Housing manager job description

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Housing manager job description

I/ Key duties of Housing manager

1. Presents a positive, professional image to the community.
2. Has an understanding of consumer credit issues and keeps current on such issues
through participation in in-house training, review of materials distributed by PR and self-
directed learning opportunities outside of work (i.e., listening to consumer oriented radio
talk shows, reading the business section of the newspaper or other financially oriented
3. Generates and maintains the counseling schedule for his/her assigned
counselors/branch/center. Makes appropriate use of over-booking, makes adjustments as
needed to cover illness and vacation, and ensures all clients are served in a prompt
4. Follows procedures for custody and control of records to ensure safekeeping. Ensures
all records pertaining to active clients are sent to the outsourcer for imaging. Ensures all
sensitive documents discarded in the branch/department are shredded.
5. Reviews and answers correspondence and assists staff in resolving client
6. Manages and meets goals and objectives set for department, branch and staff.
7. Meets quantitative benchmarks and measures of service.
8. Meets qualitative benchmarks & measures.
9. Competently completes tasks as assigned, with attention to timeliness and
10. Assists with compilation of production statistics for assigned counselors/locations.
11. Conducts monthly audits of counseling files for each counselor under his/her
supervision, ensuring a representative sample across all lines of service provided and
delivery methods utilized counselors under his/her supervision.
12. Supervises the offering a range readily-available services across a variety of service
delivery channels.
13. Ensures counselors provide appropriate teaching and support services to clients.
14. Ensures clients receive clear, written recommendations to clients based on the
counselor’s professional advice.
15. Connects clients with educational resources and materials that are relevant to their
situation and goals.
16. Responds to and resolves client complaints
6. Leads the development and response to top action items arising from budget and credit
client satisfaction surveys.
17. Provide supervision and leadership to counselors under his/her supervision.
18. Directs, coordinates, and monitors activities to implement agency policies,
procedures, and practices concerning counseling.
19. Works independently to maintain productivity, meet performance goals and manage
HR management and career development

day-to-day management of counselors and locations.
20. Conducts monthly observations of counseling sessions for each counselor under
his/her supervision, ensuring a representative sample across all lines of service provided
and delivery methods utilized counselors under his/her supervision.
21. Runs monthly exception reports.
22. Provides ongoing training, guidance and leadership to counselors.
23. Conducts monthly staff meetings and one-on-one coaching sessions with counselors.
24. Participates in audits of counseling activities and takes action as needed to improve
quality of services and provide feedback, guidance and training to counselors.
25. Provides communication, training and support to staff on departmental goals and
agency policy/procedure changes.
26. Provides training for new and existing counselors.

I/ Job description types of Housing department

It include job description of positions as follows:

   1. Housing clerk
   2. Housing associate
   3. Housing executive
   4. Housing supervisor
   5. Housing specialist
   6. Housing consultant
   7. Housing manager
   8. Housing assistant
   9. Housing director
   10. Housing officer
   11. Housing coordinator

Source: http://www.humanresources.hrvinet.com
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