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Cause and Effect Essay Lack of Sleep English 101 by TDrake53

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									                                            Lack of Sleep

        It is getting late and it is getting to be around the time where people are beginning to start

heading to bed. But a group of people around the world decide to stay up and as a result get very

little sleep. It does not seem like a big deal to miss out on a few hours of sleep but there are

many consequences for getting a lack of a good nights rest.      There are many reasons why

someone might not get the recommended amount of sleep for a particular night. These include

school, friends and family, or social events. There are however many repercussions for this

which go far passed just feeling a little tired. A lack of sleep can hurt anyone’s performance and

the effect can last all day.

        College students can have many difficult classes that may require much time to be spent

out of the actual class to be successful in them. Much of this extra time will be spent doing tons

of homework. With having four or possibly more classes, homework can really start to stack up

and become quite overwhelming. It is really easy to lose track of time when doing all this

homework. When taking multiple classes that all assign essays during the same time, rushing to

complete them all and finish them satisfactory, can be very hectic. There have been numerous

times where I have had to stay up late in order to finish multiple essay, which I ended up only

getting three to four hours of sleep before class at eight o’clock the next morning. When it

reaches that time of the year, near the end of the semester, big projects are often assigned. These

involve doing a lot of research, then putting that research into an essay and or a PowerPoint

presentation. This is obviously very time consuming, time that could be spent revitalizing

energy by sleeping.
       There is a lot of work to be done other than homework when it comes to college. This

work comes in the form of studying. Studying is necessary but it can be hurtful by creating a

lack of sleep. Studying for test is very important if wanting to get a good grade on them. This is

especially true for finals. During the week or two before finals, a lot of sleep is lost to people

trying to cramp in last minute studying before the big exam. This is all really common for most

college students.

       For many people, having a job can factor into to getting little sleep. For students there is

very little time to have a job and go to school. But there is time during the late evening and

during the night. Having a job in college is important because students will have very little

money while attending college. Having one will definitely take away some time that could be

used for more important things like getting a good nights rest. Balancing school, work and sleep

can be very difficult to do.

       There are many times where getting to sleep on time is possible, but there are much more

fun and exciting things to do instead. These are things that involve doing things and being with

friends. There are many when I have put sleep aside in order to hangout with some friends. I

have had school the next day but some of my friends did not so they decided to go and see a late

movie. Instead of getting to bed I decided to stay up late and get little to no sleep at all that

night. But, it does not have to be as active as that. It can be as simple as just sitting around a

house or apartment with a group of friends doing nothing. Friends can be a major distraction

that will take time away from sleep.
         The “college life style” contributes to too many late nights and many tired mornings. A

large number of students tend to go out late at night and go to parties or to a bar. Myself and

many other students have put sleep aside for this reason. It can get overwhelming if you’re not

in control.

         Sometimes people tend to stay up for seemingly no reason at all. They just stay up and

watch TV or fool around on the computer. Losing track of time is very easy doing this and can

account for precious lost hours of sleep.

         The most obvious effect of having a lack of sleep is feeling tired. Feeling tired can affect

many things however. Performance at school will be greatly affected. When tired it is very hard

to focus on anything. Paying attention to lectures is very hard and missing important

information is possible. It is hard to think and in class work might suffer for it. I have

completed homework poorly because I have been tired and my grade had suffered for it. I have

also fallen asleep in some of the morning classes after a night of little sleep. Homework is not

the only thing affected. Test or quizzes can become much more difficult to complete when tired

and drowsy. Information is hard to remember. The grades will be much lower and even maybe

failing if took on very little sleep. Mental performance in general is significantly lowered when


         Physical performance can also be hindered by not getting enough sleep at night. If

employed, job performance can decline. I have been tired at work and have been lazy because of

it, and did a not so good of a job at some giving tasks.
       Having poor physical performance also applies to sports. When tired people do not put

in full effort into doing well in the sport, so statistics will go down. When I’m tired and do not

perform at my potential playing time declined as a result of getting little sleep.

       Just feeling tired isn’t the only thing people have to worry about when they don’t get

enough sleep. There are numerous negative effects; bad grades, failed test, getting fired and

poor all around performance. Something might seem like it is important at the time but getting

the recommend amount of sleep is more important.

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