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					                         Ferzanna Riley
Ferzanna Riley was born in Pakistan and brought up in Lancashire where
she attended a sixth form convent. Having studied journalism for two
years, she did work experience on the Ealing Gazette and Harrow
Observer before returning to university to do a law degree in London
and studied Public and International Law at Copenhagen Business
School in Denmark. Following major heart surgery in 2002, Ferzanna
has now become a full time writer, campaigner, broadcaster and after
dinner speaker.

Ferzanna’s debut book, Unbroken Spirit which details her harrowing
early life, has generated enormous media interest, following serialisation
in the Mail On Sunday. As author and campaigner, she has been in
demand for interviews in newspapers, magazines and BBC and
independent radio where she frequently participates in live phone in
debates, being a repeat guest on the hugely popular James Whale
TalkSport, Her television appearances include ITV’s This Morning and
Sky News.

Having suffered first hand experience, Ferzanna is at the forefront
of raising   awareness    of    ‘honour    crimes’.    Outspoken      and
controversial, never fearing to say what others only dare to think, she is
often called upon for her opinions upon subjects that range from
Islam, school bullies to domestic violence, all of which she has first
hand experience of and which she writes about in her book. Furthermore,
as a female who converted from Islam to Christianity some years
ago, her public opinions stir up both support and controversy from within
the British Muslim communities

Emerging as the UK's foremost campaigner for ethnic victims of child
abuse, Ferzanna is now a director and international representative of
Roshni (Urdu meaning light) a charity that highlights abuse in all its
forms within the ethnic minority communities (see
                 Unbroken Spirit
Inspiring true story of a Muslim who refused to be
              enslaved by her culture
                          Published July 2007
                     978 0340 94348 9 HB £12.99

                      East meets West in this true-life story of a
                     spirited Muslim who couldn’t conform to a life
                     bound by tradition. Beaten for not being the
                     perfect Muslim daughter, she finds her life
                     threatened by those who should have
                     protected her, all in the name of ‘honour’.

                     This is the incredible true story of Ferzanna
                     Riley, a Pakistani girl who refused to be
                     broken. Raised in a culture where a woman
                     must be silent and obedient, her feisty spirit
                     meant she was labelled a troublemaker. Her
                     violent childhood transformed her into a
                     desperate and suicidal teenager, leading her to
                     question the faith and culture she had been
                     born into.

                      Fearing she would end up murdered by her
                      father or in prison for murdering him in self
                      defence, at the age of 21 Ferzanna fled to
                      London to escape her life of domestic drudgery
                      and violence, being joined by her younger
sister two years later. Naively believing herself free at last, she was
on the verge of achieving her life long ambition to become a BBC
journalist when a shocking turn of events changed her life forever.

Tragically for this brave young woman, her unmarried state was
perceived as bringing shame and dishonour to the family and
through treachery and emotional blackmail, Ferzanna and her sister
were tricked into going to Pakistan. Their passports and tickets
confiscated, they were held captive and threatened with gang rape
and murder unless they submitted to marriage to strangers in order
to regain the ‘honour’ which their parents felt had been destroyed.

A real page turner! Brilliantly written, inspiring, moving and yet
unexpectedly hilarious and uplifting, this astonishing story paints a
picture of an amazing woman who broke the cycle of abuse,
surviving against all the odds and who dared to live happily ever

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