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Research Report - Construction of the prison riot Emergency Response Mechanism of the Unexpected

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									 sudden build prison riot Mechanism of Emergency Department
 With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, in custody of
offenders pose reveals new features, three involving offenders, violent
offenders increased significantly These heavy long habit Crime deep,
serious violent, negative thoughts active, it may explode at any sudden
event, or even the ever-waiting for an opportunity to implement some
criminals to escape prison and other violence. Therefore, the Scientific
Construction of China's prison system set for emergencies to prevent
disposal mechanisms will be proactive move is to improve the quality of
prison reform, promote economic development in the prison to ensure the
safe supervision of an urgent task of building a harmonious society is
today one of the foundation. I try to build the prison riot Emergency
Department, the mechanism of sudden, for discussion.
 1, dealing with the emergency mechanism of the content and structure of
 prison riot Emergency Department sudden mechanism is built on the basis
of monitoring the security warning to emergency management and disposal
of the center, with safety information theory, security, control theory,
On the security system, security, behavioral science and other scientific
theories, reasonable allocation of resources, prevention and disposal of
criminals to escape prison, prison violence, prison raids, hostage-taking
and other unexpected events targeted measures and countermeasures.
Generalized mechanism of anti-riot Emergency Department is a sudden
large-scale systems, by the early warning system to prevent system and
three subsystems constitute a disposal system, through emergencies
before, during and after the three processes. Narrow focus on things
dealing with the emergency mechanism in the management and mediation.
Discussed in this article dealing with the emergency mechanism to explore
a broad sense, and seek to prevent and control emergencies reflect the
integrity and coherence.
 second mechanism for dealing with the emergency operating procedures
 (a) early warning systems
 mechanism for dealing with the emergency warning system is the initial
system. The system will complete the transformation of the regulatory
impact of regulatory factors involved in security incidents raised
incentives for research, collection and analysis, by judging, evaluation
and data processing and organization of policy-making process of disposal
of the operation concluded. When the statistical parameters to achieve
security of the critical point, the obtained results to the next system
that is preventing the system, and enter into the operation of the
 1, to establish early warning systems to gather information. First of
all, for a wide range of information-gathering network layout. To form a
police line **** based collection network, to the eyes and ears,
original: http://www. Information collected mainly from the criminal
network to control center, monitoring network to collect network-based
technology to relatives of criminals , the original work unit, the public
security organs feedback network between the main social security
information network with the pattern of the prison. To ensure that early
warning information is true, accurate, comprehensive, and effective.
Accordingly, in prison on the implementation of early warning information
collection reporting system, to make up for the monthly safety monitoring
system for time-poor investigation and lack of timely detection of
problems, there will be escape, prison and other violent criminals tend
to include line of sight, do as the enemy moved prophet. Second, it
highlights the individual circumstances of the offender (especially the
new offense) and thoroughly investigation. In addition to prison
administration records for each offender, we must also establish mental
health and criminal records, track records violations, through
comprehensive analysis of the three can be comprehensive and objective
understanding of trends in the transformation of the individual offender,
the gateway we can Mocha before the move to case-handling and custody of
the public security organ, the original offender unit, place of residence
village, neighborhood committees, to the prison early grasp the unusual
circumstances of offenders, such as: significant Louzui or family
tragedies can escape the criminals, sinister system forces chief
offenders may be associates prison raids.
 2, the establishment of early warning information analysis system.
Strict implementation of the monthly jail, prison area every ten days,
hours per week on Prison, the prison carried out in line **** daily
intelligence analysis system. Tendency to focus on the problem of
criminals and laws of the characteristics, troubleshoot any problems and
take effective measures to resolve conflicts, to eliminate hidden
 3, the establishment of early warning information disposal system. The
results of the analysis, monitoring security can be implemented four
early warning mechanism, that an early warning of green (normal), yellow
warning (note states that there criminals escape, violence, prison
violence, hostage-taking and other potential hazards), orange alert
(tension that criminals escape, prison violence, hostage-taking and other
hazards have been upgraded to planning stage, emergency explosive), Red
Alert (emergency, a real danger that criminal acts of violence have taken
place, and turned into emergency), respectively, corresponding to of
treatment measures.
 (b) of the Prevention System
 guard system is a composition to prevent and control technology sector,
according to information provided early warning system of dangerous
objects at risk the security situation in the state of various indicators
of early prevention, control and The process to resolve, such as:
 pair of yellow warning information, the integration of efforts and
resources monitoring area for disposal, the key to grasping the "four-
early" are early warning, early analysis, early disposition, early
conversion, effective to resolve the contradictions in Germination.
Prison surveillance branch for early intervention at this stage to guide
the work of monitoring areas, leading to the prison report.
 pair of orange early warning information, this time from the business
district in conjunction with the supervisor to formulate specific steps
to deal with the situation, focus on doing the "three defenses" against
the situation that is out of control, prevention measures for misconduct,
conflict prevention expanded.
 on the red warning message, this time from the prison, prison common
disposal area in accordance with emergency plans do a good job, "the five
work", that is, full use of various resources, the strengths of all
scientific connections, logistics support and reasonable supply ,****
oriented control, field evidence of safety and protection, emphasizing
the scientific sudden riot Emergency Department, effectiveness.
 jail guard against is intended for the establishment of security
management, that the prison leadership, functional departments, managers,
forming the **** monitoring security system network, the establishment of
the network communication between the system and technical processing
 control technology is based on certain means or methods of preventing
and controlling the implementation of the process, according to the
implementation of the object can be divided into macro-and micro-control
technology, by implementing different methods can be divided into
ideological and prevention system to prevent, for the prevention and
environmental prevention , that is, we usually talk about civil defense,
property defense, anti-technology. Twenty centuries ago, our main
measures taken by the civil air defense and anti-matter, has received
good results, a lot of discussion on these two areas, this will not go
into. With the prison situation in the economic development and change,
technology will become important to us to prevent anti-riot measures
dealing with the emergency, the modern and the traditional means of
dealing with the emergency nature of difference is whether the technical
means to participate. In my opinion, anti-riot Department sudden
emergency facilities should be aware of the following construction:
 1, the prison doors closed by facilities. The main prison prison doors
(door, the door of the prison area) should be the implementation of
electronic control, usually by the duty room near the prison door
control, in exceptional circumstances, the monitoring center controlled
by the prison. The event of a prisoner uprising, riots, etc., duty room,
or prison monitoring center can quickly close all the doors of the jail
to prevent prisoners from segregation ****, contact each other and
viciously to prevent the expansion and deterioration of the situation.
 2, alarm facilities. Our prison walls are usually more emphasis on
prison alarm facilities, if any prisoners near the fence, alarms would
beep to alert guards and armed police to take action. However, comparison
of the alarm monitoring facilities enough. In order to better protect the
safety regulation, it is necessary to strengthen the fixed alarm
facilities. Prison should be like banking, as prisoners may be reached at
the office of office, duty room etc. in the hidden parts, install alarm
button, so that the staff in the face of danger, alarm button quickly,
consult assistance. Alarm button installed, both hidden and not known for
prisoners, but also easy to use, to enable staff to remain in their
normal work or when the normal position, you can press the button. The
second is to strengthen the construction of portable alarm device. Prison
should be a line **** are equipped with a portable alarm device, so that
they are in an emergency situation, to seek assistance. Prison should be
a warning network, automated management, when pressed the alarm button or
device, the monitoring center will immediately know where the accident
occurred, and to immediately notify the adjacent area of staff and
specialized personnel to address emergency assistance.
 3, power generation facilities. Prison should be a set of standby power
generation equipment to power interruption in normal circumstances, to
ensure power monitoring equipment, prevent the emergence of prisoners
took the opportunity to escape power outages, riots, disturbances and
other phenomena.
 4, communication facilities. Should have a backup communications system
or equipment to the event in the event of vandalism, accident or natural
disaster situation, be able to contact each other in the prison-house and
external communications to the situation, requesting assistance.
Emergency communications facilities should be regular maintenance to
ensure it safe and efficient operation.
 5, other facilities. Developed countries, because of its strong economic
strength, most of the results using the high-tech equipment of its prison
facilities. For example, the United States in prison facilities, set on,
commonly used in modern surveillance, monitoring, alarm, detection, riot
control, communications, information, computer and other advanced
technologies. In order to prevent criminal acts of violence, the U.S.
prison to prison, mostly make use of conventional technologies with
strong loss prevention devices, demolition and so difficult, not to the
offenders under the guise of weapons; use of new anti-riot techniques and
equipment, which could both look down and would not be criminals it
killed the flying bag; in emergency situations one by one, forming a
shield wall to connect the "Wasa shield"; can knock down the perpetrators
but not the soft bullets killed, and so on. Again, the United Kingdom and
some prisons in the walls have been built within 20 meters second fences,
placed between two walls to sound alarm, if a person from the inside near
the wall will be found immediately; guard with riot in the glass The
rugged duty within the shelter; with modern telephone communication
system controls the door open and close, and so on.
 6, attention to all technical defense technologies complement each
other. Defence technology use in prison is multifaceted, with attention
to the interaction of various technologies, can monitor offenders in
regulatory control play a more active and effective role.
 (1) In general surveillance. The CCTV camera, monitor, night television
cameras installed in the dormitories, and other criminal activities in
areas of learning, working, living on-site, can be found in unusual
cases, knowledge of potential premeditated crime and breach of prison
rules, prison discipline people and things, to strengthen the monitoring
to provide reliable information; by telephone, radio transceiver, walkie-
talkies and other communications equipment, will enhance the various
departments within the prison, the prison, the authorities concerned and
with the higher-level of communications and do regular supervision.
 (2) the focus of prevention. Use closed-circuit television monitors,
monitors, detectors, night vision, low light level television monitor
"crises stubborn elements" of the activities on the site of particular
importance, the most dangerous criminals, and the listener can use alarm,
monitor other comprehensive alarm device; also available camcorder
records such as site conditions, with a monitor, monitor, night vision
devices and other covert surveillance of suspects, use of riot control
equipment, radio, etc. to stop the riot, round up criminals, etc., to
expose and combat re-offenders provide clues and evidence of crime.
 (3) in preventing criminals escape, escape aspects of the system. Play a
monitoring, surveillance, detectors, alarms, the role of communications
equipment, monitoring dangerous criminals have escaped the activities.
Ongoing criminal activity of criminals escape the alarm in time to stop
their criminal activities, even if the offender has fled the warning line
can quickly be recovered; in Pursuit should make full use of existing
communications and transportation in order to quickly recapture
fugitives. Various types of alarm can be the same camera, recorded with
the use of cameras to record the offender's escape crime, criminals
escape the physical image, in order to facilitate the rapid pursuit of
work carried out, also can be used as evidence of criminal offenders to
 (c) the disposal system
 disposal system is a system of early warning systems and prevention
through prediction, monitoring, early warning, control, prevention and
other preventive measures, the possibility still exists insecurity
factors, to reduce events and start emergency plans to handle emergencies
of a series of process strategy system. These include: the command center
for emergencies, decision-making process, system, access to information
procedures and contingency measures until the implementation of legal
procedures and controls.
 1, organization and command system. Prisons set up emergency response
headquarters and offices. Emergency command (hereinafter referred to
emergency command) from the principal leader of the prison commander, and
other party members as members, is responsible for emergency disposal of
the prison uniform organization and coordination; decided to start,
terminate the riot contingency plans for dealing with the emergency;
declared a state of emergency, supervise the whole operation and
directed; decide on important issues, major policy decisions made
recommendations to develop disposal measures, and timely coordination of
work with the higher authorities. Emergency Command offices (Emergency
Command Center) from the Deputy Superintendent in charge as director of
personnel for the members of the relevant business departments, the
Organization is mainly responsible for the rapid response team and
related personnel arrived at the designated location; to direct the
implementation of appropriate measures to deal with and deal with other
emergencies; promptly report to the headquarters site dynamics;
responsible for information monitoring, collection, compilation, analysis
and organization and coordination, party committees report to the prison
time, start early warning and preparedness proposal; under the command of
the instructions, the development of contingency measures , supervision,
and guidance of the emergency response team to carry out emergency work;
track the progress of the incident and the disposition of the end of the
actual situation of the proposed emergency operations and emergency
response work after the sudden incident, through, the consequences
(casualties, damage and impact), accountability, lessons learned report
and other reports to write command; guide the daily prevention and
control and information, education; contractors superiors and other work
assigned by the prison headquarters.
 2, implementation of the system. Prominent anti-riot Emergency
Department can be divided into groups of specific implementation tasks.
 (1) alert group. Responsible for the scene and the work of the external
security alert. Upon receipt of a prison emergency alarm signal and
immediately divided into two classes on the spot quickly dispatched a
group of martial law and the scene around, severance onlookers staff;
also along the outer wall of the external supervision of the
implementation of alert and guard against criminal and social criminals
escape harassment, to prevent outsiders personnel around.
 (2) riot mobile group. Responsible for hunting, controllers, transfer
criminals. Specific tasks under the direction of the command, the
implementation of on-site disposal of the various measures with violence;
grasp the relevant information, analyze the reasons put forward opinions
and timely feedback to the command information.
 (3) stability group within the prison. Responsible for emergency
situations on-site management and education of offenders, organizational
units of all remands imprisoned criminals locked, and to stabilize the
situation, policy hearts and minds, disintegrating, prepare the minds of
criminals stability.
 (4) logistics support group. Responsible for on-site living, medical
care, guard equipment and other supplies to ensure adequate supplies.
Timely arrival at the hospital medical staff organization and the scene
on standby; prepared medical, rescue supplies, emergency services
personnel of the casualties, while the wounded transferred to make
emergency work; responsible for the necessary living supplies, weaponry
and other supplies, and deployment.
 (5) Transportation and Communications Group. Necessary for dealing with
emergencies transportation and communications tools, supplies, and
transportation to ease command, communications and liaison.
 (6) advocacy group reported. Well on the unit responsible for the
ideological and political work of staff, policy propaganda work, and the
outside world matters such as policy advocacy work ,**** guide.
 (7) surveillance group. Responsible for protecting the incident scene,
investigation, forensics, to crack down on criminals to commit crimes
again in future to provide clues and evidence.
 3, alarm system. Prison in case of emergency, the first responsibility
of the police witnessed the police and should be the same warning to
subordinate units and command centers, command centers, according to
plans Alarm alert immediately after, with classes **** jail or in situ
rapid alert pending instructions Other **** smell after police rushed to
the fastest set of reflexively defer to the designated locations.
 4, targeted measures. None of the measures to a prison as a frame of
reference attached **** simulation configuration.
 (1) mass event action:
 if the region occurred in the prison prison prison for robbery,
destruction of prison property, guard facilities and other serious acts
of mass incidents, alert group should enter the alert status (warning
area, as the case may be), within the prison riot mobile group and stable
group quickly entered the scene, and the remaining staff coordinated the
prison and police officers within the prison order and stability.
 first policy response to mass education, for to ease the situation by
discouraging development; ineffective in discouraging circumstances, to
take effective means to stop, and officers seized and turned over the
first incident to the police station for disposal. The beginning of the
incident, advocacy groups reported the situation timely report of Comrade
leading political and legal institutions and to inform the resident came
to reinforce the disposal of the public security organs. In the event of
the entire process to stop with only fired warning shots, and not to
muzzle on the people (but armed, armed to the relevant provisions of
prison raids Ke Yi special treatment).
 (2) guilty of Circle event action plan:
 when receiving the emergency alarm, a leading member of the rapid
concentration of headquarters, the police headquarters to be in the
shortest time, he rushed to the designated place, each group head of the
organization according to the specific circumstances of the group members
quickly Alarm. The remands unit should cooperate with each other quickly
remands to jail inventory, and remands ideological and stability.
 group of comrades Alarm alert immediately after receiving firearms and
ammunition, under the command of the headquarters and divided into two
groups rushed to the scene outside. When the event occurs within the
prison, and guards around the outer wall by 2 **** with "56" style
assault rifles a bullet of a base for control of vigilance, prevent
criminals escape and interference with criminal elements of society to
prevent people without fixed duties around . Other arrangements with five
comrades, "54" style pistol two bullets each, a base for events around
the scene of martial law and field surveillance for staff severance
onlookers; when the incident occurred outside the prison, each required
to obtain guns and ammunition, as the case may occupy favorable alert
position, but should first ensure good dormitories Qualifying alert.
 prison riot mobile group and stable group of comrades within the Alarm,
the equipment, "54" model gun two bullets, one each base, as appropriate
action in accordance with the following options:
 ¢Ù when an incident within the prison, police officers should
immediately into the incident scene, advise or order the immediate
cessation of criminal activities, investigate and deal with as soon as
possible and do remedial work.
 ¢Ú When the prison was within the site and I have full control of
criminals and police officers can not enter, it should be the use of
radio propaganda to the criminals, the policy offensive to promote my
party's prison policies, seek to demoralize trouble criminals, play
integral child labor the role of the internal exhortations to strive for
the middle molecules, up to quell the incident.
 ¢Û When criminals hijack my police officers, employees or other persons
as hostages, the police officers can not close, the way to take
statements and emotional stability and good hostage. Also use policy
hearts and minds of attack, and urge them to give up hostages to ensure
the safety of the hostages. If the offender is still a last-ditch, should
take decisive measures to rescue hostages, for the safety of the hostages
could be killed in the accident into account the need for criminals.
 ¢Ü When the criminals set fire to burn dormitories or other parts of
plants, should immediately organize and mobilize police officers uniforms
arson offenders and inmates into fire-fighting work. If the fire can not
control the violent, they should call the fire quickly.
 ¢Ý When a prison outside the emergency alarm, immediately rushed to the
scene, depending on the situation decisively on the spot treatment.
 ¢Þ if unexpected events may cause serious consequences, should prompt
the resident to a higher level of judicial institutions and law
enforcement authorities to contact the report in a timely manner to
request reinforcements, calming down the situation.
 logistics support group, transportation and communications group,
advocacy group and reconnaissance group reported Comrade Alarm, should be
quick access to jobs, well in command under the command of the relevant
work, and make key parts of the security work, serious protection Good
weapons and ammunition, Department of Finance Section, Registry, Yu
Zhengke Investigation Division and the prison archives, power
distribution room key places, sure.
 (3) took place after work and holiday events and commit mass action of
Circle event:
 non-working hours if unexpected events occur, the implementation of the
program by the following actions:
 ¢Ù prison Alarm duty leading to the prison immediately after the report
of the main leaders staying on duty and quickly organized a provisional
 ¢Ú authorities informed the Emergency Command Center duty female police
officers responsible for various department heads. The department heads
Alarm call the department immediately after the officers arrived within
20 minutes, concentrated in designated locations;
 ¢Û duty leading to the prison authorities on duty that day for the
warning take warning task group, women police officers and guards on
duty, the supervisor District duty officer in charge of the prison area
of the warning and management;
 ¢Ü personnel in place, the emergency command center to quickly launch
the appropriate contingency plans.
 (4) chase action:
 program for a (criminal escape time is less than 2 hours to implement)
 ¢Ù within 10 minutes after the alarm, members of the command center in
place, and the immediate mobilization of all vehicles concentration,
notice leave, leave staff in the designated central location, the police
authority concentrated in the front of the building the prison on
standby, monitoring district police on standby in the prison are
 ¢Ú guilty of the charge units 10 minutes after the alarm will be
imprisoned offenders upon completion
 Bi. Fugitive unit fugitive information submitted immediately to the
command center.
 ¢Û 10 minutes after the alarm, Yu Zhengke, prison Investigation Branch,
the political department of firearms, ammunition and police armed with a
ready and report command.
 ¢Ü dispatched hunt group fled to focus the direction of pursuit of
fugitives, fleeing if they can not determine the direction of focus, then
sent out a number of hunting groups around the search for fugitives from
a prison or fugitives in the detailed collection of intelligence
information, based on research by the command, possible locations to
fugitive arrest team dispatched.
 ¢Ý around 100 km in the prison transport links within the set trap
points, inventory and asked pedestrians passing vehicles.
 ¢Þ the chase group and lay a trap group without the command without
changing the hunt or trap line locations are not allowed to withdraw.
 program of two (criminal escaped more than 2 hours Executive)
 ¢Ù set the trap for a location by program.
 ¢Ú collection of fugitives in detail the basis of intelligence
information by the command of, to the possible location of fugitive
arrest team dispatched.
 three prominent anti-riot Emergency Department System Improvement
 (a) the establishment of the prison police crisis awareness training
mechanisms. "Prepared and thought is well prepared, prepared no risk",
the prison police must have a sensitive sense of crisis and risk
awareness to use scientific means to deal with unexpected events.
 1, the establishment of the prison police, security awareness training
system. **** For a year at least 2 of the special training of safety
knowledge, through discussion, education, the opposite way, to guide the
police aware of their positions where the risk of raising safety
 2, the establishment of practical exercise dealing with the emergency
mechanism. Police should focus on improving the collection, analysis,
ability to handle emergencies, take the exchange of experience, business
forums, job training, examinations and assessment, etc., enhance the
professional level of police dealing with the emergency. Which enhanced
skills training and simulation training, at least two times each year for
the anti-escape, anti-hostage, prison riot various topics dealing with
the emergency drill.
 3, the establishment of accountability mechanisms dealing with the
emergency riot. Early warning information on the collection of timely
disposal to stop the criminals escape, prison violence, perpetrators and
other regulatory accident, should be in the spiritual, economic ample
rewards to inspire enthusiasm for the Unexpected riot police. Instead
sternly dealt with implementing the accountability system to improve the
collection, analysis, initiative, and handle emergencies in advance.
 4, the establishment of the Unexpected events database riot. The prison
system has been made of various typical events of the causes,
consequences and solutions approach to classification compiled into a
book or film made of the information, Zuoweijianguan Safety Training
Courses, Zengjiangjingcha risk Yi Shi.
 5, the establishment of emergency alert prison room. The actual cases to
prison for the material furnished showroom, through the exhibition to
enhance police prison emergencies visual effects, enhance their sense of
 (b) the establishment of criminal psychological assessment mechanism.
Mechanisms in human behavior, physiology, psychology, thinking at
different levels play a dominant role. Any criminal acts are only to be
driven by their mental implementation. Therefore, intensive study of the
psychological status of criminals, using science and technology
indicators of assessment, to create a good psychological evaluation
mechanism of criminals is particularly necessary. The offender into the
prison, the original: http://www. Prison police to be based on
psychological principles, in a timely manner from the age of offenders,
sentence, criminal record, family background, family history, court
awareness, methods of crime and co-conditions and so on criminal
psychological test, the test results and the base index (based on
psychological principles, summarized previous years, complete the
transformation of the normal process of psychological tests done by the
offender score results in an average base index) compared to deviate from
the base of the more distant target the existence of dangerous criminals
will be greater. This requires focus on the prison police, well control.
In addition, the rehabilitation of offenders in prison, the police should
be combined with the process of individual criminal cases, mental
endurance, adaptability and other environmental factors, to specific
analysis, the psychological ability to expand cultivation of individual
criminals, unexpected event occurs in prisons, the prison police in
accordance with and actively participate in harm reduction and prevention
of further action to occur. While also in-depth study the criminal mind
is the most sensitive factors, such as administrative incentives, job
settings, to explore various factors on the psychological effects of
criminals seeking the factors conducive to the rehabilitation of
offenders, stimulate the transformation of criminals and positive
attitude, as far as possible control and eliminate all negative factors
on the criminals.
 (c) supporting the establishment of mechanisms for early warning
 1, the establishment of community-based early warning system. Prison
authorities dealing with the emergency response mechanism of anti-riot
maximize the mobilization of social resources as possible to update the
concept of defense, defense early warning of new areas to expand, build
on government, political and legal ,****, health, transport and
communications sector of the defense early warning mechanism, the prison
should strengthen communication and coordination with various departments
to actively seek collaboration platform. Prison can provide the
community, such as warning of education, to the public security organs of
criminals living data for Dangerous criminal post-release information as
part of its focus on monitoring of population production data, with the
political and legal departments; the use of "three of" activities of
platform more closely with **** the relationship. Prisons in cooperation
with the departments to be good at using the power of the sector to
education and reform of offenders, improve prison riot dealing with the
emergency warning system.
 2, the source of emergency police investigation system. Endanger the
safety of the various regulatory risks must regularly check prominence in
the investigation of incidents police source Mopai work, could become a
hidden danger to stare emergency control.
 3, emergency warning source registration system. Emergency out of the
analysis to the registration filing police source, real-time detection,
assessment, monitoring.
 4, a major source of the reporting system and regular police system.
Emergency duty police source control unit to regularly report the
situation and the police investigation and police sources hidden sources
of governance, the Party committee at the monthly meeting of the
supervisory committees transformation of a regular meeting on this topic.
 5, reward systems. Reward and punishment of offenders to increase
efforts to mobilize the enthusiasm, and create a good atmosphere within
the prison guide criminals dare to speak the truth, timely and effective
anomaly reflects the prison.
 (d) the establishment of contingency plans for dealing with the
emergency riot regularly and improve the mechanism. The situation is
constantly changing, the plan after the enactment of the actual situation
and in light of the problems found in the exercise been amendments to the
plan at least annually to the feasibility and the changes which factors
(such as mobility, infrastructure changes, etc.) time detection, and
timely correction, supplement and perfect.

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