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Restaurant manager job description


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Property manager job description

I/ Key duties of Property manager

1. Maintain a professional relationship with owners, Board of Directors and regulatory
agency personnel.
2. Prepare and implement annual budgets and business plan to meet owner’s objectives.
Identify opportunities to cut costs or increase revenue.
3. Hire and supervise all on-site personnel; negotiate all contracts and supervise all
contractor personnel.
4. Conduct property inspections and prepare reports assuring properties are being
maintained to the owner’s standards.
5. Interpret and enforce lease covenants and provisions; assure tenant compliance with
required rules and regulations.
6. Monitor all tenant construction for compliance with approved plans and ensure that all
required documentation is received in a timely manner.
7. Maintain positive landlord/tenant/community relations.
8. Effectively represent landlord in all day-to-day operations of the properties.
9. Maintain effective communication with owners; maintain appropriate documentation
of all critical items.
10. Work closely with company leasing/brokers/sales representatives to ensure effective
coordination of tenant openings and closings.
11. Identify and correct (or plan for the correction) of physical property needs,
operational procedures, etc.
12. Identify and implement plans to improve the asset, either physically, operationally or
13. Carry out supervisory responsibilities.
14. Responsible for training employees, planning and assigning work, performance
appraisals, addressing complaints and resolving problems.
15. Collect, process, deposit and record all income and notify residents of non-payment.
16. Prepare all paperwork necessary for move-ins and move-outs.
17. Manage all purchases and maintain budget control.
18. Prepare monthly reports for management office including occupancy, marketing, rent
rolls, etc.

I/ Job description types of Property department

It include job description of positions as follows:

   1. Property manager
   2. Property assistant
HR management and career development

   3. Property director
   4. Property officer
   5. Property coordinator
   6. Property clerk
   7. Property associate
   8. Property executive
   9. Property supervisor
   10. Property specialist
   11. Property consultant

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