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Executive Chef job description

I/ Key duties of Executive Chef
1. Able to exercise hire and fire discretion within hotel’s policies.
2. Oversee divisional matters as they relate to federal, state and local employment and
civil rights laws.
3. Control the elements that determine profit and loss.
4. Responsible for all major operating expenses.
5. Set margins and manage the business against projections.
6. Make decisions that relate to profit and loss.
7. Responsible for the financial management of the operation.
8. Give direction and be responsible for the implementation of plans.
9. Monitor effectiveness and introduce changes in response to the marketplace.
10. Set targets, plan and schedule work and performance indicators that are typically
productivity and efficiency measures.

11. Responsible for enhancing the food product that is presented to guests.
12. Make changes that respond to the marketplace and to guests’ needs, both present and
13. Recommend changes to the food product.
14. Use market research to develop new products.
15. Responsible for maintaining quality of food product and ensuring consistency in food
delivery and standards.
16. Provide support of a specialist nature to the Executive Committee, particularly to the
Director of Food & Beverage, and the Food & Beverage Manager.
17. Work in support of team goals and measures effectiveness through the Food &
Beverage profit and service performance of the hotel.
18. Responsible for the selection, training and development of the personnel within the

II/ Job description types of Executive Chef

It include job description of positions as follows:

       1.   Executive Chef
       2.   Executive assistant
       3.   Executive director
       4.   Executive officer
       5.   Executive coordinator
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       6. Executive clerk
       7. Executive associate
       8. Executive supervisor
       9. Executive specialist
       10. Executive consultant

Source: http://www.humanresources.hrvinet.com
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