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    University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD
    Director of Personnel and Administrative Services

                                                                                   09 May 2010

    Ref. EMS/5, EMS/5/A, EMS/5/J, EMS/5/TP, EMS/6, EMS/10

    To: all heads of department and institutions, faculty board chairmen, departmental
    administrators, and faculty board secretaries

    Copies: heads of division and divisional secretaries, Ms Braithwaite, Ms Coldstream,
    Mrs Kinahan
_         August 2009 revision of university salary scales: all non-clinical staff

    The national negotiations on the 2009 uplift to the single pay spine for university non-
    clinical staff have now concluded, and the implementation at Oxford of the outcome
    has been approved on behalf of the Personnel and Planning and Resource
    Allocation Committees.

    The revised scales reflecting the 0.5 per cent increase are annexed at A. The
    increase with effect from 1 August 2009 will be implemented in the January 2010
    payroll, together with back pay.

    Additional information regarding academic staff is set out in section 2, and the
    revised main lecturer salary scale is annexed at B.

    Tables setting out revised salaries for senior academic and related staff whose
    salaries are outside the main salary and grading structure are annexed at C.

    Under arrangements agreed as part of the implementation of the new pay structure in
    August 2006, a small number of staff opted to remain on their old grade and
    associated terms and conditions of employment for a defined period of time. The pay
    rates for these grades will also be increased by 0.5 per cent with effect from
    1 August 2009 and implemented in the January payroll. These grades are not
    available to any staff appointed after 31 July 2006. (A copy of these revised ‘old’
    salary scales is annexed at D for the information of departments and divisions only.)

    Circular PERS(08)16, which provided details of the previous pay award and salary
    scales for all non-clinical staff, is superseded.

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1. Action required of departments
Departments are asked to:

     put a copy of this circular on their departmental notice board (a second copy of
      the circular is enclosed for this purpose); and

     refer to the revised new salary scales annexed at A, B and C when making new

Departments and, in the case of academic staff, divisions, are reminded that the pay
award for August 2009 will not apply to any staff continuing to be paid on off-scale
salary points (i.e. grade codes ending in 90). These scales are not available for new
appointments. Departments and divisions wishing to award a salary increase to any
employee on an off-scale point should contact the relevant officer from Personnel

2. Academic staff
The increase of 0.5 per cent from 1 August 2009 is reflected in the revised scales for
the main lecturer grade (annexed at B).

The increase of 0.5 per cent in relation to professorial and readers’ salaries is
reflected in Annexe C. Colleges are asked to increase the stipend of readers, ad
hominem professors, and ad hominem readers who hold tutorial fellowships by
0.5 per cent from 1 August 2009.

The standard rates for buy-outs are increased as follows:

                                 Rate from        Rate from
                                 1 October         1 August
                                      2008             2009
                                    £5,742            £5,771
                                    £2,873            £2,887
                                    £2,130 *          £2,141 *
                                      £709             £713

For details of these rates, please see the Secretary of Faculties’ circular of 14 June
2000, which is annexed at E.

*Note that these rates assume that a full buy-out of a CUF is a 12-hour one. If a full
buy-out is less, consult the Chairman or Secretary of the Estates Bursars’ Committee
over the appropriate rate to use.

3. ALC6 and RSIV
Staff on individual salaries in these grades will receive a 0.5 per cent increase from
1 August 2009.

4. Staff remaining on protected ‘old’ grades
A relatively small number of staff remain, for a limited period of time, on personally
protected old grades and terms and conditions of employment. The salaries for these
grades will also be increased by 0.5 per cent with effect from 1 August 2009. Tables
setting out the revised scales for these staff are annexed at D. They are provided for
the information of departments and divisions only and are not intended for display.

These pay grades are closed to all other staff. For the majority of the members of
staff currently employed on these grades their protection period ends on 31 July
2010 and staff in this category will receive an individual letter during Hilary Term
2010, reminding them of the arrangements for their salary and grade once their
individual protection ends.

5. Closed grades within the new salary and grading structure
Some staff assimilated to the new salary and grading structure with protection within
the new grading structure. The standard grades are coded as S, e.g. 01S. Protected
grades, which were only open to staff on assimilation to the new structure, are coded
other than S. All of these grades are closed and time-limited.

The full grading structure with payroll grade codes (including those for ‘red-circled’
staff) can be found at:

This full grade structure is available for the information of departments and divisions
only and is not intended for display.

6. Wellcome Trust fellows

From April 2006 the Wellcome Trust introduced a system of fellowship supplements
in the form of fixed sums (see Annexe C to PERS(08)08). These additional payments
are awarded at the discretion of the Wellcome Trust and are paid as a clearly
identifiable salary supplement. These fellowship supplements are pensionable, but
do not attract cost of living increases.

The ‘old’ Wellcome Trust salary scales for those staff remaining on these scales for a
limited period of time on a personally protected basis will be uplifted by 0.5 per cent
and are annexed at D.

                                            JEREMY WHITELEY

                                             Replaces existing circular: PERS(08)16
                                                          Copy for noticeboards: Yes

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