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					        St Helena Herald                                             Volume VII, Number 29                    23rd November 2007

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                  Problems with Wind Turbine Generator Number 2
At 13.27 on Sunday the 11th of November Wind Turbine                 The safety of the two remaining turbines is our next concern,
Generator Number Two became separated from its tower and             the possibility of another shaft breaking is extremely unlikely,
fell to the ground. Damage to the top section of the tower and       but to be 100% sure these shafts will be removed and sent
the turbine sustained during the fall has left them unusable.        away for inspection, in the meantime parts from the new
At first it was believed that the bearing which allows the turbine   turbines will be fitted, and the turbines put back into
to turn on the top of the tower had failed. All three turbines       production. New bolts for the bearings are on order and until
had this bearing replaced about a year ago and there was the         these have been changed the old turbines will only be run
possibility of a manufacturing fault. Further investigation has      while the site is manned. The tower of Number Two will be
proved that this was not the case.                                   changed and one of the new turbines will be installed until a
The reason for the failure of the bearing was due to a               replacement arrives. It is important to have as many turbines
combination of events. During normal operation of the turbine        running as is possible, to reduce diesel consumption at the
a cog connected to an electric motor turns the turbine around        power station. The problems that had previously been
on top of the tower and keeps it facing into the wind. If any        experienced with the old turbines had more to do with the
problems occur in the turbine for example; high wind speeds,         control systems than the mechanical systems. The turbines
imbalance or a generator fault, the control system turns the         are now using the new control system and the output and
turbine out of the wind to a position where it slows down and        reliability have improved. In good wind the turbines are
eventually stops. The shaft connecting this cog to the motor         producing about 1000kwh each per day. Work is under way to
broke and the cog fell to the ground. The turbine was then left      bring the turbines back into production as quickly as possible
without the ability to turn, it could no longer follow the wind      and the next few weeks should see all three turbines up and
or in the case of a problem, turn itself out of the wind to a safe   running.
The cog was found on the ground and showed signs of having
fallen quite some time before the turbine fell to the ground.
Slight rust was found on the piece of shaft in the cog but none
was found on the other half of the shaft. Weather records
were checked and it was found that 19.10 on Saturday evening
was the only time it had rained over the weekend, proving the
cog had been on the ground before it rained. Closer inspection
of the shaft showed that a crack had formed in the shaft some
time ago, the crack had grown over time to about a third of the
way through the shaft, this had severely reduced the strength
of the shaft and led to it breaking off completely.
Unable to follow the wind or to turn itself to a safe position the
turbine started to get into difficulties and it is believed that a
wobble or imbalance developed and magnified to such a
degree as to start breaking the bolts that held the turbine to
the bearing. Ten bolts in total broke before the bearing bent            The bearing on the bottom of the turbine showing broken/
enough to come apart. It is not possible to say if the bolts                                  missing bolts.
broke all at once or one at a time. What we can say is that even
if staff had been present at the time, without the ability to turn
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        St Helena Herald                                          Volume VII, Number 29                     23rd November 2007

      Visit of Education Consultant                                      More Vocational Courses for
In October the Education Department saw the return of Consultant
                                                                                 St Helena
Lilla Yon.                                                                Thanks to Financial Support
Lilla is working as Primary Consultant / Trainer for the Centre for               from DFID
International Development and Training (CIDT) at the University
of Wolverhampton.                                                   The Department For International Development recently
This organisation holds the contract for the DFID funded St Helena approved a project valued at almost half a million pounds.
Education Support Programme and Lilla, a former Education Officer This will enable St Helena to continue developing its
for the St Helena Government, is now managing the programme. Adult and Vocational Education Service over the next
Lilla replaces Mary Surridge who has given substantive input three years.
into the programme over the years.                                     Chief Education Officer, Pamela Lawrence is delighted
                                                                       with the news. She said “Having an adult and vocational
As the CIDT Education Support Programme Co-ordinator, Lilla is
                                                                       service up and running is one of our key priorities and
responsible for managing the £2.5m budget and will continue to
                                                                       directly relates to our strategic objective of Continuing
do so until the end of the programme in December 2008. She is
                                                                       to improve the standard of education for the people of St
being assisted by her team, which includes Hayley Rogers the
                                                                       Helena. This funding will allow us to train more people in
Administration Officer, John Cocks who concentrates on the Adult
                                                                       a number of key areas so that St Helena can move forward
Vocational Education Service, Bob Langton who focuses on
                                                                       with developing a more skilled and qualified workforce.”
Secondary Education and Ray Mace is the overseas training and
placements coordinator. Mary Surridge is also continuing to give Executive Council was equally pleased and has asked
support.                                                              that DIFD be thanked for approving the funds so quickly.
While she is on the Island, Lilla will be mainly involved in training DFID Representative, Eddie Palmer said: “This is a really
the Primary Teachers to equip them for the reorganisation of the good project that helps St Helena on more than one level.
school system. Lilla will also be carrying out work on specific It supports the educational principles of life long learning
matters relating to the programme, for which she will be working and continuous personal and professional development.
closely with Chief Education Officer, Pamela Lawrence.                It enables a range of courses to be offered in segments
                                                                      that are critical to St Helena’s development. It also enables
As the CIDT ESP Co-Ordinator, Lilla has also been involved in individuals to benefit from that development, through
arranging overseas training programmes and exposure visits for improving skills and providing qualifications that will
employees from the Education Department. In addition she leads make them attractive to prospective employers.”
the recruitment process for overseas support teachers and submits
regular reports to SHG and DFID regarding the Education DFID’s financial contribution will be used to maximise
programme.                                                            the training needs of both the public and private sector
                                                                      on St Helena. The project will help develop a valuable
The Programme has a number of key objectives. These include and productive human resource, which can meet the
continuing to improve literacy, mathematics/numeracy and science political, economic and social changes facing the island
within the schools; and ensuring that St Helenians get as a result of the air access project.
internationally recognised qualifications.
                                                                      The project will include a number of key components.
Lilla has now been joined by Bob Langton to carry out a Learning
                                                                      The first will see St Helena introducing UK accredited
Review at Prince Andrew School. The review is expected to impact
                                                                      training programmes which will be equal to the UK
positively on learning at Prince Andrew School and therefore aims
                                                                      Apprenticeship Awards (City and Guilds). In this regard,
to improve performance, educational achievements and standards.
                                                                      the Education Department will be offering a variety of
St Helena also saw the arrival of Ian Cullingwood, the DFID courses in areas such as motor vehicle maintenance,
Education Advisor who is monitoring the overall progress of the construction and masonry, catering and hospitality, and
Education Support Programme which Lilla is managing. He is also travel and tourism.
working with all key stakeholders to identify critical areas of focus
                                                                      The project will also see the introduction of an
for any further programme of support from DFID beyond the
                                                                      internationally recognised construction course, which will
current programme which ends end December 2008.
                                                                      allow for persons in the construction field to become
In her new role, Lilla is making an important contribution to the qualified. This should increase their chances of being
strategic objective: “Continue to improve the standard of education employed for the Air Access Project, and in other
for the people of St Helena.”                                         associated developments.
Lilla has spent her career in the field of education. She commenced The programme will also focus on the training of
working as a teacher in 1975 and then progressed to roles and instructors in a variety of disciplines so that courses can
positions such as the Post of Responsibility for English in First continue to be delivered in the future.
Schools, Head teacher, Education Officer First Schools, Education The Education Department will also introduce a National
Officer Primary and Acting Chief Education Officer on several Vocational Qualification, Level 4 in Business and
occasions. In 2001 Lilla successfully gained a Masters of Education Administration. This will allow a number of people to
Degree from Bristol University. Lilla now resides in the UK and further develop their business and administrative skills.
is enjoying the new challenges of working for CIDT and the
                                                                      The Education Department will advise on components of
Education Support Programme.
                                                                      the programme as they become active.
Public Relations/Information Office
                                                                       Public Relations/Information Office
Office of the Chief Secretary
                                                                       Office of the Chief Secretary
21 November 2007
                                                                       21 November 2007

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