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SELECTMEN:                       John R. Swindlehurst, III                 Term ending 2005
                                 Charles Graybill, Chair                   Term ending 2006
                                 Merton Mann                               Term ending 2007
                                      Janice J. VandeBogart, Town Administrator

TOWN MODERATOR:                  Frederick J. Mullen                       Term ending 2006

TOWN CLERK:                      Linda L. Peters                           Term ending 2006
DEPUTY TOWN CLERK:               Diane Mullen                              Term ending 2006

SUPERVISORS OF THE CHECKLIST:    Ronald Slocum                             Term ending 2006
                                 Margaret Venator                          Term ending 2008
                                 Alan Rockenbach                           Term ending 2010

BALLOT CLERKS:                   Hilliard Burnside              Barbara Wanner
Terms expire October 31, 2005    Pamela Milioto                 Elizabeth Clarke, Alternate
                                 Eleanor Swindlehurst           Diana L. Driscoll, Alternate

TOWN TREASURER:                  Pamela Milioto                            Term ending 2005
DEPUTY TOWN TREASURER:           Janice VandeBogart                        Term ending 2005

TAX COLLECTOR:                   Martha Rae                                Term ending 2007
DEPUTY TAX COLLECTOR:            Line Comeau                               Term ending 2005

BOARD OF ASSESSORS:              Timothy R. Terragni                       Term ending 2005
                                 John R. Swindlehurst II                   Term ending 2006
                                 Bryan H. Clark                            Term ending 2007

CHIEF OF POLICE:                Jeffrey S. Nelson
POLICE OFFICERS:                Eric Blow                       Joseph Milioto
                                Christopher D. Connelly         Bethia LaMarca, Auxiliary
                                Shayne Durant                   Leonard LaMarca, Auxiliary
                                Rene Forcier                    George Patterson, Auxiliary
                                Michael Gorman                  Cynthia Bagley, Chaplain

FIRE CHIEF:                      Jonathan M. Wiggin                         Term ending 9/04
DEPUTY FIRE CHIEF:               Louis Marcou                               Term ending 9/04

FOREST FIRE WARDEN:              Jonathan M. Wiggin                        Term ending 12/04

EMERGENCY MGMT DIRECTOR:         Jonathan M. Wiggin                        Term ending 2005

OVERSEER OF WELFARE:             Margaret Venator                          Term ending 2005
DEPUTY OVERSEER OF WELFARE:      Brian Little                              Term ending 2005

HEALTH OFFICER:                  Kenneth Swayze                            Term ending 2006

BUILDING INSPECTOR:              Kenneth Swayze                            Term ending 2005
ASSISTANT BUILDING INSPECTORS:        Harvey Provencher                         Term ending 2005
                                      Gerald Gerdes                             Term ending 2005

ROAD AGENT:                                 Jan W. VandeBogart, Sr.            Term ending 2005

Established by Selectmen March 1997         Jeffrey Nelson               Jan W. VandeBogart, Sr.
Terms expire 2005                           John R. Swindlehurst III     Jonathan Wiggin

RECYCLING COMMITTEE                          Todd Beall                  Robert Josephson
Established by Selectmen July 2003           Jacqueline Belanger         Tamara Luby
Terms Expire 2005                            Patrick Bowne

WASTE/RESOURCE RECOVERY                     John R. Swindlehurst II            Term ending 11/06
COOPERATIVE REPRESENTATIVES:                Patrick Bowne, Alternate           Term ending 11/06

CENTRAL NEW HAMPSHIRE REGIONAL              Lawrence Cook                      Term ending 2005
PLANNING COMMISSION:                        Kenneth Swayze                     Term ending 2005

CENTRAL NEW HAMPSHIRE REGIONAL               Lawrence Cook                     Term ending 2005
RESOURCE CONSERVATION COMMITTEE:             Matthew Lavey, Alternate          Term ending 2005
                                             Kenneth Swayze, Alternate         Term ending 2005

ETHICS COMMITTEE:                     Scott Ives                                Term   ending 2005
                                      Jacqueline Kennedy                        Term   ending 2005
Established at Town Meeting           Nicholas Holmes, Co-chair                 Term   ending 2006
March 2001                            Brett St. Clair, Co-chair                 Term   ending 2006
                                      Brigitte L. Cook                          Term   ending 2007

TRUSTEES OF TRUST FUNDS:              Ronald Slocum                             Term ending 2005
                                      Steven Mullen                             Term ending 2006
                                      William R. Jenkins                        Term ending 2007

LIBRARY DIRECTOR:                     Andrea Douglas
LIBRARIAN:                            Nancy Lang
LIBRARY TRUSTEES:                     Carla Halvorson                           Term   ending 2005
                                      Nancy V. Rosen                            Term   ending 2005
                                      Norman Roberge                            Term   ending 2006
                                      Deborah Trottier                          Term   ending 2006
                                      Tiffany Dodd                              Term   ending 2007

CEMETERY TRUSTEES:                    Patrick Bowne (resigned)                  Term ending 2005
                                      Terry R. Jelley                           Term ending 2006
                                      Richard Schaeffer                         Term ending 2007

HISTORICAL AWARENESS                  Harlan A. Noyes                           Term   ending 2005
COMMITTEE:                            Harvey Provencer                          Term   ending 2005
                                      Merton Mann, Selectman Rep.               Term   ending 2005
                                      Thomas Hathcoat                           Term   ending 2006
                                      Deborah Jore                                 Term   ending 2006
                                      Rebecca Rolke                                Term   ending 2006
                                      Kenneth Swayze                               Term   ending 2006
                                      William Rolke                                Term   ending 2007
                                      Betty Ann Noyes, Chair                       Term   ending 2007

PLANNING BOARD:                       James Marcou, Chair                          Term   ending 2005
                                      George Holt                                  Term   ending 2005
                                      Mert Mann, Selectmen Rep.                    Term   ending 2005
                                      Kenneth Swayze                               Term   ending 2006
                                      Brian Nordle                                 Term   ending 2006
                                      Alison Vallieres, Secretary                  Term   ending 2006
                                      Michael Poirier                              Term   ending 2007

ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT:           Gertrude Dulude                              Term ending 2005
                                      David Nault                                  Term ending 2005
                                      John Van Loendersloot, Alternate             Term ending 2005
                                      Leo Martel, Alternate                        Term   ending 2005
                                      John Herlihy,                                Term   ending 2006
                                      Scott Ives, Alternate                        Term   ending 2006
                                      John Trottier, Chair                         Term   ending 2006
                                      Daniel DalPra, Alternate                     Term   ending 2006
                                      Alison Vallieres, Secretary                  Term   ending 2007
                                      Ronald Slocum, Alternate                     Term   ending 2007

MASTER PLAN STEERING                  David Breault                       Ronald Slocum
COMMITTEE:                            Charles Graybill                    John Swindlehurst II
Established at Town Meeting 2003      James Marcou                        Jeffrey Trexler
Terms expire 2005                     Brian Nordle                        John Trottier
                                      Donald Prior                        Alison Vallieres
                                      Patricia Shearin                    Margaret Watkins

TOWN COMMON PROJECT                   Deborah E. Auger, Secretary         Gail Martel
COMMITTEE:                            Diana Driscoll                      Leo Martel
Established by Selectmen June 2000    Donna Dunn, Treasurer               William Morse
Terms expire 2005                     Joanne Johnson                      Judy Petersen
                                      Paula Mangini                       Nancy Rizza

DUNBARTON CENTER BUILDING             Daniel DalPra, co-chair            Michael Poirier
COMMITTEE: Established by             Charles Graybill                   Norman Roberge
Dunbarton Center Planning Committee   Nancy Lang                         Jeffrey Trexler, co-chair
May 2003                              David Nault
Terms expire 2005

OLD HOME DAY COMMITTEE: Established by Selectmen May 1996; Combined with Recreation
Commission March 2004

RECREATION COMMISSION:                Jacques Belanger                             Term ending 2005
Established by Selectmen               Dean Jore                        Term   ending 2005
November 1989                          Theresa Franeoeur                Term   ending 2005
                                       Susan Nichols                    Term   ending 2006
                                       Jeffrey Nelson                   Term   ending 2006
                                       Jean Leo                         Term   ending 2007

CONSERVATION COMMISSION:               Lawrence Cook, Chair             Term   ending 2005
                                       Brett St. Clair, Vice-Chair      Term   ending 2005
                                       Mel Gendron, alternate           Term   ending 2005
                                       Richard Kiah, alternate          Term   ending 2005
                                       Stanley Sowle, alternate         Term   ending 2005
                                       Mark Wamser, alternate           Term   ending 2005
                                       Darlene Jarvis, Secretary        Term   ending 2006
                                       Matthew Lavey                    Term   ending 2006
                                       George Holt                      Term   ending 2007
                                       Ronald Jarvis                    Term   ending 2007
                                       Margaret Watkins                 Term   ending 2007
                                       Jane Grant, Honorary Member

TOWN FOREST COMMITTEE:                 Jeff Crosby                      Term   ending 2005
                                       Edward White, Vice Chair         Term   ending 2005
                                       John R. Swindlehurst II, Chair   Term   ending 2006
                                       Ronald Jarvis, Secretary         Term   ending 2007
                                       Frederick J. Mullen, Treasurer   Term   ending 2007

     Committee established at Town Meeting 1989. Appointed by Chairs
     of theTown Forest Committee and Conservation Commission

(Conservation Commission)              Margaret Watkins                 Term   ending 2005
(Town Forest Committee)                Edward White, Vice Chair         Term   ending 2005
(Selectman Representative)             Charles Graybill                 Term   ending 2006
(Town Forest Committee)                Ronald Jarvis, Trailmaster       Term   ending 2006
(Member-at-Large)                      Frederick J. Mullen, Chair       Term   ending 2006
(Conservation Commission)              Brett St. Clair                  Term   ending 2006
(Conservation Commission)              Darlene Jarvis, Secretary        Term   ending 2007
(Town Forest Committee)                John R. Swindlehurst II          Term   ending 2007
(Member-at-Large)                      Irene Thalheimer                 Term   ending 2007

HOG REEVES:           Christian and Wendy Tefft

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