FRESHMAN OUTDOOR ORIENTATION TRIPS
                                         Leader Application 2008
Dear Prospective FOOT Leader,

Every fall at Yale, groups of eight to ten incoming freshmen and two leaders set out on four- and six-day
backpacking trips in the woods of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut during the
week before school begins. These trips give freshmen a chance to form new friendships, learn group and
wilderness skills, and, most importantly, share a positive experience that will help them start Yale on the right
FOOT. We are currently beginning to organize these trips for next year’s incoming freshmen.

FOOT leaders play a crucial role in the success of the program. During the August trips, they will be responsible not
only for the safety of the group, but also for fostering an enjoyable, challenging group environment. FOOT leaders
must show sensitivity, compassion, enthusiasm, and have the ability to think calmly and quickly under pressure.
Wilderness experience may take many forms, and group skills are as essential to a good trip as outdoorsmanship.
If you think you would like to be a FOOT leader but do not have extensive wilderness qualifications or did
not participate in FOOT as a freshman, please do not hesitate to apply. To ensure that leaders have the
wilderness skills necessary to lead four- and six-day backpacking trips, there will be three leader training courses
for all leaders selected.

Applications are due no later than 5:00pm, Tuesday, January 29 th, in the Trumbull Master’s Office. They will be
available online at There is also an informational meeting in the Branford Common Room on
Tuesday, January 22 nd at 9:00pm. You need not have participated on a FOOT trip as an incoming freshman to
be a leader. Preference will be given to current freshmen, although current sophomores are welcome and
encouraged to apply.

All applications will receive two anonymous readings, and each applicant will be interviewed before Spring
Break. In addition, we encourage you to ask your previous FOOT leaders, or any friends or classmates, to write
recommendations on your behalf. Recommendations are optional, but must be sent to no
later than Tuesday, January 29 nd. We will use the interview and the written application (and recommendations, if
you choose to send any to us) as the primary sources of information about each applicant. We are ultimately
looking for a well-rounded group of leaders to present a positive image of Yale to incoming freshmen while enjoying
the outdoors.

  What We’re Looking For:                                    FOOT Leader Requirements:
  A FOOT leader should be someone who…                       (see full calendar online at
      is both friendly and socially aware                        April 6: “Shakedown”
             o Gets along well with others                        April 19: Spring Equipment Day
             o Adapts to different kinds of people                May 14-20: May Training (an extended
             o Knows when and how to be                                training program including workshops and
                inclusive                                              backpacking)
      is comfortable being a leader and would                    August 19-29: SOLO Wilderness First Aid
        collaborate well with a co-leader                              certification and leading FOOT Trips. We
      shares the spirit and vision of FOOT                            arrange for leaders to obtain American Red
      has good judgment and is safety conscious                       Cross Standard First Aid and CPR
      may or may not have previous outdoor                            certification

Attendance is mandatory at all three training sessions. In addition, leaders are required to help sort equipment,
prepare first aid kits, and help with other small projects on several occasions throughout the year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call the FOOT Student Coordinators,
Avani Dholakia (606.269.2839) and Ian Dull (949.244.5716). We look forward to hearing from you.

      Priscilla Kellert                        Avani Dholakia                            Ian Dull
      Program Director                         Co-Coordinator                            Co-Coordinator
                               FRESHMAN OUTDOOR ORIENTATION TRIPS
                                                      Leader Application 2008
This application is due in the Trumbull Master’s Office by 5:00pm on Tuesday, January 29 . Again, if you have any
questions/worries/concerns email or call Avani (606.269.2839) or Ian (949.244.5716).

Fill out the bottom of this page and staple it to the rest of the application. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT
information into the database, we will fold and staple this sheet accordingly so that your name and information will
be kept anonymous throughout the first part of the application process.
Blind Read #2:

Blind Read #1:

Name: ___________________________________ Birthday: _______________ Sex: ______
E-mail: ______________________________________________________________________
Class: ________________ College: _______________________________________________
Yale P.O. Box #: ___________________________ College Room #: ____________________
Room Phone #___________________________ Cell Phone #: _________________________
If you went on FOOT (it’s okay if you didn’t!), who were your leaders?
If you are applying to lead any other preorientation program, please write the name of the
program here: ________________________________________________________________

Please mark if you CANNOT attend:
____ Sunday April 6 – Monday April 7: Shakedown Overnight (you’ll be back in time for class)
____ Saturday April 19: Spring Equipment Day
____ May 14 – 20: May Training (an extended training program - workshops and backpacking).
____ August 19 – 29: FOOT!1. Why do you want to be a FOOT leader?

FOOT Leader Application 2008
Due Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Questions? Email                                                                                                          Page 2 of 4
2. Please outline any group or leadership experience you might have that is unrelated to the
   wilderness (counseling, political organizing, theater directing, oldest sibling of twelve,
   religious groups, or anything else you feel may be relevant).

3. Please describe your experience in the wilderness (length and types of trips you have been
   on and/or led, jobs you have held in the outdoors, wilderness programs, summer camp, Boy
   or Girl Scouts, your backyard…). Also, include any medical experience or skills you might
   have (CPR, EMT, Lifeguard, etc.).

4. Describe any other skill(s) you possess that might enrich a FOOT trip. (Get on out o’ that
   box and shine, people, shine!)5.         Good evening! It’s the third day of your trip. Your group
woke up two hours late and dawdled
   on the trail. You have finally pulled into camp, but it’s getting dark fast. YOU are one of the
   leaders in this picture. How would you approach these individuals? Tell us about the
   personal qualities you would bring to each situation. Please pick two or three scenarios and
   write your responses in the space provided below.

FOOT Leader Application 2008
Due Tuesday, January 29, 2008
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  6. It’s the fourth day of your six-day trip. You got lost the day before, so today’s hike has
     been lengthened by three miles. You’ve noticed that one of your FOOTies, Bailey, has not
                                   Has been wandering away from the
     been drinking. She says she hates the taste of iodized water, so she’ll just make the water
                                  group, and you now find him smoking
     she brought from home last the whole trip. Another FOOTie, Kai, keeps complaining about
                                        cigarettes behind a tree.
     pain in his shoulders from his heavy pack, which he says could jeopardize his starting
     position on the lacrosse team. Meanwhile, you hear Jordan and Jason boasting about their
     hiking prowess as they move to the front of the group and disappear around the next bend.
     Vicente, who has struggled all day, sighs from the back of the line, “Um, guys, can we take a
     break soon?” Danni, Jeff, and Emma have been dominating the conversation all afternoon
     with wild stories of their boarding school experiences; the other members of the group don’t
     seem able to relate. Oh, and one more thing. It’s about to rain. How do you handle this

       William & Jane                                                             Laura
Have not been seen since you                                          Jumped to go get the salsa for
got into camp, and you finally           YOU ARE HERE                 dinner but tripped on her way
 spot them cuddling on a hill                                         back and spilled all of it on the
near camp “collecting flowers”                                                   ground.
          for dinner.

  7. It is the very first day of FOOT and all 8 of your FOOTies have arrived on Old Campus but
                                    Was a first scheduled activity. You've
  you still have 3 hours to kill before thebig help when he volunteered already exhausted the
                                     to start fumbling trying has begun
  introduction conversations and are nowthe campfire butto keep things from getting awkward.
                                      soaking pinecones in gas
  Give a brief description of how you handle the situation. from the
                                    stoves and tossing them into the fire.

  8. OPTIONAL: Sometimes it is hard for us to evaluate an applicant solely on the basis of this
     application and the interview. If you want to have a previous FOOT leader, friend, or
     classmate tell us why you’d make a great FOOT leader, we’d love to read it. Just have him
     or her e-mail us at by January 29th with your name in the subject line
     and a brief description of how you know each other.

  You’re done! You will be hearing back from us soon when we begin to schedule interviews.
  FOOT Leader Application 2008
  Due Tuesday, January 29, 2008
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