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									                                                                                                                 February 2010

     Bill Ritter, Jr.
          Governor             OFFICE OF BARBER & COSMETOLOGY LICENSURE
  Barbara J. Kelley
     Ofelia Duran                       THE BIGGEST DANGER IS NOT KNOWING!                                            FREE
                                                                                                                  CLEANING AND
          Program              Every consumer, shop owner, and professional should know about                DISINFECTION SEMINARS
           Director            cleaning and disinfecting salon tools, every time, for every client!       Our free in-house cleaning and
ADVISORY COMMITTEE             Please visit our website to view the new cleaning and disinfecting         disinfection seminars are held
MEMBERS                                                                                                   each month and are open to
                               training video that demonstrates the proper cleaning and disinfecting      everyone. The seminar is
Esthetician:                   requirements needed to ensure your safety and the safety of your           tentatively scheduled for the
Joyce Branson
                               clients.                                                                   following dates:

Barber and Cosmetologist:
                                        CLEANING AND DISINFECTING TRAINING VIDEO
Margaret Clevinger                                                                                                March 15, 2010
Grand Junction
                                                     STAFF CHANGES                                                April 19, 2010
                                                                                                                   May 17, 2010
School Representative:
Darryl J. Dryer                New Program Supervisor – Amy Storm                                                  June 21, 2010
Colorado Springs                                                                                                   July 12, 2010
                               On November 2, 2009, Amy Storm was appointed as the program                       August 16, 2010
Cosmetologist:                                                                                                  September 13, 2010
Rhonda Porter                  supervisor for the Office of Barber and Cosmetology Licensure and                 October 18, 2010
Grand Junction                 three other programs. In her capacity as the program supervisor,                 November 15, 2010
Public Member:                 she is responsible for the daily operations of the Office in addition to          December 6, 2010
Monica Mendoza                 supervising administrative and program staff and the inspectors.
Denver                                                                                                    Check our website for class up-
                               Ms. Storm previously worked for the Mesa County Clerk &
STAFF                                                                                                     dates. The seminar runs from 9:00
                               Recorder Office where she was the Chief Deputy Clerk & Recorder            a.m. to 10:15 a.m. (please come
Amy Storm
Program Supervisor             for six years. Amy managed voter registration and elections for lo-        early to sign in) at
Keith Green
                               cal, state and federal elections and she managed four clerk and re-        1560 Broadway, Room 110 D,
                               corder divisions.                                                          Denver, CO 80202.
Administrative Assistant
Diane Blea
                                                                                                          To R.S.V.P. please email
                               New Administrative Assistant – Keith Green                       
Dennis Romero                  On December 17, 2009, Keith Green was appointed as the           
Inspector                      administrative assistant for the Office of Barber and Cosmetology          or call (303) 894-7774 or
Maureen West                   Licensure. Keith was in the Navy for several years, and he                 (303) 894-7782.
Assistant Attorney General     previously worked with the Department of Labor and Employment.
Contact us:
Office of Barber &
Cosmetology Licensure
                                                        REINSTATEMENT VS. RENEWAL
1560 Broadway, Suite 1350
                               Over the years and especially during renewal, we experience an increase in the amount of
Denver, Colorado 80202         reinstatement applications and we need your help.
Tel.: 303-894-7772
                               As you are probably aware, all licenses expire on specific dates set by the Division of
                               Registrations. The cosmetologist licenses expire on April 30th each year and the other licenses
barbers_cosmetologists         (Barbers, Cosmetologists, Estheticians, and Manicurists) expire on March 31st of even
                               numbered years.
                               If you currently have an active license, you are encouraged to renew it online. See the next item
                               for details on how you can renew your license because there is a specific window of time in
                               which the license can be renewed.
                               If the license you hold is not renewed within that specified time, it will be placed in a lapsed/
                               expired status. Once that happens, you will need to complete a reinstatement application which
 This newsletter was created   can be downloaded from our website under licensee/applicant services. Please keep in mind
to improve communications      that when you have a need to complete a reinstatement application, it requires manual
   between the Office and      processing which means that it can take several weeks to be processed. To avoid this delay,
      Colorado Barber &
    Cosmetology licensees
                               please renew your license during the appropriate renewal time.
                                               DORA OFFICE OF BARBER & COSMETOLOGY NEWSLETTER
                                      DORA OFFICE OF BARBER & COSMETOLOGY NEWSLETTER

Licenses are set to expire
                               Effective January 1, 2007, all persons requesting original licensure, renewal of an active
Renew your license online      license, or reinstatement of an expired license must complete and sign the Affidavit of
using Registrations Online
                               Eligibility Form.
Services. Renewals are
generally made available 6                         No license can or will be issued without this form.
to 8 weeks prior to the
license expiration date.               The good news is that you can complete this form online when you use
Make sure you complete                                         Registrations Online Services!
your renewal prior to the      You must possess at least one secure and verifiable document and include information
expiration date. There is a
                               about that document on the Affidavit itself (or provide the information during
60-day grace period after
the expiration deadline.       online renewal).
Any licenses not renewed       The list of secure and verifiable documents is available to you when you renew
prior to the 60-day grace      online. We also have a web page where you can read the law, look at the
period date will be            Affidavit, and see the list of acceptable documents.
considered expired. Once
a license is in expired                      
status, a reinstatement
application must be filled
out and additional fees                                    HAVE YOU MOVED LATELY?
must be paid.
This renewal period you        It is imperative that all licensees keep their mailing address updated with the Division.
will receive a YELLOW          The Division mails renewal information to the licensee at the last address furnished to us.
RENEWAL NOTICE                 Failure to receive such a renewal notice does not relieve the licensee of the obligation to
POSTCARD. There is no
                               timely pay the renewal fee and submit appropriate documentation in support of the renewal
personal information on
this postcard (other than      application. If a licensee practices without an active license, he or she is in violation of the
your name, address and         Practice Act!
license number). This is       The Registrations Online Services makes it easier for all licensed professionals to update
the only notice you will
                               their mailing information at:
receive. Let other people
in your household know
that this yellow postcard is
not junk mail!
                                                                WALL CERTIFICATES
You can pay your               For those of you that may be interested, the Division of Registrations is pleased to announce that
renewal fee online using a     it has outsourced the production of wall certificates for Office of Barber & Cosmetology to Wall
credit card, debit card or a   Certificate Service (WCS) a division of Professional Credential Services, Inc. (PCS). The
prepaid credit card.           outsourcing of the certificates provides enhancements to the certificates that both new and
                               existing licensees/registrants will find beneficial. Specifically, the certificate provided by WCS is a
                               larger, professionally designed, better quality certificate than what the Division was able to
                               provide. For more information regarding wall certificates, which license types are eligible, and
                               how to obtain one, please visit our website at
                               wallcert.html. You will be able to order and pay the fee online. The fee for U.S. residents is $25
                               and for international residents there is an additional international shipping fee.

                                    DORA OFFICE OF BARBER & COSMETOLOGY NEWSLETTER

                                           DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS
 Below in alphabetical order is the list of shops and individuals disciplined by the Office of Barber & Cosmetology Licensure from
                                             January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009
Advanced Health Resources                    Contreras-Flores, Zita                    Garcia, Omar Juarez
Aguilar Barber Styling Inc                   Corchado, Alma Delia                      Garczynski, Sheri
Aguilar, Carol Blohm                         Cordova, Lori Ann                         Garrett, Randy Ross
Aguilar, Charles A                           Corral, Hugo                              Garsa, Elva Maria Valle
Aguilar, Clara L                             Cortez, Sonya Maria                       Garza, Victor-jaymz
Aguilar, Dennis C                            Creative Nails and Spa                    Gbogbo, Martha
Aguilar, Monalisa                            Creative Nails and Spa                    Gentleman's Quarters, LLC
Alvarado, Adriana                            Crespin, Belinda Marie                    Gerberene, Svetlana
Ana's Beauty Salon                           Crise, Kenneth U                          Gergen, Molly E
Anaya, Christopher J                         Cullen, David M                           Godoy, Maria Trinidad
Andrea's Beauty Salon                        Dang, Nguyet Nancy                        Goins, Kandice M
Arguello, Tina Marie                         Dang, Sang Thanh                          Gomez, Adrianna
Bagwell, Terrie Elizabeth                    Dao, Hien N                               Gomez, Laura Jennie
Baillie, Rebecca Rae                         Dasai, Shishilya                          Gonzales, Alejandra
Ballai, Denise                               Davaadorj, Mendsaikhan                    Gonzales, Charlene Richelle
Banda, Lynn LaRae                            Davis, Lorinda Y                          Goodwin, Carolyn
Bane, Kea R                                  De Novellis, Mitzi L                      Gooley, Debra Nasha
Banks, Cheryl L                              De Weber, G Elizabeth C                   Graham, Diane Marie
Bare, Kelly Lynn                             Diamond Nails                             Gregg, Anna May
Barker, Shylia Jan                           Diamond Nails III                         Griffin, James E
Barratt, Linh Thuy                           Dinh, Delancy                             Gruber, Sheena Ann
Batchulueen, Batchimeg                       Dinh, Lajessie                            Guerrero-Valdez, Nora Milda
Beauty Center Xinh Xinh                      Do, Hai                                   Guevara, Teresa
Becerra, Alisa Sharon                        Do, Tuyet Thi                             Ha, Quyen My
Belky's Beauty Salon                         Duncan, David G                           Hair & Nail Gallerie
Bella Nails & Foot Massage, LLC              Dunn, Christine                           Hall, Adam Joseph
Bello, Lisett Radilla                        Dunn, Lindsey R                           Hall, Amanda R
Benson, Bobbi N                              Duong, Bich Thao Thi                      Hang, Phu Nguyen
Black, Michelle Lyn                          Duong, Triu                               Happy Nails
Boc, My T                                    Durango Barber Shop #1                    Hare, Alexandra N
Bollinger-Chavez, Mary E                     Durango Barber Shop #4                    Harman, Christine
Breed, Caitlin Ann                           Edwards, Meggen Elizabeth                 Harris, Shelly A
Brotzman, Victoria H                         Edwards, Sheri Michelle                   Harrison, Patricia Lynn
Buchanan, Georgette                          El Maicita De Oro                         Hatler, Eva Siobhan
Bui, Cam Tu Huyng                            Erickson, Lisa Ann                        Haynes, Amanda Rose
Bui, Thao V                                  Espinoza, Graciela Guillen                Hayutin, Gary
Bui, Thu Than Anh                            Estetica Zacatecaz                        Haywood, Sabrina
Bui, Tram Q H                                Estilistas Superior                       Heaven Nails Spa
Bukowski, Pamela Chris                       Eyebrow Threading by Shishilya            Hector for Hair Inc.
Cabana Medical and Day Spa                   Fab Salon                                 Herman, Sarah
Camacho-Gonzales, Norma Delia                Face Place                                Hernandez, Edna M
Camp, Julie Louise                           Fellman, Maria                            Hernandez, Maria T
Campbell, Angela Denise                      Fifth Avenue Salon                        Hernandez, Rubi Esmeralda
Caraveo, Francisco                           Fischer, Cynthia D                        Hernandez-Herrera, Melany
Caribbean Salon                              Fisher, Mary K                            Hewitt, Deborah Michelle
Caro, Eva                                    Fleer, Leslee Joy                         Hildebrand, Ashley Dawn
Cave, Courtenay Nicole                       Flowers, Laura Devona                     Ho, Bich
Chairez, Ana Rosa                            Fossil Spa Nails                          Ho, Loan N
Chau, Kathy Ba                               Foxy Nails                                Hoang, Ly Khanh
Chu, Bach T                                  Frazier, Jefferie Lannis                  Hoban, Ann Marie
Clark, Belinda Joy                           Fry, Kristina Marie                       Holmes, Teresa Ann
Clark, Laurie Lea                            Gallegos, Susan K                         Holste, Lisa Louise
Coleman, Jeanie Ellen                        Garcia, Darnel Marie                      Hood, Jeffrey G.
Colston, Stephanie Carmellia                 Garcia, Eugene                            Howland, Sharon Kay
Contempo Nails / Spa                         Garcia, Manuela                           Humphrey, Ronni         (Continued   on page 4)
                                      DORA OFFICE OF BARBER & COSMETOLOGY NEWSLETTER

                                             DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS
   Below in alphabetical order is the list of shops and individuals disciplined by the Office of Barber & Cosmetology Licensure from
                                               January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009
(Continued from page 3)
                                             Masters, Joann L                            Odendahl, Polly K
Huynh, Linh                                  McAlpine, William Patrick                   Oeltjenbruns, Ernestine
Huynh, Tam                                   McIntosh, Sandy L                           Olivas, Yedid
Imagen Latina Beauty Salon LLC               Mellinger, Trena Marie                      Olson, Lisa
Imperial Day Spa                             Melonakis, Mary A                           Otto, Alta
Jimenez, Maria Aurora                        Mendosa, Rosillo                            Ouk, Sohary
Johnson, Richard Kent                        Men's Clip                                  Parker Day Spa
Jordan, Tiffny LaJele                        Mercado, Mayra                              Pekar, Patricia Marie
Kalan, Sarah Anne                            Miller, Natalie Arlene                      Perea, Kristi Ann
Katz-Norris, Shannon                         Miner, Debra R                              Pham, Christine
Kavanagh, Patricia Ann                       Miramontes, Martha Yesenia                  Pham, Khanhtien Van
Kerbs, Daradi                                Mondragon, Christina Marie                  Pham, Phuoc L
Kerlin, Jessica May                          Montano-Barcelo, Maria Concepcion           Phillips, Natasha Meghan
Kim, Chin M                                  Montgomery, Mark Edward                     Phung, Thao
Kim, Han Na                                  Moore, Briana Jane                          Plair, Ramon M
Kim, Woon Oh                                 Moore, Carolyn Louise                       Porter, April Ann
Kistler, Beverly Cecilia                     Moreno, Yesenia Muro                        Puccio, Gary J
Koch, Barbara J                              Mota, Yvette Candida                        Ramirez, Xochitlt
Kuong, Taona W.                              Munoz, Azucena U                            Ramos, Carmen Mendoza
Kurz, Michele M                              Nail Time, LLC                              Razor Sharp Designs LLC
La Vogue Salon & Spa, LLC                    Nails Touch 2, Inc                          Repp, Michael E
Lajoie, Lisa M                               Nance, Ashley Christine                     Reveldes Beauty Salon
Lam, Sathia Tina                             Natsagdorj, Batyargui                       Rhodes, Amanda Eileen
Langley, Kristy M                            Neely, Robert Allen                         Richards, Dana R
Larkin, Linda Jean                           Nefer Nails                                 Riplie, Daniele
Le Nails                                     Newton, Weorgia L                           Rivera, Sandra
Le, Anh Ngoc                                 Ngo, Thanh Tam Thi                          Roberts, Penny L
Le, Hoa Thi                                  Nguyen, Amy                                 Roberts, Thoa Thi
Le, Michael Dung                             Nguyen, Darleen Thuy                        Robles, Victor Gregory
Le, Nguyet Bach Thi                          Nguyen, Dung Diep                           Rocha, John Paul
Le, Thao                                     Nguyen, Dung Hoang                          Rock, Dana Lynn
Le, Thao Thi                                 Nguyen, Duyen H                             Rodarte, Vicenta
Le, Tuan Anh                                 Nguyen, Hanh Hong                           Roe, Dena E
Le, Ty V                                     Nguyen, Hong H                              Romero, Cinthia
Lee, Dana Joyce                              Nguyen, Hung T                              Romero, Connie F
Leyba, Bonita                                Nguyen, Jenny T.                            Romero, Greg D
Longoria, Vidal R                            Nguyen, Kim Anh Thi                         Rose Lady Hair
Lopez, Jennifer Marie                        Nguyen, Laura                               Rose, Mary T
Lopez, Victor                                Nguyen, Mai                                 Ross, Paul A
Lowe, Emily C                                Nguyen, Mai Kim                             Roybal, Derek Lee
Lucero, Amanda Leigh                         Nguyen, Myhang Thi                          Ruiz-Esparza, Maria De Jesus
Lucero, Heather Irene                        Nguyen, Nien T                              Rusch, Misty
Lucero, Jennifer                             Nguyen, Phuong D                            Ruybal, Zion Tim
Luong, Thu N                                 Nguyen, Thanh Cong                          Ryan, Christine
Luxury Nails and Spa, LLC                    Nguyen, Thuan                               Sakiliba, Mariam
Malouff, Albert Louis                        Nguyen, ThuHuong Thi                        Salon De Belleza El Mexicana
Maples, Phoenix M                            Nguyen, Van                                 Sanchez, Anita Lea
March, Dottie M                              Nguyen, Xuan T                              Satterfield, Carole Elaine
Marisol Beauty Salon                         Nguyen, Xuan-Mai Ngoc                       Schneeberger, Shani Kaye
Marshall, Patricia K                         Nguyen, Yen                                 Schreiner, Wendy
Marshall, Tony Lee                           Nieves, Luis R, JR                          Scott, Andrea L
Martinez, Brandi R                           Nolan, Cynthia L                            Serapio, Hayde Cuevas
Martinez, Rudolph L                          Nu, Phuong Anh Buu                          Shaabneh, Amnah
Mary's Beauty Salon                          Nuevo Estilo                                Sheaff, Pamela Joy
Mascarenas, Adel Renee                       O'Brien, Kayla                                                        (Continued on page 5)
                                      DORA OFFICE OF BARBER & COSMETOLOGY NEWSLETTER

                                             DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS
   Below in alphabetical order is the list of shops and individuals disciplined by the Office of Barber & Cosmetology Licensure from
                                               January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009
(Continued from page 4)
Shin, Bumsik                                   Tolbert, Maria L                               Vidal, Domitila Garcia
Siegel, Erin Jensen                            Ton Van, Trang Nu                              Vigil, Daniel
Simon, Mara E                                  Tonnu, Phi Oanh                                Vigil, Miriam
Simpson, Nicole A                              Top 10 Nails                                   Vigil-Dombrowski, Therese A
Smith-Maloney, Adriane Rose                    Torrez, Richard A                              Vo, Brenda Maria
Snappy Nails 9, Inc                            Tovar-Prieto, Otilio                           Vo, Thanh P
Snow, Diane Elizabeth                          Tran, Anh Ngoc                                 Vo, Trang T
Solitare, Nicole                               Tran, Bao N                                    Vogue Nails
Spa Nails Inc                                  Tran, Ha Minh                                  Vuong, Hoa kim T
Springfield, Bonita C                          Tran, Hang Minh                                Watts, Angela C
Stout, Sarah E                                 Tran, Hang Thi                                 Weidlich, Lisa
Suhre, Barbara J                               Tran, Kim Ha Thi                               Wilkes, Norma Jean
Sundberg, Wendy Rene                           Tran, Minh-Hiell Thi                           Williams, Monica Yvette
Tang, Thay                                     Tran, Nhu K.                                   Wolf, Judy Ann
Tapp, Misty Dawn                               Tran, Phuong Tam Thi                           Woodmoor's Nails
Teehee, Nancy Ann                              Tran, Tam T                                    Wright, Alicha M
Terry, Vanessa A                               Tran, Tony Van                                 Wyman, John Howard
Thach, Nara                                    Trang, Phuong T                                Yamauchi, Cindy Ann
Thai, Hoang Thanh                              Trinque, Jennifer N                            Yampah Hot Spgs, Inc
Thai, Lien Thi                                 Troxell, Clayton R                             Yang, Christine
Thai, Sy Van                                   Truong, Bien T                                 Yun, Yeongseon
Than, Trinh Van                                Truong, Ngan Kim                               Zamora, Jessica M
Thi, Kim Phung Pham                            Turja, Angelina Lee                            Zamora-Almazan, Maria Guadalupe
Thunderbird Barbers                            Ubaldo, Dolores                                Zapata, Tony
Tittmann, Blossom Le Grand                     Uhrig, Amy Nicole                              Zimmerman, Brittany J
Titus, Angel Ann                               Van, Hong
                                               Vance-Bacon, Gloria S
                                               Varia, Vincent J
                                               Velasquez, Thomas V

                                  REGISTRATIONS ONLINE DOCUMENTS
The Department of Regulatory Agencies’ Registrations            Board/Program Action Documents available via
Online Documents (ROD), is a website that allows anyone Registrations Online Documents (ROD)
to view images of scanned disciplinary documents through
the Internet. In reviewing a licensee’s information, it is      • All Stipulations, Final Agency Orders, and
important to know what is and is not available from the            Suspensions that were in effect in February 2000 plus
agency about Colorado licensees.                                   any that became effective since that date. Child support
                                                                   suspensions are not available online but may be
The following information would appear on a record                 obtained by contacting the appropriate Board or
under Board or Program Actions if applicable to the                Program.
licensee:                                                       • Any document Revoking or agreeing to a Voluntary
1. If a licensee had been disciplined or formally accused          Relinquishment/Surrender of license, Cease and
     of wrongdoing by the Board or Program.                        Desist Orders and Letters of Admonition from Janu-
2. If the Board or Program has taken some other non-               ary 1, 1999 to the present.
     disciplinary action against the licensee that restricts or • All Injunctions.
     limits the individual’s license.

If you are interested in viewing these disciplinary action documents, please visit Registrations Online Documents (ROD), found


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