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Research Report - Chau Wing Tai Clothing market on trademark usage report

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					 1, Status and Trends
 Chau Wing Tai Clothing Market was established in January 1997, is the
largest urban area in Tongzhou, a set of clothing, textiles, shoes, hats,
bedding in one of the large indoor clothes market, the market covers an
area of 18,000 square meters, has a business space and 120, fixed pitch
360, the annual turnover of 500 million yuan or so. The early years of
the market, with not much clothing trademark, as people's respected
brand, the brand's increasingly prominent role, and now, more than 80
commodities market has its own trademark. In this survey, we have check
mark 301, which eight well-known trademarks, registered trademarks of 36
local enterprises. Through investigation, we also learned that a
phenomenon, a number of 50 million yuan annual income of the owners of
Chu Shou's basically well-known, famous or well-known trademark dress,
which showed that Renpaixiaofei has started to become Renmen a habit
strength Brand clothing are often able to bring rich rewards to the
owner. At present, the overall development of the apparel market, the
implementation of the trademark strategy, take the City by the way the
brand has not only become a market organizer, manager of the consensus,
but also has become the consensus of most operators, presented the
following trademark features and trends: 1, growing awareness of
intellectual property owners, and gradually adapt to the market
competition rules. Operators to rely on brands to improve
competitiveness, and ultimately in the market place, we must first have
awareness of trademark law, there must be respect for intellectual
property rights, protect intellectual property rights of the atmosphere,
followed should be clearly recognized trademarks in the new markets,
dominate the market important role in the correct use of trademark rules
to participate in market competition and reduce the phenomenon of
disorderly competition. The early market development of Wing Tai
Clothing, trademark owners of legal awareness in general the market is
not strong, not only disorderly competition, but also a large number of
sales of fake designer clothes at home and abroad, to bring bad
reputation to the market impact. After by the government and relevant
departments of propaganda and education and a series of regulation, the
situation has radically improved, the gradual emergence of respect for
trademark, encouraging compliance with competition rules the market
situation. Garments Co., Ltd. Tongzhou God is a fake designer clothes
from the start operation later through reorganization and, ultimately,
own brand business, operating results are very good, annual sales of more
than 10 million yuan.
, Businesses growing awareness of trademark registration, and gradually
improve the market competitiveness. Enterprises should use the trademark
strategy to develop markets and to achieve the second start, first of all
to have awareness of trademark registration, through the use of its
trademarks to build credibility. Second, from the easy to use, enabling
the protection, extension and other development perspective of trademark
registration strategy. Wing Tai Clothing Market at the start, as
trademark confusion, some owners do not consider to apply for
registration of their trademarks. Trademark strategy adopted after
extensive media publicity, industrial and commercial departments of the
guidance and help, coupled with some brands touch business model, so that
their awareness of trademark registration has been strengthened, and now,
the market for more than 60 companies have their own trademark . Tongzhou
Huawei Garments Co., Ltd. has applied for trademark registration of the
three, including a famous trademark is declared.
, Trademark behaviors continue to regulate, the market gradually
increased radiation functions. To enhance the market visibility and
influence on the trademark, the first mode of operation of the trademark
including advertising must be scientific, standard, do not mislead or
deceive the consumer to take measures to obtain short-term interests.
Secondly, not to let any point in the subtle aspect of the packaging from
clothing trademarks, corporate names, trade names, labeling, packaging
printing, and so must be legitimate Power of Attorney. Wing Tai Clothing
market growth in the development process, guide the owners through the
proper use of registered trademarks, brand operation carried out
according to the law, not only the clothing quality was dramatically
improved, and the market credibility and market efficiency has also been
significantly enhanced, and gradually expanded to neighboring counties
City of radiation, has become the leader in the local clothing market.
 2, the problems and difficulties
 Wing Tai Clothing market despite the strong development momentum, the
role of brand is very eye-catching, but together, there is still a
bottleneck restricting the development of factors, specifically
manifested in:
, Firm size smaller, lower gold content registered trademark. Wing Tai
Clothing from the size of the market view of the existing enterprises,
registered capital of 300 million yuan or more only three companies, from
1 million to 3 million yuan were 7, 100 yuan and 75 enterprises, small
businesses keen to play a minor, simply do not want of money to a
registered trademark. Been registered trademark of view, only two well-
known trademarks, but also is idle some trademark, trademark development
level is low.
, One of the few well-known trademarks, brand development of insufficient
stamina. Wing Tai Clothing clothing on the market in terms of trademarks,
in addition to stores, the few well-known brand, not the whole of Suzhou,
Wuxi and other developed areas of the clothing market, compared to lead
the market less competitive. This not only with the local people's
consumption level and consumer attitudes, but also with market organizers
and managers of small trick to attract the well-known brands.
, Trademark phenomenon is still not standardized, individual owners lack
of legal awareness. First, changes in the performance of their own
registered trademarks or registered trademarks of the registrant to
change the name and address. Such as text or a combination of self-change
mark of fonts, another example, enterprises in the restructuring, the
name change, regional adjustment to change the registration after the
registration of the mark on their own or address. Second is a registered
trademark is not marked "R" or markers, such as clothing label on the
text, graphics though is a registered trademark, without the registration
mark. The third is a registered trademark licensed to others, be
incomplete, there are violations of individual enterprises. If the market
was involved in a clothing trademark licensing violations occurred during
the industrial and commercial sectors were investigated. The fourth is to
create a false remote area registered brand. If companies were the same
trademark in France, Italy registered, but the actual manufacturers in
China, but in its apparel brands marked "French brand", "the Italian
 3, Thoughts and Suggestions
, To further implement trademark strategy of creating atmosphere, and
continuously enhance the market awareness of the operator's trademark
registration. Implementation of the trademark strategy is bigger and
stronger enterprises, enlarge and strengthen the most effective way to
market. We should vigorously promote trade mark and trademark laws and
regulations knowledge, increase market awareness and brand owners create
legal awareness; to strengthen the guidance to expand the total amount of
registered trademarks, trademarks capture the market for enterprise use,
expanding the market, maintain market reinforce the foundation; to
strengthen the training, support and encourage enterprises to create
well-known, well-known, well-known trademarks, the apparel industry with
unique Tongzhou bigger and stronger.
, Strengthen guidance services, constantly regulate the use of
trademarks. Endowed with market cultivation and development
responsibilities of the government and relevant departments, to their
respective areas of responsibility, good use of the trademark owners of
the market conduct supervision and services, to improve their conscious
use of the mark according to the sense of competition in the market; to
occur for each period different issues, strengthen guidance, the right
medicine in order to achieve tangible results; to establish the system of
trademark management, such as registered trademark filing system, store
examination and approval system, trademark printing management system,
market inspection system from the source to contain non-standard
trademark usage behavior.
, Strengthen the defenders working to continuously strengthen the
crackdown on trademark violations. To strengthen the protection of
corporate trademark, whether registered trademark of local enterprises or
foreign enterprises or foreign enterprises registered trademark, should
be treated equally and actively doing protection work. Market has a
registered trademark of the dress owners, but also enhance the sense of
self-protection against counterfeiting violations must be promptly and
decisively to report complaints to the relevant law enforcement agencies.
The law enforcement departments is essential to strengthen cooperation
and keep the pressure on trademark infringement, trademark violations
severely punished to protect the trademark market good running order.

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