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									 Johnny Fontana, CEO
    C: (239) 289-5006
E: jfontana@gmail.com
           • Who: Shadow Fit is out to
             change the way people
             experience fitness.
           • The Market: Over $20 billion in
             fitness alone (not including
           • Why Us: Deep domain
             knowledge and ability to utilize
             available technology.
           • Why Now: Increased awareness
             of the importance of fitness
             (Jamie Oliver, Biggest Loser).
             People look to tech for help but
             not finding solutions.
• No clear leader in providing an
  overall fitness resource online.
• Evolution of media: VHS 
  DVD  Web & Mobile (fitness
  industry is behind).
• 61% (~200 million) of people
  are looking for fitness help
• People are looking for a one       of adults that
  stop place for real-time,          exercise
  effective solutions.
• Typical fitness solutions are
  high investment, low return.
     The Markets
Fitness:                                      *57% if Americans Exercise
• $19 billion industry, projected growth of
4% this year
• 45 million use a health club only 5% use
a trainer
• 66.8 million people exercise 3-4 times
per week
• 10-15 million in our demographic in
health clubs alone
• Smartphone’s to equal more than half
the total of mobile phones by 2011
• 72% increase in Smartphone subscribers
from 2008-2009, totaling 26 million
• 65% of subscribers are 25-34 years old

       =                    For

Shadow Fit provides world class services,
 content, and community for anyone who
  is looking to improve or maintain their
               overall fitness.
             • Focus on four verticals that have opportunity for exponential growth

                  Phase One- Personalized Workouts
    Lead Gen             Paid Services        Mobile Applications       White Label/Partner

Partnerships Affiliate                   Premium                   Health   Corporate
                          Partnerships              In App Store                        Universities
                                         Services                  Clubs     Health
   Marketing& Sales
Segment     Approach                       Strategy

            • Social Media                 • Built in social media tools
            • Strategic Partnerships       • Partner with larger brands (Lululemon,
Marketing   •Facebook Game                 TRX…)
                                           • Drive traffic & sales through FB game
            • Key Figures
                                           • Celebrity testimonial/support
            • Corporate Sales              • Sign wellness program accounts
            • Online Sales Funnel          • Discover high conversion channels
            • Strategic Partners           through ShadowFit.com
Sales                                      • Partners offer Shadow Fit “special”
                                           along with their product

            • Heavy focus on support       • Tools such as Get Satisfaction, email
            • Personalized Support         • Each user has a personal “Shadow”
Support     • Developing Social Networks   • Connect users through social networks
                                           for motivation and support
 Short Term Milestones
 Quarter   Product Milestones
 Q1        Site Redesign, Facebook Game, Content Producers, Corporate Deals
 Q2        Mobile Application, Community, Fitness Tracking, Strategic Partnerships
 Q3        In App Store, Nutrition Tracking, Strategic Partnerships

                   Goal                                     2010      2011   2012    2013   2014
                   $750 seed                                X
                   1st Product Shipped                      X
                   Positive Cash Flow                                 X
   Long            Phase 2 Build Out                                  X

   Term            $1.5 M Angel Round                                 X
                   Phase 2 Ships                                             X
Milestones         $50M Annual Revenue                                               X
                   $5M VC Round                                                      X
                   Market Dominance                                                         X

                                                                                Custom workouts
                                                      Lack of workout
Only template workouts     No custom workout                                  designed around users
                                                  consistency with trainers

Limited exercise videos     No exercise videos        Exercise Videos         Videos of each exercise

                          Same workout over and                                Progresses user each
    No progression                                Changes based on trainer
                                  over                                                week

     No content                  Content               Some content                  Content

   Free-$24.99/mo                 Free              $9.99-$29.99/week             Free-$9.99/mo

Tracking & Community      Community & Content            Workouts              Content& Workouts
•   Nick Taylor, CBDO: Nick has 25+ years of experience with acquisitions, business
    development, strategic planning and financial planning with health clubs. He
    worked with the Sports Club Company in launching 8 successful health clubs and
    was involved in the acquisition of Spectrum Clubs by Brentwood Associates. He
    brings invaluable knowledge of the fitness industry and a highly relevant contacts.
•   ShubhamUpadhyay, CTO: Shubham brings a wide array of experiences on multiple
    platforms and languages. He has worked for Oracle and NASA while completing a
    masters degree in Computer Science.
•   Johnny Fontana, CEO: Johnny founded Shadow Fit after realizing a huge need for a
    service that provided people with interactive workouts that are custom to their
    needs. He brings deep domain knowledge having been a fitness trainer for
    celebrities, elite athletes, corporate executives and every day people. He will drive
    the overall vision of the company using his knowledge in fitness, business and
Financial Overview

                 Year 1            Year 2         Year 3
New Customers             43,593        1.2MM          10MM
 Units Shipped             3,048       120,000             1MM

Revenue              $289,280        $2,046,145   $10,426,861
Gross Profit        $223,580         $828,753     $10,163,316
EBITDA               ($38,423)       $1,068,787    $8,610,878
           Pre Money       Raise        Post Money    Total   Founders      Seed         Series A        Series B
Seed       $1,500,000      $500,000     $2,000,000    100%    80%           20%
                                                              $1,500,000    $500,000
Series A   $4,000,000      $1,500,000   $5,500,000    100%    58%           15%          27%
                                                              $3,200,000    $800,000     $1,500,000
Series B   $20,000,000     $5,000,000   $25,000,000   100%    47%           12%          22%             20%
                                                              $11,636,364   $2,909,091   $5,454,545      $5,000,000

              Expense                                                                             Cost
              Salaries                                                                      $144,000
              Outsourced Dev.                                                                  $39,600
              Rent& Facilities                                                                 $20,000
              Services                                                                         $12,468
              User Acquisition                                                                 $60,000
              Miscellaneous Expenses                                                           $15,000
              Legal& Accounting                                                                $20,000
              Working Capital                                                               $188,932
              TOTAL                                                                         $500,000

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