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									    Hedda Gabler



     Jennifer Hazel

       THE 150

    December 8, 2004
                                                                                                        Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler


First Impressions:

       I am amazed by the character of Hedda Gabler. In her Ibsen has created a character that has such dimension! She can be so

calculating and cruel, traits she is fully aware of. Yet, these seem to be her way of rebelling against the mold she is being pressed to

fit. She craves the freedoms the men in her society have. She seems trapped by her gender, her pregnancy closing the trap door even

tighter. The moment Miss Tesman kisses Hedda‟s head is a moving moment. Not because the older woman is expressing emotion,

but because the expression of the motion brings Hedda‟s vulnerable side to the surface. I actually caught myself feeling sorry for her

when she discovers that Loevborg botches the job by ruining his career in a drunken brawl. In him was a chance to “shape a man‟s

destiny,” a destiny that can not belong to a woman. For her, suicide was doing what men do, she creates her own destiny.

       Judge Brack is what Hedda would be if she were a man. He lives a gloriously free life in which he never has to marry and will

never be penalized for that. I found it significant that he is the person that seems to know Hedda the best. Not even Loevborg is as

aware of Hedda‟s true nature as Brack is. Ibsen must want to make it clear they are the same because Brack is responsible for Hedda‟s

death in the same way Hedda is responsible for Loevborg‟s death. Only, I can not manage to feel sorry for Brack because he is cruel

despite the freedom he has, whereas Hedda is cruel because she does not have freedom.

HAZEL                                                                                                                                 2
                                                                                                         Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

       In contrast, Hedda‟s husband George lacks the sort of creativity and intelligence that I would associate with a writer and

professor. And the way he says, “what?” at the end of every sentence tends to confuse me. I can not decide if that is the equivalent of

“hmm?” or if he really does not have a clue what is happening around him. Also, on some level I find myself disliking him because

he is so uninvolved with his own wife. It is obvious she is not happy. All he cares about is Hedda is a fabulous acquisition, a piece of

property that elevates his position among other men. He does not even relate to her as his wife, as Mrs. Tesman. Of course, that is the

point of the play being called Hedda Gabler. She is this mythical creature that is praised, but out of reach. Hedda is a golden statue of

a woman others adore.

       Another point of confusion is Loevborg‟s relationship to Mrs. Elvsted‟s husband. When he becomes angry he spouts out about

the husband sending her to bring him back because the husband missed him “back in his office. Or did he miss my companionship at

the card-table?” Does that mean Loevborg was having an affair with Mr. Elvsted?

       As for Mrs. Elvsted and the other two women in the play (Bertha and Miss Tesman), I find them to be purposefully dull

characters. They each represent one of the three options Hedda has in life; be a wife, spinster, or domestic worker. All of them are

powerless. Not to say they are weak, they just truly lack status as individuals.

        Though I enjoy this place because I find it intriguing, no one character reminds me of myself. I live in a time when I enjoy

many of the freedoms that Hedda could not. Even if society would prefer I conform to a certain mold, I can choose not to. Because of

HAZEL                                                                                                                                  3
                                                                                                        Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

the freedoms I enjoy I am see myself as being more of a Hedda-George-Miss Tesman combination. I am an independent woman who

has no desire to become a mother (at least not yet), wants to become a professor, and idolizes her brother‟s son.


1. The location of the play is not specified and is fictional, though very much inspired by London or similar Western European cities.

I say this because the house once belonged to the prime minister. The setting is always the drawing room of the Tesman villa.


                                                 Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen
                       Scene             Location             Time                    Other
                      Act One     Drawing room of Tesman 1890             Autumn; morning after George
                                  villa.                                  and Hedda return from
                      Act Two     Drawing room of Tesman 1890             Autumn; afternoon after George
                                  villa.                                  and Hedda return from
                      Act         Drawing room of Tesman 1890             Autumn; second morning after
                      Three       villa.                                  George and Hedda return from
                      Act Four    Drawing room of Tesman 1890             Autumn; second evening after
                                  villa.                                  George and Hedda return from

HAZEL                                                                                                                               4
                                                                                                       Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler


Character   Gender,         Function      Major actions/decisions                           Major                Textual comments/Use of
            Age,                                                                            relationships        language
            Race, etc.
Hedda       Female, 29,     Protagonist         Convinces husband to invite Loevborg       -Wife of George      Speaks with confidence,
Gabler      white, upper                         to their home.                             -Former lover of     uses words instead of
            middle class,                       Goads Loevborg to attend Brack‟s party.    Loevborg‟s           weapons (usually). Aloof,
            housewife                           Burns Loevborg‟s book.                     -Former schoolmate   cool, and poised. Beautiful
                                                Gives Loevborg the pistol.                 of Mrs. Elvsted      with thin, auburn hair.
                                                Kills herself.                             -object of Brack‟s
George      Male, 33,       Antagonist          Marries Hedda.                             -Hedda‟s husband     Speaks without conviction
Tesman      white, middle   (CG notes,          Gets Hedda the former Prime Minister‟s     -Former suitor of    (“what” at end of
            class, has a    not really           house.                                     Mrs. Elvsted         sentences). Gains
            doctorate       the                 Invites Loevborg to his house.             -Former friend of    achievements through the
            degree          antagonist)         Gives Hedda the book and leaves to see     Loevborg.            actions of others. Boyish
                                                 aunt.                                      -Nephew of Miss      appearance.
                                                Attempts to reconstruct book               Tesman.
Mrs.        Female, 26 or   Contrast to         Tracks and follows Loevlborg to town.      -Hedda‟s former      Speaks nervously, confides
Elvsted     27, white,      Hedda               Arrives at Tesman villa to ask for help.   schoolmate           too much in Hedda. She is
            middle class,   (CG notes:          Begins reconstruction book with            -George‟s former     naïve. Dependent on
            housewife       confidante           George.                                    sweetheart           others. Pretty and fair
                            character)                                                      -Loevborg‟s          featured.

    HAZEL                                                                                                                           5
                                                                                                    Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

Character Gender,             Function       Major actions/decisions                     Major                Textual comments/Use of
          Age,                                                                           relationships        language
          Race, etc.
Eilbert   Male, 33, white,    Set events           Writes a book                        -former beau of      Speaks passionately,
Loevborg lower middle         into motion          Comes to Tesman villa                Hedda‟s              acknowledges his own
          class, tutor        that lead to         Competes for professor job against   -former friend of    feelings and the feelings of
                              Hedda‟s               George                               George‟s             others. “Haggard looking”.
                              undoing              Goes to Brack‟s party                -lover of Mrs.
                                                   Gets in a drunken brawl              Elvsted
                                                   Loses book
                                                   Shoots self
                                                   Dies
Judge      Male, 45, white,   (CG notes:           Proposes a love triangle to Hedda    -former friend of    Speaks with the words of an
Brack      middle class,      Primary              Invites Loevborg to his party        Hedda‟s father       educated man. Dresses too
           judge              antagonist)          Informs the others of Loevborgs      -friend of Hedda     young for his age. Uses
                              Reminder              shooting                             and George           words as a weapon.
                              to Hedda of          Tries to blackmail Hedda over her
                              what she              pistol
                              can not

   HAZEL                                                                                                                         6
                                                                                                      Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

4.      Before the play began there relationships were formed that influence the action of the play. Judge Brack was a friend of

Hedda‟s fathers, George courted Mrs. Elvsted, and Hedda was romantically linked to Loevborg. George was orphaned and raised by

his aunts, one of which has been an invalid for quite some time. As he grew older he had a falling out with Loevborg and gained a

doctorate degree in another country. Mrs. Elvsted, once a schoolmate of Hedda‟s, was treated meanly by the older girl. Hedda‟s

father has died, as well.

        For the six months directly leading up to the opening scene of Hedda Gabler Hedda and George have been on their

honeymoon. During this time George has collected research for a book he plans on writing.

5.      The function of the character of Hedda Gabler is to expose the inequality between men and women during the era in which the

play was written and to explore the effects this inequality could have. She serves as a heroine struggling against an unjust social


        George Tesman is the antagonist to Hedda‟s protagonist. He is a man of lower status, intelligence, and creativity. Yet he is

able to do things that Hedda is socially forbidden to do. Because he is not a great man she will not be able to be a successful woman;

she will not be able to propel him into greatness.

HAZEL                                                                                                                               7
                                                                                                          Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

       Judge Brack is a male version of Hedda in that he shares the same social circle, same shrewd speech, and same patronizing

view of George‟s work. However, Brack is everything that Hedda is not allowed to become. He is of middle age without a spouse or

children and has a career.

       Eilbert Loevborg is present to send events into motion that will ultimately lead to the demise of Hedda‟s dreams and life. By

returning to Hedda‟s life he forced her to see the harsh truths of reality. He was not a poetic being living an adventurous life. He was

a failure that could not live up to her expectations. She would not be able to gain satisfaction by helping to shape a great destiny for

him. When she comes to understand this she then works at destroying him so that she might, yet, be able to shape George‟s destiny

after all. Unfortunately, George is so focused on continuing Loevborg‟s journey to greatness Hedda becomes totally defeated as a

woman. After all, a woman is only as great as the man she stands behind.

       Mrs. Elvsted serves to contrast Hedda. Even though she does not have biological children, she served as mother to Mr.

Elvsted‟s children. And she is dependent on men to take care of her. She needs George to help reach Loevborg, she needs Loevborg

to feel complete, and she needed her husband to complete her role in society. Her child-like dependency is accentuated by her running

away as well. Pretty and timid, she is not a frigid woman as is Hedda.

       Miss Tesman and Bertha represent the other two socially acceptable choices Hedda would have available to her; spinster and

domestic worker. There is actually a third, that of prostitute, but Danielle‟s profession was not a publicly acceptable one in society.

HAZEL                                                                                                                                     8
                                                                                                  Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

6.     Hedda and Judge Brack speak with confidence and their dialogue is laced with innuendo. They avoid saying specific things

about affairs and suicide, but the meaning is there. Miss Tesman and Mrs. Elvsted speak of “womanly” things; children, home-life,

and love. Both women are also nervous speakers worried about what they have said. They also praise men for their success in their

professions and idolize the men for that. Bertha‟s speech is common and full of contracted words. Loevborg‟s words are rooted in

emotion and George‟s words are muddled with „what‟.


                    Act:   Page Fr.      George Hedda  Miss   Mrs.   Judge  Eilert  Bertha
                    Sc.         Sc.      Tesman       Tesman Elvsted Brack Loevborg
                     I-I   374    1                      X                            X
                     I-I   375    2         X            X                            X
                     I-I   376    3         X            X
                     I-I   378    4         X     X      X
                     I-I   379    5               X
                     I-I   379    6         X     X
                     I-I   380    7         X     X                                   X
                     I-I   380    8         X     X             X                     X
                     I-I   380    9         X     X             X
                     I-I   382   10               X             X
                     I-I   384   11         X     X             X
                     I-I   385   12         X     X             X                     X

HAZEL                                                                                                                          9
                                                                               Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

        Act:   Page   Fr.   George   Hedda    Miss     Mrs.     Judge    Eilert    Bertha
        Sc.           Sc.   Tesman           Tesman   Elvsted   Brack   Loevborg
        I-I    385    13      X       X                  X        X                  X
        I-I    385    14      X       X                  X        X
        I-I    385    15      X                                   X
        I-I    386    16      X       X                           X
        I-I    387    17      X       X
        I-I    382    18      X
        II-I   387    19              X
        II-I   387    20              X                          X
        II-I   388    21              X                          X
        II-I   389    22      X       X                          X
        II-I   390    23              X                          X
        II-I   392    24      X       X                          X
        II-I   392    25      X       X                          X                   X
        II-I   392    26      X       X                          X
        II-I   392    27      X       X                          X         X
        II-I   393    28      X       X                          X         X         X
        II-I   393    29      X       X                          X         X
        II-I   394    30      X       X                          X         X         X
        II-I   394    31      X       X                          X         X
        II-I   394    32      X       X                          X         X
        II-I   394    33      X       X                          X         X
        II-I   395    34      X       X                          X         X
        II-I   395    35      X       X                          X         X
        II-I   395    36      X       X                          X         X
        II-I   396    37      X       X                          X         X         X

HAZEL                                                                                                    10
                                                                                Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

        Act:    Page   Fr.   George   Hedda    Miss     Mrs.     Judge    Eilert    Bertha
         Sc.           Sc.   Tesman           Tesman   Elvsted   Brack   Loevborg
         II-I   396    38      X       X                  X        X        X
         II-I   398    39      X       X                  X        X        X
         II-I   398    40              X                  X                           X
         II-I   398    41              X                  X
         II-I   399    42              X                  X                           X
         II-I   399    43              X                  X
        III-I   399    44              X                  X
        III-I   399    45              X                  X                           X
        III-I   399    46              X                  X
        III-I   400    47              X
        III-I   400    48              X                                              X
        III-I   400    49              X
        III-I   400    50      X       X
        III-I   402    51      X       X                                              X
        III-I   402    52      X       X
        III-I   402    53      X       X                          X
        III-I   402    54              X                          X
        III-I   404    55              X
        III-I   404    56              X                                    X
        III-I   404    57              X                 X                  X
        III-I   405    58              X                                    X
        III-I   406    59              X
        IV-I    406    60              X
        IV-I    406    61
        IV-I    406    62              X

HAZEL                                                                                                     11
                                                                               Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

        Act:   Page   Fr.   George   Hedda    Miss     Mrs.     Judge    Eilert    Bertha
         Sc.          Sc.   Tesman           Tesman   Elvsted   Brack   Loevborg
        IV-I   406    63              X                                              X
        IV-I   406    64              X
        IV-I   406    65              X        X
        IV-I   407    66      X       X        X
        IV-I   407    67      X       X
        IV-I   409    68      X       X                 X
        IV-I   409    69      X       X                 X        X                   X
        IV-I   409    70      X       X                 X        X
        IV-I   411    71      X       X                 X        X
        IV-I   412    72      X       X                 X        X
        IV-I   412    73      X                         X        X
        IV-I   412    74      X       X                 X        X
        IV-I   412    75      X       X                 X        X
        IV-I   413    76      X                         X        X
        IV-I   413    77      X       X                 X        X
        IV-I   413    78      X                         X        X
        IV-I   413    79      X                         X        X
        IV-I   414    80      X       X                 X        X                   X

HAZEL                                                                                                    12
                                                                                            Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler


Act:    Fr.      CHARACTERS                           Beat/Action                               Themes/topics
Sc.     Sc.
I-I     1     Miss Tesman, Bertha        Bertha and Miss Tesman discuss Hedda       Hedda is introduced and established
                                                                                    as being part of higher society.
                                          It is revealed that George is now Dr. Tesman
I-I     2     George, Miss Tesman,       George makes excuses for Hedda‟s behavior  Bertha is being treated more like a
              Bertha                                                                 servant because of Hedda
I-I     3     George, Miss Tesman        Aunt Rena‟s health is discussed            Given circumstances are presented
                                         Miss Tesman hints toward children          to bring the audience current.
                                         Miss Tesman tells George she mortgaged the Hedda‟s status is established as
                                          aunts‟ annuity                             being higher than the Tesmans‟.
                                         George learns of Loevborg‟s book
                                         Miss Tesman shows her new hat
I-I     4     George, Miss Tesman,       Hedda disapproves of the preparations made Hedda reveals her icy disposition.
              Hedda                       in the room for her
                                         George is given his slippers
                                         Hedda insults Miss Tesman
                                         Hedda‟s pregnancy revealed
I-I     5     Hedda                      Hedda paces the room with clenched fists   Hedda demonstrates her inner
I-I     6     George, Hedda              The couple discuss the season              Hedda displays jealousy
                                         Hedda proposes an amends toward Miss
                                         Mrs. Elvsted is discussed
                                         Hedda mentions Loevborg
I-I     7     George, Hedda, Bertha      Bertha enters to announce Mrs. Elvsted
I-I     8     George, Hedda, Mrs.        Mr.s Elvsted enters
              Elvsted, Bertha            Bertha exits

HAZEL                                                                                                                  13
                                                                                            Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

I-I     9    George, Hedda, Mrs.       Mrs. Elvsted explains Loevborg‟s             Hedda is granted the chance to bring
             Elvsted                    transformation                               Loevborg back into her life
                                       Mrs. Elvsted solicits help to see that
                                        Loevborg does not digress back to his hold
I-I     10   Hedda, Mrs. Elvsted       Hedda convinces Mrs. Elvsted she is a friend Hedda demonstrates her cunning
                                       Gets updated information on Loevborg
I-I     11   Hedda, George, Mrs.       Hedda retrieves the letter from George
I-I     12   Hedda, George, Mrs.       Bertha is given the letter to send
             Elvsted, Bertha           Bertha announces the arrival of Judge Brack
I-I     13   Hedda, George, Mrs.       Bertha leaves
I-I     14   Hedda, George, Mrs.       Judge Brack enters
             Elvsted, Judge Brack      Pleasantries are exchanged
I-I     15   George, Judge Brack       George speaks of things Hedda still wishes    George can not provide for Hedda
                                        to purchase                                   the same life she was raised with.
                                       Brack evades telling George when the
                                        appointment will be made
                                       They discuss Loevborg
I-I     16   George, Judge Brack,      Brack reveals Loevborg is competition for     Hedda does not change her mind
             Hedda                      George for the appointment                    about spending money.
I-I     17   George, Hedda             George cuts back on the budget                Hedda is repressed by her husband
                                       Hedda is told not to entertain
                                       Hedda threatens to play with her pistols
I-I     18   George                    Pleads with wife to not play with pistols
II-I    19   Hedda                     Plays with pistols                            Hedda rebels momentarily
                                       Shoots at Brack
II-I    20   Hedda, Judge Brack        Brack disarms Hedda

HAZEL                                                                                                                      14
                                                                                                 Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

II-I    21   Hedda, Judge Brack           They settle themselves in the drawing room      Hedda reveals her unhappiness.
                                          Hedda speaks of her displeasure over her
                                          Brack hints at an affair between the two of
II-I    22   Hedda, George, Judge         George arrives with more research and           George is planning more time from
             Brack                         Loevborg‟s book                                 Hedda.
                                          Miss Tesman‟s refusal of dinner is relayed
II-I    23   Hedda, Judge Brack           Hedda reveals she really didn‟t want the        Hedda refuses to acknowledge she is
                                           house                                           pregnant.
                                          They discuss the lack of excitement in her
                                          Brack hints toward her pregnancy
II-I    24   Hedda, George, Judge         Hedda speaks of Loevborg staying with her       A woman can not dine alone with a
             Brack                         and Mrs. Elvsted for supper                     man that is not her husband.
II-I    25   Hedda, George, Judge         Bertha announces there is a guest
             Brack, Bertha
II-I    26   Hedda, George, Judge         Bertha leaves

II-I    27   Hedda, George, Judge         Loevborg arrives                                Loevborg reenters Hedda‟s life.
             Brack, Loevborg              Tesman welcomes Loevborg into the home
                                          Loevborg presents the book for George to
                                          Brack invites Loevborg to join them
                                          Loevborg accepts Hedda‟s invitation
II-I    28   Hedda, George, Judge         Hedda gives instruction to Bertha for setting
             Brack, Loevborg, Bertha       the table
II-I    29   Hedda, George, Judge         Bertha leaves the room
             Brack, Loevborg              Loevborg reveals he will not compete with

HAZEL                                                                                                                          15
                                                                                                Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

II-I    30   Hedda, George, Judge         Bertha sets the table for Hedda
             Brack, Loevborg, Bertha
II-I    31   Hedda, George, Judge         Bertha leaves
             Brack, Loevborg              George expresses relief that Loevborg is not
II-I    32   Hedda, George, Judge         George and Judge Brack move to the
             Brack, Loevborg               background
                                          Hedda shows Loevborg photographs of the
                                          Loevborg questions her marriage to George
II-I    33   Hedda, George, Judge         George checks up on them to see what they
             Brack, Loevborg               are saying/doing
                                          George offers to bring them refreshments
II-I    34   Hedda, George, Judge         George retreats to back room and sets          Married women are faithful and do
             Brack, Loevborg               boundaries for Loevborg                        not speak familiarly with other men.
                                          Brack spies on them
II-I    35   Hedda, George, Judge         George returns with a tray                     A husband serves the wife and her
             Brack, Loevborg              Hedda reveals she forgot Mrs. Elvsted was      guest.
II-I    36   Hedda, George, Judge         George returns to back room                    Hedda did not love Loevborg. She
             Brack, Loevborg              Hedda and Loevborg discuss their past          tries to hide her desire for life.
II-I    37   Hedda, George, Judge         Mrs. Elvsted interrupts Hedda and
             Brack, Loevborg,              Loevborg‟s conversation with her arrival
             Bertha, Mrs. Elvsted
II-I    38   Hedda, George, Judge         Bertha shuts the door                          Hedda attempts to design
             Brack, Loevborg,             Hedda, Loevborg, and Mrs. Elvsted speak        Loevborg‟s fate
             Bertha, Mrs. Elvsted          together while the others remain in the back

HAZEL                                                                                                                          16
                                                                                               Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

                                        Hedda instigates a fight between Loevborg
                                         and Mrs. Elvsted
                                        Hedda wagers Loevborg can remain in good
                                         standing throughout a night of his old ways
II-I    39   Hedda, George, Judge       Brack announces it is time to leave
             Brack, Loevborg, Mrs.      Loevborg accepts the invitation to join the
             Elvsted                     men
                                        Mrs. Elvsted waits with Hedda
II-I    40   Hedda, Mrs. Elvsted,       Bertha brings a lamp
II-I    41   Hedda, Mrs. Elvsted        Hedda declares Loevborg will remain             Hedda is crazed with the thought of
                                         steadfast                                       shaping Loevborg‟s destiny. Façade
                                        Threatens to burn Mrs. Elvsted‟s hair           of niceness falters in front of Mrs.
II-I    42   Hedda, Mrs. Elvsted,       Bertha announces tea in the dining room
II-I    43   Hedda, Mrs. Elvsted        Mrs. Elvsted asks to leave
                                        Hedda calls her an idiot
III-I   44   Hedda, Mrs. Elvsted        Mrs. Elvsted listens for Loevborg‟s return
                                         while Hedda sleeps
III-I   45   Hedda, Mrs. Elvsted,       Bertha brings in a letter for George
             Bertha                     Bertha puts out the lamp and offers to build
                                         a fire
III-I   46   Hedda, Mrs. Elvsted        Hedda wakes
                                        Hedda declares all is well, the men were just
                                         out late
III-I   47   Hedda                      Mrs. Elvsted retires to Hedda‟s room
                                        Hedda rings for Bertha
III-I   48   Hedda, Bertha              Hedda tells Bertha to build a fire              Hedda behaves contrary to her

HAZEL                                                                                                                       17
                                                                                             Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

                                                                                       contemporaries, again.
III-I   49   Hedda                      Adds more wood to fire
III-I   50   Hedda, George              George tells Hedda the book is good           George gives Hedda the book.
                                        George relates the events of the previous
                                        George reads the letter and discovers Aunt
                                         Rena is dying
III-I   51   Hedda, George, Bertha      Bertha announces the arrival of Judge Brack   George will not receive Brack, but
                                                                                       Hedda will.
III-I   52   Hedda, George              Hedda hides the book
III-I   53   Hedda, George, Judge       Brack arrives                                 A married man leaves his wife alone
             Brack                      George explains he must leave                 with another man.
III-I   54   Hedda, Judge Brack         Brack tells Hedda how horribly Loevborg       Brack oppresses Hedda
                                         failed the night before
                                        Brack tells Hedda Loevborg must be kept
III-I   55   Hedda                      Hedda pulls the book out to look it over      Again hides the book.
III-I   56   Hedda. Loevborg            Loevborg burst in to speak with Hedda         A married woman is alone with
                                                                                       another man.
III-I   57   Hedda, Loevborg, Mrs.      Mrs. Elvsted reenters at the sound of         Loevborg does the honorable thing
             Elvsted                     Loevborg‟s voice                              for Mrs. Elvsted.
                                        Loevborg tells Mrs. Elvsted that their
                                         relationship is over and he burned the book
III-I   58   Hedda, Loevborg            Loevborg admits he lied to Mrs. Elvsted to    Hedda arms Loevborg to do
                                         do right by her                               something she is not “brave” enough
                                        Loevborg insinuates he will kill himself      to do.
                                        Hedda gives him one of her pistols
III-I   59   Hedda                      Destroys book                                 Burns the book to hurt Mrs. Elvsted
                                                                                       and destroy the connection between

HAZEL                                                                                                                       18
                                                                                               Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

                                                                                         Elvsted and Loevborg.
IV-I    60   Hedda                       Pacing drawing room                            Unsettled emotions bubble to the
                                                                                         surface, again.
IV-I    61                               Hedda can be heard playing the piano off
IV-I    62   Hedda                       Returns to the drawing room
IV-I    63   Hedda, Bertha               Bertha brings a lamp for the drawing room      The mistress does not speak to the
IV-I    64   Hedda                       Turns from the light to look out the window    Acting contrary to others.
                                          into darkness
IV-I    65   Hedda, Miss Tesman          Miss Tesman comes to personally inform         Hedda is now Mrs. Tesman and the
                                          Hedda of her sister‟s death                    wife.
                                         Miss Tesman is the first person to refer to
                                          Hedda as Mrs. Tesman.
IV-I    66   Hedda, George, Miss         Hedda attempts to console Miss Tesman
             Tesman                      Miss Tesman mentions the pregnancy again
IV-I    67   Hedda, George               Hedda is annoyed with her husband              Hedda remains in the background of
                                         Hedda tells George she burned the book         her husband‟s life.
                                         George condemns Hedda‟s behavior
                                         She can not bring herself to tell him she is
                                         Hedda‟s actions are overlooked by George
                                          and he continues to speak of his aunt‟s
IV-I    68   Hedda, George, Mrs.         Mrs. Elvsted comes in a panic over             Hedda forbids George from going to
             Elvsted                      Loevborg being in the hospital                 town to check on Loevborg.
IV-I    69   Hedda, George, Mrs.         Judge Brack is let in by Bertha
             Elvsted, Bertha, Judge

HAZEL                                                                                                                         19
                                                                                             Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

IV-I    70   Hedda, George, Judge      Brack relays the news Loevborg is dying of
             Brack, Mrs. Elvsted        a self inflicted pistol wound
                                       Mrs. Elvsted informs them what Loevborg
                                        told her and Hedda about the manuscript
                                       George and Mrs. Elvsted speak of recreating
                                        the manuscript in honor of Loevborg
IV-I    71   Hedda, George, Judge      Brack and Hedda sit separately from the        Hedda discovers the great thing she
             Brack, Mrs. Elvsted        other two and talk of Loevborg                 thought she was part of did not
                                       Brack tells Hedda the entire truth of          happen. She failed to help shape
                                        Loevborg‟s death                               Loevborg‟s destiny.
IV-I    72   Hedda, George, Judge      George and Mrs. Elvsted ask to use Hedda‟s     Begins to form an idea of her own
             Brack, Mrs. Elvsted        writing table                                  destiny.
                                       Hedda smuggles the remaining pistol to the
                                        back room under the cover of sheets of
IV-I    73   George, Judge Brack,      George and Mrs. Elvsted settle in at the
             Mrs. Elvsted               writing desk
IV-I    74   Hedda, George, Judge      Hedda sits near the stove with Brack           Hedda is in Judge Brack‟s power
             Brack, Mrs. Elvsted       Brack reveals he knows the pistol belongs to   and her husbands.
                                       Hedda lies about the pistol being stolen
                                       Brack blackmails her; his silence for an
IV-I    75   Hedda, George, Judge      George is confident he can rebuild the book    Mrs. Elvsted gets to share in
             Brack, Mrs. Elvsted                                                       George‟s work but Hedda is still
                                                                                       pushed aside.
IV-I    76   George, Judge Brack,      Hedda is unseen, playing a “frenzied” tune     Hedda has snapped.
             Mrs. Elvsted               on the piano that interrupts the work being
IV-I    77   Hedda, George, Judge      Announces she will be quiet.                   Makes her decision

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                                                                                                       Play Analysis of Hedda Gabler

              Brack, Mrs. Elvsted
IV-I    78    George, Judge Brack,              Hedda speaks up from behind the curtain to   Hedda kills herself
              Mrs. Elvsted                       Judge Brack
                                                Hedda shots herself
IV-I    79    George, Mrs. Elvsted,             All three jump at the sound
              Judge Brack                       George says she is playing with the pistols
IV-I    80    George, Mrs. Elvsted,             George screams                               Hedda creates her own destiny.
              Judge Brack, Hedda,               Brack declares “people don‟t do such things”

7b.     Hedda Gabler has a climactic play structure and covers events that occur during the last two days of the character, Hedda‟s,

life as visible from the drawing room of her home.

8.     Hedda Gabler demonstrates that women are traditionally oppressed in society and treated like property which can create

repressed anger, frustration, and desperate actions. The play serves as a warning of the damage society‟ gender bias can do. It places

the traditional role of a wife into context and then begins to deconstruct that image with Hedda. In the end, her embracing the freedom

of a man is twisted into freedom gained through suicide.

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