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									                                                         PATHFINDER INTERNATIONAL

NAME:                                                      OLUBISI ALAKE TUGBOBO
CITIZENSHIP:                                               NIGERIA
CURRENT POSITION:                                          LAGOS STATE TEAM LEADER
                                                           COMPASS NIGERIA

KEY QUALIFICATIONS: Ms. Tugbobo has over 15 years of experience in international health
program management at all levels, particularly in the field of family planning and reproductive
health. As a public health specialist and trained nurse-midwife, Ms. Tugbobo has technical
expertise in the areas of RH clinical management training, development of quality control
protocols, design of logical frameworks, institutional capacity building/organizational
development, and project monitoring and evaluation. Ms. Tugbobo began her career within the
public sector, holding various positions in the FMOH (Population Activity Dept., Disease
Control & International Health Dept., and Environmental & Occupational Division). In 1991 she
joined Pathfinder and her work expanded to include the NGO sector. Her duties currently, as the
State Team Leader for COMPASS Nigeria, a 5-year USAID funded project, include providing
leadership and strategic direction for programmatic, managerial and administrative decisions for
the Lagos State office of the project.
Ms Tugbobo was the Deputy Country Representative for Pathfinder International between 2001
and 2004, and her major duties include development and appraisal of RH project proposals;
negotiation with donors; provision of technical assistance as needed in clinical and non-clinical
training; development of project planning and budgeting for USAID and other donor grants; and
ensuring that Pathfinder meets USAID and other donor reporting requirements. Additionally,
Ms. Tugbobo possesses strong skills in areas such as human resource mobilization and
management, team building, coordination, facilitation and communication, and logistics and
information management. She has coordinated and supervised NGO programs in all 36 Nigerian
states including the federal capital territory, Abuja, with funding by a variety of donors (Ford
Foundation, Packard, DfID, and USAID).

LANGUAGE ABILITY: English – fluent; Yoruba – fluent.

M.A., Reproductive Health Program Management, Institute of Population Studies, University of
Exeter, UK, 1999.
Registered Midwife, School of Midwifery, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria, 1987.
Certificate, Health Visiting, School of Health Visitors (Public Health), University of Robert
Gordon, Aberdeen, Scotland, 1982.
Registered Nurse, School of Nursing, University of College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria, 1979.
Additional Coursework
International Fellowship for Nonprofit Governance, BoardSource, Washington DC, USA, 2001
State of the Art Training Course on Young Adult Reproductive Health, FOCUS, Pathfinder
International and The POLICY Project, Abuja, Nigeria, 2001.
Conference on “A Clinical Update on Women, Men and Families,” at the Association of
Reproductive Health Professionals Annual Conference for 2000.
                                                          PATHFINDER INTERNATIONAL

Regional workshop, Integrated RH Counseling, Pathfinder International, Nyeri, Kenya, 2000.
Workshop, Training of Trainers for Board Development Practitioners, Ford Foundation, Accra,
Ghana, 1998.
Workshop, Board Development in NGOs, Ford Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria, 1997.
Workshop, Quality of Care for Pathfinder’s NGOs, Pathfinder International, Nairobi, Kenya,
RAPID IV Training Program on Setting Population and Family Planning Targets, The Futures
Group, Lagos, Nigeria, 1994.
Infection Prevention in Family Planning Services, AVSC, Makurdi, Nigeria, 1993.
Workshop, Evaluation and Consulting Skills, USAID, Lagos, Nigeria, 1992.
Workshop, Management and Organizational Development, USAID, Lagos, Nigeria, 1992.
Family Life Education Workshop, Center for African Studies (CAFs), Mombassa, Kenya, 1991.
Clinical Service Resource Trainers – Master Trainers’ Course, Pathfinder, Abeokuta, Nigeria,
Advanced Management Trainers’ Course, Pathfinder International, Lagos, Nigeria, 1988.
Family Planning Providers’ Course, PPFN, Lagos, Nigeria, 1987.

Lagos State Team Leader, COMPASS/USAID Nigeria, August 2004 – present. Providing
leadership and strategic direction for programmatic, managerial and administrative decisions for
the Lagos State office of the project.
Deputy Country Representative, Pathfinder International, Lagos, Nigeria, December 2001-
2004. Responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction for programmatic, managerial,
and administrative running of the organization as a back up to the Country Representative.
Coordinates and provides technical oversight to all Pathfinder/Nigeria multi-based funding
projects which include USAID, Packard/Ford/MacArthur Foundations, and CIDA. Provides
supportive supervision to all program staff for overall quality outputs and optimum performance.
Senior Program Officer, Pathfinder International, Lagos, Nigeria, September 1998 –
November 2001. Collaborated with Pathfinder’s local partners to strengthen their capacities in
program management, leadership, and governance by developing and implementing appropriate
organizational development strategies, including institutionalization of management systems and
quality of care. Coordinated, monitored, and evaluated all clinical and management training
activities of the organization. Responsible for the development and appraisal of project proposals
for donors, as well as the establishment/adaptation of management support systems, guidelines,
standard protocols, and training materials for effective provision of RH services and training in
Nigeria. Served as Deputy to the Country Representative, as needed.
Program Officer, Institutional Capacity Building and Training, Pathfinder International,
Lagos, Nigeria, September 1994–1998. Responsible for the development of proposals and
management of Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and USAID-supported projects on
                                                          PATHFINDER INTERNATIONAL

integrated RH and community development, in collaboration with local and international NGOs.
Monitored the implementation of project activities and provided technical support to local
implementing partners (IPs) (NGOs). Coordinated the collaboration efforts of USAID IPs within
Pathfinder’s subproject to ensure successful implementation of project activities. Assessed local
NGOs to determine their organizational capacity to effectively and efficiently implement and
sustain integrated RH projects. Assisted local NGOs in developing strategic plans and attaining
organization capacity towards program sustainability. Provided technical assistance to
Pathfinder subprojects to establish and maintain effective and efficient management/operation
systems, such as Management Information System, Quality Assurance, Commodity and
Logistics, Income Generation, referral, etc.
 Program Officer, USAID/Family Health Services Project Technical Department, 1993–1994
and Pathfinder International, Clinical Training and Services, September 1991–1993.
Developed and appraised project proposals for FP training programs for both private and public
sectors at state, zonal, and national levels during the USAID Family Health Support project.
Coordinated, monitored, and evaluated clinical training activities at state, zonal, and national
levels to ensure high quality and conformity to national standards. Provided on-the-job-training
and clinical technical assistance to the different categories of family planning service providers
nationwide. Participated in the development of tools for assessing training needs and for
monitoring and evaluating training programs. Initiated the institutionalization of a family
planning course in Nigerian Health training institutions, such as Schools of Nursing, Health
Technology, and Medical Schools. Coordinated the Quality of Care Initiative Programs for FHS
public sector project nationwide. Maintained a training database for all training programs
conducted in the FHS project. Participated in the development and review of training
manuals/curricula used for both pre- and in-service training of family planning providers.
Program Officer, Department of Population Activity, Federal Ministry of Health, November
1988–August 1991. Coordinated and monitored national training programs on population-
related issues within the ministerial agencies, NGOs, and private sector to prevent duplication of
programs and ensure effective implementation of the National Population Policy. Participated in
the formulation of strategies for implementing the National Population Policy for development,
growth, and self-reliance.
Nursing Officer, Environmental and Occupational Division, Department of Disease Control
and International Health, Lagos, Nigeria, May 1983-November 1988. Conducted inspection of
factories and industries in Lagos State to ensure compliance with occupational safety rules and
regulations. Organized and conducted health safety training for industrial and factory workers.
Functioned effectively as the secretary to the Factory and Industrial Health Safety Maintenance

 “Community Based Initiative – The Nigerian Context, ”a paper presented at the USAID/Family
   Planning Services End of Project Conference in Washington D.C. 2000
 “Family Planning in Nigeria - The Past, The Present and The Future,” a paper presented at the
  National Youth Corpers Sensitization/Awareness Workshop at National Arts Theatre, Lagos,
  Nigeria, 1999.
 “Increasing Access to Reproductive Health among Women in Purdah in Mokola-Sabo,
                                                          PATHFINDER INTERNATIONAL

  Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria,” a successful dissertation submitted to the Institute of Population
  Studies, University of Exeter, England, U.K. in partial fulfillment for the award of an MA
  degree. (1999)
 “Motivation - A Means to Improving Performance,” a paper presented to Exeter University, in
  part fulfillment of a Masters degree program. (1999)
 “The Value of Children - Its Effect on Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa” a paper submitted to
  University of Exeter, England, U.K. as part fulfillment for an MA program (1998)
                                           PATHFINDER INTERNATIONAL


1.   Mr. Mike Egboh
     Country Respiration
     Pathfinder International
     248 Muri Okunola Street
     Victoria Island
     Lagos State, Nigeria.
     Tel/Fax: (234) 1 461 7774; 320 0676

2.   Dr. Babatunde Ahonsi
     Senior Program Officer
     The Ford Foundation
     Office For West Africa
     A.I.B Plaza, Level 6
     Akin Adesola Street
     Victoria Island
     Lagos State, Nigeria
     Tel: (234) 1 262 3971-2
     Fax: (234) 1 262 3973, 320 0983

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