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					 NO. 11 | OCTOBER 2008

watt’s new ++

                                                                       lamps – hello
                                                                       The next wave of innovation comes
                                                                       to home lighting: OSRAM LED lamps
                                                                       for general lighting.
                                                                       Adding to both its existing line of “classic”
                                                                       compact fluorescent lamps and the new
                                                                       HALOGEN ENERGY SAVER halogen
                                                                       lamps, OSRAM presents the next genera-
                                                                       tion – and the future – of innovative energy
                                                                       saving lamps:

                                                                       LEDs are superior to traditional lamps in
                                                                       many respects. Not only are they extreme-
                                                                       ly compact, but they‘re also resistant to
                                                                       breakage and vibration. They stand out
                                                                       with the wide diversity of their colors and
                                                                       the minimal heat given off by their rays.
                                                                       And above all, they can be used in highly
                                                                       efficient and economically sound ways
                                                                       because of their very low energy con-
                                                                       sumption and long life.

                                                                       Make way for tomorrow‘s lamp
                                                                       technology today!

How much energy can I save by replacing standard incandescent lamps?
   up to 30 %

Compact Fluorescent Lamps
                                           up to 80 %

                                                    up to 96 %

                                                New shapes, new packaging, new business:

                                                Saving energy with mo
                                                HALOGEN ENERGY SAVER:
                                                low energy consumption, high quality lighting:
                                                HALOGEN ENERGY SAVER CLASSIC A and CLASSIC B are available right
                                                now in even more wattages and in clear or frosted designs. Also, the new
Dear business partner/                          candle-shaped CLASSIC BW is available, also in clear or frosted. With new
                                                wattages now available, your application options expand even further with all
watt’s new reader,
                                                of our HALOGEN ENERGY SAVER units with screw- or plug base.
Fall is here – and that means a new season      Packaging has been optimized and the orange design – the
with different lighting needs!                  traditional color for incandescent lamps – indicates the un-      UP TO
                                                complicated 1:1 replacement of standard incandescent                  30 %
Not only is it time say goodbye to summer,      lamps for consumers.                                                     S*
but to incandescent lamps as well!
With our new lamps and technologies, espe-
cially LEDs, you can already realize energy
savings of up to 96 % compared to the old
energy hogs.

And with innovative LED lamps from OSRAM –
specially the white color versions – you can
start benefiting from innovative lighting
right in the home. Now you can help your
customers make the “move” too!

Our current promotional campaign can also
help you in using lighting products with
even greater efficiency and effectiveness.
With our slogan “Four for the climate” we’re    *Compared to standard incandescent lamps
helping educate customers about a whole
range of new and modern alternatives for
energy savings. Now you can benefit too!
                                               Germany’s Next Top Retail Shelf:
In the pages that follow we have provided
a series of special features and tips which
we hope will help make this fall a golden
one for your business.
                                               The Winners!
                                               Thanks for all of the enthusiastic participation in our beauty contest!
Happy reading!                                 Recently OSRAM conducted a search for Germany‘s best arranged retail shelf.

                                               The winners are:
                                               Hagebau (Landau/Pfalz, Meschede, Haldensleben, Lotte near Osnabrück)
                                               Bauhaus (Lörrach-Haagen, Ensdorf)
                                               Möbel Martin (Ensdorf)
Michael Wurzer                                 Metro (Munich)
Sales Director                                 and ultimately all of us. And you can benefit from the ideas and suggestions too!
Sales Europe Retail Germany

re versatility and appeal than ever.
   OSRAM Energy Saving Lamps:
   compact, attractive, versatile, environmentally friendly.
   The new generation of compact fluorescent lamps from                    or background lighting. And that‘s not all of the quality
   OSRAM stands out with its more compact dimensions and                  innovations: The premium-design packaging made of 100 %
   thus greater versatility of use. Thanks to the wide variety of         cardboard is especially environmentally-friendly, simplifies
   shapes, sizes, and wattages, you can offer your customers              purchase decisions, and saves up to 35 % of shelf space.
   a full assortment for all demands or for use in the home –
   including the new DULED®, which with its additional LED
   technology can also be used as a nightlight, for orientation,
                                                                                                                            UP TO
                                                                                                                             N GY

   The OSRAM reward and competition
   campaign is in progress – don‘t miss out!
   Don’t let this great opportunity to increase            Please note:
                                                           both of these promotional
   your lighting business slip away: Partici-              materials –the stopper
   pate in our 2008-2010 OSRAM reward                      and leaflet – are included
                                                           in this issue!
   and competition campaign. For complete
   information on the campaign, see the
   attached leaflet or visit


   New design: An eye catcher when seen from a distance and compelling information from nearby.

   Your customers will really go for it:
   OSRAM Automotive Packaging.
                                The new packaging is user-friendly, informative, and environ-
                                mentally sound – and helps you generate business. The clear
                                design and visibility of the product, along with detailed labeling
                                and language-neutral icons, make accessing information even
                                more efficient. This allows your customers to quickly and accu-
                                rately identify what‘s inside each package and understand the
                                essential advantages of each product. And it helps prevent

   The optimized packaging brings out the essential features of each product more efficiently and thus

                                                                                                               z Printed on paper treated with chlorine-free bleach.
   increases sales. Your customers will realize the benefits in an efficient and tangible way and thus be
   more willing to pay the full value for it. And you get more value too: higher profits from higher margins.

       With a license to shine: Spylux™.
       Orientation- and safety light with flexible usage

                                                                                                                             Subject to modification without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.
       options, especially effective in areas with no
       lighting or power connection.

       Spylux™ quickly supplies light to poorly lit, dark entryways,
       corridors, and secluded gardens and basements. The battery-
       operated light can be removed from its wall mount, used on
       the go and then remounted. With its integrated day-night sensor
       and movement sensor, which automatically switches the light
       back off after 12 seconds, Spylux™ offers maximum energy

       Other features of the new OSRAM “lighting agent”:
                                                                                                                             999R102 GB OSRAM CRM CC XX/XX XX

       70° rotary head, robust housing, 3 white LEDs.
       Includes: wall mounting, adhesive pad, magnet, 3 AAA batteries

       Status: Waiting for your order.

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