Checklist for NIH Recovery Act Funds for Administrative Supplements

NOT-OD-09-056                           DUE FY 2009-2010 (10/01/08 – 09/30/2010)
  Be sure the Review and Approval form, line 12, stimulus, is marked “yes”

  Check specific NIH Institute for other requirements and due dates

  Non-modular format

  PHS 398 forms & Cover letter required

  Must be e-mailed & postal mailed (1 copy) to IC (pdf)---NO Grants.Gov

  Must have current NIH project & supplement completed within parent period

  May NOT be used to compensate for reduced increments.

  Strongly encouraged to talk with PO prior to submission re budgetary items

  Up to 2 years of support may be requested, but supplement period may not be greater than
  the current period with possible exception of no-cost extension

  Must be within same broad scope of work as parent award

  Usually a no-cost extension should be in place before applying for supplement, if
  supplement will fall within the particular no-cost extension period. If a no-cost extension is
  planned but has not been applied for, discuss with PO

  No limit as to # of supplements applied for but check particular IC for restrictions

  Foreign components cannot exceed 10% of total requested or $25K/yr (per sub or in
  aggregate for multiple subs), whichever is less

  May not add Human Subjects or Animals at supplement stage

  Particularly interested in: equipment purchase <$100K, predocs, postdocs, research

  Total request should be no more than 50% of parent grant award

  Career Development Awards – Supplement limited to $50K for Research Development
   support costs (check IC for specifics). Also requests for 1 additional year of support may be
   submitted for these particular awards.

  Training grants – additional trainees may be requested

    Cover letter

               PI name
               Parent grant # and title
               Amount of supplement request
               Name & title of AOR & signature
               Phone, email, address for PI & AOR official

    PHS 398 Form Page 1 (Face Page)

               Title: must be title of parent award
               Notice # and title in Box 2, yes box checked
               PI must be same as parent
               Other items filled out per PHS 398

    PHS 398 Form Page 2

               Project summary should be that of supplement, not parent
               Additional information, as required

    Brief proposal describing project, including:

               Scope of overall project & contribution of supplement (< or = 5 pages)
               Project plan should discuss how supplement will accelerate tempo of research
               &/or allow job creation/retention; must address how supp will stimulate
               economy by:
                              ▫ Enabling hiring of additional staff
                              ▫ Enabling increased hours of current part-time staff
                              ▫ Procuring additional equipment < $100K
                              ▫ Recruiting for additional needed skills

               Budget for supplement with justification, including F&A (use PHS 398
                Forms page 4 and 5), and justification for all personnel and their roles

                              ▫ Discussed with PO?
                              ▫ No modular budgets

               Biosketches for all new senior/key personnel
               HS/Animal documentation, if applicable; --no new protocols
               398 Checklist

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