zealand present ideas of
                                                                  9    8
Chinese cultural identity?
How do teachers with different ESOL teaching backgrounds
                                                                 10   10
approach form-focused instruction?
How New Zealand universities present themselves to the
                                                                 12   11
public: An analysis of communication strategies
Http:// Developing a computer-mediated
                                                                  8    7
model for the teaching of type design history
Hyphenated living: between longing and belonging, an
exposition of displacement as liminality in the transnational     9    9
ICT in community-based lifelong learning center: model for
                                                                 26   19
northeast Thailand
Immigrant medical practitioners' experience of seeking New
                                                                  4    4
Zealand registration: a participatory study

Immobilisation of metal in quartz sands by ball milling           7    7

Importance of ethical public relations in non-profit
                                                                 13   13
in|form: The performative object: The exploration of body,
                                                                      7    6
motion and form
Inclusive education a decade after democratisation: The
educational needs of children with disabilities in KwaZulu-          22   16
Indian preadolescent girls: Lifestyle patterns and accumulated
                                                                     18   16
risk factors
Information and communication technology in Auckland
                                                                     16   12
hotels: context and impact
Integrative approaches to modelling and knowledge discovery
                                                                     10    9
of molecular interactions in bioinformatics
Integrative methods for gene data analysis and knowledge
                                                                      3    3
discovery on the case study of KEDRI's brain gene ontology
Intellectual capital reporting in New Zealand: Refining content
                                                                     12    9
analysis as a research method
Inter-organisational cooperation and network influences in
                                                                     22   18
destination marketing: the case of
Investigating suitable pitch sizes for young football players in
                                                                     11   11
New Zealand

Is Auckland ready for Chinese travellers?                            12   10

Keeping birth normal : midwives experiences in a secondary
                                                                     29   20
care setting : a qualitative study

Kinetics and kinematics of strength and power development             7    7

Knowing reality : psychotherapists' and counsellors'
experiences and understandings of inexplicable phenomena              9    8
while working with clients
Ko Marouna te toa: The effects of the Cook Islands public
                                                                     11    5
sector reform on the delivery of education

Last Man Hanging                                                     21   19

Learning to do, learning to be: the transition to competence in
                                                                     12   11
critical care nursing
Lesbian mothers : queer families : the experience of planned
                                                                     10    9

Lightness, sustainability, design: framing product design            46   33

Limitlessness and the sublime: illuminating notions                   2    1

Listening to New Zealand nurses : a survey of intent to leave,
                                                                     19   16
job satisfaction, job stress, and burnout
Loss before life begins : the invisible babies and their invisible
                                                                      6    5

Luminosity and Illusion in the Bardo                                  9    4

Maintaining enjoyment of life in the process of living with high
                                                                      3    3
cholesterol : a grounded theory study
Managing employee customer service interpersonal exchanges
                                                                   28   24
in the hospitality industry: A New Zealand hotel case study

Māori leadership: what role can rugby play?                        17   15

Mapping the self-portrait: navigating identity and
                                                                   19   15
autobiography in visual art
Marketing the visual arts in New Zealand: a critical analysis of
                                                                    8    7
promotional material by Christchurch's art galleries

Masqueulinities                                                     3    3

Me mau kia ita ki te tuakiri o te whanau / Whanau identity and
                                                                    7    7
whanau development are Interdependent
Menace or moral panic? Methamphetamine and the New
                                                                   29   25
Zealand press
MICE and local economic development in New Zealand:
                                                                    3    3
defining a role for the web
Midwives' experiences of working with women in labour :
                                                                   11   10
interpreting the meaning of pain

Mind shift: creating change through narrative learning cycles      38   28

Minimum cost polygon overlay with rectangular shape stock
                                                                    1    1
Mobile data services adoption in New Zealand: future
                                                                   16   14
Mode of entry observations for environmental based INVs
                                                                    2    2
(International New Ventures)
Modeling of an electroactive polymer hydrogel for optical
                                                                    6    6
Modelling tribal genealogies for information systems design
                                                                    2    2
and development
Modern women or tree-hugging hippies? A Foucauldian
discourse analysis of the New Zealand media's representation       17   13
of waterbirth.

Moment beyond moment                                                5    5

Monitor setups for IT helpdesk workers: A comparison study          9    8

Mrs Gallagher, Acts of disobedience: performance and
                                                                    1    1
installation in rural New Zealand

Muscle power after stroke                                           9    9

Narratwist: Alteration in meaning in a short film text             17   10

Neoliberalism and discourse: case studies of knowledge
                                                                   16   14
policies in the Asia-Pacific
Networks, technology and regional development: small
                                                                   10    9
tourism enterprises in Western Southland, New Zealand
Neuromuscular fatigue in people with chronic stroke              8    8

New sport teams and the development of brand community          15   13

New Zealand businesses in India: opportunities and challenges   12   11

New Zealand household debt: is it too high?                     30   19

New Zealand travel agents in the internet era: impacts,
                                                                15   13
responses, and relationships
New Zealanders making advance directions: A discourse
                                                                 4    4
New Zealand's destination image and the Chinese outbound
market : a comparative study between the Beijing (north) and    16   14
Guangdong (south) markets
Nga kapua whakapipi a tamamutu - Strength in unity
                                                                 5    4
nurturing future Turangitukua leaders

Nurturing Servant Leaders in Religious Education                31   23

Nutrition knowledge of New Zealand premier club rugby
                                                                28   26

Obesity and its determinants in girls from five ethnic groups   36   31

Observing mothers lifting their children in their own home to
identify factors which might give rise to musculoskeletal       24   21
Obtaining business benefits from IT : factors that influence
the adoption of benefit realisation methodologies in New        13   13
Zealand organisations

Ontology engineering: the brain gene ontology case study         1    1

Organisational learning : managing environmental complexity
                                                                 6    6
and change
Passionate dedication: A qualitative and descriptive study of
nurses' and hospital play specialists' experiences on a         23   17
children's burn ward
Patterns and Motifs in the Va: a Samoan concept of a space
                                                                24   23

Perceptions of teacher bilingualism                              6    6

Performance appraisal of administrative staff in a Tertiary
                                                                22   18
institution : usage and perception
Personalized call center traffic prediction to enhance
management solution with reference to call traffic jam          22   18
mitigation - A case study on Telecom New Zealand Ltd.
Photographic estrangement: the measure of distance in
                                                                 4    4
photographic relationships
Physical activity and obesity in children: Measurement,
                                                                   23   21
associations, and recommendations
Physical activity in a sample of New Zealand professional
                                                                    9    9
Physical activity in New Zealand preschoolers: Amount,
                                                                   13   12
associations, and accounts
Physiological response to sport-specific aerobic interval
                                                                   43   40
training in high school male basketball players
Poly'nAsia: a fashionable fusion of Tongan & Indian textile
                                                                   23   20
Power output of America's Cup grinders can be improved with
                                                                   11   10
a biomechanical technique intervention
Power relationships within a corporate finance department: a
                                                                   17   13
Foucauldian approach to corporate hierarchies and resistance
PR, Journalism and Democracy : How individuals might guard
                                                                    9    7
themselves against the manipulation of public opinion
Preexercise strategies : the effects of warm-up, stretching,
and massage on symptoms of eccentric exercise-induced              26   24
muscle damage and performance
Preserve, Renew, Invent [Light Bytes]: An art exploration into
                                                                    4    3
disseminating aphorisms
Prevalence, perceptions, and correlates of physical activity
                                                                   20   14
among youth in New Zealand

Project risk management in smaller software teams                   9    7

Protecting management information systems: Virtual Private
                                                                   24   22
Network competitive advantage

PTCR effect in La2CO3 doped BaTiO2 ceramic sensors                  6    5

Quadriceps strength prediction equations in individuals with
ligamentous injuries, meniscal injuries and/or osteoarthritis of   28   27
the knee joint
Quantifying sustainability for Industry: a New Zealand
                                                                    9    6
electricity power sector case study

Reactive milling of organic compounds                               3    2

Rebuilding lives after intimate partner violence in Aotearoa:
                                                                    4    3
women's experiences ten or more years after leaving
Reduction of risk for lifestyle diseases : group diet and
                                                                    5    4
physical activity intervention in the workplace

Reflections on Lal Batti                                           13   11

Repositioning: a case study of McDonald's New Zealand              49   39

Resident perceptions of event Impacts: Taupo and Ironman
                                                                   12   11
New Zealand

Resituating the meaning of occupation in the context of living     10    9
Resurgence                                                         3    3

Seeing the world through orthopaedic eyes: the experience of
                                                                   4    4
being an orthopaedic nurse: a hermeneutic study
Sexual abuse prevalence and association with adverse labour
                                                                   5    5
and birth outcomes
Shapeshifting: prostitution and the problem of harm: a
discourse analysis of media reportage of prostitution law          7    6
reform in New Zealand in 2003
Shifting focus : how registered nurses in residential aged care
                                                                   9    8
organise their work : a grounded theory study

Silence speaks volumes                                             5    5

Simulation of variable fluid-properties plate heat exchanger
                                                                  19   12
for educational purposes.

Soft systems analysis of ecosystems                               13   13

Somatic and cognitive stress management techniques: their
                                                                  27   26
effect on measures of stress and competency in managers

Spaces between us                                                  9    7

Sperm whale diet in New Zealand                                   13   11

Stepping through different realities: a phenomenological
                                                                  11    9
hermeneutic study of psychotherapists' spiritual experience
Students' motivation to learn, academic achievement, and
                                                                  56   46
academic advising
Students' stories of self case study while learning cognitive
                                                                  21   19
therapy: a New Zealand narrative study
Systematics of the Onychoteuthidae Gray, 1847
                                                                  11   10
(Cephalopoda: Oegopsida)

Take away stories                                                  3    3

Talking pictures : a creative utilization of structural and
aesthetic profiles from narrative music videos and television     14   13
commercials in a non-spoken film text

Tax avoidance: causes and solutions                               31   22

Te hau ora o naga kaumatau o Tuhoe : a study of Tuhoe
                                                                  10   10
kaumatau mental wellness
Te Toi o Matariki: A cultural model for personal growth and
                                                                  17   13
Te whatu o poutini: a visual art exploration of new media
                                                                   4    3
Teaching or being taught: The experience of foreign teachers
                                                                   8    7
in China

Techno-futurism and the knowledge economy in New Zealand           7    7
Television New Zealand's Charter : the struggle between
                                                                   4    3
social responsibilities and commercial imperatives
Tensions in the toolbox: the meaning of Western acupuncture
                                                                  61   48
for New Zealand physiotherapists
The Acute Effects of Creatine Monohydrate Loading on
                                                                  34   33
Simulated Soccer Performance
The acute effects of weight training on softball throwing
                                                                  16   16
The alchemy of love: Recent graduates' lived experiences of
                                                                  13    9
psychotherapy training: A hermeneutic study
The application of modernisation theory to phases in Maori
                                                                  31   24
development since 1800
The artist will be present: Performing partial objects and
                                                                  16   12
The association between auditors' fees and earnings
                                                                  12   10
management in New Zealand
The classroom as a learning community? Voices from
                                                                   6    6
postgraduate students at a New Zealand University
The Court of Appeal decision in Accent Management Ltd v CIR
[2007] NZCA 230: Statutory interpretation in New Zealand tax       2    2
avoidance law
The cross-cultural leader: A comparative study of leadership
                                                                  20   16
behaviours in China and New Zealand
The 'culture of practice' of Ministry of Education Special
                                                                  18   15
Education occupational therapists and physiotherapists
The curator's room: visceral reflections from within the
                                                                   4    4

The design of dialogue                                             7    7

The effect of acupuncture on alpha-motoneuron excitability         3    3

The effect of breathing pattern retraining on performance in
                                                                  13   13
competitive cyclists
The effect of heat treatment atmosphere on hardening of
                                                                  16   13
surface region of H13 tool steel
The effect of high intensity resisted cycling with and without
explosive resistance training on performance in competitive       11   10
The effect of neck manipulation on excitability of the motor
                                                                   2    2
The effect of water immersion, active recovery and passive
recovery on repeated bouts of explosive exercise and blood        26   25
plasma fraction
The effectiveness of steel foundry by-product in the treatment
                                                                   3    3
of stormwater
The effects of different intermittent priming strategies on 3km
                                                                  10    7
cycling performance
The effects of game specific task constraints on the outcome
                                                                     8    8
of the water polo shot
The effects of human activities on stream water quality : case
                                                                    12   11
studies in New Zealand and Germany
The effects of rodents on ground dwelling arthropods in the
                                                                    17   15
Waitakere ranges
The effects of sagittal plane postures on trunk rotation range
                                                                    28   26
of motion
The Efficacy and Microstructure Effects of Insider Trading
                                                                     1    1
The experience of novice hospital play specialists in their early
                                                                    12   12
months of employment
The experiences of people who re-enter the workforce
                                                                     6    6
following discharge from a forensic hospital

The Fiji 2000 coup : a media analysis                               10   10

The forgotten feminine                                               1    1

The future of history : cultural heritage tourism in Guangdong       8    7

The game is not the same : a history of professional rugby in
                                                                     8    7
New Zealand
The H-bug epidemic : the impact of antibiotic-resistant
staphylococcal infection on New Zealand society and health          31   25
The Housing Experiences of the Auckland Somali Population
                                                                     8    8
and their Impact on the Resettlement Process
The impact of trade liberalisation on economic structure and
                                                                     7    7
performance: case of the OECS
The influence of consumption values on motorcycle brand
                                                                     8    7
The influence of cyclic loading on the extensibility of human
                                                                     3    2
hamstring muscle-tendon units in vivo
The interrelationship between New Zealand stock market and
                                                                    11    9
exchange rates

The invisible view: Betwixt and between                              4    3

The journey towards employment for Chinese early childhood
                                                                     8    6
student teachers: a case study
The kinematic, kinetic and blood lactate profiles of continuous
                                                                     7    5
and intra-set rest loading schemes
The knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of young Māori
women in relation to sexual health: A descriptive qualitative        9    6

The laxative effect of kiwifruit                                     1    1

The leadership experience of first line nurse managers working
                                                                    18   18
in the Cook Islands: a qualitative descriptive study
The lived reality of men who have been violent/violated           10    8

The making of a journalist: The New Zealand way                   27   20

The meaning and importance of service for health
                                                                   7    7
The meaning of being in dilemma in paediatric practice: A
                                                                   2    2
phenomenological study

The merging of fact and fiction binaries within suicide            9    8

The modern journeyman : influences and controls of
                                                                   9    8
apprentice style learning in culinary education
The modern nomad in New Zealand : a study of the effects of
the working holiday schemes on free independent travellers         3    3
and their host communities
The New Zealand hotel industry: the role of image as a
medium influencing company's competitiveness and customer         31   28
loyalty towards brand
The Otago exercise programme : do strength and balance
                                                                  29   28
The perceptions of a group of first year undergraduate
                                                                   7    6
Malawian students of the essay writing process

The philosophy and practice of holistic health care                5    5

The physical power pre-requisites and acute effects of resisted
sled loading on sprint running kinematics of the early            14   13
acceleration phase from starting blocks

The poetics of making                                              8    7

The price of spiritual and social survival : investigating the
reasons for the departure of young New Zealand-born
                                                                   5    5
Samoans from a South Auckland Samoan Seventh-day
Adventist Church
The relationship between objects and identity in occupational
                                                                  21   18
therapy : a dynamic balance of rationalism and romanticism

The reliability of foot and ankle water volumetry                 11   11

The role of attributional style in a call centre environment       7    7

The role of biodiversity databases in coastal conservation and
                                                                  18   12
resource management
The role of consumer knowledge in consumer evaluations of
                                                                  11   10
brand extension
The smooth + the striated: the home as a locale of
                                                                   3    3
The stakeholder value and pedagogical validity of Industry
                                                                  11    9
The swerve : the Elliot Collins handbook                            5    3

The unsettled object                                                6    5

The use of analyst-user cognitive style differentials to predict
                                                                    5    4
aspects of user satisfaction with information systems
The value and validity of software effort estimation models
                                                                    2    2
built from a multiple organization data set

The waiting room: an art investigation of site in abeyance          2    2

The window : An experimental short film about a man who
                                                                    4    3
lives his life in darkness
Theatre of painting: a structural exploration of the forming of
                                                                   10    8
an image through paint
There's No Meaning in Chocolate: A Narrative Study of
                                                                   26   23
Women's Journeys Beyond the Disruption of Depression

Tool support for social risk mitigation in agile projects          11   11

Touching a Sensibility: a photographic exploration of haptic
                                                                    8    5
Traces in a world in slippage: Playback theatre as professional
development in three primary healthcare centres in Aotearoa        10    5
New Zealand
Transition on Waiheke: changing ways we view and inhabit
                                                                    2    2
the landscape
Transport-related physical activity, health outcomes, and
                                                                   11   11
urban design: descriptive evidence

Travelling Space: locating in-between                               5    3

Triage codes : a predictor of nursing care time in the
                                                                   14   13
emergency department
Two becoming one : immigrant Indian women sustaining self
                                                                    3    3
and well-being through doing : a grounded theory study
Uncovering "regimes of truth" : locating and defining
discourses associated with hydro-electric development in New       16   14
Uncovering strategic entrepreneurship : an examination of
                                                                   18   15
theory and practice
Understanding user's perceived playfulness toward mobile
                                                                   10    7
information and entertainment services in New Zealand
Understanding value in B2B buyer-seller relationships: do
                                                                   10    9
matching expectations improve relationship strength?
Urban Voodoo: An Ambiguity Document, seeking to record the
                                                                    5    5
disruption of language through imitation
Use of yeast species as the biocomponent for priority
                                                                    3    3
environmental contaminants biosensor devices
User-centred design: The investigation, design and evaluation
                                                                    5    5
of an information handbook for coeliac patients
Using information and communication technology to facilitate
supply chain management in the New Zealand construction           32   23
Validation study of intangible business relationship value
                                                                  14   10
Vibration of branched circular cylindrical shells as applied to
                                                                   5    5
airway walls
Visual communication design strategies: multidisciplinary
                                                                  11   10
human-centred approach in branding and marketing

Voices in water                                                    8    7

Walking the line : managing type 2 diabetes : a grounded
                                                                   6    6
theory study of part-Europeans from Fiji
Wavelet analysis and classification surface electromyography
                                                                   6    5
Whakawhiti whakaaro, whakakotahi i a tatou: convergence
                                                                   8    5
through consultation
What a photograph can and cannot do: a visual investigation
                                                                  10    7
into the social phenomena of photographs as a memory device
What influence does brand image and brand reputation have
towards achieving a sustained competitive advantage in the        41   30
sports apparel industry?
What is a girl's experience of physical activity? A qualitative
                                                                  20   14
descriptive study
What is shaping the practice of health professionals and the
understanding of the public in relation to increasing              5    4
intervention in childbirth?
What is the meaning of supervision for mental health support
                                                                  19   17
workers? A critical hermeneutic inquiry
What's it like being us : Stories of young New Zealanders who
                                                                   6    6
experience difficulty learning
Where is she? A female manager's place in Australian and
                                                                   2    2
New Zealand hotels
Why do Asian immigrants become entrepreneurs? The case of
                                                                  13    9
Korean self-employed immigrants in New Zealand
Within the web : the family/practitioner relationship in the
                                                                   3    3
context of chronic childhood illness
Women of childbearing age: Dietary patterns and vitamin B12
                                                                  15   13
Women's experience of severe early onset preeclampsia : a
                                                                  29   20
hermeneutic analysis
Women's experiences of traditional chinese acupuncture
                                                                   7    7
treatment for threatened preterm labour
Wonder-women: case studies of pregnant university students
                                                                  11    8
- change and transition.

Work life balance: A Maori women's perspective                    19   14
Youth participation with local councils : a snapshot of office
                                                                 8   6
reflections involving young people in decision-making

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