Pluralists argue that by decree


									           Pluralists argue that
• There are only few        • c
  influential groups that
  shape policymaking
• majority always rules
• politics is shaped by
  competition between
• many access points
  diminish group
The idea of powerful groups and
weak government is most closely
        associated with
•   Democratic theory   • d
•   elite theory
•   pluralism
•   interest group
     The % of the federal budget
    devoted to national defense is
•   One-tenth      • b
•   one-sixth
•   one-fourth
•   one-third
  Regarding the issue of slavery,
 the delegates to the Constitution
        Convention agreed
• To abolish slavery       • d
• not to count slaves in
  representation to
• to sanction slavery
• to limit future import
  of slaves
       A writ of habeas corpus
• Enables persons         • Allows for people to
  detained by authorities   be punished for acts
  to secure an immediate    that were not illegal
  inquiry into the causes   when originally
  of their detention        committed
• allows for punishment • narrowly defines rules
  of people without         of evidence for treason
  judicial trial
                          • a
   In the Madisonian model of
   government, majority rule is
       accomplished by the
• Senate            • b
• House of
• President
• Supreme Court
 Which of the following was not
  an Anti-Federalist argument?
• Constitution was a      • c
  class based document
• Constitution was a
  conspiracy of the
• Constitution did not
  need a Bill of Rights
• Constitution would
  benefit creditors
    The power of the commerce
   clause was expanded through
• Marbury vs. Madison   • b
• Gibbons vs. Ogden
• McCullogh vs.
• Miranda vs. Arizona
     The Constitution grants the
    national government exclusive
               power to
•   Coin money         • a
•   tax
•   establish courts
•   charter banks
      McCullogh vs. Maryland
• National supremacy    • c
• National supremacy
  and judicial review
• National supremacy
  and implied powers
• Implied power
         In dual federalism the
• National government      • b
  dominates in
• there are distinct
  powers and policies at
  the state and national
• policymaking is
  shared between levels
• states are supreme
 In Mapp vs. Ohio, the Supreme
• Extended the principle   • a
  of unreasonable
  searches and seizures
  to the states
• established the
  exclusionary rule
• required probable
• protected individuals
  from self-
    In Miller vs. California, defining
        obscenity was left up to
•   Private individuals       • d
•   courts
•   Congress
•   state and local officials
     The Supreme Court upheld
          segregation with
• Dred Scott vs.         • b
• Plessey vs. Ferguson
• Brown vs. Board of
  Education of Topeka
• Swann vs. Charlotte-
  Mecklenberg SD
      Which of the following
  statements about Malcolm X is
        the most accurate?
• Campaigned primarily    • c
  against de jure
• appeal largely in the
• Campaigned primarily
  against de facto
• advocated only civil
      Suffrage for women was
         achieved with the
• Fifteenth Amendment   • c
• Seventeenth
• Nineteenth
• Twenty-fourth
      Trial balloons are used by
             politicians to
• Put issues on the          • c
  policy agenda
• see their constituents
• test political reactions
• take opinion poll data
The news media tends to do all of
      the following except
• Mirror reality           • a
• show more bad news
  than good news
• focus on stories that
  generate good pictures
• overemphasize
  dramatic events
  Throughout American history,
       third parties have
• Developed as             • d
  offshoots of a a major
• promoted specific
• developed as an
  extension of a popular
  presidential aspirant
• all of the above
     Which of the following
statements about political parties
            is false?
• Rise in ticket-splitting   • c
• Rise in electoral
• Rise in turnout
• Rise in registered
  independent voters
            Buckley vs Valeo
• Limited the amount        • b
  individuals could
  contribute to their own
• extended right of free
  speech to PACs
• required PACs to
  register with FEC
• declared FEC
Which statement about primaries
            is true
• Increase costs of        • d
• Weaken party control
  over nominations
• allow for ‘outsiders’ to
  achieve nomination
• all of the above
    The belief that ordinary people
    can influence the government is
               known as
•   Rational behavior         • c
•   civic duty
•   political efficacy
•   political socialization
       Which of the following
   statements about the Electoral
         College is false?
• Magnifies mandates        • b
• each state has as many
  electors as
• in most states there is
  a winner take all
• encourages two party
   Which of the following is not
   true of single issue groups?
• Promote collective       • a
• pursue narrow
• dislike compromise
• suffer from free-rider
A written argument submitted by
 an interest group to a court is
•   Writ of certiorari      • b
•   Amicus curiae brief
•   Writ of appeal
•   Writ of habeas corpus
Congressional trading of votes is
          known as
•   Pork barreling   • b
•   Logrolling
•   Blackmail
•   Lobbying
 Which committee does not exist
         in the Senate?
• Armed services      • d
• Rules and
• Foreign relations
• Ways and means
    Richard Neustadt emphasized
    that presidential power is the
               power to
•   Command        • d
•   lead
•   control
•   persuade
After the vice president, the next
person in order of succession is
• Speaker of the House     • a
• President pro tempore
  of the Senate
• Secretary of State
• Senate majority leader
    If a bill sits on the president’s
        desk for 10 days it then
•   Is vetoed               • c
•   becomes a pocket veto
•   becomes law
•   goes back to Congress
   The idea of ‘capture’ refers to
• Regulatory reforms      • c
  pushed by groups
• regulation of
  economic monopolies
• control of regulators
  by regulatees
• Congressional
  influence through
   In the ‘garbage can’ model of
• Organizations are       • d
  governed by standard
  operating procedures
• organizations are
  shaped by role
• outcomes are a result
  of bargaining
• outcomes are a result
  of trial and error
Supreme Court decision making
 based upon the wording of the
   Constitution is known as
•   Original intent      • b
•   Literalism
•   Loose construction
•   Stare decisis
     Opinions written to support a
     majority decision and stress a
    different constitutional basis are
•   Majority opinions     • c
•   dissenting opinions
•   concurring opinions
•   opposing opinions

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