Kitchen manager job description

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Kitchen manager job description

I/ Key duties of Kitchen manager

1. Assign, coordinate and supervise the set-up and food production areas within the
service kitchen to maximize productivity and minimize waste.

2. Check daily use records with the Executive Chef or Sous Chef so as to make sure that
estimates are filled in correctly and make sure that production is following these
estimates as closely as possible.

3. Pull all food needed for daily production from walk-in box and utilize all leftovers as
per SOP and with the help of the Executive Chef or Food Production Manager to
minimize waste.

4. Attend all employee meetings, come up with sound suggestions on employee problems
and promote and maintain effective communication between all of the food production
areas within the kitchen.

5. Maintain and supervise good housekeeping practices in all areas in the kitchen. Turn in
the daily cleaning checklist and practice and strictly enforce the “clean as you go” policy.

6. Check out all work stations including the employee cafeteria. Ensures proper set-up for
breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

7. Check with the Sous Chef on the items needing preparation that day by inventory on a
production chart that is on hand presently and bring it up to par stock levels set by the
Executive Chef.

I/ Job description types of Kitchen department

It include job description of positions as follows:

   1.   Kitchen manager
   2.   Kitchen assistant
   3.   Kitchen director
   4.   Kitchen officer
   5.   Kitchen coordinator
   6.   Kitchen clerk
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   7. Kitchen associate
   8. Kitchen executive
   9. Kitchen supervisor
   10. Kitchen specialist
   11. Kitchen consultant

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