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									                                   Privileged & Confidential

Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts
Member Memo
Final, 9.2.2005

To:      Visa USA Members
From:    Kevin Schultz, Executive Vice President, Client Services
Date:    September 2, 2005
Re:      Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

As part of the growing relief effort for victims of Hurricane Katrina, Visa USA is taking the
following action:

Donation of $1 Million
Visa USA is making a donation of $1 million to the American Red Cross 2005 Hurricane
Relief Fund. We will continue to partner with the American Red Cross to determine what
other means of assistance we can provide.

Employee Matching Gift Program
Like many of your employees and consumers, Visa’s employees have expressed a
desire to make a personal contribution to the hurricane relief effort. Acknowledging this
wish, Visa will match its employee contributions dollar-for-dollar, up to $500 per donation
to the 2005 Hurricane Relief Fund.

Waiver of Visa Interchange Reimbursement Fees and Acquirer Service Fees
We will waive Visa fees on donations made by US-issued cards to the 2005 Hurricane
Relief Fund for a period of 45 days, ending on October 15, 2005.

Working with Members in Affected Areas
Our Client Services organization is working with Members in the affected areas to bring
their operations back online and help cardholders access emergency cash and card

Emergency Operations
Services through (800) VISA-911 continue, with some special exceptions made for
affected areas. Emergency cardholder services include:
     Lost/Stolen Card Reports – Visa will block the card and notify the Issuer.
     Emergency Card Replacement – Visa will deliver a new card within one business
       day to areas we can reach.
     Emergency Cash – Visa will provide emergency cash within one business day
       with some caveats based on current logistics in affected areas.
     Access to Issuing Institution – Visa will link cardholders calling Visa 911 with their
       Issuer to respond to questions about balance, payments, late charges, or provide
       forwarding address information.
     ATM Locator Service – Visa is updating the ATM Locator Service with
       information about ATM availability in the hurricane affected areas. Members may
       report status of affected ATMs by contacting or (888) 847
       2488 (select option 5).

                                  Privileged & Confidential

We are also working with the Red Cross to have literature on Visa 911 services
distributed to their volunteers throughout their emergency relief sites. Additionally, we
have provided guidelines for resolving disputed transactions involving cardholders and
merchants affected by Hurricane Katrina.

We will provide you with more detail once additional emergency assistance plans are
finalized. For more information, please contact your Account Executive or call (888) 847
-2242 for a Visa subject matter expert.


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