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Front Office manager job description

I/ Key duties of Front Office manager

1. Insures compliance with established company policies and procedures.
2. Administers verbal and written disciplinary actions to subordinates to violate
established company policies and procedures.
3. Providing courteous guest service and responding to guest questions, complaints or
4. Recruiting, hiring and terminating Front Office personnel, as required, upon General
Manager’s approval.
5. Orienting and training of Front Office personnel.
6. Ensuring that supervised personnel are provided with adequate supplies and equipment
in good repair for the accomplishment of their assigned duties.
7. Providing timely and responsive service to all other departments through coordinated
weekly forecasting, good communications, etc.
8. Developing and maintaining work schedules for all supervised staff..
9. Maintaining labor cost goals established by Hospitality Management Corporation.
10. Maintaining timely and accurate files, reservations, room availability calendar and
taking necessary action to open or close room availability on the computer with General
Manager’s approval.
11. Assisting supervised staff in their job performance during peak activity periods or as
12. Maintaining proper credit and accounting procedures and taking appropriate timely
action as necessary.
13. Maintaining an image of competence and professionalism to guests, employees and
14. Maintaining proper employee/employer relations and addressing any question in a
timely and open manner, including disciplinary actions, recognition and performance
15. Auditing and accounting for all guest checks and folios issued.
16. Providing or performing other services or duties as required by General Manager.
17. Performs other duties as required.

I/ Job description types of Front Office department

It include job description of positions as follows:

   1. Front Office clerk
   2. Front Office associate
HR management and career development

   3. Front Office executive
   4. Front Office supervisor
   5. Front Office specialist
   6. Front Office consultant
   7. Front Office manager
   8. Front Office assistant
   9. Front Office director
   10. Front Office officer
   11. Front Office coordinator

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