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					 Kings Worthy Primary School

School Travel Plan
            March 05
       Sue Tinkler - School Governor
Kings Worthy Primary School                                                          Background
Safer Routes to school project
Feb 2005                                                                            Kings Worthy

                                                                                    Kings Worthy rural village is located about 3 miles north of Winchester. It has a
Aim                                                                                 population of about 4000 living in about 1,670 households. Kings Worthy contains a
To improve the children’s journeys to Kings Worthy School                           high proportion of working families, the majority work in Winchester, Southampton,
                                                                                    Basingstoke and London.
                                                                                    The main roads around Kings Worthy (London Road, Springvale Rd and Lovedon
                                                                                    Lane) have 40mph speed limit. Many of the roads have no safe place to cross. Some
                                                                                    roads do not have pavements, this makes it unsafe to complete a journey on foot in
To reduce the number of car journeys
                                                                                    some areas.
To reduce the congestion at the front of the school
                                                                                    There are no cycling routes in Kings Worthy, cycling is prohibited on the rights of
Encourage more children to walk or cycle to school
                                                                                    way. However, there is a cycle route that leads from Kings Worthy into Winchester.
To improve safety
Encourage parents who need to drive, to park and walk for part of the journey
To encourage children to have healthy lifestyles and become independent adults      Location of the school
who are not reliant on cars                                                         The school is located in the centre of Kings Worthy/Headborne Worthy. The front of
To improve the environment, reduce pollution and benefit the whole community         the school can be accessed by car via Nations Hill/Church Lane. The school backs
To involve the school and local community                                           directly onto Eversley Park Recreation Ground. We are really fortunate to have a
                                                                                    network of footpaths that lead directly to the school from different parts of the
                                                                                    village into the corner of Eversley Park and the back of the school. There is a large car
Steering Group                                                                      park at the far edge of Eversley Park. Which some parents use.
                                                                                    The school is on high ground - which means that many people have to climb a steep
Carrie Fanning - Safer routes to school co-ordinator                                hill as part of their journey to school.
Sue Tinkler - Co-ordinator for school (Parent Governor - Chair of Premises          There are approx 12 parking bays at the front of the school, and unrestricted parking
         Author of this Travel Plan                                                 in the neighbouring residential roads, many of these roads link to the footpath
Stash Kozlowski - Head Teacher                                                      network that leads to the back of the school.
Charlotte Smith - Parent / Representative for Friends of KWPS
Stan Howell - Parish Council                                                        Children can arrive at school between 8.40 and 8.55am and leave between
                                                                                    3.30 and 3.45. School starts at 8.55 and finishes at 3.30.

                                                       Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
A Healthy school                                                                          Year 4 Health Studies
                                                                                          All the children in year 4 spend a term doing extensive studies on the body and
This is a community school with approximately 300 children spread across eleven           health-related issues; beyond that already identified with science and P.H.S.E.
classes catering for children between the age of four to eleven. About 75% of our         programmes.
pupils come from Kings Worthy, the remaining 25% travel mainly from Winchester
with some coming from South Wonston and Sparsholt.                                        School meals
At a time when the government is concerned about childhood obesity, the school            The school has a kitchen on site, which also cooks for another
prides itself on its healthy curriculum with particular emphasis on the importance        school. The ‘new’ kitchen team encourage healthy fresh-cooked
of good food and regular exercise. We are also fortunate to have extensive grounds        meals. The up-take on school meals has rapidly risen from 70-80
providing an outdoor classroom that is frequently used in good weather.                   to over 180 children per day.

Current school initiatives include:                                                                       Walk to School Week
                                                                                                          The school annually takes part in the above
Fruit and Veg. Scheme                                                                                     event; children are encouraged to walk to school
Since the autumn term, the school has participated in the government scheme                               at least once in the week.
for providing a piece of fresh fruit or veg to every 4 to 6 year old every day. It has
already led to more children trying different foods and opting for fruit at lunchtimes.                   Tournament/Sports
                                                                                                            The school takes part in all the inter-school
PESSCL (Physical Education School Sports                                                                    netball, football and tag rugby matches, as
and Club Links) Initiative                                                                well as tournaments. It also runs weekly clubs after school. A
The school is participating in the above national                                         ‘Sports Trials’ week was held in September, where all children
initiative; with its pyramid schools cluster and feeder                                   spent each afternoon trialing a variety of sports, from cross-
school, Henry Beaufort. This provides free, quality                                       country to volleyball and hockey.
inset to P.E. co-ordinators, teaching staff and role
modelling by secondary P.E. teachers. It hopes to                                         Team Elite
encourage a wide range of physical activities for all the children.                       A private club run by Team Elite provides additional opportunities for sports once a
                                                                                          week after school.
Schools Landscape Programme
                                                         The school,
The school has been accepted on the above County Programme.                               ‘Friends’ of Kings Worthy School
through its Grounds Steering Group, is working with the programme                         The school has a very pro active PTA. In recent years, play
landscape architect to develop a strategy for its site and grounds                        equipment and playground seating has been purchased
                                                                                          with funds raised by events organised by the Friends - this
development over the next 5 to 10 years. The process has involved all
                                                                                          includes a sponsored walk/bike ride on the school grounds
the interest groups in the school and other relevant parties and the
Site Evaluation is currently in preparation.

                                                         Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
Parking at the school

Parking at the front of the school has been an area of concern for several years.
Safety of the children has been jeopardised by inconsiderate parking, cars blocking
emergency access, parking on verges and parking in the staff car park.

There are approx 12 car bays at the front of the school. Parents have been asked to
‘drop off’ only in the mornings, this is ignored by most parents, causing congestion.

The school has received complaints from local residents who have had parents
‘blocking them in’ and even parking on their driveways. When asked to move, a few
parents have responded with verbal abuse. This once resulted in the police being
called. Our neighbours ‘The Grove’, a Day Centre have complained that parents have
been parking in their accessible parking bays, and when challenged, were also been
subjected verbal abuse.
The school is responsible for the health and safety of the children while they are
on school property, consequently, parking is a regular agenda item at governors
meetings. The school has tried to encourage safer parking, with additional signage,                        Above - Parking at front of school
articles in school newsletters and governor reports, without much success. We                              Cars on verge, double parked and
have considered closing the school gate permanently, indeed we did have the gate                           blocking emergency access.
closed for several months last year for safety reasons while building work was taking
place at the front of the school. However, this created an even more dangerous                             Left - car park at Eversley Park
environment as it resulting in parents travelling in both directions to park when
previously they had travelled in one direction.

Some parents use the car park at the edge of Eversley Park. There are footpaths
around the edge, these are narrow and in poor condition. There is no path directly
linking the car park with the back entrance of the school (approx 350m) or the
public play equipment/recreation facilities.

                                                        Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
Travel survey                                                                            Q3 “If you come to school by car, how many people travel together?”

In January, we sent out the Safer Routes to School Travel Survey to the 270 families.    44       - 1 child
We have had 130 replies 48% response.                                                    25       - 2 children
                                                                                         8        - 3 children
We also printed an article in the March edition of the local Parish Magazine and         2        - 4 children
distributed fliers with a reply slip to all the residents in Campion Way and Hinton       1        - 5 children
Fields - the two nearest roads to the school that are likely to be affected by parents
parking.                                                                                 Q4 “If you are a passenger are you...”

We are currently collecting information as part of the School Grounds Project.           53 - dropped off by someone on way to work
Parents were asked for ideas to improve the grounds. Many parents commented              28 - dropped off by someone not on way to work
about the poor condition of the entrances and the access into school.

Summary parents school travel survey:

Q1 “How do you come to school?”

49 - mainly walk to school
51 - mainly travel by car
30 - did a mixture of walking and travelling by car

Q2 “why do you come to school that way”?
48 - ease for parents
46 - distance from school near
32 - distance from school far
5 - no bus
4- not many footpaths

                                                         Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
What prevents more people walking to school?                                             40mph V 30mph
                                                                                         A recent government advertising campaign claimed:
Parents didn’t like getting feet wet walking across the playing field from the Eversley
Park car park to the school                                                              If a child is hit by a car travelling at 40mph,
Distance too far for small children to walk - or families with pre-school children       there is an 80% chance they will be killed.
Dangerous roads, some accidents (one fatal) and near misses reported - London Rd.        A child hit by a car travelling at 30mph
and Springvale Rd.                                                                       has an 80% chance of survival
Weather can influence if people walk
After school commitments away from school means some people drive                        Kings Worthy has three roads with 40mph speed limit, Springvale Road, London
Window of opportunity for ‘dropping off’ is too tight for there to be time to walk       Road and Lovedon Lane.
- especially for working parents.
Gates at back of school are locked when school events are on (eg school fair,            The Hook Pit Farm area behind Tesco mini store to the north/west of Springvale
Christmas show, parents’ evenings etc.                                                   Road is becoming an ‘island’ due to the 40mph speed limit and lack of safe crossing
                                                                                         points. There are a large number of parents living in this area that currently drive to
There were many comments about walking on the footpaths near the school                  school while others living a similar distance but not separated by Springvale Rd are
        Footpaths in poor condition, too narrow and uneven (16)                          walking. This can be clearly seen on the ‘dots map’.
        Paths overgrown with trees/shrubs - high hedges (8)                              This situation is likely to become worse once the current housing development on
        No path across recreation ground from car park (3)                               Springvale Rd is complete, and needs to be taken into account if and when the Hook
        Dog mess on paths (10)                                                           Pit Farm housing is planned.
                                                                                         The tesco ministore could make a good meeting point for a walking bus and would
Mixing vehicles and pedestrians
                                                                                         benefit from installing a crossing point and by reducing speed limit (Headbourne
                                                                                         Worthy PC are currently trying to establish a 30mph limit - contact Jackie Porter).
Pupils recently did a gate count to see which entrances were used the most.
                                                                                         The Tesco mini store would also benefit from this as it makes it more accessible, (it
                                                                                         might be worth approaching them for sponsorship).
Front gate - 173
Side gate at top of play ground - 90                                                     It might also be worth considering establishing a safe cycle route to the school, via
Gate by flint wall - 25                                                                   Hook Pit farm, up to the old railway and crossing over Springvale Rd via Kim Bishops
A few weeks ago, a child was killed by a minibus in a Hampshire school car park.
                                                                                         London Rd - This road is also 40mph with no crossing points. It has a sharp bend just
If we can improve the pedestrian access via the existing footpath network running
                                                                                         near the entrance to Church lane (that leads to the school) - yet less than 1/2 a mile
along the NW side of the school, and create a new pedestrian entrance in that area,
                                                                                         along this road, towards Winchester, the road staightens yet drops to 30mph even
we can reduce the number of children walking in the drop off car area and improve
                                                                                         though there are no houses or schools leading directly from it. There are plans to
safety.                                                                                  develop the area near the church - on the opposite side of the road to the school.
                                                                                         Lovedon Lane - again a 40mph speed limit. However, most people travel at speeds
                                                                                         far in excess of this. Some traffic calming at the north end would remind people of
                                                                                         the limit - similar to the arrangements installed leading into Stoke Charity.

                                                       Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
Health and Safety                                                                      Hedges
                                                                                       The paths are quite wide but the hedges that
There were many comments about personal safety. Many people felt that Kings
                                                                                       run the length of them have become very thick,
Worthy was not a safe place to walk, in particular:
                                                                                       occupying approx. half of the width of the path.
Speed of traffic (10 walkers and 8 car users)
                                                                                       These are often overgrown, especially in summer
Lack of safe places to cross the road (or lack of pavements) - in particular
                                                                                       - making them difficult to pass. In places there are
         Springvale Rd. (10+)
                                                                                       two hedges running parallel-they are over 8’ high,
         Nations Hill (3)
                                                                                       with a gap of 4’ between - creating a tunnel effect.
         London Rd/Church Lane (4)
                                                                                       (Measurements taken in Winter- the problem
         Wesley Rd (2)
                                                                                       is considerably worse in Summer when hedges
         Legion Lane (4)
                                                                                       become overgrown). Poor sight lines make the
         Forbes Rd
                                                                                       pedestrians feel venerable.
         Lovedon Lane
         Well House Lane/Bedfield lane
                                                                                       Two of the hedges are the responsibility of the school and currently cost £1000/year
         Springvale Rd/ Down farm Lane
                                                                                       to maintain (approx 1/3 of the total school grounds budget). Other hedges are the
Congestion around school (6)
                                                                                       responsibility of the Parish Council or local residents. - The hedges are a mixture
Poor lighting (5)
                                                                                       of species including privet, bramble and ivy and are probably of little value for
Parking on pavements (near Post office) (2)
Lollipop man not always there (2)
Due to health reasons (parent unable to walk too far) (3)
                                                                                       Dog mess is frequently encountered. In Eversley Park a dog
Eversley Park / Back of school
                                                                                       walking area has been provided, there are dog bins at either
                                                                                       end of the park, many of the dog owners act responsibly and
This park is managed by Kings Worthy Parish Council. It has large playing field
                                                                                       use these facilities. However some dog walkers allow their
marked with several football areas, fenced tennis/basketball court, fenced childrens
                                                                                       dogs off their leads to run over the playing fields, and do not
play area, dog walking route. It is accessible via Loader Close (off Lovedon Lane).
                                                                                       clean up after them. This creates a public health problem as
There is a car park with approx 40 spaces. The Kings Worthy Sports and Social Club
                                                                                       these areas are used regularly for sport.
buildings and toilets are next to the car park. There is no direct accessible link
between the play area/school end and the car park/buildings.

There is a good network of footpaths leading
to the park from all directions. These footpaths
also link directly into the neighbouring road
network. Unfortunately the paths are in very
poor condition, tree roots have caused the
narrow sealed tarmac surface to crack and
become uneven.
                                                       Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
Children’s survey                                                                      Staff survey

The children were asked to put a sticker to indicate where they live on a map of       Staff were asked to complete the travel survey, most arrived by car for the following
Kings Worthy.                                                                          reasons:
Large red dot = KS2 arrived by car                                                     Distance too far
Small red dot = KS1 arrived by car                                                     Often have a lot to carry
Large green dot = KS2 arrived on foot                                                  Evening meetings
Small green dot = KS1 arrived on foot
                                                                                       Local residents survey

                                                                                       An article was placed in the local parish magazine and a questionnaire dropped
                                                                                       through letterboxes of the two neighbouring roads. We had 5 replies. There was
                                                                                       interest in the scheme, concerns were as follows:
                                                                                                 speed of vehicles so close to school
                                                           Most people living                    Hinton Fields - dangerous area
                                                           close to the school walk              parents not taking care when pulling out
                                                           - those living further                cars parked on Hinton Fields (curved road) making it difficult to see
                                                           away arrive by car.         Suggested improvements were
                                                           There appears to be a                 improving parking and path from Eversley Park entrance
                                                           large group of children               opening up car park in Day Centre for parents
                                                           at Hook Pit (north                    walking bus
                                                           west area) that travel                “kiss and drive” style drop off area
                                                           by car, this might be                 clarifying the one way travel
                                                           due distance - but it is              banning anyone within 3/4 mile from parking at school (managed by
                                                           likely Springvale Rd is a             permit system)
                                                           deterrent. This is 40mph
                                                           road with no crossing       Parish Council
                                                                                       Many of the improvements suggested are around the Eversley Park area. This will
                                                                                       require close partnership working with the Parish Council. Stan Howell (a new
                                                                                       governor) also sits on the parish Council. He will liaise between the two groups.

                                                      Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
 Public transport                                                                                  Cycling

 There is a regular bus service (No. 6) linking the ends of the                                    Children do not currently cycle to school. They could cycle if accompanied by
 village and going to Winchester. Only a few people use this                                       parents. However, there is currently no provision for storing bikes at school. Children
��������� �������
 service to get to school.                                                                         are not allowed to cycle on their own unless they have completed their cycling
�����            ���������
 There are several a school buses that collect children from
�����            ���������� � ����� ������ � ����������
                                                                                                   proficiency training and as this takes place at the school in the children’s final year,
 Kings Worthy and taking them to Henry Beaufort.
������ ���������� ��������                                                                         they are not able to put it into practice. The school struggles to get parents to help
                                                                                                   with this training - this maybe because they do not see any immediate benefit.
                      ������� ������     � ��    � ��    � ��   � ��   � ��   � ��   � ��   � ��
                              �������    ���     ���     ���    ���    ���    ���    ���    ���    There are currently no cycle routes in Kings Worthy. There is a new cycle route from
���������� ��� ������� � ��� ��                                                                    Kings Worthy into Winchester, but no provision within the village itself. Cycling is
����������� ���������
���������� ��� ������� � ��� ��                                                                    prohibited on the footpaths (these are currently
                                         ����    ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
����������� ���������
                                         ����    ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
                                                                                                   too narrow).
���� ����� ����������� ���������
���� ����� ����������� ���������         ����    ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
����� ������ ������� ����������
                                         ����    ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   It is possible that parents working in Winchester
������� ���������
���������� ������� ����� �������
                                         ����    ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
                                                                                                   might travel by bike if arrangements near the
���������� ���� ������� ����� �������                                                              school were improved. This would help to
                                         ����    ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
���������                                                                                          reduce congestion in the City.
����� ������ ������� ����������
                                         ����    ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
������� ���������
���� ����� ����������� ���������         ����    ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   The parents’ survey identified a lot of interest in
���� ����� ����������� ���������         ����    ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
��������� �������
���������� ��� ������� � ��� ��                                                                    cycling.
�����          ���������
����������� ���������
���������� ������������� � ����� ������ � ����������
�����             ������� � ��� ��
����������� ���������
������ ���������� ��������
                                       ����    ����      ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   Car users were interested in cycling (22)    (34% of car users)
������ ����� �� ��� ������� ������ �� ���� ��� ������
                                                                                                   Walkers were interested in cycling (19)      (34% of walkers)
                       ������� ������
�� ��� ��� ��� �� ����� ���� �� ��� ����
                                          � ��    � ��   � ��   � ��   � ��   � ��   � ��   � ��
                               �������    ���     ���    ���    ���    ���    ���    ���    ���
�� ��� �� ��� ���� ���� �����
���������� ��� ������� � ��� ��                                                                    34% of total interested in cycling
����������� ���������
���������� ��� ������� � ��� ��
                                          ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
����������� ���������
                                          ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
                                                                                                   Walking bus
���� ����� ����������� ���������
���� ����� ����������� ���������          ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
����� ������ ������� ����������
                                          ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   Car users were interested in the walking bus (22) (34% of car users)
������� ���������
���������� ������� ����� �������
                                          ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
                                                                                                   Walkers were interested in the walking bus (16) (28% of walkers)
���������� ���� ������� ����� �������
                                                                                                   32% of total were interested in the walking bus
                                          ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
����� ������ ������� ����������
������� ���������
                                          ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
                                                                                                   Car sharing
                                          ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
���� ����� ����������� ���������
                                          ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
                                                                                                   Many parents expressed interest in car sharing
���� ����� ����������� ���������
���������� ��� ������� � ��� ��
����������� ���������
���������� ��� ������� � ��� ��
                                          ����    ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����   ����
����������� ���������

������ ����� �� ��� ������� ������ �� ���� ��� ������
�� ��� ��� ��� �� ����� ���� �� ��� ����                           Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
�� ��� �� ��� ���� ���� �����
Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
Sealed surface footpaths need

Open up Corner junction of Eversley park

                                           Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
Path linking EP to Nations Hill                                                                                       path leading to Legions lane

                                        8’ high Tunnel hedge - creates unpleasant   Path running along top edge of
                                        environment for walking and is expensive    EP in poor condition - not much
                                        to maintain                                 space for widening due to trees

Park and walk from Campion Way?                                                                                       Location of proposed path across EP

                                        Could we encourage
                                        cycling rather than ban it

Many roads link into footpath network                                               Social Club

                                                            Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
Develop a new main pupil entrance
Create welcoming entrance as part of School Grounds programme

                                                  Existing gates

                                                  Possible location of new
                                                  entrance/gate - exact
                                                  location TBC
                                                    Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
Hook Pit Farm




London Rd

Dangerous       Dangerous
junctions       junctions for     Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
for drivers     pedestrians
Action Plan

target                                       Action                                                                            Responsible                 Priority   Review

To reduce the number of car journeys         Encourage car sharing                                                             SCH, Friends                Low        April 06

To reduce the congestion at the front of the Improve parking / access at Eversley Park side of school (paths/hedges)           KWPC, SRS                   High       April 06
school                                       Enforce drop off only (no parking) at front of school between 8.30 and 9am        SCH                         High       Sept 05
                                             Extend school drop off / pick up times to reduce congestion                       SCH                         Low        April 06
                                             Open gates at back of school for out of hours events                              SCH                         Med        April 06

Encourage more children to walk or cycle     Set up a Walking bus                                                              SCH, SRS, Friends           Med        April 06
to school                                    Provide cycle storage facilities                                                  SCH, SRS, Friends           Med        April 06
                                             Develop cycling proficiency for younger children                                   SCH                         Low        July 06
                                             Establish parent permission/permit scheme                                         SCH                         Med        April 06
                                             Develop safe cycle route (from Hook Pit farm)                                     SRS, SCH, KWPC              Low        April 07
                                             Encourage parents to cycle with their children                                    SCH                         Med        April 06

To improve safety                            Improve road markings and signage near school entrance                            SCH,SRS                     High       April 06
                                             Separate cars from pedestrians (improve footpath and side entrance)               SCH<SRS,KWPC                High       April 06
                                             Reduce speedlimits and provide safe crossing points in surrounding road network   SRS                         High       April 06
                                             Improve lighting                                                                  SRS                         Low        April 06
                                             Improve safety at key junctions                                                   SRS                         High       April 06

Encourage parents who need to drive, to      Improve access/safety around Eversley Park (see separate plan)                    SRS,KWPC,SCH                High       April 06
park and walk for part of the journey        Provide new path linking car park to back of school                               SRS,KWPC                    High       April 06
                                             Mark bays in EP car park                                                          KWPC                        Med        April 06

To encourage children to have healthy        Develop a road map of Kings Worthy showing safe routes/linking roads / paths      SCH,SRS,KWPC                Done       May 05
lifestyles and become independent adults
who are not reliant on cars

To improve the environment, reduce           Improve/resurface/widen existing network of footpaths                             SRS,SCH,KWPC                High       Sept 06
pollution and benefit the whole               Develop permissive cycling routes to link areas together                          SRS,KWPC                    Med        Sept 06
community                                    Encourage all dog walkers to clean up their dog mess                              KWPC                        Low        Sept 05

To involve the school and local community    Create welcoming entrance gate at back of school                                  SCH (Landscape pjt), SRS,   High       April 06
                                             Remove some overgrown hedges and replant new suitable native hedges               local volunteers, KWPC      High       April 06
                                             Work closely with KWPC and local volunteers                                                                   High

                                                          Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan
In general, walkers enjoyed their journey to school and saw that the main benefits
were health and environment
Many car users expressed an interest in alternative ways to get to school
Many children use a mixture of ways to get to school, dependant on other family
activity, weather etc.
Due to the distances and other social factors, it is unrealistic to expect all of the
parents to walk all of the time.

Monitor and review

The action plan on the previous page is draft.

The next step it to arrange a meeting between the School Travel plan team, the Safer
Routes coordinator and the Parish Council to discuss the plan in detail and agree a
final action plan.

We intend to review the plan in the following ways

1. Gate counts - if the plan is sucessful, we should be seeing a lot more children
   using the Eversly park entrance gates April 06

2. Hands Up survey

3. Redo the Dots map survey - to see if our actions have made an impact in the Hook
   Pit Farm Area


We aim to increase the number of children walking by 10% by April 06

                                                           Kings Worthy Primary School - School Travel Plan