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									                  Sheffield Steelers Ticket Prices Confirmation
                   For bmibaby Elite League Season 2008-09

The Sheffield Steelers have confirmed their ticket pricing policy for season
2008-09. For the new season the Steelers have widened their ticket availability
and included a range of new discounted tickets including flexi packs that are
available in 3, 6, or 9 game packs.

For any supporter visiting the Steelers this season ticket prices will remain at
last seasons prices, on the condition that they are purchased before close of
business the day before the game. Game day tickets prices have been
raised slightly, the first ticket price increases the Steelers have made in 3

For Season 2008-09 visitors to the Steelers will be able to purchase their hockey
tickets either through the Sheffield Arena box office or through the Steelers
office it’s self (thus avoiding a booking fee)

The Steelers have also designed special flexi pack tickets where fans can
purchase a bulk amount of tickets ( in numbers of 3, 6 or 9 ) for use at any
Steelers games at discounted prices.

Announcing the new pricing policy Steelers GM Mike O’Connor said “We
have had many area’s to address on the issue of ticket prices, booking fee’s,
ticket availability and the introduction of flexi pack tickets.

”We are conscious of tough economic times at the moment and wanted to
introduce ways that’s individuals and families could come to as many Steelers
games as possible, thus by providing people the opportunity to acquire
tickets in advance at last years prices without a booking fee

“However as a business we were also more than aware that ticket prices
hadn’t risen for a lengthy period of time. The only increase we have made in
our pricing structure is for those buying their tickets on game day

“We’re excited by introduction of flexi pack tickets, it’s something we are
experimenting with other Elite League clubs. Our flexi pack tickets are as
flexible as you can get, buy a 3 game pack enjoy the ticket discount and
come to any 3 games of the year. We also will be selling vouchers for food at
the Arena at a cost of £5 (for a drink and a hot dog) so we are hoping that
the slogan leave you wallet at home rings true.
Steelers Ticket Prices 2008-09

Walk Up                             Steelers Flexi Pack Ticket Prices
Game Day Ticket     In Advance     3 Game 6 Game 9 Game

Adult:   £14.95     £13.50         £13.00     £12.50     £12.00
Senior   £10.50     £9.00          £8.50      £8.00      £7.50
Students £10.50     £9.00          £8.50      £8.00      £7.50
Disabled £10.50     £9.00          £8.50      £8.00      £7.50
Family £43.00       £37.00         £35.00     £33.00     £31.00

Please note that all Steelers game tickets can be purchased from either the
Sheffield Arena Box Office (0114 256 5656) or from the Steelers Office (0114
242 3535)

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