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									                      NORTHERN DISTRICT CRICKET CLUB
                               P.O. Box 154, Hornsby, NSW 2077
                                  (Founded 26th May, 1925)

2009/2010 Season                                                           No. 7

                          NEWS AND VIEWS

ROUND 7 – DAY 1 –V- SYDNEY UNIVERSITY (5 December 2009)

Students give us something to think about!!


Bags thought that a 39 degree day was just the thing for a little bit of running around
in the outfield. So, on getting the right result from the flick of the coin, told the
Sydney Uni boys to get out there and see if they could handle our attack. Well they
didn’t to start with – 3 for 68 was looking sensational with 3 of their big guns out of
the way. But that man Mail simply produced an innings of class……212 ain’t that
easy to get, and there is nothing wrong with our attack. How to bat for a whole day.
Isn’t that something Gilly has been after for a long time now? Comes with experience
I’m afraid.

So we don’t lose hope on this one. A great deck, a quick outfield and a lot of batsmen
in form. Around 4 an over so even with a couple of flat spots and we still have plenty
of time.

Go the Rangers!


Uni won the toss and, surprise surprise, thought that Waitara might be a nice place to
have a little bat. An early one for Sir John and things were looking good. I watched a
bit of this game and you can only really say that the Uni boys just played some very
good cricket shots. Didn’t see a great deal wrong with our bowling…..sometimes you
just have to concede that the opposition played well. And when they played attacking
shots they invariably found the fence .. Which was about 10 metres away on one side!

Their opener got 186 and no. 3 got 168, although the turned down LBW shout from
Brains looked oh so out from your observer’s superb position of a seat just beside the
4th practice wicket behind the Mark Taylor scoreboard. Absolutely plumb from that
angle. Brains did well to control himself and Mister Ed also did well to control
Brains. You just had a feeling that on a day like this we needed one or two things to
go our way.

So they skipped off to a miserly 4 for 507 off 80 overs. Again the bowling wasn’t all
that bad. Impressive spells from Kerr early on, they never got hold of Deano, Brains
was threatening and young Benny Langford responded to his elevation with some
consistency and accuracy. Remember that most of their batsmen would be playing
first grade for any other club in Sydney.

So they closed after 80 overs and we then thumped them to get to 1 for 84 off 14.
Chris Burnett is not out 41. Don’t give up on this one either. Seems a million miles
away but 96 overs to go and again its only around the 4 an over mark. Have a look at
the batting to come. This is a team without a tail.


Uni won the toss on Sydney University No. 2 which is about the size of a postage
stamp. They are gone for 341 and we are 0 for 5 in response. Another one that is
very achievable on that ground.

Great efforts from the 2 leggies – Cheadle with 4 for 80 and Jonesy with 2 for 52.
Even Tiger’s Apprentice chipped in with the last one (Captain’s prerogative). Chris
Thorburn’s 0 for 17 off 10 overs deserves special mention.


If you look up the website you will see that none of our blokes batted – all were
“DNB”. But the truth is somewhat different. A total of 168 looked a long shot for a
while there as we slumped early. Great recovery from the youngsters, Lachie Ford
with 20, Chris Ashby with 42 and Josh Miller with 38.

The Uni boys rallied themselves in the field by calling out “Come on, Students”. Let
me tell them – if they want to see real students have a look at our lot.

Stuey was unlucky to let one go but it clipped the bottom of his bat in the first over.
It’s a great game sometimes. Jake and Stubbsy then held us together for a while –
slowly, but the bowling was super tight. Actually your Chairman of Selectors hit it on
the head: “We don’t look in any trouble. They just bowl the right lines and set the
right field and make it nigh on impossible for us to get away.” And that was it really.
We did look comfortable but found it exceedingly difficult to score runs. Credit to
them. They have taken more wickets in this grade than any other side so it is a semi
final type opposition we are facing. Young batsmen need to find ways to rotate the
strike so over to you Gilly and Smally!! Can hardly recall a ball getting past the bat
or any real apprehension but still we folded until the even more youthful Lachie and
Josh and Chris took us to a defendable position.

Lachie then showed his all-round talent (some rumour that an AFL club wants him as
well) to knock over their opener and have them at 1 for 22 at stumps. This is very
winnable. Have a look how they went about their bowling business (apart from one
notable exception!) and you will see how to get this job done.

Lachie impressed even more as he almost hit a double bouncer back to the bowler.


St Paul’s College is much in the news these days and I am sure a few of the younger
members of this team (ie everyone except The Mayor) cast a jealous eye in the
direction of the College.

To keep them on the straight and narrow the Sydney Uni skipper (almost as old as
your editor) won the toss and inserted us. Admittedly there is a bit of shade from
those trees around the oval. Excellent effort for us to get to 9 for 252 at the end of the
day and fantastic to see Ansh Gobpalani return to form with a typically free-flowing
101. So back-to-back centuries in Fifth Grade from some very classy players. This
grade is a nursery not a compost heap.

Great support from Sugar Ray with 40 – so his leggies are producing results and his
batting just continues to develop. And to cap it all off was 56 not out from
 “Pat” Cash (son of Johnny).

The youngsters are doing a fantastic job down here under some very skilful and
forceful leadership. Note that the opposition contains a couple of ND’s connections –
Eddie Quoyle took 3 wickets (brother of Darby who scintillated ND’s in the early
90s) and James Rodgers captured 3 as well with his non-spinning leggies (yes I do
hope he is reading this) – but be nice to him as he is the Assistant Headmaster at
Riverview College.

So well on the way here. A good bowling line-up.


No point in me providing you with a report on last Friday’s lunch at the Hornsby RSL
– I was only there for the first 6 hours and that was pretty tame. Over to you Drifter.

Main thing was to see so many ND’s players current and past come along. This is a
big fundraiser and will be interesting to see the numbers but the main thing is to say a
huge thank you to all of those who contributed. These are incredibly difficult things
to organise and there are many clubs who have simply given them away as all being
too much hard work. But the results in terms of good fun and dollars collected are
worth that effort.

We went for the “professional” approach to this function rather than telling too many
in-house jokes and the like which we can save for our own private functions. It has to
be said that your President was absolutely outstanding – not only in his welcoming
speech on the day but also in how he looked after all the VIPs and waltzed from table
to table pressing the flesh. I’d be a bit worried if I were you Nick about what his

ultimate ambition might be. I am not sure that this club is big enough for the Drifter.
He has taken to the Presidency like ……well I was going to say a duck to water but
that would suggest that he is absolutely drowning in it. He may well be drowning but
it’s not in water.


1 December 2009

Drifter’s comment: I hope everyone had a great time because that was one of
the main reasons for holding the lunch. These things are always more work than
meets the eye, so thank you to all the committee for a fantastic effort ... maybe we
should do it again! It must have been very difficult for our MC (who usually has a
licence to kill) to control his verbal attacking skills. Thanks to auctioneer Brian “The
Craw” Crawford who managed to sell everything that wasn’t nailed down. The Club
raised $15,000 that will go in the coffers for improved facilities and towards coaching
kids with intellectual disabilities.

Thanks must go to the 2 guest speakers, Doug Walters and Wayne Phillips who went
the journey .. Wayne from 11am til 7pm and Doug from 12pm til midnight! Many
speakers would not bother to stick around after their duties ... not these two! I
remember asking Doug Walters, as we were leaning on the bar at 11.30pm ... “Do you
think we have had enough?” ... A short reply ... “Nup .. your shout!” ... Ouch!

The lunch highlighted the strong friendships that exist in certain eras of ND’s... The
mateship, the bond, the support and the generosity of past players like Phil Blazey,
Tex Longley, Chris Elder, Ross Turner, Mick Hewitt, the Terrey twins etc. I shouldn’t
mention names because there are plenty of them. It was great to see many current
players there to experience firsthand one of the reasons why we play cricket ... that is
the lifelong friendships that cricket produces. All you young guys are creating your
own memories every year. Savour the times! ... Stay involved and enjoy everything
that cricket has to offer ... ok .. that’s enough ramblings.
Bring on the girls ....



1. A reminder to all players who still owe money for registration fees and clothing
orders, that all outstanding amounts are due by 31st December 2009. Monies are to be
handed to your captain, who will arrange collection by CJ and the issuance of
receipts. If you are not sure how much you owe, give CJ a call on 0414 318 587.

2. The Sports Lunch was a great day and Zoe Ryan and CJ were successful bidders in
the silent auction and left with a Kookaburra Cricket Wheel Bag (Zoe) and a Black
Wolf Backpack (CJ), which has already been purloined by another family member.

But Zoe and CJ were not in the class of leviathan bidder Beck Enright, who set her
eyes on the prize of a fishing free-for-all with Brett Lee and Dominic Thornely. Beck
opened the auction and a frenzy of bidding erupted between Beck and the audience as
the dollars incremented. The auctioneer yelled out “do I hear $1,000” to lure more
bids and Beck was jumped to her feet to tackle that amount. Then the global financial
crisis hit Beck’s berley and her bidding was reeled in at $1,100. The prize was hooked
at $1,300 much to table 2’s dismay. Although Brett Lee had signed a mounted cricket
ball for the silent auction, Beck was not interested and only really wanted to meet up
with Bollywood Bing in person to talk about line winders and hand casters.


1. English import: Georgia Elwiss has also picked up a representative duty, guesting
for the ACT Second XI in the Cricket Australia Cup that was played around the
grounds in Sydney between 25th November and 1st December. Waitara Oval hosted
two of the games in the tourney.

2. With no National Championships in the U/19 Female division this summer, the
NSW team, which included Rangers: Wui-Kwan Wong and Sammy-Jo Johnson
played ‘unofficial’ T20 matches against the other Cricket Australia Cup teams for
vital match experience.

3. NSW Under 15s representatives: Lily Bardsley; Alyssa Kale; Jamie Matson;
Mikaela Turik and Jenny Taffs will be heading down to Melbourne from the 2nd to
8th December to take on the other states in the Australian Championships. Best of
luck from all of us at NDs and don’t believe those jokes about Melbourne –
Melbourne is a great place!


Brewers ventured down to Killara Oval for the local derby versus Gordon where an
easy paced pitch and lightning fast outfield awaited. The Rangers won the toss and
batted. Alyssa Kale (23) and Lily Bardsley (50 retired no) got the innings off with a
great partnership of 84. All incoming batters: Tamara Currey (27); Julie Mathers (17);
Tegan Foley (10); Nicky Squires (29); Mel Wherry (45) and Maddie Bishop (12no)
kept the scorers busy and the pickets rattling and an imposing total of 6/250 was
achieved at the end of the 40th over. Gordon decided to chase down this total but fell
behind on the run rate and with wickets falling on regular intervals, Gordon ran out of
batters after 36.4 overs with the score on 186. Kirsten Pedder took personal best
figures of 5/28 in a great display and was ably supported by Vannessa Hall (0/19);
Maddie (1/6); Tegan (1/19); Chelsea Mitchell (1/30) and Alyssa (1/33). Brewers
remain on top of the ladder and next Sunday are back home at Somerville versus

Thirds won the toss at little Gifford against St.George-Sutherland and batted steadily
to reach 2/29. CJ (16) and Sammy-Jo Johnson (40) got the innings building to reach
3/72 and then Sammy-Jo was out at the score on 97. Mel Elliott (13) and Zoe Ryan

moved the score up to 7/113 before the overs ran out. The Slayers got off to a good
start and achieved the total by 29.1 overs, finishing at 4/114. Julie Mathers bowled
very tightly for 2/4 and Mel took 2/16, whilst the other 6 bowlers used all kept the
run-rate down. Next Saturday sees a cross country trip to Parramatta-Blacktown’s
beautiful Bella-Vista.

Seconds travelled out to Sydney University #2 and duly lost the toss and fielded.
Universities were unable to make much headway against a consistent and tight attack
and their term at the crease ended on 72 after 27.1 overs. Kim Cole put the Students
on detention with figures of 7-5-0-2, whilst Mel Fisher (2/12); Phoebe Rogers (2/20)
and Ciara Hughes (2/11) all got a “W” in the scorebooks. Phoebe ended her
successful day with 3 catches including two caught and bowleds. The Student’s mark
was passed in 24.4 overs with Chelsea Bower (28) and Ellen Hawkes (16) top scoring
in an innings of 4/73. Seconds are now back on track for better things.

Firsts were back at HQ and won the toss and batted against Eastern Suburbs. A good
start of 48 runs was built up before Danielle Wyatt was caught for 28. Beck Enright
(28) and Jen Kitchen (18) held on before there was a collapse with the score at 94.
Things got worse (7/111) before they got better when CJ (37no) and Kayla Wright
stabilised the innings before Kayla was out at 8/175. The 50 overs ended with on the
score at 8/189. ND’s bowling was carted around at times by a former Australian
player scoring 93no and despite wickets falling, the total was achieved at 5/191 after
only 28.3 overs. Sammy-Jo Johnson was the pick of the bowlers, taking 3/33 with
good support from Kayla 1/15. Wui-Kwan Wong created a runout with a piece of
great fielding but overall the lesson is that you cannot bowl too short to a batter in hot
form. But again, some positives the team again batted out their 50 overs and had a
batter left, which still augers well for another tough game at Waitara next Sunday.


1. A big welcome aboard to Danielle Wyatt who is joining us up till Christmas from
the English Cricket Academy to link up with compatriot: Georgia Elwiss. Danielle
hails from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and plays for the English Emeralds team.
Danielle’s playing role is a higher order middle right hand batter and bowls right arm
off-breaks. We all wish Danielle’s short stay to be most enjoyable.

2. The Sydney North Girls CHS carnival team has now been chosen and the following
"Rangers" were selected to compete in Bathurst from March 1st 2010:

- Nicola Simpson; Vanessa Hall; Lily Bardsley; Alyssa Kale; Tegan Foley; Nikki
Squires and Kayla Wright.

Congratulations from all us here at NDs and we know you all will do the club proud.
The future looks good.

By co-incidence, a decade before two current players (Melissa Fisher and Claire
Jones) also represented Sydney North at Bathurst in the same carnival and that team
finished runners-up.

With other CHS regions plus the CCS and CIS squads still to be selected, we wish
any young Rangers participating, the best of luck in the trials.

3. The NSGCA (Northern Sydney Girls Cricket Association) Mollie Dive (Under 13s)
and Margaret Peden (Under 15s) Shields squad trials are just around the corner and
their registration form can be obtained from the website to complete the registration
formalities, playing preferences and trial details.

The Under 15 Margaret Peden team will be looked after by ND’s officials: Tim
Matson (Coach) and David Turik (Manager) and the girl’s ambition is to back up their
Mollie Dive Shield win from two seasons ago.

4. A range of photos from the various games are now up on the website’s Photo
Gallery and the offer is there for anyone to have their ND’s photos displayed
throughout the season by emailing them to:

5. Also a big ND welcome to Jenny Taffs from Kyogle, a current NSW Under 15
representative, who played her first game for the club on 22nd November.


The T20 odyssey thankfully finally ground to a halt on Sunday, 15th November,
ending the “road goes on forever” for players and supporters. The weekend for 21/22
November sees the rarity of all four teams playing at home.


Brewers kept their unbeaten run dismissing Parramatta-Blacktown for 32 after 17.2
overs at Somerville. Chief destroyer was Nicola Simpson with 5/9 with strong support
from Nicky Squires: Vanessa Hall; Julie Mathers and Chelsea Mitchell. The small
total was achieved in 7.1 overs with Lily Bardsley 15 and Jamie matson 14no.

Thirds only had 8 players turn up, which left them in a precarious position against last
season’s premiers Gordon. The lack of fielders and short boundaries of Forsyth
showed up in the Gordon score of 8/237 but the team stuck to their guns and never
gave up with Mel Elliott and Vanessa Hall grabbing two wickets apiece. NDs decided
to go out with guns blazing and their innings ended at 7/115. Mikaela Turik blasted a
quick 38 and Caz Layt chipped in with 24, whilst Zoe Ryan and Vanessa each
grabbed 12 apiece. As they say in the classics: “For want of a rider the battle was

Seconds ventured out to Cook oval to take on the Penrith club in their ultimate T20
match. Penrith won the toss and elected to field. NDs went straight onto the attack
with openers Ellen Hawkes (22) and Marnie Henson (34) keeping the scoreboard
moving. Then Chelsea Bower sent the scoreboard into overdrive with a rapid 64 off
43 balls with 5 sixes and 5 fours. Ciara Hughes (15*) and Mikaela Turik (7*) ended
the inning with Jen Flanagan chipping in with 12 as the 20 overs ended at 4/164.
Penrith decided to dig in and were finally dismissed after 19.1 overs with score at
7/59. Wicket takers were: Ciara Hughes 3/1; Mikaela Turik 2/15; Peta Horsnell 1/5;

Bianca Lowe 1/9 with strong backup from Kim Cole and Kirsten Pedder. The real
stuff starts next week.

Firsts returned back out to Raby for their final T20 matches and for the first time in
the T20 series didn’t have to pick up stumps and provisions and relocate to another
ground after match one. Again both matches were lost and the style of T20 does not
suit this team, who are far more suited to the longer version of the game, where an
innings can be built, partnerships created and the bowlers are not on a hiding to
nothing. Performances on the day were: Georgia Elwiss’ 38, Ashlee MacKenzie and
Nupur Sharma both hit 16 and Sam Bates’ 2/32 in game one. The only one really
pleased was CJ, who missed out on entering any results into MyCricket during the
series, but need to hone her data entry skills from 22nd November when the better
form of the game resumes.


Brewers won in an absolute nail-biter in oppressive conditions at Somerville versus
St.George-Sutherland. NDs won the toss and elected to bat and were in trouble early
at 2/6. Jamie Matson (14), Mel Wheery (22) with Tegan Foley steadied to ship to
reach 4/99. Tegan continued on and was last one out with a very impressive score of
50 with Kirsten Pedder (13) and Chelsea Mitchell (9) providing valuable support.
After 28.4 overs, NDs finished on 135. The Slayers were in trouble early at 3/29 but
similar to NDs built a partnership for the 4th wicket to move the score 4/94. Now the
nail-biting began in earnest. The Slayers lost wickets at regular intervals but the score
was edging closer to reach 9/127. After the score reached 133, Kirsten Pedder snared
an LBW and the Rangers were over the line by 2 runs. Wicket takers were: Nicky
Squires 1/12; Julia Mathers 1/14; Kirsten Pedder 3/12; Nicola Simpson 2/19; Tamara
Currey 2/15. Victoria Evens bowled tightly and keeper Lily Bardsley took 2 catches
as did Nicky whilst Tamara forced a critical runout.

Thirds had the easier of the conditions, thanks to Saturday’s slightly milder weather
and were in luck when Bankstown sent the Rangers in. A couple of early wickets
were lost but then CJ knocked up 55no along with fellow heavy hitters: Ellen Hawkes
41; Louise Maher 40 and Mel Elliott 21. The score of 7/222 was reached after the 40
overs. Bankstown, a young side only lasted 18.5 overs and finished on 47. Wicket
takers were: Mel 2/0; Louise 1/3; Ash Mackenzie 3/11; Sam Tulk 1/9 and Caz Layt
2/11. Also thanks to Kim Cole (ineligible due to her 2nd Grade rating) for being the
substitute fielder. A good response from the previous week’s loss!

Seconds won the toss and sent Parramatta-Blacktown in at a hot and hazy Asquith.
The Blues were in trouble early at 3/32 but two batters put up considerable resistance
and the P/B innings finally finished at 153 after 48.4 overs. Nine bowlers were used
due to the heat and the most successful were Kim Cole and Mel Fisher with 3 apiece.
Mikaela Turik, Bianca Lowe and Ciara Hughes each took a wicket. The Rangers’
innings started badly with the score at 2/1 and never recovered, losing wickets at
regular intervals. Chelsea Bower was run out for 11 and Phoebe Rogers was last one
out on 13. In between, the rest of the batters struggled to make any headway except
Ciara Hughes whose patient and well compiled 47no was the backbone of the innings,
which totaled 111 after 38.5 overs. A trip to Sydney University beckons next week.

Firsts were back at Waitara for the first time this season and Gordon won the toss and
batted in furnace like conditions. Gordon amassed a big score of 3/263 as the Rangers
toiled away in the field. All eight bowlers used really put in, despite the conditions
with Georgia Elwiss, Kayla Wright and Danielle Wyatt each grabbing wicket.
Unfortunately, Georgia dislocated a finger and experienced first hand our local
hospital’s capabilities. Georgia’s finger was relocated but was unable to take further
part in the match. ND’s batting response was led by England’s Danielle Wyatt, who
hit a spectacular 79 with 10 fours off 65 balls. On the dismissal of Danielle at 5/111,
Ash Mackenzie (13no) and Claire Jones (19) held off the Gordon attack and Sam
Bates (28) attacked with flourish at the end. NDs finished their 50 overs on 8/216. A
few positives were: batting out the 50 overs with wickets left; scoring over 200 runs, a
big turn around from the T20 and reducing the wides tally.

                                 CUPS & TROPHIES

One winter evening, many years ago, I was asked to be guest speaker at the AGM of a
local cricket club in the NDCC area. Along with my words I was asked to present the
trophies to various successful members of the club. I looked over to the tables
nearby, saw they were laden to breaking point with inscribed cups, and envisaged that
I might be there until spring. Let me tell you nobody was missed; there were cups for
the second best bowling average, the best fieldsman on the leg side, the neatest
scorebook, the second neatest scorebook and the bringer of the best arvo tea. When I
gave my speech I congratulated the club on their successful year but mentioned that it
would be well for all of us to remember that cricket was a very subtle team game and
that even well-performed individuals were only 1/11th of the team. I went on to state
that a club should have a reputation for being well organised, good sports and tough
opponents, not for being a group of ‘pot hunters’. I qualified my remarks by saying
that team awards were fine and it made Australians proud when we won such
traditional awards as The Ashes, Davis Cup, Bledisloe Cup and the like. Nonetheless,
my remarks went over like tea and scones at a buck’s party. I slunk out at the end of
formalities and I can’t recall anybody even bothering to say goodbye to me. Before I
got into my car to drive home I checked to see if my tyres had been slashed.

Sitting here now with the benefit of hindsight and my Seniors’ card tucked
comfortably in my wallet I realise my lecture that evening must have sounded
priggish and egotistical. I was representing NDCC, the senior club in the whole of the
Northern District’s area and speaking to grass roots, volunteer people who were
responsible for the game’s future and I was standing there pompously preaching a
brand of cricket communism to them. I was a classic example of youthful arrogance
and self-aggrandisement! No wonder they gave me the flick! This form of ‘big
brother’ type of directive was brought home to me recently when we were told, via
the soccer hierarchy, that from now on the public was to call the game of soccer
‘football’. The fact that all my life I, and so many other Australians, had called rugby,
rugby league and Australian rules by the designation of football (or ‘footy’) didn’t

seem to matter a damn to the sporting ‘thought police’. Henceforth, soccer was
football and no correspondence would be entered into! What haughty nonsense! Just
what the game of soccer expects to gain by demanding that everybody comply with
such a decree, without objection, I know not! Do the soccer chiefs hope to improve
their game by a mere change of name? I mean to say, I could change my name to
Brad Pitt or even Clark Gable but it certainly won’t make me handsome.

[I digress.] I have been raving on about cups and trophies. So let me return to this
yarn which concerns an important trophy and two of cricket’s great servants.

The first of these ‘servants’ was one of the Districts most famous captains, Ross
Turner. Ross was a captain with flair, courage and the ability to pull a rabbit out of
his cap when the moment was opportune. In the 1986 final against Campbelltown, at
Waitara, the opportune moment was looking Ross straight in the eye. The Districts
batted first and made only about 160 with Mark Taylor scoring 55. Overnight,
Campbelltown was 1 for 40. [These figures are not exact, although near enough –
research is not my forte]. The next morning was one of the best days cricket ever
seen at Waitara, a day that is highlighted in our club’s history. The bowling was
opened by the two best spinners in NSW, Steve Whitfield and Peter Taylor, and Ross
Turner turned on some spellbinding captaincy. It was cricket for the connoisseur and
for an hour and half there was not a semblance of a loose ball bowled, the fielding
was superb and the pressure was building up on the batsman as each ball zipped and
fizzed down, and off, the wicket. The Campbelltown men fought hard, however they
seemed to become mesmerised and eventually the Campbelltown team cracked as the
sprigged jackboots of the spin-twins and a relentless captain crushed them out of the
game. The end came quickly and The Districts walked off the ground comfortably
victorious, and Ross Turner moved up to the grandstand to receive the Belvedere Cup
– the trophy for the winner of the Sydney First Grade Premiership.

The man from the NSWCA who had been delegated to present the Belvedere Cup to
the winner that day was Stan Sismey, another great worker for cricket. Stan was a
brave man, an excellent player in his day and a fine official. Stan flew with the RAF
in Britain during the war where on one occasion his plane was shot from under him
and he was forced to parachute into the English Channel and float around for some
hours until he was picked up by a British vessel and returned to England. A bad back
was the result of that adventure but Stan didn’t let this interfere with his cricket.
Towards the end of the war Stan was chosen in the famous Australian Services
Cricket Team which did so much to bring back competitive cricket to the people and a
sense of normality back to a battered Britain. On his return to Sydney, Stan continued
to play with West’s club and soon after was chosen for NSW and made captain of the
Blues. On his retirement from playing, Stan became a State selector and for many
years was chairman of this illustrious panel of wise men.

So let’s return to Waitara and that pleasant day at the end of summer 1986. A good
crowd had gathered around the grandstand to bask in the victory formalities. Stan
Sismey, standing at the top of the steps with the Belvedere Cup in front of him, spoke
eloquently and congratulated both teams on a game well played. Then Stan called
Ross Turner up to collect the trophy on behalf of his team. These two fine servants of
cricket shook hands and Stan announced to all, “Ladies and gentlemen it gives me
great pleasure to congratulate the Northern District team on it‘s win and, on behalf of

the New South Wales Cricket Association, to present the captain, Ross Turner, with
the Bledisloe Cup.”
Stan Sismey died recently. He did much for the game he loved, played by its rules
and was always a gentleman. Ross Turner is working for Cricket Australia where his
job is to develop the game in Asia and on the Sub Continent. They could not have
chosen a better man.

There are 20 grade clubs in Sydney. Over the years all have been strong and worthy
opponents. Yet I’m now going to stick my chin out and say that The Districts are,
without fear of contradiction, the strongest ever. After all, how many other club’s
have ever won the Bledisloe Cup? Hell, even the Wallabies haven’t done it for 10

              THANKS TO ND’S SPONSORS:

                                         Noel Moig Agencies Pty Ltd.

Asquith Bowling Club.

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