Conference manager job description

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Conference manager job description

I/ Key duties of Conference manager

1. Act as a liaison between the sales and operations department of the hotel to ensure a
successful event for the clients and all of the client’s needs are met and communicated
accurately and efficiently to all departments of the hotel.

2. Compile all Banquet Event Orders and group resumes for above groups.

3. Compiles all banquet checks for each group while at the hotel.

4. Coordinates all audiovisual requirements of the client and ensures that proper
equipment is ordered.

5. Greet all clients as they arrive at the hotel to ensure that they have all required items.

6. Participate in weekly sales meetings and operations meetings to communicate the
upcoming group’s needs.

7. Responsible for obtaining all direct bill and credit approvals of groups arriving at the

8. Obtain all rooming lists, monitor rooming list cut off dates, get all menu details,
meeting room setups, refreshment break needs, postings, and any other additional needs
of the client to ensure a successful event at the property.

9. The Conference Services Manager will be responsible for the compilation of all
cancellation/attrition charges of their groups.

10. Responsible for the review of all bills that are sent to the client. In reviewing bills,
they should be accurate and timely in order to maximize return business.

11. Generate thank you notes and service evaluations for all group clients serviced by the
Conference Services Manager in conjunction with the Sales Manager.

12. Work with the Director of Catering to generate a monthly forecast of meeting and
catering revenues.

13. The Conference Services Manager is responsible for the servicing of all groups that
utilize meeting space at the hotel.
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II/ Job description types of Conference department

It include job description of positions as follows:

   1. Conference specialist
   2. Conference consultant
   3. Conference manager
   4. Conference assistant
   5. Conference director
   6. Conference officer
   7. Conference associate
   8. Conference executive
   9. Conference clerk
   10. Conference coordinator
   11. Conference supervisor

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