Gun Sale 215 – Feb 16 2008 Catalogue by sofiaie

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									Gun Sale #215 – Feb 16, 2008 Catalogue 
    1.   Bill C-68, or Prohib 12-6, indicates guns which were prohibited under Bill C-68 & they can only be purchased by people who
         already own this type of gun. Please ask us if you are in doubt.
    2.   Some firearms such as machine guns & some s/auto rifles can only be sold to Special Category Buyers & you must be sure
         that you already qualify.
    3.   Some firearms that are considered “Antique” by U.S.A. standards, such as modern perc. & flintlocks, & any gun made
         before 1898, are not always considered “Antique” in Canada. Ask Jim Baggaley about any guns you may want to buy so as
         to avoid problems. Please familiarize yourself with the current import regulations as we cannot be responsible for U.S.
         regulations any more than we can be responsible for changes in Canadian regulations.
    4.   Please note: We cannot store guns forever, so please make your shipping arrangements etc. as soon after the Auction as
         you can.
    5.   NOTE!... All ammo & components require at least a P.O.L. & we cannot ship these by regular carriers so please make other

Please note: There are approx. 25-Scooters & Quads that will be sold at different spots during the Auction to allow the
Staff to have them running. They are listed in the “X-Files” at the end of the Catalog but We will try to get them
through as soon as possible. We hope you will enjoy having a chance to bid on some of these great items. No special
Motorcycle Licence is needed to operate them, they are automatic, and are 4-cycle engines that use ordinary gas and not very much
of that per mile. Many of them are new, or have very little mileage on them. They can be a lot of fun for the whole family so give it
a try.

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-1.---      Ser.# 25873, Hopkins & Allen, (non visible), mod. Double Action, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [nickle
                 plated, grip cracked on left side.] FRC#L-194095. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-2.---      Ser.# 508493, Ruby Extra, (Gabilondo, Spain), mod. XIII, .32 Long cal.,6-shot rev. w/80mm bbl. [blue finish,
                 wood grips.] FRC#L-166190. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-3.---      Ser.# 576628, Ruby Extra, (Gabilondo, Spain), mod. XIII, .32 Long cal., 6-shot rev., 152mm bbl.[appears exc.,
                 except for very light number scratched on action..] FRC#L-213140. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-4.---      Ser.# 52250, Webley & Scott, mod. Mk. III, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/76mm bbl. [appears VG, stamped
                 “Commonwealth Bank, slight holster wear.] L-113076. HG*

215-A-5.---      Ser.# 199419, Webley, mod. Mk. VI, .455 Rev. Ctg., 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [blue turning brown, chipped r/grip
                 by lanyard ring, grip strap is pencil engraved w/Gil Kjorsvik name.] FRC#L-182590. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-6.---        Ser.# 131629, Webley & Scott, mod. Metropolitan Police, 7.65 cal. 8-shot, s/auto pistol w/88mm bbl. [appears
part nickle ?, part blue, poss. polished, good grips.] FRC#L-224946. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-7.---      Ser.# 81690, Savage, mod. 1907, .32 Auto cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/95mm bbl. [appears VG.] FRC# L-236259.

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-8.---      Ser.# 403194, Beretta, mod. 1931, 7.65 cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/89mm bbl. [appears good, w/horn grips
                 w/Beretta medallions.] FRC# L-213136. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-9.---      Ser.# BF1558, MAB, (Mfg. de Armes de Bayonne), 7.65 cal. 9-shot, s/auto pistol w/102mm bbl. [appears VG,
                 w/extra “older” MAB clip.] FRC# K251791. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-10.---     Ser.# 876782, Mauser, (Werke), mod. HSC, 7.65 cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/82mm bbl. [slight holster wear, has
                 Mauser banner, & good wooden grips, poss. Nazi marked, (wings over 135, & wings w/ “N”).] FRC# L-224945.

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-11.---     Ser.# 31726, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammerless Automatic, .32 S&W, 5-shot rev. w/76mm bbl. [Nickle finish,
                 good grips.] FRC# L-213138. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-12.---     Ser.# 239505, Colt, mod. 1903-Pocket Hammerless, .32 Auto cal., 9-shot, s/auto pistol w/98mm bbl. [traces of
                 blue, wooden grips w/Colt medallions.] FRC#L-213137. HG*
Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-13.---     Ser.# 285, Bliss & Goodyear, mod. Defiance, .22 Short, 7-shot rev. w/57mm bbl.[spur trigger, bird’s head
                 rosewood grips, traces of blue.] FRC#L-113078. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-14.---     Ser.# 26, Unk. European, mod. Acier Pondo, .32 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/54mm bbl. [nickle plated, floral engraved,
                 folding trigger, Ivory grips.] FRC# L-224941. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-15.---     Ser.# A3901, Forehand Arms Co., mod Top-Break, Hinged Frame, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [nickle
                 plated, checkered wooden grips.] FRC# L-183957. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-16.---     Ser.# 112962, Zephyr, (by Rohm) mod. Zephyr, .22 Short cal., 6-shot rev. w/62mm bbl. [blue w/black plastic
                 grips.] FRC# L-223940. HG*

215-A-17.---     Ser.# 26444, Savage, mod. 101, .22 LR cal. 1-shot pistol w/110mm bbl. [this gun looks like a revolver and the cyl.
                 appears loaded when viewed from the front. Savage insignia & walnut grips, appears VG+.] FRC # L-094989.

215-A-18.---     Ser.# 346508, Webley, mod. Mk VI, .455 Rev. cal., 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [missing lanyard ring, war finish, 1-
                 wood & 1-black mismatched grips.] FRC # L-183955. HG*

215-A-19.---     Ser.# 726523, Smith & Wesson, mod. Military & Police, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [stamped .38/380,
walnut grips w/S&W medallion, missing lanyard base.] FRC # L-223943. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-20.---     Ser.# 85331, Smith & Wesson, mod. 33, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/102mm bbl. [appears VG+, blue w/checkered
                 wooden grips w/S&W medallions, a former Bank Of Canada gun.] FRC#535868.. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-21.---     Ser.# 1207A, Bernardelli, mod. Pocket, .32 Auto cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/89mm bbl. [appears VG, varnish on
                 grips worn, c/w/extra clip.] FRC#L-113072. HG*

215-A-22.---     Ser.# 2129, Bernardelli, mod. Standard, .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/254mm bbl. [target type pistol,
                 appears VG+.] FRC# L-115834. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-23.---     Ser.# 38424, Colt, mod. New Line 2nd. Model, .22 Short cal. 7-shot rev. w/57mm bbl. [ca. 1873-77, spur trigger,
                 nickle finish over brass frame, rosewood birdshead grips, long cyl. flutes.] FRC# L-113080. HG*

215-A-24.---     Ser.# 09538, Uberti & Gardone, (Italy), mod. 1875-Outlaw, (copy of Rem.0 .45 Colt cal. 6-shot rev. w/191mm bbl.
                 [case colored frame, appears good except for pencil engraving on both sides of ejector rod housing.] FRC#125638.

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-A-25.---     Ser.# 3813, Marlin, mod. 38-Standard 1878, .38 CF cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [ ca. 1878-1887, grey finish,
                 dark brown hard rubber grips w/initials JMM (earlier productions pre-1881), spur trigger, appears to function well,
                 includes a current Lawrence holster.] FRC# 113690. HG*

215-A-26.---     Large framed Cartridge Collection, approx. 2' x 3', under glass, containing about 175 rounds, ranging from early
                 pin-fires, & .22 cal. up to .50 cal., some shot-shells, a Gatling gun ctg. etc all nicely displayed. {a great value, be
                 sure and look this over!!}

215-A-27.---     Scrimshaw decorated Ivory whale’s tooth, depicting Sailing ship hunting whales.

215-A-28.---     Scrimshaw decorated Ivory whale’s tooth depicting Mountain climbers roped together scaling a mountain peak.

215-B-1.---      Ser.# 26789, Win., mod. 1912, .20 ga. 2 ½", P/act. shotgun w/25" bbl. [ca. 1913, 2nd. year of prod., fading blue,
                 good wood.] FRC#11366657.

215-B-2.---      Ser.# 89929, Webley & Scott Ltd., 78-Shaftsbury Avenue, London & Birmingham, .16 ga.,       2 3/4", SxS H/brk.
                 hammerless shotgun w/28" bbls. [w/rounded checkered p/grip stock & forend, w/Hawkins recoil pad, fading blue.]

215-B-3.---      Ser.# 56750, W & C Scott & Sons, 16-GR. Costa Street, Regent Circus, London, .12 ga. SxS hammerless H/brk.
                 shotgun w/30" bbls. [Scroll engraved, English style checkered straight stock w/Redhead recoil pad, fading brown
                 Damascus pattern on bbls.] FRC#11038945.
215-B-4.---      Ser.# 2320, J. Forsyth, Bedford St., London, .12 ga. SxS H/brk. hammerless shotgun w/30" Damascus bbls. [light
                 scroll engraved case colored rcvr. & hammers, English straight checkered stock & forend, w/horn butt-plate.
                 (Unfortunately the right hammer was broken in shipping to us but the pieces are with the gun) ] FRC#11133084.

215-B-5.---      Ser.# 6712, Leige, mod. Columbia, .410 ga. SxS hammer H/brk. shotgun w/26" bbls. [has rounded checkered
                 p/grip stock, some case color on rcvr.] FRC#11196331.

215-B-6.---      Ser.# 6708, Leige, mod. Columbia, .28 ga. SxS hammer, H/brk, shotgun w27 ½" bbls. [rounded checkered p/grip
                 stock, case colored rcvr., nice & tight action.] FRC#10852387.

215-B-7.---      Ser.# 2859, Unknown, Belgian, mod. SxS, .12ga. hammerless, H/brk. shotgun w/30" bbls. [has <E> on frame,
                 indicating made for Eatons Dept. Store, has rounded checkered p/grip stock.] FRC#_____

215-B-8.---      Ser.# 7125, L.C. Smith, (Hunter Arms), mod. Side-by-side, .12 ga. H/brk. hammerless shotgun w/30" bbls.
                 [ejectors, 2-triggers, lightly scroll engraved w/game bird scenes, replaced p/grip buttstock w/ “Game Bird” recoil
                 pad.] FRC#11204508.

215-B-9.---      Ser.# 21869, Lefevre Arms Co., mod. Side-by-side, .12 ga. H/brk. hammerless shotgun w/30" bbls. [checkered
                 p/grip stock & forend, some case color, extractor, cocking indicators.] FRC#11038944.

215-B-10.---     Ser.# 211260, L.C. Smith, mod. “The L.C. Smith”, .12 ga. SxS hammerless shotgun w/30" bbls. [ejectors, case
                 colored rcvr., tight action, checkered p/grip stock, (missing cap).] FRC#11366658.

215-B-11.---     Ser.# 64203, L.C. Smith, mod. Side-by-side, .16 ga. hammerless shotgun w/30" bbls. [traces of case colors, &
                 blue, replaced butt-stock w/recoil pad.] FRC#11358680.

215-B-12.---     Ser.# 518712, Herbert Schmidt, mod. 21-Texas Scout, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/120mm bbl. [appears VG, good
                 wood & grips.] FRC#1019112. HG*

215-B-13.---     Ser.# BER166381M, Beretta, mod. M96, .40 S&W, 10-shot s/auto pistol w/121mm bbl. [appears VG.]
                 FRC#10977876. HG*

215-B-14.---     Ser.# BER066200M, Beretta, mod. M96, .40 S&W, 10-shot s/auto pistol w/121mm bbl. [appears VG, some holster
                 wear.] FRC#10977871. HG*

215-B-15.---     Ser.# BER042545M, Beretta, mod. M96, .40 S&W, 10-shot s/auto pistol w/121mm bbl. [some slight holster wear,
                 has Hogue grips.] FRC#10977879. HG*

215-B-16.---     Ser.# 30717, Ojanguren Y Mercaido, mod. Brow, .38 Long cal. 6-shot rev. w/110mm bbl. [nickle finish, chipped
                 grip, some storage damage.] FRC#10986763.. HG*

215-B-17.---     Ser.# 801185, Win., mod. 1894, .30 WCF cal. RBFM L/act. rifle w/26" bbl. [crescent butt-plate, repair to rcvr.,
                 good work.] FRC#10704918.

215-B-18.---     Ser.# 9539, Thiem, mod. Drilling, .16 ga. x .16 ga. over 9.3x72R cal., H/brk. combination gun w/680mm bbls.
                 [checkered p/grip stock w/raised cheek-piece, & bullet trap, scroll engraved, back action locks.] FRC#11197037.

215-B-19.---     Large metal locking storage box, approx. 48" x 15" x 14".

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-B-20.---     Ser.# 116496U, Colt, mod. Police Positive, .32 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/102mm bbl. [appears VG+.]
                 FRC#11265030. HG*

215-B-21.---     Ser.# 1468818, Win., mod. 94, .32 Win. spl. cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [missing butt-plate.] FRC#10135179.

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-B-22.---     Ser.# 520185, Mauser, mod. 1934, 7.65mm cal. 8-shot, s/auto pistol w/89mm bbl. [Mauser banner appears VG, 1-
                 pce. checkered wooden grip.] FRC#8598348. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-B-23.---     Ser.# 1683N, Luger, (DWM), mod. P-08, 7.65mm cal. * shot s/auto pistol w/101mm bbl. [fading blue, take-down
                 lever not matching number, no number on wood clip knob, good grips.] FRC#11265035. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-B-24.---     Ser.# 870800, Llama, mod. 111-A, .380 Auto cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/94mm bbl. [appears VG+.]
                 FRC#11265029. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-B-25.---     Ser.# 139980, CZ, mod. 27, 7.65mm cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/98mm bbl. [slight holster wear, chipped right
                 grip.] FRC#11265034. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-B-26.---     Ser.# E02831, Walam, mod. 48, 9mm Browning long, 8-shot s/auto pistol w/98mm bbl. [appears exc.]
                 FRC#11265033. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-B-27.---     Ser.# 500076, Walther, (Manhurin), mod. PPK, 7.65mm cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/83mm bbl. [appears VG.]
                 FRC#11265033. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-B-28.---     Ser.# 552457, Walther, mod. 9, 6.35mm cal. 6-shot s/auto pistol w/51mm bbl. [extra clip, cracked left grip.]
                 FRC#11265031. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-B-29.---     Ser.#J316012, Smith & Wesson, mod. 36, .38 spl. cal. 5-shot rev. w/48mm bbl. [fading blue.] FRC#11265037.

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-B-30.---     Ser.# 36656, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammerless, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/76mm bbl. [no finish, chipped &
                 cracked grips.] FRC#10987238. HG*

215-B-31.---     Ser.# 68254, Schmidt Rubin, mod. 1889, 7.5 cal. full wood milt. clip-fed straight pull rifle w/31" bbl. [w/leather
                 sling, appears VG.] FRC#9870948.

215-B-32.---     Ser.# Z400511, Benelli, mod. Nova, .12 ga. 3 ½", P/act. shotgun w/28" V-rib bbl. [black composite stock & forend,
w/2-extra choke tubes & tool, appears unfired, as new.] FRC#11573399.

215-B-33.---     Ser.# 868841, CZ, mod. ZKM452 American Classic, .17 HMR cal., clip-fed. B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [checkered
                 p/grip, oil finished stock, appears as new, unfired, w/box.] FRC#10842311.

215-B-34.---     Ser.# NX019763, Win., mod. 1500 XTR, .12 ga. 2 3/4". S/auto shotgun w/28" bbl., w/screw-in choke. [gloss finish
                 checkered p/grip stock, appears VG, a few mraks.] FRC#11419314.

215-B-35.---     Ser.# G6245433, Rem., mod. 700-BDL, .25/06 Rem. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [gloss finish checkered p/grip stock
                 w/raised cheek-piece & black caps, deluxe rings & bases, appears exc.] FRC#11471727.

215-B-36.---     Ser.# 7033869, Ruger, mod. All Weather-77/17, .17 Mach II, clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/20" grey stainless bbl. [grey
                 finish laminated p/grip stock, integral base, w/grey finished Ruger rings, appears new in box.] FRC#10776264.

215-B-37.---     Ser.# 267479, Sako, mod. Finnlight, #3, .243 Win., cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/21" satin finished fluted bbl. [2-tone
                 composite p/grip stock, Abloy Key-concept locking system, appears new in box.] FRC#5061899.

215-B-38.---     Ser.# 081303, Hatsan, mod. Escort, .12 ga., 3", P/act. shotgun w/20" bbl. [dull stainless finish, long mag. tube,
                 black, impressed checkered composite p/grip stock, appears new in box.] FRC#10789486.

215-B-39.---     Ser.# 6506990, Win., mod. 94AE, .357 mag. cal., L/act., S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [appears VG, a few marks, has
                 a hammer extension.] FRC#11559528.

215-B-40.---     Ser.# 244833V, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/19" bbl. [used, w/Uncle Mike’s
                 nylon shell holder on stock.] FRC#__

215-B-41.---     Ser.# T2271, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 1, Mk. III*, .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [w/Monte-
                 Carlo style p/grip stock w/roll-over cheekpiece & black caps.] FRC#11158382.

215-B-42.---     Ser.# 685991V, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/30" plain bbl. [p/grip stock,
                 appears VG.] FRC#11456104.

215-B-43.---     Ser.# R30253-07, Stoeger, mod. Condor Competition, (1-AE) .12 ga. 3", over & under shotgun w/30" vented &
                 ported bbls., w/extra screw-in chokes & tools. [checkered p/grip stock w/adjustable comb, single-trigger ejector
                 model, appears new in box, unfired.] FRC#10854512.

215-B-44.---     Ser.# Nil., Stevens, mod. 58, .12 ga. 2 3/4", clip-fed B/act. shotgun w/26" bbl. [fading blue, some storage damage
                 to bbl., good wood.] FRC#11454355.

215-B-45.---     Ser.# 34226, Win., mod. M-59, .12 ga. 2 3/4" s/auto shotgun w/30" bbl. [engraved bird hunting scenes, checkered
                 p/grip stock.] FRC#10687729.

215-B-46.---     Ser.# H126730, Weatherby, (Japan),mod. Mk. V, .300 Wthby. mag. cal. B/act. rifle w/26" tapered bbl. [hi-gloss
                 finish checkered p/grip stock w/rosewood caps, Weaver bases, appears VG, w/a few minor bumps.]

215-B-47.---     Ser.# G544085, Lakefield Mossberg, mod. 400-G, .12 ga. 3", P/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [p/grip stock, fading blue.]

215-B-48.---     Ser.# A055473, CZ, mod. 452-2E ZKM, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/630mm bbl. [appears as new, poss. test-
                 fired, gloss finished European style p/grip stock & schnabel forend.] FRC#11449807.

215-B-49.---     Ser.# NU350597, New England Firearms, (H & R), mod. SB-2 Handi-Rifle, .45/70 Govt. cal. s/shot, brk/act. rifle
                 w/22" bbl. [appears new in box w/book & N/Eng. lock.] FRC#9245535.

215-B-50.---     Ser.# M589986V, Rem., mod. 1100, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/28" V-rib bbl. [engraved rcvr., gloss finished
                 impressed checkered p/grip stock & forend, appears VG+.] FRC#____
215-B-51.---    Ser.# 0340083, Savage, mod. 93R17, .17 HMR cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/21" bull bbl. [black checkered p/grip
                composite stock w/Weaver mnts., appears as new, poss. test-fired.] FRC#11258649.

215-B-52.---    Ser.# Nil., Mossberg, mod. 151M, (a), .22 LR cal. tube-fed, s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [p/grip full wood stock w/Tasco
                4x32 scope & Weaver rings.] FRC#11158379.

215-B-53.---    Ser.# 0671265, Savage, mod. 93R17, .17 HMR cal., clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/20 ½” standard bbl. [black composite
                p/grip stock, appears new in box w/book, etc., unfired.] FRC#9972562.

215-B-54.---    Ser.# 775869, Tikka, mod. T3-Light Hunter, .300 Win. mag. cal, clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/24"bbl. [has bbl. sight,
                swollen checkered p/grip stock, appears new in box w/booklet.] FRC#11276468.

215-B-55.---    Ser.# 71415, Cooey, mod. 84, .12 ga. 2 3/4", Brk/act. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [faded blue, good wood.]

The following pair of Pistols will be sold so-much each x-2, as they are each registered.
They are reproductions of Spanish Military Pistols as used by the Body-Guards of King Fernando VII.

215-C-1.---     Ser.# 16618, Zuloaga, mod. 2-B, .50 Flintlock cal. 1-shot pistol w/177mm bbl. [w/booklet & case, unfired.]
                FRC#H-87466. HG*
215-C-2.---     Ser.# 16642, Zuloaga, mod. 2-B, .50 Flintlock cal. 1-shot pistol w/177mm bbl. [unfired.] FRC#H-87467. HG*

215-C-3.---     Ser.# 332503, Mauser, mod. C-96, Broomhandle, 7.63 Maus. cal. 10-shot, s/auto pistol w/140mm bbl. [appears
                VG, some wear spots from holster, appears all matching numbers, comes w/replica wooden shoulder stock/holster
                which lacks the attachment lug, plus a stripper clip w/9-rnds. ammo.] FRC#5347537. HG*

215-C-4.---     Ser.# 00ESLR0126, Win., (Japan), mod. 1886 Extra-Light, .45/70 cal. L/act. rifle w/22" rnd. bbl. & ½ mag. [plain
                stock w/shotgun butt, New in box, w/cable lock.] FRC#2957380.

215-C-5.---     Ser.# CN01529, Win., mod. 94, Ltd. Edition High-Grade, .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/26", ½ rnd., ½ oct. bbl., ½
                mag. [Deluxe checkered p/grip stock & forend, engraved, w/gold inlays. New in box.] FRC#880234.

215-C-6.---     Ser.# LBH06163, Win., mod. 94, Little Big Horn, .44/40 cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [appears New in box, w/the
                “Book” (In The Valley Of The Little Big Horn).] FRC#8749361.

215-C-7.---     Ser.# 614747, Win., mod. 1892, .32/20 Win. cal. L/act. S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [wood sanded & refinished, some
                wear to blue.] FRC#556721.

215-C-8.---     Ser.# 2244, Win., mod. 53, .25/20 cal. L/act. rifle w/22" bbl., button mag. [traces of blue, good wood, crescent
                butt-plate.] FRC#5929885.

215-C-9.---     Ser.# 36459, Win., mod. 1895, .30/40 Krag cal. L/act. rifle w/28" bbl. [fading blue, checkered schnable style
                forend, w/cresc. butt-plate..] FRC#8172042.

215-C-10.---    Ser.# Nil., Marlin, mod. 27S, .32/20, (gun is marked .25/20 incorrectly.) P/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl. [reblued, wood
                good.] FRC#11211815.

215-C-11.---    Ser.# 4850, F. Wild, 35-Whittall St., Birmingham, .12 ga., SxS hammerless shotgun w/28" bbls. [fine scroll
                engraving, deluxe checkered English straight stock w/Pachmayr recoil pad, good Damascus pattern showing.]

215-C-12.---    ANTIQUE: Ser.# 50583, Smith & Wesson, mod. No. 2, (#2 Army), 32 RF cal. 6-shot rev. w/6" oct. bbl. [ca. 1861-
                74, fading blue, good grips, brown leather flap type holster.]         NO FAC REQUIRED

215-C-13.---    ANTIQUE: Ser.# 1273, F.D. Bliss, mod. Pocket, .25 RF cal. 6-shot spur trigger ev. w/3 1/4" oct. bbl. [ca. 1863-64,
                est. quantity only 3,000, no blue, good grips, w/good modern leather holster.] NO FAC REQUIRED.

215-C-14.---    Ser.# 27769SA, Colt, mod. 1873, S/act. Army, 2nd. Generation, .45 LC, 6-shot rev. w/190mm bbl. [good blue,
                w/slight wear at front & back grip straps, case colors, stag type grips, some ring marks on cyl.] FRC#8912366.

215-C-15.---    Ser.# 44K3942, Smith & Wesson, mod. 19-4, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [good blue, left grip
                trimmed by trigger.] FRC#3620801. HG*

215-C-16.---    Ser.# 30374520, Ruger, mod. P-85, Mk. II, 9mm x 19 cal., 10-shot s/auto pistol w/110mm bbl. [2-tone stainless,
                w/Pachmayr Signature model grips, white dot sights, w/mounted Laserlyt sight, booklet & sight instructions.]
                Appears exc.] FRC#3620806. HG*

215-C-17.---    Ser.# 21910267, Ruger, mod. Mk. II, Target, Bull-Bbl., .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/140mm bbl. [Stainless,
                w/Pachmayr grips & booklet.] FRC#3620805. HG*

Prohib, 12-6:
215-C-18.---    Ser.# 144430, CZ, mod. 1924, 9mm cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/89mm bbl. {appears good, good grips.]
                FRC#3620803. HG*
Prohib, 12-6:(Dealer only, for parts or Export, no previous registry)
215-C-19.---   Ser.# 04057, Classic Arms, mod. Twister, .36 perc. cal. 2-bbl. rotating pistol w/3 ½" bbl. [appears good w/white
               plastic grips.] FRC#______________

215-C-20.---     Leather gun belt & holster w/a few rnds. .45 LC ammo, & hunting knife w/scabbard by George Wolstenholme &
                 Son, Sheffield, England, w/stag handle.

215-C-21.---     Leather, Bianchi holster #89 for .22 s/auto pistol.

215-C-22.---     Ser.# 02797PT697, Browning, mod. 1886, High-Grade, .45/70 Govt. cal., L/act. rifle w/26" oct. bbl. [appears
       , hi-gloss checkered, deluxe wood bright action engraved & w/gold inlays of Buffalo & Elk in scenery.]

215-C-23.---     Ser.# 130921, Win., mod.1894, (mod.94 on bbl.) .25/35, cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [an excellent restoration to as
                 new.] FRC#5007745.

215-C-24.---     Ser.# 387625, Stevens, (Savage), mod. Favorite 30-G, .22 LR cal. s/shot, falling block rifle w/21", part rnd., part
                 oct. bbl. [appears new in orig. box, w/booklet.] FRC#515039.

215-C-25.---     Ser.# L476, Stevens, mod. Favorite, 1915, .25 Stevens RF cal. s/shot falling block rifle w/24" bbl. [restored to as
                 new, good bore, orig. butt-plate.] FRC#5007736.

215-C-26.---     Ser.# T303, Stevens, mod. Favorite, 1915, .22 LR cal. s/shot falling block rifle w/22", part rnd., part oct. bbl.
                 [fading blue, good bore, a few marks on wood, original butt-plate.] FRC#5007737.

215-C-27.---     Ser.# 7316623, Ruger, mod. M-77, 7mm Rem. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [w/Ruger rings, leather sling w/quik-off
                 swivels, appears exc.] FRC#_______________

215-C-28.---     Ser.# 16828PM117, Browning, mod. BBR, .270 Win. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears as new, unfired,
                 w/Browning rings & bases.] FRC#________________

215-C-29.---     Ser.# 02229PN247, Browning, mod. 1885, High-Wall, .45/70 Govt. cal. s/shot falling block rifle w/28" oct. bbl.
                 [appears exc., Hi-gloss checkered English straight stock w/quik-off swivels.] FRC#__________

215-C-30.---     Ser.# 01015PM117, Browning, mod. BBR, .25/06 cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears as new, unfired, w/Browning
                 bases & rings, Hi-gloss checkered p/grip stock & forend.] FRC#____________

215-C-31.---     Ser.# 12420873, Ruger, mod. 10/22 Carbine, .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/18 ½" bbl. FRC#______________

215-C-32.---     Ser.# N223832V, Rem., mod. 1100-Left Hand, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/30" V-rib bbl. [engraved rcvr., Hi-
                 gloss checkered p/grip stock & forend.] FRC#_____________

215-C-33.---     Ser.# L000489, Lakefield, mod. 64B, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [w/leather sling. Missing clip.]

Restricted like a Handgun.
215-C-34.---     Ser.# SP234765, Colt, mod. AR-15 A2, H-Bar Sporter, .223 cal. clip-fed, 5-shot s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [black
                 compos. p/grip stock & forend.] FRC#5653335. RI*
Restricted like a Handgun.
215-C-35.---     Ser.# 95386, Eagle Arms, mod. Armalite M-15, A-2, 5.56 mm cal., clip-fed 5-shot s/auto rifle w/406mm bbl.
                 [collapsible tube-style stock, black comp. p/grip & forend, appears exc.]. FRC#8670073. RI*

215-C-36.---     Ser.# H004489, Walther, mod. P-22, .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/127mm bbl. [appears exc., w/extra clip,
                 orig. box, book, & new safety lock system.] FRC#_______________ HG*

215-C-37.---     Ser.# SAH3819, Smith & Wesson, mod. SW99, .45 Auto cal. 9-shot s/auto pistol w/108mm bbl. [w/orig. box, extra
                 clip, book, tool, etc. appears exc.] FRC#8670074. HG*

215-C-38.---     Ser.# 31312647, Magnum Research, mod. Baby Eagle, 9mm x 19, 10-shot s/auto pistol w/120mm bbl. [w/orig.
                 box, extra clip, cleaning rod, booklet, etc., appears exc.] FRC#7117630. HG*

215-C-39.---     Ser.# 0025681, Norinco, mod. HP-9, .12 ga. 3", pump/act. shotgun w/14" factory bbl. [appears exc., w/black
                 composite p/grip stock ] FRC#7050889.

215-C-40.---     Ser.# 956771, Tikka, mod. M595-RH, .243 Win. cal. B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [satin finish bbl. & action, w/Tikka rings,
                 black synthetic stock w/swollen p/grip] FRC#5611592.

215-C-41.---     Bushnell, Sportview, 6x18x40 scope, plus: camo rifle case.

215-C-41.---     Ser.# 237006, Savage, mod. 1899, .303 Sav. cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [Note! The cal. is .303 Savage, not .303
                 British, ca. 1921, finish poor, wood revarnished.] FRC#11009477.

215-C-42.---     Ser.# 6163806, Boito, mod. Hiker, .410 ga. 3", hinge/brk. s/shotgun w/12" bbl. [appears exc., & is not restricted !
                 ] FRC#10550540.
215-C-43.---     ANTIQUE: German Pottsdam percussion musket, dated 1837, .79 perc. cal. musket w/31 ½" bbl. [metal ramrod,
                 2-band, full w2ood, w/brass furniture, w/crest of Frederick Wilham on stock, also proof mkd. on bbl.] NO FAC

215-C-44.---     ANTIQUE: English, s/shot, .12 ga. perc. fowler, (conversion from flintlock), w/41 ½" bbl., mkd. “London” on lock
                 plate, w/brass furniture & buttplate. NO FAC REQUIRED

215-C-45.---     Ser.# 89902, Mauser, mod. C-96, Mauser Banner, Broomhandle, 7.63 cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/140mm bbl.
                 [shows some holster wear, all matching numbers including ths wooden shoulder holster/stock that is missing the
                 lid, but it has the hinge. Has small ring & 32-line grips, only approx. 10,000 made in ser.# range 84,00 to 94,000,
                 has Mauser Banner trademark on top of chamber making this an extremely rare gun.] FRC#11591543. HG*

215-C-46.---     Ser.# 257360, Win., mod. 1894, .30 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl. full mag. [bbl. poss. trimmed slightly, no
                 finish, wood good but sanded, has cresc. butt-plate, & a leather sling.] FRC#___________

215-C-47.---     Ser.# K124088, Thompson Center Arms, mod. Hawken Perc. Rifle Reproduction, .45 perc. cal. ½ stocked rifle
                 w/28" oct. bbl. [appears good, set trigger, embossed scroll decoration on lock, brass furniture & inset cap-box,
                 wooden ramrod.] FRC#_____________

215-C-48.---     Ser.# AF13702, Lee-Enfield, No. 4, Mk. I, (1942), .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/640mm bbl. [appears exc.,
                 w/pewter butt-plate.] FRC#10105321.

215-C-49.---     Ser.# 157861, Husqvarna, mod. M-98 action, 8x57 cal. B/act. rifle w/23 ½" bbl. [appears VG+, normal wear to
                 checkered p/grip stockbore exc., open sights & scope mnts.] FRC#10521793

215-C-50.---     Ser.# 13123600, Ruger, mod. No. 1, 7x57 cal. s/shot falling block rifle w/22" bbl. [Appears as new, deluxe wood,
                 checkered p/grip stock.] FRC#10460087.

215-C-51.---     Ser.# 13421, Husqvarna, mod. M-96 action, 9.3x57 cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [Appears VG+, exc. bore, checkered
                 p/grip stock, has open sights & fitted with hi-rise mnt w/Crown, 2.5x20 scope. The mount easily removes or you
                 can use the open sights with the scope in place.. An exceptional scope w/post type cross-hairs. Also include 22-
                 rnds. new brass.] FRC#10521794.

215-C-52.---     Ser.# MB10B0514255, International Arms, mod. M-10, Target, .308 cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/25" bbl. [New, test
                 fired only!, w/sight rail, front sight tool, & 2-mags, in orig. box.] FRC#10399496.

215-C-53.---     Ser.# G6350938, Rem., mod. 700, Classic, 8x57 (8mm Maus.) Cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [new in box, w/scope
                 bases only.] FRC#10801142.

215-C-54.---     Ser.# 27499, Rem., mod. 760, Gamemaster, .30/06 Spring. cal. clip-fed P/act. rifle w/22" bbl.[fitted w/Williams
                 adjustable peep sight, appears good, w/good bore.] FRC#9607620.

215-C-55.---     Ser.# E134982, Savage, mod. 99, .250 Sav. cal. L/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [early 80's production, appears exc., the
                 last model with internal spool magazine. impressed checkered p/grip stock w/high comb, & Pachmayr recoil pad.
                 Has open sights & scope base.] FRC#10575201.

215-C-56.---     Ser.# NFO0433, Win., (USRAC), mod. 95, .30/06 Spring. cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears new, a bit of scroll
                 engraving on action, checkered straight stock w/schnabel type checkered forend, has safety switch on upper tang.]

215-C-57.---     Ser.# D728593M, Rem., mod. 870-Police Magnum, .12 ga. P/act. shotgun w/18 ½" bbl. [test fired only!, extended
                 magazine, w/orig. box & booklet.] FRC#8851843.

215-C-58.---     Ser.# 4377, Mauser, mod. M-98, 8x57 cal. custom sporter rifle w/21 ½" bbl. [Appears VG+,, custom p/grip stock
                 w/rosewood caps, & Pachmayr recoil pad. Ha sramp style front sight, & Williams rear sight, drilled for mounts,
                 matching numbered chrome plated bolt. Note! the ser.# is 4377, poss. regd. as 4277.] FRC#8692232.

215-C-59.---     Ser.# 1007613, Weihrauch, mod. HW77, .22 cal. pellet rifle w/18" bbl. [Test fired only!, checkered p/grip stock
                 w/raised cheek-pce.] FRC#3696613.

215-C-60.---     Ser.# 20929, Krag-Jorgensen, 6.5x55 cal. B/act. sporterized rifle w/22" bbl. [appears VG, w/added Pachmayer
                 recoil pad., also comes with an extra Military stock. Note! Ser.# 20929, may have been regd. as 20920.]

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68..
215-C-61.---     Ser.# 042960, Walther, (Made in USA, Interarms, Alexandria, Virginia., mod. PPK .380 cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol
                 w/82mm bbl. [appears exc., w/orig. plastic case & 4-magazines.] FRC#9715205. HG*
Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68..
215-C-62.---     Ser.# 16D8391, Smith & Wesson, mod. 10-7, .38 spl. cal.6-shot rev. w/50mm bbl. [appears exc., very slight cyl.
                 ring, checkered wooden grips w/S&W medallion..] FRC#10846233. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68..
215-C-63.---     Ser.# M210213, Smith & Wesson, mod. 34-1, .22 LR cal.6-shot rev. w/50mm bbl. [appears exc., w/checkered
                 wooden grips w/S&W medallion.] FRC#7290248. HG*
215-D-1.---    Ser.# 6652345, Rem., mod. Mohawk-600, .243 Win. cal. B/act. rifle w/18 ½" bbl. [fading blue, impressed
               checkered p/grip stock, varnish scarred, chip out of butt-plate, fitted w/scope mount, bore good.]

215-D-2.---    3x9 scope w/adjust. objective & Weaver rings.

215-D-3.---    Ser.# 20212RR126, Browning, mod. BL-22, .22LR cal. tube-fed L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [a little surface rust , stock
               scarred, bore appears good.] FRC#_______ gun w/29" bbl. [worn blue, checkered semi-p/grip stock & forend.]

215-D-4-A.-    Bag lot ammo incl:1-box Win. Super-X .12 ga, 1-(500 rnd.) Box Win. .22 Hollow-point, 1-box .243 ammo, 6-loose
               shot-shells, & approx. 8-loose . rifle ctgs.

215-D-5.---    Ser.# Nil, Sticker#6188111, Mossberg, mod. 185 K-B, .20 ga. 2 3/4", clip-fed B/act. shotgun w/26"bbl. w/variable
               choke. [appears VG, w/p/grip stock. Has #613 662 220, etched on action.] FRC#6324834.

215-D-6.---    Ser.# 94L3888, Lee-Enfield, mod. C No. 4, Mk. I*, (Longbranch), 7.62 cal. clip-fed B/act. full wood milt. rifle
               w/640mm bbl. [appears VG+, Military training rifle w/Alf. J. Parker micrometer type sight, good bore.]

215-D-7.---    Ser.# 92L4056, Lee-Enfield, mod. C No. 4, Mk. I*, (Longbranch), (1950), .303 cal. B/act. clip-fed full wood milt.
               rifle w/640mm bbl. [appears VG+, Military training rifle w/Parker-Hale micrometer type sight, good bore. Was
               regd. incorrectly w/ser.# 92L4036. The stamping was not perfect.] FRC#6324839.

215-D-8.---    Ser.# 304015, Marlin, mod. 1893, “Marlin Safety”, .32/40 cal. L/act. rifle w/26" rnd. bbl., full mag. [appears VG,
               fading b;ue, good wood, good bore.] FRC#6324833.

215-D-9.---    Ser.# 7206, Sticker #6188112, Jannsen Sons & Co., .12 ga. SxS H/brk. hammer type shotgun w/30" matte-rib
               bbls. [faded blue turning brown, the Damascus finish gone except under fore-wood, tight action, & good bores,
               checkered p/grip stock & for-end. Was regd. as “no ser.#”, but it has one.] FRC#6324835.

The following 2-guns are a consecutive numbered set of rifle & carbine, and will be sold so much each, the Buyer must
take the pair. (Note; the numbers on the boxes don’t match the guns but they are correct boxes, and very hard to find
in this mint condition as nobody saved boxes in those days.)

215-D-10.---   Ser.# 56462, Win., mod. 94, Canadian Centennial Comm., .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/26" oct. bbl. [appears as
               new, w/mis-numbered box.] FRC#10838576.0002.

215-D-11.---   Ser.# 56463, Win., mod. 94, Canadian Centennial Comm., .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. carbine w/20" oct. bbl. [appears
               as new, w/mis-numbered box.] FRC#10838570.0002. (this number may be changed as this gun was regd. with the
               “box” number which was incorrect)

215-D-12.---   Ser.# 66336, Cooey, mod. 84, .12 ga. hinge/brk. s/shotgun w/26" bbl. [appears VG, comb of stock restored, has
               recoil pad, good bore.] FRC#5307804.

215-D-13.---   ANTIQUE, Ser.# Nil, Bishop, (London), .16 ga. perc., ½ stocked fowler w/33" bbl. [Appears VG, w/checkered
               straight English style stock, engraved brass furniture & butt-plate,, lock has light engraving & Dolphin style
               hammer, c/w/what appears to be the orig. Wooden ramrod w/brass tip & ball extractor.] NO FAC REQUIRED.

215-D-14.---   Ser.# 1367069, Win., mod. 12, .12 ga. 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/30" FC bbl. [appears exc., w/Pachmayr recoil
               pad.]. FRC#5307804.

215-D-15.---   Ser.# K66066, Colt, mod. Python, (Satin Nickle), .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl.(6" Vent-rib), [appears
               exc., w/rubber Pachmayr Presentation grips w/Colt medallions, w/orig. box & booklet.] FRC#5307812. HG*

215-D-16.---   Bag lot: 2-new sets custom grips for Colt rev. & Bianchi #5BHL leather holster, [all fit above or similar gun.]

215-D-17.---   Good leather “Leg-o-Mutton” style shotgun case w/leather strap & handle.

215-D-18.---   Ser.# V064390V, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster, .12 Ga. 2 3/4", Pump/act. shotgun w/25 ½" V/rib bbl. []appears
               exc., w/hi-gloss impressed checkered p/grip stock & forend, fitted w/Rem. recoil pad.] FRC#5307797.

215-D-19.---   Rem., 870-Wingmaster, 30" full-choke .12ga. Vent-rib bbl. only.

215-D-20.---   Ser.# 91556, Savage, mod. 1899, .303 Sav. cal. L/act. T/down mod. rifle w/22" bbl. [appears good, good bore,
               tight action good wood, note: cal. is .303 Savage, not .303 British!] FRC#6105251.

215-D-21.---   Ser.# 282528, U.S. Krag, (Springfield Armory), mod. 1899, .30/40 Krag cal. B/act. rifle w/21 ½" bbl. [fading blue,
               varnish worn, small crack at butt-plate, bore fair, action tight.] FRC#6105261.

215-D-22.---   Ser.# 14595, Win., mod. 94, “Canadian Cent. Comm., 1867-1967,” .30/30 cal. L/act. rifle w/26" oct. bbl. [appears
               new in box.] FRC#6252425.

215-D-23.---   Ser.# S195630, Rem., mod. No. 6, Falling block, .2 LR cal. s/shot rifle w/20" bbl. [blue fading to brown, bore good,
               tang sight, wood poss replaced stock like new.] FRC#6105247.

215-D-24.---   Ser.# 353017, Rem., mod. 12, .22 LR cal., tube-fed, pump/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl. [worn blue, good old repair to
                 slight cracks in wood at wrist, action seems tight.] FRC#6105258.

215-D-25.---     Ser.# 209405, Lefever Arms Co. Ithaca, N.Y., mod. Nitro Special, .12 ga. SxS hammerless H/brk. shotgun w/30"
                 matte-rib bbls.[worn blue, checkered semi-p/grip stock, good bores, faint engraved waterfowl scenes on action.]

215-D-26.---     Ser.# ET018, Hamilton Rifle, mod. 27, .22 LR cal. H/brk. s/shot Boy’s rifle w/15" bbl. FRC#5700358.

215-D-27.---     Ser.# 69053, Win., mod. 74, .22 LR cal., tube-fed s/auto rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG, tube fed through stock.]

215-D-28.---     Ser.# 145150, Win., mod. 74, .22 LR cal., tube-fed s/auto rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG, tube fed through stock.]

215-D-29.---     Ser.# Nil., Sticker #780445, Ranger, mod. Ranger, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/27" bbl. [appears VG+ w/orig.
                 box & leather sling.] FRC#10973255.

215-D-30.---     Ser.# Nil., Sticker #5266847, Savage, mod. 6-D, .22 LR cal. tube-fed s/auto rifle w/24" bbl. [appears exc.]

215-D-31.---     Ser.# 7743, Win., mod. 77, .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [appears exc.] FRC#11377626.

215-D-32.---     Ser.# 492333, Win., mod. 290, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [impressed checkered p/grip stock,
                 repaired @ toe, small chip @ wrist.] FRC#11451483.

215-D-33.---     Ser.# 44194, Win., mod. 1890, .22 cal. tube-fed, P/act. rifle w/replaced J.G.A. Zella (Germany), 22 ½" bbl.
                 [missing rear sight.] FRC#11024291.

215-D-34.---     Ser.# 22703656, Ruger, mod. Mk. III Stainless, .22 LR cal.,10-shot s/auto pistol w/140mm bbl. [appears as new in
                 box, w/extra clip, stainless Ruger base, w/orig. plastic box & booklet.] FRC#8871724. HG*

215-D-35.---     Bag lot: Bushnell, Trophy 1x23 shotgun/handgun illuminated red-dot scope w/rings, sun-shade, & extra tinted
                 lens. [appears new in box, fits above or similar, also 1-Master trigger lock w/key & 1-screw lock w/key.]

215-D-36.---     Ser.# 17504057, Ruger, mod. GP100, Stainless, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [appears as new in orig.
                 plastic box w/Ruger lock & keys, & booklet.] FRC#9587553. HG*

215-D-37.---     Ser.# NQA51970, Taurus, mod. PT945 Stainless, .45 ACP cal. 8-shot, s/auto pistol w/108mm. [appears as new,
                 (test fired), w/extra clip, & nylon holster.] FRC#4118217. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-D-38.---     Ser.# 70276, Stenda, mod. Stenda, 7.65 cal. 7-shot, s/auto pistol w/76mm bbl. [wooden grips, w/leather holster.]
                 FRC#8869265. HG*

215-D-39.---     Bronze sculpture of a French Soldier, “POUR L’INDEPENDANCE”, after Rousseau, 18" tall on marble base, depicting
                 man w/gun, & display of flags & drum etc. [w/certified appraisal.]

215-D-40.---     Solid bronze statue of “Sitting Bull, Warrior & Medicine Man, 1831-1890,” by renowned Western Artist Cody
                 Houston, [w/certified appraisal.]

215-D-41.---     Ser.# Nil, Unknown, English, (Birmingham proofs), .12 ga. SxS, H/brk, hammer shotgun w/690mm bbls. [English
                 scroll engraving, traces of Damascus patter, restocked, w/plexiglass buttplate, repaired lower tang.]
215-D-42.---     Bag lot: (2)-Win. bullet molds: 1-is .45 Govt. & 1-is .45/60 cals.

215-D-43.---     Ser.# A161915, CZ-858 Tactical 2-P, 7.62x39 cal. s/auto clip-fed rifle w/18" bbl. [This is not a restricted rifle !
                 It appears VG+ & is fitted with a folding stock as well as coming w/a solid stock & a bayonet w/leather scabbard as
                 well as 4-magazines & a fitted nylon carrying case & instruction manual, Plus!, a leather pouch to carry 4-extra
                 long magazines..] No special permits required for this gun other than PAL. FRC#10177661.

215-D-44.---     Ser.# 053092, Steyr, mod. M9-A1, (SAI, Cumming, GA), {Steyr Mannlicher}, 9mm Luger cal, 10-shot s/auto
                 pistol w/106mm bbl. [Note! This is a 106mm bbl. so not a prohib. With black
                 plastic, foam-lined fitted case & extra clip, & small padlock w/keys..] FRC#11319783. HG*

215-D-45.---     Bag lot: 7.6x39 ammo for CZ-858 rifle:7-boxes each containing 10-rnds. in stripper clips.

215-D-46.---     Bag lot: 4 & a part boxes, 9mm Luger ammo by; American Eagle, approx. 220-rnds. total..

215-D-47.---     Ser.# C8019132, Rem., mod. 7400, .30/06 Sprng. cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/22"bbl. [appears exc., flat black finish
                 w/black comp. checkered p/grip stock & forend, w/open sights & scope mount, plus: extra clip.] FRC#5168587.

215-D-48.---     Compac, Super 4x32 scope, w/rings.

215-E-1.---      Ser.# Nil., Cooey. mod. 750, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/24" bbl. [non/original bolt knob, some scratches on
                 stock, bore good.] FRC#__________
215-E-2.---    Ser.# 4L9025, Lee-Enfield, No. 4, Mk. I*, Long Branch (1942), .303 cal. clip-fed B/act. sporterized rifle w/640mm
               bbl. [has scope mnt., no rear sight, good bore, leather sling, missing clip.] FRC#___________

215-E-3.---    Bushnell, 4x, Banner, wide angle scope w/Weaver rings.

215-E-4.---    Ser.# 678946, Savage, mod. 99, .250/3000 cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl.[appears good, some “carry-wear” to blue,
               good checkered p/grip stock w/schnabel forend, good bore, leather sling.] FRC#________

215-E-5.---    Ser.# C6322594, Rem., mod. 700, .30/06 Spring. cal. B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [fitted w/Weaver, CV9, Micro-Trac
               scope & adjustable open sights on top of scope, gloss finish checkered p/grip stock w/raise cheek-piece, good bore,
               leather Remington sling w/quik-off swivels. Would work great when you suddenly don’t want that scope.]

215-E-6.---    Ser.# 52857, Rem., mod. 600, .350 Rem. mag. cal. B/act. rifle w/18 ½" V-rib bbl. [Open sights, impressed
               checkered p/grip laminated style stock, w/leather sling & recoil pad, good bore.] FRC#__________

215-E-7.---    Ser.# L152071, Lakefield, mod. 64-B, .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/20" bbl.[missing clip, impressed checkered
               p/grip stock

215-E-8.---    Ser.# CH05741, Win., mod. 94, Cheyenne Comm., .44/40 cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [appears as new w/box,
               (sleeve weathered).] FRC#________

215-E-9.---    Ser.# ADJ804, Win., mod. Alta. Diamond Jubilee Comm., .38-55 cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [appears as new
               w/tarnished rcvr., w/box etc.] FRC#_____

215-E-10.---   Ser.# KGR2669, Win., mod. 94, Klondike Gold Rush Comm, .30/30 cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [appears new in box,
               (worn sleeve).] FRC#_____

215-E-11.---   Ser.# 171464, Win., mod. 1890, .22 WRF cal. tube-fed, P/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl. [fading blue turning brown,
               stock cracked @ upper & lower tang, note! This is .22 WRF cal..] FRC#___

215-E-12.---   Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 3381258, Win., mod. 1902, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot Boy’s rifle w/18"bbl. [cracked forend.]

215-E-13.---   Ser.# Nil., Win., mod. 1904, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot Boy’s rifle w/18" bbl. FRC#___

215-E-14.---   Ser.# 302612, Win., mod. 1894, .32/40 cal. L/act. rifle w/25" (trimmed) rnd. bbl. [blue turning plumb colored,
               wood good, cresc. butt-plate.] FRC#___

215-E-15.---   Ser.# 1385952, Win., mod. 94, .30 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [pre-64, appears good.] FRC#___

215-E-16.---   Ser.# 446224, Win., mod. 1894, .30 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/23" (trimmed) rnd. bbl. [traces of blue, stock cracked
               @ comb.] FRC#__

215-E-17.---   Ser.# 7068245, Marlin, mod. 336, .30/30 Win. cal. Saddle-ring carbine w/20" bbl. [w/hammer extension, appears
               good, w/Marlin 1870-1970 medallion inset in stock.] FRC#___

215-E-18.---   Ser.# 142899, FN, (Browning’s Patent), mod. Trombone, .22 LR cal. tube-fed. B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [appears
               VG+.] FRC#______

215-E-19.---   Ser.# 142122, Savage, mod. 1899, T/down, .22 Hi-Power cal., L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [fading blue, chipped &
               cracked behind upper tang.] FRC#___

215-E-20.---   Ser.# 490584871, Ithaca, mod. M-49, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, L/act. rifle w/18" bbl. [impressed checkered stock,
               appears VG.] FRC#___

215-E-21.---   Ser.# MAG-95645, Parker-Hale, mod. 1200-CM, Super Clip Magnum, 7mm Rem. mag. cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle
               w/24" bbl. [Monte-carlo style swollen checkered p/grip stock w/rosewood caps, leather sling, & Weaver bases.]

215-E-22.---   Bushnell Banner, 3x-9x variable scope w/Weaver rings.

215-E-23.---   Ser.# 13124, Rem., mod. 525, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/21" bbl. [bbl. sights, & Bushnell Custom 4x .22
               scope, appears VG, a few bumps.] FRC#___

215-E-24.---   Ser.# 3CC44, Cooey, (Winchester-Western), mod. 840, .20 ga. 2 3/4", H/brk. s/shotgun, w/28" bbl. [w/Flying
               Duck impressed p/grip stock, appears VG.] FRC#___

215-E-25.---   Ser.# D400334, Win., mod. 1897, .12 ga. pump/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [traces of blue, fair wood.] FRC#___

215-E-26.---   Ser.# 3957, James Beattie & Son, 205-Regent St. London, .12 ga. SxS H/brk., hammer shotgun w/30" bbls. [scroll
               engraved, w/game birds, Dolphin style hammers, Jones under-lever, checkered English straight stock, some
               Damascus pattern still visible, stock has slight cracks @ upper tang.] FRC#___

215-E-27.---   Ser.# Nil., Mossberg, mod. 395-KA, .12 ga. 3", B/act. clip-fed, shotgun w/28" bbl. w/adjust. choke. [appears
                 VG+.] FRC#___

215-E-28.---     Ser.# Nil., Win., mod. 67, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/27" bbl. [appears good, w/Lion’s Club engraved on bbl.]

215-E-29.---     Ser.# 552350, Cooey/Win., mod. 840, .12 Ga. 3", H/brk. s/shotgun w/36" bbl.[appears good.] FRC#____

215-E-30.---     Ser.# C4676, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 1, Mk. III*, .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl.

215-E-31.---     Ser.# 9417, Alger Arms, .16 ga. 2 3/4", H/brk. SxS hammer shotgun w/30" bbls. [rounded checkered P/grip stock
                 & laminated steel bbls.] FRC#___

215-E-32.---     Ser.# Nil., Cooey, mod. 60, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG.] FRC#___

215-E-33.---     Ser.# B6589, Swift Arms Co., .12 ga. H/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [appears good.] FRC#____

215-E-34.---     Ser.# Nil., Deutsche-Werk, mod. 1, .22 LR cal. tip-up s/shot rifle w/23" bbl. [appears refinished.] FRC#____

215-E-35.---     Ser.# 1875CC, Cooey, (Winchester-Western), mod. 840, .16 ga. 2 3/4", H/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [polished
                 metal, impressed checkered Flying Duck p/grip stock.] FRC#____

215-E-36.---     Ser.# Nil., Mannlicher-Carcano, mod. Sporter, 6.5x52 Carc. cal. B/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [double set trigger, rounded
                 checkered p/grip stock.] FRC#___

215-E-37.---     Ser.# Y30515, Lee-Enfield, (BSA), mod. No. 1, Mk. III, .303 cal. clip-fed B/act. rifle w/640mm bbl. [sporterized,
                 shows some surface rust, functions okay.] FRC#____

215-E-38.---     Ser.# RW320818, Rem., mod. 12-C, .22 LR, tube-fed, P/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl. [repaired @ wrist, missing mag.
                 tube & butt-plate etc., poor.] FRC#_____

215-E-39.---     Ser.# Nil., Stevens, mod. 62-D, .12 ga. 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/28" bbl. [missing some parts, needs work,
                 plus some parts for Rem. pump, bbl. & slide.] FRC#__

215-E-40.---     Ser.# 78632, Cooey, mod. 84, .12 ga. 2 3/4", H/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [stock extended, surface rust, poor.]

215-E-41.---     NON GUN: Ser.# E03949, Baikal, mod. IJ38, .22 pellet cal. spring loaded rifle w/457mm bbl. NO FAC REQUIRED

215-E-42.---     Ser.# 04363768, Crosman, mod. 760-Powermaster, .177 pellet cal. spring loaded rifle w/475mm bbl. {FAC IS
                 REQUIRED ON THIS GUN!!)

215-E-43.---     Ser.# A04573, Interarms, mod. Virginian Dragoon, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/190mm bbl. [looks similar to a
                 Colt S/act. Army, appears as new in box w/box & booklet, case colored rcvr. & wooden grips, has been test-fired.]
                 FRC#5888011. HG*

215-E-44.---     Ser.# 110728, (incorrectly regd. as 119728), Colt, mod. New Service, .455 Eley cal. 6-shot rev. w/140mm bbl.
                 [Blue shows slight holster wear, trigger guard professionally cut open at the front, double Broad Arrow marked,
                 replaced carved wooden grips depicting steer heads, c/w/leather clip on holster. Note: also has inserts for cyl. to
                 fire .45 Auto.] FRC#5888002. HG*

215-E-45.---     Ser.# 146346C, Colt, mod. Huntsman, .22LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/152mm bbl. [Slight holster wear,
                 w/Hunter. leather holster.] FRC#5887992. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-E-46.---     Ser.# 92363, Echasa, mod. Basque, .22 LR cal. 8-shot, s/auto pistol w/83mm bbl. [Appears exc., nickle & satin
                 finish w/pearl-like grips, extra clip, & orig. box. ] FRC#5888006. HG*

215-E-47.---     Ser.# 24992, Kendron, mod. Stevens Off-Hand # 35 Reproduction, .22 LR cal., 1-shot tip-up pistol w/200mm bbl.
                 [Appears as new w/orig. box, nickle finish frame w/plastic ivory colored grips.] FRC#5887993. HG*

215-E-48.---     Ser.# 65408, Erma, (Luger), mod. EP-22, .22 LR cal. 10-shot, s/auto pistol w/114mm bbl. [finish worn @ front &
                 back strap, grips are good.] FRC#5887999. HG*

215-E-49.---     Ser.# C398, Enfield, (Albion), mod. #2, Mk. I**, dated 1943, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/127mm bbl. [Tanker
                 model, War finish, black grips.] FRC#5888003. HG*

215-E-50.---     Ser.# 52260, Webley, mod. Mk. III, ..38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/76mm bbl. [marked “Commonwealth Bank”, good
                 grips, blue finish.] FRC#5888004. HG*

215-E-51.---     Ser.# 5296, Unknown, (Belgian), mod. Bulldog, .32 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/67mm bbl. [missing trigger guard,
                 good Eagle head grips, metal poor.] FRC#5888009. HG*

215-E-52.---     Ser.# C51031, Lee-Enfield, mod., No. 1, Mk. III*, (1918), .303 cal. clip-fed B/act. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl.
                 [fitted w/Bushnell, Banner, 4x scope & web sling, missing clip. ] FRC#

215-E-53.---     Ser.# 0088135, Cooey, mod. 84, .410 ga. 2 3/4", H/brk. s/shotgun w/26" bbl. Good.] FRC#
215-E-54.---     Ser.# 85382NW8S7, Browning, mod. A-Bolt Stainless, .270 Win. cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. w/Boss.
                 [appears good, swollen checkered p/grip black composite stock, w/scope bases & black nylon sling w/quik-off
                 swivels, extra clip.] FRC#6772852.

215-E-55.---     Leupold, Gold Ring, Vari-X ,III, 3.5x10x scope.

215-E-56.---     Ser.# D356488, Savage, mod. 24-C, Series S, .22 LR over .20 ga. 3", combo gun w/20" bbls. [looks good, a few
                 marks.] FRC#6772848.

215-E-57.---     Ser.# G1410124, Win., mod. 70-XTR, .300 Win. mag. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" ported bbl. [w/Redfield mount & rings,
                 bbl. sights, missing part of front sight. Checkered p/grip stock w/black caps, & Sorbocoil II, recoil pad, leather
                 sling, a few bumps & bruises.] FRC#6772854.

215-E-58.---     Leupold, Vari-X,III, 2.5x-8x scope.
215-E-59.---     Ser.# G1523325, (regd. incorrectly as 61523325), Win., mod. 70-XTR, Featherweight, .270 Win. cal., B/act. rifle
                 w/22" bbl. [w/Burris rings & bases, leather sling w/Quik-off swivels, & De-
                 accelerator recoil pad, lots of bumps & bruises.] FRC#6231305.

215-E-60.---     Leupold, Vari-X,II, 2x-7x variable scope.

215-E-61.---     Ser.# 22706157, Marlin, mod. 782, .22 mag. cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/22"bbl. [w/old Bausch & Lomb, Bolvar,
                 2.5x-8x36 scope & leather sling.] FRC#6772849.

215-E-62.---     Ser.# 221119, Lakefield, mod. Mk. I, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/21" bbl. [w/Bushnell, Sportview, 4x32 scope,
                 & open sights, a few bumps & bruises.] FRC#6772851.

215-E-63.---     Ser.# V067968M, Rem., mod. 870-LH, ( Left hand),Wingmaster, Magnum, .12 ga. 3" Magnum, P/act. shotgun
                 w/30" V-rib. bbl. [Hi-gloss checkered p/grip stock w/Rem. recoil pad, appears VG+.] FRC#6772850.

215-E-64.---     Ser.# Nil., Lee-Enfield, (Globeco), No. 4, Mk. I, .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. sporterized rifle w/22" bbl. [has 5-rnd.
                 clip, tapped for side-mount.] FRC#6772853.

215-E-65.---     Luggage style, foam-lined “Gun Gard” case for 2-rifles.

215-E-66.---     Bundle lot: Edwards Day gun case, & a heavy leather scabbard for scoped rifle, + a Daisy, BB-gun that works.

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-E-67.---     Ser.# J26944, Smith & Wesson, mod. 36, .38 spl. cal., 5-shot rev. w/48mm bbl. [appears VG+, Bianchi, Chief SP-
                 9, shoulder holster.] FRC#8504797. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68.
215-E-68.---     Ser.# 169519, Smith & Wesson, mod. 37-Airweight, .38 spl. cal. 5-shot rev. w/48mm bbl. [appears VG+,
                 w/Hunter, 33-25-2M break-away holster.] FRC#8504796. HG*

215-F-1.---      Ser.# 100010059, Ithaca, mod. Mag-10, .10ga. 3 ½" Magnum, s/auto shotgun w/32" V-rib bbl. [checkered p/grip
                 stock & forend, web sling, bbl. & trig. guard has some pencil engraving letters HE.] FRC#4560991.

215-F-2.---      Ser.# 9175700, Win., mod. 70, .264 Win. mag. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [fitted w/Bausch & Lomb Balvar 8, 2.5x-
                 8x, scope w/adjustable Balvar mounts & leather sling.] FRC#4560983.

215-F-3.---      Ser.# 6673888, Lakefield-Mossberg, mod. 400-G, .12 ga. 3", p/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [appears good w/a few
                 bumps.] FRC#4560985.

215-F-4.---      Ser.# 0092990, Cooey, mod. 84, .410 ga. H/brk. s/shotgun w/26" bbl. [appears good, a few bumps.]

215-F-5.---      Ser.# A6386776, Rem., mod. 700-Classic, .22/250 Rem. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [gloss finished checkered
                 p/grip stock & forend, & Redfield base.] FRC#4560981.

215-F-6.---      Redfield, 3x-9x variable scope w/Redfield rings.

215-F-7.---      Ser.# L1134373, (was regd. incorrectly w/a “T” instead of the #7 in the ser.#), Win., mod. 2200, .12 ga. 3"
                 magnum, P/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [appears good, normal wear.] FRC#4560986.

215-F-8.---      Ser.# T068540V, (was regd. incorrectly as “No Ser.#”), Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster, .12 ga. 2 3/4" p/act.
                 shotgun w/30" bbl. [appears good, stock needs tightened.] FRC#4560996.

215-F-9.---      Ser.# 485516, C-I-L, mod. 402, .28ga. 2 3/4", H/brk. s/shotgun w/28"bbl. [appears good, normal wear.]

215-F-10.---     Ser.# Nil., Sticker #4464801, Cooey, mod. 64, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [appears good,
                 w/Crescent 4x15 22-scope.] FRC#4560988.

215-F-11.---     Ser.# 419913M, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster Magnum, .12 ga. 3", p/act. shotgun w/30" V-rib bbl. [fading blue,
                 wood poor, well used.] FRC#4560992.
215-F-12.---    Ser.# A6573478, Rem., mod. 700-BDL, .17 Rem. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [checkered p/grip stock w/black caps,
                Weaver bases & bbl. sights, appears good.] FRC#4560989.

215-F-13.---    Bushnell, Scopechief VI, scope w/rings.

215-F-14.---    Ser.# 39725, Sticker #4464811, Janssen & Sons, (1900), .12 ga. SxS H/brk, hammerless shotgun w/30"
                bbls.[rounded checkered p/grip stock, cracked @ tang.] FRC#4560998.

215-F-15.---    Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 4464814, Mossberg, mod. 320-K, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/24" bbl. [plastic on bolt is
                chipped behind the recvr.] FRC#4561001.

215-F-16.---    Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 4464810, Cooey, mod. 64, .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [leather sling, fitted
                w/Kurt Meuller, 4x15, 22-scope.] FRC#4560997.

215-F-17.---    Ser.# 5848E, Cooey, (Win.-Western), mod. 840, .20 ga. 2 3/4", H/brk., s/shotgun w/28" bbl. [impressed
                checkered flying duck p/grip stock, light pitting.] FRC#4561002.

215-F-18.---    Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 4464817, Cooey, mod. 60, .22 LR cal., tube-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [traces of blue.]

215-F-19.---    Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 4464813, Cooey, mod. 82, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/27" bbl. [forewood has been cut
                back to about an inch in front of swivel, was a “Trainer”.] FRC#4561000.

215-F-20.---    Ser.# 47791, Lakefield, mod. Mk. II, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/21" bbl. [slight surface rust, w/Carl Weiz,
                6x32 scope.] FRC#4560995.

215-F-21.---    Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 4464807, Cooey, mod. 600, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [stock sanded down,
                fading blue.] FRC#4560994.

215-F-22.---    Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 4464806, Continental Arms, .12 ga. H/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [rounded p/grip stock,
                chipped @ upper tang.] FRC#4560993.

215-F-22-A---   Ser.# CA110993, Cooey, mod. 64-B. .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. finish on stock poor, fitted
                w/Bushnell 2.5x Banner scope, was regd. as no serial number.] FRC#4560987.

215-F-23.---    Bag lot: 6-Rem. Master style trigger locks w/keys.

215-F-24.---    Bag lot: 6-Rem, Master style trigger locks w/keys.

215-F-25.---    Bag lot: 4-Rem. Master style trigger locks w/keys, 3-Master trigger locks, w/keys, & 1-Master lock w/no key.

215-F-26.---    Tray lot: Approx. 10-boxes .410 ga. 2 ½" shells, 3-boxes .28 ga. 2 3/4" shells, 4-boxes .20 ga., 1-box .10 ga. 3
                ½", & 1-box Collector .16 ga. shells.

215-F-27.---    Tray lot: Black bag w/.10 ga. shells, bag w/loose .28 ga. shells, some Rem. .16 ga., misc. .410 shells, some rem.
                .20 ga. 4-.12 ga. pin-fire shells, Win. & other misc. .12 ga. shells.

215-F-28.---    Bag lot: 120-rnds. .22/250 ammo in boxes.

215-F-29.---    Bag lot: Approx. 71-rnds, mostly Factory, .264 Win. mag. ammo.

215-F-30.---    Bag lot: Approx. 67-rnds. .308 ammo, 12-rnds. .303 Brit, 11-rnds. .30/30, 30-rnds. .17 Rem., (in part boxes).

215-F-31.---    Bag lot: Enfield .303 clip w/ammo, 19-zipper clips w/Military ammo, plus some loose ammo, also 45-rnds. .22/250

215-F-32.---    Ser.# A040646, C-I-L, mod. 830, .222 Rem. cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG, missing front sight,
                fitted w/Weaver side mount w/rings, has impressed checkered p/grip stock.] FRC#109432.0002.

215-F-33.---    Fisher-Dietz, 4x32 scope.

215-F-34.---    Red & black, vinyl, padded, zippered rifle case, w/zippered side pocket.

215-F-35.---    Ser.# 21416296, Marlin, (Glenfield), mod. 70, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/18" bbl. [w/impressed “Squirrel”
                p/grip stock.] FRC#88201.0002.

215-F-36.---    Hard black plastic foam lined gun case by “Field Locker”, Woodstream.

215-F-37.---    Ser.# 24348351, Marlin, mod. 99-C, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, s/auto rifle w/22" Micro-Groove bbl. [Impressed
                checkered “Oak Leaf” p/grip stock.] FRC#109431.0002.

215-F-38.---    Ser.# Nil., Sticker #00121900, C-I-L, mod. 607H, .12 ga. 3", P/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. FRC#221109.0002.

215-F-39.---    Contico, hard cover plastic, foam-lined gun case for 2-guns.

215-F-40.---    Ser.# 857216, Win., mod. 1894, .30 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/26" rnd. bbl. full mag. [ ca. 1920, tang sigh, no rear
                sight, blue turning brown, stock revarnished, w/cresc. butt-plate, good bore.] FRC#______________

215-F-41.---    Ser.# 1374630, Mossberg, mod. 144LSB, .22 LR cal., clip-fed s/auto rifle w/27" AK-CRO-GRUV bbl. [p/grip stock
                w/raised cheek-pce., adjustable sling swivels for target use, fitted w/Weaver B-4 scope & Weaver 22-Tip-Off mnt.
                Also includes target sights for the rifle, appears good, w/some scars to varnish on stock.] FRC#1055298.

215-F-42.---    Ser.# 28882, Marlin, mod. 336, .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. carbine w/20" Micro-Groove bbl. [appears good, fading
                blue, good bore, open sights, scope base & hammer extension.] FRC#1055299.

215-F-43.---    Bushnell, Scopechief-IV, 2.7x scope w/Weaver rings.

215-F-44.---    Ser.# L046968V, Rem., mod. 1100, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/26+” V-rib bbl., w/Colonial Arms screw-on
                choke w/green glow front sight. [checkered p/grip stock, light engraving on rcvr.] FRC#5533797.

215-F-45.---    Ser.# 3513, Mauser, (S/243) dated 1936, mod. 98, 8mm cal. full wood milt. rifle w/600mm bbl. FRC#6982506.

215-F-46.---    Ser.# CG079000, Cooey, mod. 600, .22 LR cal., tube-fed B/act. rifle w/22". [appears good missing mag tube
                insert.] FRC#6982508.

215-F-47.---    Bundle lot: Levis black nylon scoped rifle case, Ruko, small scoped rifle case & a green vinyl case.

215-G-1.---     Ser.# Nil., Noble, mod. 40, .12ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/26" bbl. w/Multi-choke. [no blue, replaced stock.]

215-G-2.---     Lot: 3-old gun cases & 3-screw-type trigger locks.

215-G-3.---     Ser.# 6911, Unknown (Italian), mod. Kentucky Pistol Reproduction, .45 perc. cal. 1-shot pistol w/229mm oct. bbl.
                [brass furn., wooden ramrod.] FRC#_______________ HG*

215-G-4.---     Ser.# 0007538, Jukar, mod. Colonial Reproduction, .45 perc. cal., 1-shot pistol w/156mm oct. bbl. [missing
                ramrod.] FRC#______________ HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68....
215-G-5.---      Ser.# U24556, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammerless Automatic, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/76mm bbl.
                 FRC#______________ HG*

215-G-6.---     Ser.# 417411, Win., mod. 1400 Mk. II, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/30" bbl. [impressed checkered p/grip
                stock & forend, a few bumps, w/a name lightly scratched on trigger guard.] FRC#_____________

215-G-7.---     Ser.# 6375, Parker-Hale, mod. 1861-Enfield reproduction, .58 perc. cal. full wood carbine w/23" bbl. [w/metal rod
                & web sling.] FRC#__________________

215-G-8.---     Ser.# 3036, Navy Arms Co., mod. Hawken Hurricane, .50 perc. cal. rifle w/660mm oct. bbl. [brass furn, &
                composite ramrod.] FRC#_______________

215-G-9.---     Ser.# 3059417, Win., mod. 94, .30/30 Win. cal. S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [w/leather sling & Bushnell Banner II,
                1.5-4x scope w/Williams adjustable side-mount.] FRC#_______________
215-G-10.---    Ser.# CA250373, Cooey/Win., mod. 64-B, .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [w/Weaver, D-4 scope.]

215-G-11.---    Ser.# E30567, Lee-Enfield, (Lithgow), No. 1, Mk. III*, .303 cal. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [missing clip ]

215-G-12.---    Ser.# K3427, Lee-Enfield, (BSA), No. 1, Mk. III*, .303 cal. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [has new sporterized
                wood.] FRC#4056857.

215-G-13.---    Ser.# 10020RT126, Browning, mod. BL-22, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [small chip @ top tang.]

215-G-14.---    Ser.# C4117, Vostok, mod. T0Z-8M, .22 LR cal. s/shot, B/act. rifle w/25" bbl. FRC#4056854.

215-G-15.---    Ser.# 95946, Cooey, mod. 84, .12 ga. 2 3/4", H/brk. single shotgun w/30" bbl. [w/camo colored gun case.]

215-G-16.---    Ser.# Nil, Deutsche-Werke, mod. 1, .22 LR cal. tip-up, s/shot rifle w/19" bbl. [incorrectly regd. as a “Savage”, has
                a 1977 Ft. Normandeau medallion, missing trigger guard] FRC#4056856.

215-G-17.---    Ser.# Nil, Webley, Premier, Mk. II, .177 cal. pellet pistol, w/leather holster.                    NO FAC

215-G-18.---    Ser.# Nil., Daisy, Powerline-717, .177 cal. pellet pistol. NO FAC REQUIRED

215-G-19.---    Ser.# 0208670, Daisy, mod. 780, .22 cal. Co2 powered pellet pistol. NO FAC REQUIRED
215-G-20.---   Ser.# 10314, Hungarian, .177 cal. pellet pistol. NO FAC REQUIRED

215-G-21.---   Old suitcase w/Co2 repair kits.

215-G-22.---   Bag lot: .12ga. & .303 ammo, cleaning rod, & some .22 ammo.

215-G-23.---   Ser.# Nil., Cooey, mod. 60, .22 LR cal. Tube-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [missing tube insert, has Weaver, “El Paso”
               scope.] FRC#______________

215-G-24.---   Ser.# 74241, Rem., mod. 1889, .12 ga. SxS, H/brk., hammer shotgun w/30" solid matte-rib bbls. [Damascus
               pattern showing on bbls, checkered p/grip stock w/orig. Rem. buttplate..] FRC#______________

215-G-25.---   Ser.# 104456, Win., mod. 1873, 3rd. model, ca. 1882, .44 WCF cal. rifle w/24" oct. bbl. [ missing dust cover,
               homemade replaced stock has orig. trap-door buttplate, bbl. has 6 notches filed in just ahead of the action
               commemorating ???, bore very poor.] FRC#

215-G-26.---   Ser.# C827505, Savage, mod. 99-C, Series A, .308 Win. cal., clip-fed L/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [Weaver bases, sling
               swivels, impressed checkered p/grip stock & forend, appears VG.] FRC#____________

215-G-27.---   Ser.# B16205, Lee-Enfield, No. 4, Mk. I, .303 cal. clip-fed B/act. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [w/S & K scope
               mnt., missing clip.] FRC#_________________

215-G-28.---   Ser.# 14508, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk. I, .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. sporterized rifle w/599mm bbl. [has 5-shot
               clip.] FRC#_________________

215-G-29.---   Ser.# 17513, Harrington & Richardson, .12 ga. H/brk. s/shotgun w/730mm. bbl. [missing forewood.]

215-G-30.---   Ser.# 1839, Win., mod. 1894, (early 1st yr. of prod.) .38/55 cal. L/act. rifle, w/20" oct. bbl. [bbl. cut down to 20",
               & a ½ mag., replaced buttstock, w/proper cresc. butt-plate.] FRC#11623043.

215-G-31.---   Ser.# B5483, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 1, Mk. III*, .303 cal. clip-fed B/act sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl [tapped for
               scope base.] FRC#9739246.

215-G-32.---   Ser.# M6033-Mauser, mod. 1893, Spanish, 6.5x55 cal., B/act., full wood milt. rifle w/600mm bbl. [w/cleaning
               rod.] FRC#9819400.

215-G-33.---   ANTIQUE: Ser.# 4679D, Mauser, mod. 1871, (1876), .43 Maus. cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/20" bbl. [appears good.]
               NO FAC REQUIRED

215-G-34.---   Ser.# 402149, Schmidt Rubin, mod. 1911, .308 cal. (conversion), clip-fed straight-pull B/act. sporterized rifle
               w/22" bb. [w/scope rings & base only.] FRC#11121309.

215-G-35.---   Ser.# 45685, C-I-L, Anschutz, mod. 111, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/550mm [stock shortened for Boy but
               piece & orig. buttplate is with rifle.] FRC#10212705.

215-G-36.---   Lot: Ser.# 793745808, Crosman, Black Diamond, .177 pellet cal. Co2 rifle, & Crosman, mod. 454, .177 pellet cal.
               Co2 pistol. NO FAC REQUIRED

215-G-37.---   Box lot: Re-sizer for .43 Mauser & ratchet, bullet mold & handle for .43 Maus., & approx. 39-rnds,.43 Maus. brass.

215-G-38.---   Bag lot: RCBS, .300 Win. mag, FL dies, & approx. 140-mostly primed. .300 Sav. brass.

215-G-39.---   RCBS, .300 Sav. SB dies.

215-G-40.---   Bag lot: RCBS, 6.5x55 FL dies, & approx. 60, 6.5 brass.

215-G-41.---   Bag lot: 19-rnds. orig. .43 Maus. Fact. ammo, some .43 Maus. bullets, & LEE .43-Mauser dies.

215-G-42.---   Bag lot: Approx. 70-primed .45/70 brass & Hammond Game-Getter .308 Win. converter rnd., plus a set of LEE
               .270, 2-die set.

215-G-43.---   Bushnell, Sportview, 3x9x42 scope w/adjustable objective.

215-G-44.---   Bag lot: Tramontina, Brazilian knife & larger unknown hunting knife, (no scabbards, very sharp!!)

215-G-45.---   Ser.# 21013, BRNO, mod. 5, .22 LR cal., clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/580mm bbl. [lge. chip @ shoulder by wrist, looks
               like stock flaw, otherwise looks good.] FRC#________

215-G-46.---   Ser.# E838777, Savage, mod. 24C, Series S, .22 LR over .20 Ga. 3", over & under H/brk. combo gun w/20" bbls.
               [appears good, w/camo gun case.] FRC#_______________
215-G-47.---   Ser.# G062552, Lakefield-Mossberg, mod. 500 AB, .12 ga. 3", pump/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [appears good.]

215-G-48.---   Ser.# Nil., J.C. Higgins, (Sears & Roebuck) mod. 101.25, .410 ga. 2 ½-3", tube-fed B/act shotgun w/24" bbl.
               [appears good.] FRC#________________
215-G-49.---   Ser.# A8965, Cooey, mod. 75, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/27" bbl. [w/sling swivels.] FRC#______________

215-G-50.---   Ser.# Nil., Mossberg, mod. 185D-B, .20 ga. 2 3/4", clip-fed, B/act. shotgun w/26" bbl. w/adjustable choke.
               [appears good.] FRC#_______________

215-G-51.---   Ser.# Nil., Cooey, mod. 82, .22 LR cal. s/shot, B/act. rifle w/27" bbl. [sporterized style stock similar to a Model
               75.] FRC#

215-G-52.---   Ser.# C08415, Elgin, (Made in Spain), .177 cal. pellet rifle w/17 ½" bbl. [stock cracked @ wrist.] NO FAC

215-G-53.---   Ser.# Nil., Cooey/Win., mod. 600, .22 LR cal. tube-fed B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [tapped for scope base, running
               rabbit impressed p/grip stock.] FRC#_______________

215-G-54.---   Ser.# C904718, Win., mod. 37-A, .12 ga. 3" cal. H/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [impressed checkered p/grip stock.]

215-G-55.---   Ser.# CT042504, Cooey/Win., mod. 39, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/22" bbl. [missing bolt knob.]

215-G-56.---   Ser.# Nil., Crosman, mod. 1400, .22 Pellet cal. rifle w/495mm bbl. FRC#________________

215-H-1.---    Toy Tractor: John Deere, 5020-Diesel, by; ERTL. [no box.]

215-H-2.---    Toy Tractor: John Deere, 8630, articulated dual wheeled, by ERTL. [no box.]

215-H-3.---    Toy Tractor: John Deere, “Waterloo Boy”, Kerosene powered, w/steel wheels, by ERTL. [fine detail, no box.]

215-H-4.---    Toy Tractor: John Deere, 2550, w/front end loader, by ERTL. [no box.]

215-H-5.---    Toy, Versatile, 825, articulated dual wheel tractor, ser.# 4935. [heavy cast metal, red & yellow paint, no box.]

215-H-6.---    Toy, Massey Harris 760 Combine, [red paint, no box, a few very tiny marks.]

215-H-7.---    Toy, Minneapolis-Moline, G-550 tractor, by ERTL. [in display box.]

215-H-8.---    Toy, Massey-Harris, 555 tractor, by ERTL. [in display box.]

215-H-9.---    Toy, McCormick-Deering, W-30, tractor, by Liberty Die-Cast. [in display box.]

215-H-10.---   Toy, John Deere, (1941-1946), Model LA tractor, by Spec-Cast. [in display box.]

215-H-11.---   Toy, John Deere, (1923), Model D tractor, by ERTL. [in display box.]

215-H-12.---   Toy, McCormick-Deering, mod. 22-36 HP, tractor, by Country Classics. [in display box.]

215-H-13.---   Toy, Massey-Harris 101, tractor, “Official 1990, Summer Toy Festival” (June 2 & 3/1990. [in box.]

215-H-14.---   Toy, Cockshutt 560, Diesel, tractor, by ERTL. [Farm Toy Museum Commemorative 1987, no box.]

215-H-15.---   Toy, Massey-Ferguson, 760, combine, red color. {no box.]

215-H-16.---   Toy, McCormick, Farmall-350, w/front-end loader, by; ERTL. [no box.]

215-H-17.---   Toy, Cockshutt 570, Super, tractor, by ERTL. [Farm Toy Museum Commemorative 1987, no box.]

215-H-18.---   Toy, Massey-Harris ‘44, tractor, [Collector Edition 1988, no box.]

215-H-19.---   Toy, John Deere, Turbo, combine, by;ERTL. [no box.]

215-H-20.---   Toy, John Deere, dual wheel tractor, by; ERTL. [no box.]

215-J-1.---    Tray lot ammo: 9-plus bricks of various .22 ammo.

215-J-2.---    Tray lot ammo: Approx. 15-boxes plus, incl;.38-Auto, 9mm Browning Long, .357 mag., 9mm Luger, .44 Rem.
               mag., .38 S&W, .38 spl. .32 Auto.

215-J-3.---    Lyman S-T turret press, w/some dies.

215-J-4.---    Box lot: Small LEE press, Venlic 335 vise, & a drill press vise.

215-J-5.---    Box lot: 6-part cans various lead bullets.

215-J-6.---    Brown metal ammo box w/various boxes reloaded & poss. some factory ammo in .38 spl., 9mm, (approx. 28-
               boxes, weighs about 54 lbs total)

215-J-7.---    Yellow plastic box w:Truline Jr. Lyman press, (missing handle), LEE elect. melting pot, RCBS, press w/welded
               repair, & a Black & Decker Sharp & Sand mounted on wood.

215-J-8.---    Bag lot: approx. 193-rnds. .44 Rem. mag ammo.

215-J-9.---    Bag lot: approx. 150-rnds. .38 spl. reloads, 100-rnds. .357 mag. reloads, 50-rnds. 9mm Luger reloads, & approx.
               100-rnds. .38 S&W reloads.

215-J-10.---   Bag lot: approx. 300-rnds. 9mm Browning, .38 spl. etc. & 36-rnds. .44 Rem. mag factory, & 1-box .38-Super
               factory ammo,

215-J-11.---   Tray lot: various reloaded, (poss. some factory) ammo incl;.38 spl., 9mm, .32 S&W, .38 Auto, etc.

215-J-12.---   RCBS, 9mm Luger 3-die set.

215-J-13.---   RCBS, 9mm Luger 3-die set.

215-J-14.---   RCBS, .357 mag. 3-die set.

215-J-15.---   RCBS, .38 spl. 3-die set.

215-J-16.---   RCBS, .303 Brit. 3-die set.

215-J-17.---   Lyman, .32-Auto 3-die set.

215-J-18.---   RCBS, .44 spl/.44 mag. 3-die set.

215-J-19.---   Box lot: LEE, 9mm die set, var. part cans powder, IMR-Handloader’s Guide, var. gun cleaning supplies.

215-J-20.---   Green metal box contain: various ammo incl; .303 H/point, .44 mag reloads, 9mm Luger reloads, some .303
               reloads, etc.

215-J-21.---   Box lot: various LEE loaders, powder meas. kit, bullet molds, earmuffs, trigger pull gauge, bullet pouches, etc.

215-J-22.---   Bag lot: 4-various style calipers, (2-in packages), .357 mag. speed-loader, w/ammo.

215-J-23.---   Bag lot: Powder horn, brass powder flask, & shot-shell belt w/.12ga. shells.

215-J-24.---   Metal ammo box, full of various brass, some bagged, + a little ammo.

215-J-25.---   Bag lot: 5-various bullet molds w/handles.

215-J-26.---   Bag lot: 5-various bullet molds w/handles.

215-J-27.---   Bag lot: 4-various bullet molds w/handles, & a lead ladle.

215-J-28.---   Bag lot: Kirkland Union City, .395 rnd. ball mold, caliper, & micrometer, Bushnell, Phantom 225 scope, & a hand
               trap thrower.

215-J-29.---   Box lot: various cans lead balls, bullets, .38 spl. brass, some reloaded ammo, etc.

215-J-30.---   Box lot: 6-part cans of lead bullets.

215-J-31.---   Box lot: various part cans of powder.

215-J-32.---   Box lot: various boxes of bullets, cans of lead bullets, some rnd. balls, etc.

215-J-33.---   Tray lot: various primers, etc.

215-J-34.---   Power-Master crossbow w/quiver & 3-crossbow arrows & 14-regular arrows.

215-J-35.---   Box lot: LEE, empty boxes, parts of LEE loading equipment. some dies, boxes, cleaning kits, auto-prime, & a bag of
               trigger locks, & 2-.22 Erma Luger clips.

215-J-36.---   2-Rolling lock-able (can use padlocks) metal storage cabinets. (no locks) {x-2}

215-K-1.---    Framed advertising mirror: “Fred Carr & Son”, Prop. J.L. Longstaff, Dealer in Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns &
               Ammunition of all type. Kynoch Ltd. Trademark, approx. 37" x 27".

215-K-2.---    Winchester advertising poster, & 4- unframed black & white pictures by Clayton Turnerin cardboard folder.

215-K-3.---    2-framed Western pictures, re-introduced in 1964, from the Catlin’s N.A. Indian collection: No. 6 is “Buffalo Hunt
               Chase”, & No. 8 is “Buffalo Dance”. {x-2}

215-K-4.---    Lot, 2-items: Large size, Advertising wall thermometer for Winchester Sporting Ammunition, & Sportsman
               Cigarette Advertising poster, (Duck Hunting)
215-K-5.---    Antique, framed copper plaque from an old school, commemorating the Confederation of Canada, 1867-1927, (60-
               yrs.) in wooden frame, approx. 20" x 14"

215-K-6.---    British General Service Medal 1793-1814, to: J. Eastwood, 84th Foot.

215-K-7.---    British Punjab Campaign Medal, “The Army Of The Punjab”, to: J. C. Stuart, 9th Lancers, w/2-bars, “Hillianwalla”, &

215-K-8.---    Victorian era, British Long Service Medal, to:Pte. J. Davidson, 2-16th Fus.

215-K-9.---    George V, Army Long Service Medal, to: Sgt. E.W. Ford, “the Queens”.

215-K-10.---   George VI, Territorial Efficiency Medal, to: T.859660. DVR. S.S.Bell, R.A.S.C.

215-K-11.---   Khedives Egypt Star, 1882..

215-K-12.---   1939-45, Service Medal, (WW II)

215-K-13.---   Small bronze wall candle sconce depicting Russian Warrior?, signed by Artist.

215-K-14.---   Tray display lot containing: 2-antique cast iron Bill Hooks, 2-Indian Chief head plaques, modern Spanish wall sword
               holder, copper “Johnny Walker” advertising item, & large Military Badge for Helmet?

215-K-15.---   Tray Lot: Trench Art item, ashtray made from shell base dated 1918, hand made brass cannon, cast iron “Dog”
               bookends, fancy cast iron match holder for wall depicting Hunters & Game.

215-K-16.---   Tray lot: Small tin cash box w/stone arrow heads, button, pin, ring, etc., Repeater Shot-shell box, leather notebook
               cover, NFA ltd, edit buckle, #0134, 1910 Websters dictionary, Hobbema beaded wall hanging, metal Horse item.

215-K-17.---   Antique, framed copper plaque from an old school, commemorating the Confederation of Canada, 1867-1927, (60-
               yrs.) in wooden frame, approx. 20" x 14"
215-K-18.---   Large military metal ammo box, dated 1944, w/2-paper (Johnsons) duck decoys & a metal hard hat (like a rig
               worker’s hat)

215-K-19.---   Military Wooden “Mortar” box, w/small vise, & unusual small press mounted on wood, cardboard box w/”tear gas
               baton refill, set of Tasco 10x50 binoculars, (need work), & a selection of small gun show trays from different shows
               & years.

215-K-20.---   Bag lot, Silver cigarette case, & silver match safe,(both named to: Sgt. J. Braik, plus 1-un-named, engraved silver
               match safe.

215-K-21.---   Bag lot, 3-books: The 7th & the Sioux, Little Big Horn Comm book, History of 5-Indian Nations, 1747, Indians of

215-K-22.---   Lot, 1-metal pipe/tomahawk, & 1-stone hammer type tomahawk.

215-K-23.---   Bag lot, 5-books: Crimson prairie, & Crimson Desert, (Indian Wars), Last Best West, Heraldry & Titles, & Antique
               Silver Hallmarks.

215-K-24.---   Bag lot, 3-books, & 8-booklets: Fortune in a Junk-Pile, Cast iron Implement Seats, Sask. Trade Tokens etc., price
               guides and others.

215-K-25.---   Bag lot, 5-books & 2-booklets: Medals Yearbook, Milt. Uniforms, Medals to Indian Chiefs, German WW II medals,
               Enemy at the Gates, Double-strike, & Biggles Flies East.

215-K-26.---   Russian wooden ammo box, w/booklets, catalogs etc House of Swords, magazines, Gun Show flashers, &
               memorabalia etc.

215-K-27.---   Black Wooden, box containing: booklets, catalogs, folding knife, 64ths micrometer, Jewellers Loupe, wooden nickel,
               speedloader for .22 cal. 6-shot rev., new dis-assembled AR-15? clip, etc.

215-K-28.---   Antique “Pepsi-Cola” case, 1968, w/contents approx. 8-stone hammers.

215-K-29.---   Wooden box w/4-large & 3-small stone hammers.

215-K-30.---   Bag lot: miniature Victorian Officers sword w/metal scabbard, & WW I/ German copper matchbox protector w/
               “Gott Mit Uns”, & an antique metal lozenge box.

215-K-31.---   Black plastic tool box w/Cans & part cans of various powder.

215-K-32.---   Box lot: various shotshells incl; 6-boxes Imp. .12 ga., 1-box Rem. .12 ga., & 1-box Win., .12 ga.

215-K-33.---   Bag lot: 400-rnds. .38 spl. reloads in plastic case-gard boxes.

215-K-34.---   Bag lot: 200-rnds. .357 mag. reloads in plastic boxes, 93-rnds. .38 spl. reloads, 30-rnds. .32 H&R mag, .36-rnds.
               .32 S&W long, & 29-rnds. .270 Win.
215-K-35.---   Bag lot: 9-boxes Federal, .22 LR ammo, 500-rnds. Win., .22 LR Hollow-point ammo, 1-box Imp. .12 ga., 1-box
               Sportster .12 ga. & 1-box Supreme .12 ga.

215-K-36.---   Bag lot: 2-boxes Federal .410 ga. 3", 1-box Win. .410 ga. 2 ½", 2-boxes Win. 9mm Luger ammo

215-K-37.---   Bag lot: 2-boxes Federal, .270 Win. ammo, 1-box Dom. .303 Brit., 1-box Win., .303 Brit.

215-K-38.---   RCBS, .270 Win. FL dies.

215-K-39.---   Tray lot, Hornady, bullets: (4-boxes 10mm, 6-boxes .38 cal., 1-box .270 cal., a part box 10mm., & 2-boxes of
               Sierra .38 cal. bullets.

215-K-40.---   Wooden box contain: 14-boxes Win, small pistol primers, & 400-loose primers, 160-shot caps, & RCBS Collett case
               w/primers inside.

215-K-41.---   Bag lot, 4-Master trigger locks, (keyed the same, w/keys).

215-K-42.---   Bag lot, 4-Master trigger locks, (keyed the same, w/keys).

215-K-43.---   Lot, 2-bags w/3-trigger locks in each (each 3 are keyed the same).

215-K-44.---   Bag lot, 2-trigger locks keyed the same, 2-cable locks keyed the same, & 1-combination cable lock.

215-K-45.---   Bag lot: Antique bullet mold, & a Win., .38/55 bullet mold w/handles.

215-K-46.---   C-I-L, wooden box, (Imp. .12 ga. shells), w/various cal. bullets incl; .57 Snider, .45 cal., .45/577, etc.

215-K-47.---   Wooden, Rem. Arms Co. dove-tailed box for (originally for 1,000 rnds..300 cal. ctgs. for synchronized guns), now
               containing ant. reloading tools, a box w/misc. gun parts etc.

215-K-48.---   C-I-L, wooden box containing: a plastic tupperware container w/ant. Win. & other primers, 1-brick Federal .22
               Target ammo, & 3-small plastic containers w/old .45 Auto ammo.

215-K-49.---   Box lot: 11-binders of Gun Report Magazines.

215-K-50.---   Wooden box w/binding cases of Gun Reports & 2-cases w/Arms Gazette magazines.

215-K-51.---   Wooden box w/4-binding cases of Gun Report magazines.

215-K-52.---   Cardboard box contain: 2-binding cases w/Gun Report magazines & 1-case of Arms Gazette magazines & a number
               of loose gun reports.

215-L-1.---    Box lot: RCBS, .338 Win. mag. FL & neck sizer die sets w/matching bag of brass & .338 bullets.

215-L-2.---    Box lot: RCBS, 7mm Rem. mag. FL dies & bag of matching brass.

215-L-3.---    Box lot: RCBS, .270 Win. FL dies, bag of brass, & boxes of matching bullets.

215-L-4.---    Box lot: RCBS, .38/357, 3-die set, 100-rnds. .38 spl. reloads in a box, also .38 & .357 brass & bullets.

215-L-5.---    Bag lot: 27-rnds. .338 Win. reloads, 7-rnds. .338 Win. factory & 35-rnds. .22-Hornet factory ammo.

215-L-6.---    Bag lot: Browning, BSS, .12 ga. butt-stock (as new), & Win., mod. 12 stock, (cut & extended w/Pachmayr recoil

215-L-7.---    Lot: MEC-Versamec-700, w/box containing; .12, .16, & .20 ga. die, assorted charge bar & bushings, etc.,

215-L-8.---    Box 51-rnds. .308 factory ammo, 108-rnds. .308 reloads, Herter’s .308 Win. dies & large bag of .308 brass.

215-L-9.---    Bag lot, 2-books:”The Colt Heritage” & “History of Smith & Wesson”.

215-L-10.---   Bag lot, 3-books: “American Rifle Design & Performance, “Amer. Pistol Des. & Perf. & “Amer. Shotgun Des. &

215-L-11.---   Bag lot,, 3-books: “Gun Digest Hunting Rifle”, “Book of Shooting”, & “Hornady Reloading Manual”.

215-L-12.---   Bag lot, 3-books: “Small Arms Of World”, “Combat Handguns”, & “Gun Data Book”.

215-L-13.---   Bag lot, 3-books & 3-booklets: “Complete Book Of Hunting”, 14th Edit. Blue Book”, “Speer Reloading Manual”,
               “Sporting Clays Handbook”, “Scherer On Skeet”, etc.

215-L-14.---   Box lot, books: “Outdoor Life”, “Guns & Shooting Gear Book, 6-vols. 1985-90, “9-books on different subjects,
               Waterfowl, hunting, etc.

215-L-15.---   Box lot: 11-books; all about dog training, gun dogs, etc.
215-L-16.---   Box lot: 12-books: Gun trader’s Guides, Gun Digests, Guns Illustrated, etc.

215-L-17.---   Box lot: 11-Shooters Bibles & 2-Gun Digests.

215-L-18.---   Box lot: 5-books & 2-booklets; Famous Rifles & Machine Guns, Famous Pistols & Handguns, Blue Steel & Gun
               Leather, Military Small Arms, Munitions, Booklets on British Artillery & Arms Of Canada.

215-L-19.---   Lot, 2-boxes: Gray’s Sporting Journals, approx. 110 issues in all.

215-L-20.---   New in-bag: North American Hunting Club, Life Member, zippered rifle case by: Boyt.

215-L-21.---   1-Doskocil, hard plastic pistol case & 1-zippered soft pistol case, (satchel style).

215-L-22.---   Custom hunting knife by: Hugh, #745, w/leather sheath.

215-L-23.---   Custom hunting knife by: Hugh, #746, w/leather sheath.

215-L-24.---   Bag lot: 38-rnds. Dom. .32/40 ammo, 1-box John Wayne .32/40 Comm. ammo.

215-L-25.---   Box lot: Universal field cleaning kit, Hoppes .22 cleaning kit, Stag, pull-thru, bullet box w/7.62x39 ammo, & a bag
               of various other ammo.

215-L-26.---   Bag lot: 6-boxes, .303 milt. ammo & some brass.

215-L-27.---   Box lot: 20-rnds. milt. ammo in clips, variety of milt. brass loose & belted, milt. cleaning kit in a can.
215-L-28.---   Lot: loading press & sizing dies

215-L-29.---   Bag lot: 20-rnds. .30, m1909 blank ctgs, 10-rnds. .30M2 ammo, 50-rnds..30 Carbine unprimed brass, 20-rnds.
               7.92 Maus. brass, 15-rnds. .30/30 brass, apprx. 20-rnds. .32/20 brass, 20-rnds. .30/30 brass, 18-rnds. .243
               brass, 16-rnds. 7.62 Russ. brass, & 20-rnds. 7mm Maus.brass.

215-L-30.---   Tray lot, empty ctg. boxes, (poss. a few brass.)

25-L-31.---    Metal ammo box w/approx. 300-7mm Rem. mag. once-fired brass.

25-L-32.---    Metal ammo box w/approx. 200-.375 H&H mag. once-fired brass.

25-L-33.---    Bag lot: Hornady, .45 LC 3-die set, Titanium Nitrate w/Turret holder.

25-L-34.---    Bag lot: 1-box Win., Cowboy Action loads for .45 Colt, 1-box .30/40 Krag ammo, 1-box 9mm (.380 auto) ammo, &
               1-box Win. .45/70 ammo..

25-L-35.---    Bag lot: Approx. 184-rnds. .45 LC fired brass, 160-rnds. .357 mag. fired brass, & 75-rnds. .243 Win. brass.

215-M-1.---    RCBS, .44/40 WCF RN, 3-die set.

215-M-2.---    Lyman, .30/30 Win., dies in RCBS box.

215-M-3.---    Box lot ammo: 1-box. .10ga. 3 ½", #4's, part box .10ga. 3 ½", 1-box .12ga. 2 3/4" Target loads, 2-part boxes
               .12ga. 2 3/4", plus bag of Shotshells.

215-M-4.---    Bag lot: LEE, .41 mag. reloading die set, & 2-.41 mag. LEE-Loader kits.

215-M-5.---    Bag lot ammo: 1-box Twin Cities Arsenal, .45 ACP, m/1911, 16-rnds. .455 Colt, 1-box .455 Colt, 1-box Canuck .32
               Long, 1-box C-I-L, .32 Short, 1 & a part boxes Whiz-Bang & 1 & a part boxes C-I-L, Bisley, .22 LR ammo.

215-M-6.---    Bag lot ammo: 62-rnds. .308 Win., & 11-rnds. .303 Brit.

215-M-7.---    Bag lot ammo, etc: 2,000 Pistol primers, Savage clip for .308-.243 or .250/300, 2-.50 cal. paper weights.

215-M-8.---    Box lot ammo: 3-boxes .12 ga., 2-boxes .20 ga., Vest w/.12 ga. shot-shells, & some loose shells.

215-M-9.---    Bag lot ammo: 1-box .243, 15-rnds. .308, 2-boxes 55GR, 6-rnds. .223 Rem., 7-rnds. 7mm rem., & bag of misc.

215-M-10.---   Box lot ammo, etc.: .45 Colt brass (some primed), 2-boxes new .44 Rem. mag. brass, .41 mag. brass, 1-box .41
               Rem. mag. ammo, .44 Rem. mag. brass, .38/40 brass, approx. 40-rnds. .32 Long Colt ammo, Can .452 cal. lead
               bullets, Wooden cleaning rod in box & small burner in package.

215-M-11.---   Wooden shoulder stock/holster for 1935 Browning s/auto pistol marked “S.A.LTD. 1945,”.

215-M-12.---   Lot, 2-Enfield, No. 4, Mk. II, spike bayonets w/scabbards.

215-M-13.---   Lot, 2-Enfield, spike bayonets w/scabbards.

215-M-14.---   Enfield, blade type bayonet, no scabbard.
215-M-15.---   Enfield Jungle Carbine bayonet, no scabbard.

215-M-16,---   German, dress type, dagger/bayonet, marked “Rich. Abr. Herger, Solingen”, w/metal scabbard.

215-M-17.---   Lot, 2-gun cases, Gun Club case foe scoped rifle, & smaller zippered case for rifle.

215-M-18.---   Bag lot ammo & brass: 8-rnds. .30/06 ammo & some brass, 8-rnds. .300 Rem. mag ammo, 16-rnds. Win. Super-X,
               .30/06 ammo, full box, (20-rnds.) Rem. express, .350 Rem. mag ammo.

215-M-19.---   Lot, 2-bags ammo & brass, shot-shells, etc. incl: 7-rnds. .12 ga, 10-rnds. var. rifle ammo, 18-rnds. 6.5x54 MS
               ammo, approx. 20-rnds. .410 shot-shells, 47-rnds. .250-Sav. brass, & 8-rnds. ammo,

215-M-20.---   Bag lot: approx. 9-boxes various .22 LR ammo.

215-M-21.---   Side by side, “STACK-ON” gun safe w/keys.

Collection of various Animal traps. (we probably don’t have the technical description of each trap but we know that you
Collectors will recognize the value & bid accordingly)

215-M-22.---   Lot: 4-Victor # 3 coil spring traps.

215-M-23.---   Lot: 6-Victor, Oneida, # 2, traps.

215-M-24.---   Lot: 4-wooden, Victor rat & weasel traps.

215-M-25.---   Lot: 3-Oneida, # 3 Jump traps.

215-M-26.---   Box lot: 10-Victor # 3, coil spring traps.

215-M-27.---   Box lot: 8-W.H. Gibbs & Son, single grip # 3 traps.

215-M-28.---   Box lot: 8-Victor, # 3 jump traps.

215-M-29.---   Box lot: 8-Triumph, Victor, etc. # 4, leg-traps.

215-M-30.---   Box lot: 8-Triumph, Victor, etc. # 4, leg-traps.

215-M-31.---   Box lot: 12-Victor 1 ½ single leg traps.

215-M-32.---   Box lot: 10-Victor 1 ½ single leg traps.

215-M-33.---   Box lot: 6-Victor & 5 other, 1 ½ single leg traps.

215-M-34.---   Bundle lot: 3- Victor # 3 coil spring traps, & 2-# 4-Victor traps.

215-M-35.---   Box lot: 20-Victor # 1, leg traps

215-M-36.---   Box lot: 20-Victor # 1, leg traps

215-M-37.---   Box lot: approx 26-Victor # 0, leg traps.

215-M-38.---   Box lot: 11-Victor leg # 3, leg traps.

215-M-39.---   Box lot: 11-Victor leg # 3, leg traps.

215-M-40.---   Box lot: 11-Victor leg # 3, leg traps.

215-M-41.---   Box lot: 5-box traps, (Muskrat run style)

215-M-42.---   Wash tub containing: approx. 13-square wire type traps.

215-M-43.---   Large metal pail containing: approx. 12-square wire type traps

215-M-44.---   Box lot: Approx. 12-wire Muskrat stretchers.

215-M-45.---   Box lot: Approx. 13- Victor # 1 traps & 2-wooden gopher traps.

215-M-46.---   Box lot: Approx. 13-Victor # 1 leg traps, & 4-Victor # 1-coil spring traps.

215-M-47.---   Bundle lot: 5-Victor # 3-various traps, & 2-Pioneer, # 11 traps.

215-M-48.---   Small “Bear” trap.

215-M-49.---   Box lot: Various traps incl; approx, 12-various types of traps.

215-M-50.---   Box containing some small new traps.
215-N-1.---    Bag lot: Shot-shell hulls incl;.410, .28, 20, 16, & .12 ga. plus: .38 spl. brass.

215-N-2.---    Bag lot: 2-Jim Beam comm. Whiskey flasks: “Pearl Harbor”, & American Civil War 100th Anniversary, 1861-1961.

215-N-3.---    Tray lot: Owners manuals incl; Beretta, & 2-books: “Animals in Motion”, & “Animal Drawing & Painting”.

215-N-4.---    Bag lot: 7/8" tube rifle scope by: Norman Ford & Co., Tyler Texas, (chipped ocular lens), & 2-Lee Loader kits for:
               .30/30 & 30/06.

215-N-5.---    Bag lot: Uncle Mike’s black nylon, shoulder holster (right side, butt forward), & Black leather revolver holster.

215-N-6.---    Bag lot: Model 840-Daisy BB-repeater Air rifle, (or .177 pellet s/shot), Note! 10-pumps maximum, works well.

215-N-7.---    Bag lot: .22 cal. cleaning rod w/fittings & .12 ga. adapter, 2-small lock-blade knives, 1-hunting knife w/sheath, 1-
               trigger lock, binocular case only, Tasco telescope 15x20x25x30,30mm with case, Trucker’s wallet, 2-tobacco
               pouches, & nylon knife sheath only.

215-N-8.---    Tray lot: Hoppes .30 cal. cleaning kit, Sears .12 & .16 ga. cleaning kit, 2-Outers cleaning kits, a shot-shell belt, &
               an old Weaver, D-4 scope.

215-N-9.---    Bag lot: 2-full bricks, Canuck .22 LR ammo, 9-boxes .22 Largo ammo., & 8-boxes Imperial .22 LR ammo.

215-N-10.---   Bag lot: 1-brick American Eagle, .22 LR, 1-brick American Eagle, .22 LR Hollow-point, 140-rnds. .38 spl. Dom., +

215-N-11.---   Bag lot: 3 & a part boxes Win. Super-X, .410 ga. 2 ½" ammo, 1-box Rem., .410 ga. 3", 3/4 of a box Imp. .410 ga.
               3", 1 ½-boxes Imper. .410 ga. 2 ½" ammo., 1 ½-boxes Marksman, .177 pellet ammo, & unknown clip.

215-N-12.---   Tray lot: Shot-shells incl; approx. 7-boxes .12 ga., approx. 3-boxes .20 ga., some .16 ga., & 1-box slugs.

215-N-13.---   Tray lot shot-shells incl: approx. 8-boxes .12 ga., 2 3/4" shells, 2-boxes .12 ga. 3" steel shot shells, & some loose

215-N-14.---   Tray lot ammo incl; 2-boxes .20 ga. 2 3/4" shot-shells, black box w/loose .20 ga. 2 3/4" & 3", shells, 4-boxes .22
               LR ammo, 1-box .22 short, approx. 2-full boxes & 4-part boxes .22 Mag. ammo, s few loose shot-shells, & approx.
               6 ½ boxes .22 mag. shot.

215-N-15.---   Bag lot: 5-boxes, Win. Super-X, .300 Win. mag. ammo.(180-gr. Power-Point)

215-N-16.---   Bag lot: 3-boxes, + 13-rnds. .270 Win. ammo.

215-N-17.---   Tray lot ammo incl; approx. 2-boxes, .12 ga. 2 3/4" shot-shells, 1 ½ boxes .12 ga. 3" steel shot-shells, 4-small
               boxes .12 ga. 00 Buck, some loose .12 ga. shot-shells, 1-box .303 ammo, approx. 5-boxes .22 ammo, & 1-box .22
               mag. + box w/loose .22 mag. ammo.

215-N-18.---   Bag lot: approx. 3-boxes, + 35-rnds. .300 Win. mag. ammo.

215-N-19.---   Red metal tool-box containing: Loose rifle ammo incl; .300 Win. mag, .243, .270, .22, .22 mag., approx. 2 ½
               boxes .270 ammo, a new Master padlock w/key, some pellets,etc...

215-N-20.---   Condor, small metal hand-gun box w/key.

215-N-21.---   Condor, tall metal gun safe for rifles, w/key.

215-N-22.---   Rough-out leather 2-pce. gun case for rifle.

215-N-23.---   Aluminum, foam-lined case for 2-rifles.

215-N-24.---   Bag lot of 3-22-scopes, missing a few , adjustment covers, but have rings, & seem okay.

215-N-25.---   RCBS, Junior-3, press, w/tray.

215-N-26.---   Bag lot: 3-RCBS FL Die sets incl; 7mm Rem. mag, .30/30 WCF & Sav. .22 Hi-Power.

215-N-27.---   Bag lot: RCBS, .222 Rem. dies, RCBS, .350 Rem. dies, + lube pad, 2-shell holders, burring tool, cleaning brush &
               some re-sizing lube.

215-N-28.---   RCBS, loading scale in box.

215-N-29.---   Bag lot: RCBS, Uni-Flow powder measure in box, & RCBS, case trimmer.

215-N-30.---   Grab-Box lot: 10-part cans various Gun-powder, 2-boxes .30 cal. bullets, a few .284 bullets, var. .22 cal. bullets, &
               some primers.

215-N-31.---   Tray lot: Some loading information booklets, leather belt w/.22 ammo, Rem. butt-plate, LEE loader, .22 cal. Pilot,
               misc. loose brass, 3-boxes, new .30/30 unprimed brass, & 3-boxes 7mm Rem mag. unprimed new brass, + some
               loose brass, shot-shells, etc.

215-N-32.---   Bag lot: 4-boxes Western Super-X, 7mm Rem. mag. Factory ammo.

215-N-33.---   Bag lot: part box Canuck .20 ga, shot-shells, 2-boxes, .410 ga. 3", shotshells, 1 & almost full boxes Win. Super-X
               .357 mag., 1-box. PMC, .357 mag ammo.

215-N-34.---   Bag lot, 77-rnds. Win. Super-X, .222 Rem. ammo, 1-box Alta. Diam. Jubilee .38/55 ammo, almost full box .45
               Auto ammo.

215-N-35.---   Bag lot: 4-boxes Win. 1903, .22 Auto ammo, 1-box Win. Staynless Super-W-Speed .22 WRF ammo.

215-N-36.---   Bag lot: Part boxes var. ammo, some factory & some reloads, & loose ammo. in various makes & calibers even
               including a .50 cal. round.

215-N-37.---   Box lot of approx. 8-books incl: Shooter’s Bibles etc.

215-N-38.---   Lot: 2-wooden gun racks w/storage below, blanket style gun case, & 7-S.I.R. Guides.


The following Scooters, Dirt Bikes, Quads & Assorted Rider’s Equipment will be sold during the Gun Auction. These
vehicles are mostly new or test driven, however there are no Guarantees other than what you see. Unfortunately
several bikes sustained slight cosmetic type damage during cartage, which we will try to point out. We stress that you
examine the items you wish to bid on and bid accordingly, remembering that there are NO RESERVES and so you will be
able to get some good deals, as everything is to be sold !.


215-X-1.---    VIN # L6UA4HA267A002005, Lonestar, mod. 250, 250-cc “Hummer”, Exced, Black, Motor Sport Dirt Bike. [Yr.
               2007, new condition, never regd.]

215-X-2.---    VIN # LYEYONL1773020071, Saga, mod. 250, Blue & White Dirt Bike, 250-cc, Saga-Power, Mod. GY-250, [Yr.
               2007, never regd., appears good, marked slightly on side of motor cover.]
215-X-3.---    VIN# LD5TCBPA461105046,         Benzhou, Mod. YY50QT-10 (Moped) Black & Silver, VOLANO, 2-seater Scooter,
               w/trunk. [ Yr. 2007, Appears good, only 109 KM on odometer, automatic, a few minor scuffs on the mirror.]

215-X-4.---    VIN# LD5TCBPA971100443, Benzhou, Mod. YY50QT-10 (Moped), Light Blue& Silver, VOLANO, 2-seater Scooter,
               w/trunk. [Yr. 2007. Appears good, only 138 KM on odometer, automatic.]

215-X-5.---    VIN# LD5TCBPAX61105004           Benzhou, Mod. YY50QT-10 (Moped), Medium Green & Silver, VOLANO, 2-seater
               Scooter , no trunk. [ Yr. 2006. Appears good, only 179 KM on odometer, automatic.]

215-X-6.---    VIN# LD5TCBPA571100617, Benzhou, Mod. YY50QT-10 (Moped), Dark Blue & Silver, VOLANO, 2-seater Scooter ,
               no trunk. [ Yr. 2007. Appears as new, only 249 KM, automatic.

215-X-7.---    VIN# LD5TCBPA171100503, Benzhou, Mod. YY50QT-15 (Moped),            Pink, VOLANO, single-seater, 49cc Scooter,
               w/windshield. [ Yr. 2007, never regd.,appears good, only 4 KM on odometer.]

215-X-8.---    VIN# LD5TCBPA071100492, Benzhou, Mod. YY50QT-15 (Moped), Light Blue, VOLANO, single-seater 49cc Scooter.
               [Yr. 2007, appears good, only53 KM on odometer.]

215-X-9.---    VIN#LD5TCBPA071100508. Benzhou, Mod. YY50QT-15 (Moped), Dark Blue, VOLANO, single-seater 49cc Scooter.
               [Yr. 2007, appears good, except damage to right front leg shield (a 4" crack & some scuffs), only 155 KM on

215-X-10.---   VIN#LD5TCBPA971100474, Benzhou, Mod. YY50QT-15 (Moped), Yellow, VOLANO, single-seater 49cc Scooter. [
               Yr. 2007, appears good, except damage to left front leg shield & slight damage on both sides @ the rear, only 189
               KM on odometer.]

215-X-11.---   VIN#L46SDJL927S000684, Lonestar, mod. 125, 125-cc, ORION, Yellow, medium size Dirt Bike, #1. {Yr. 2007,
               appears good, never regd..]

215-X-12.---   VIN# L6UB4BA227A008465, Lonestar, mod. 70, 70–cc Small Pink & White patterned quad w/pink patterned tires.
               [Yr. 2007, appears good, never regd.]

215-X-13.---   VIN# L6DYEEL117S002079, Lonestar, mod. 50, 50-ccSmall Red & White Dirt Bike w/Flames, # 1. [Yr. 2007, never
               regd. appears good.]

215-X-14.---   VIN# LZXSCBL2868055016, Lonestar, mod. 110, Low Profile, “Fat Tank”, 110cc Maroon & Black Quad. [Yr. 2007,
               never regd., appears good.]
215-X-15.---   VIN# L4GSDJL217S000016, Lonestar, mod. 110, Medium size, 110-cc, Black & White Dirt Bike, [Yr. 2007, never
               regd., appears poss. test driven.]

215-X-16.---   VIN# L4GADFL277S000577, Lonestar, mod. 125, ORION, Green w/Red Trim, 125-cc Dirt Bike, # 27. [Yr. 2007,
               never regd. appears good.]

215-X-17.---   VIN#L6UA4JA247A008425, Lonestar, mod. 200,     Large Red, 200-cc, Dirt Bike. [Yr. 2007, never regd., appears
                                                                                                P a g e | 25

215-X-18.---   VIN#LD5TCBPAX71100483,           Benzhou, Mod. YY50QT-15 (Moped), Black & White, VOLANO,
               single-seater 49cc Scooter. [Yr. 2007, appears good, only 44 KM on odometer, NO Battery]

215-X-19.---   VIN# LHJSJBL7370C01110, Lonestar mod. 110-E,          Red 110cc Quad, ATV-110. [2007, never
               regd., appears good.]

215-X-20.---   VIN# LHJSJBL7070C01114, Lonestar, mod. 110-E,          Blue 110-cc, Quad, ATV-110, 110cc, [Yr.
               2007, never regd., appears test driven.]

215-X-21.---   VIN# L6UB4BA227A008448, Lonestar, mod. 70, Small Black 70-cc Quad, [Yr. 2007, never regd.,
               appears good.]
215-X-22.---   VIN# L5KGUS8D061028893, Giovanii, Mod. 250, Camo, 250-cc, Quad, w/racks, lights, & grill
               guard. [Yr. 2007, has been used but looks good.]

215-X-23.---   VIN#L6ASDML657A000191, Lonestar, mod. 200, Yellow Racer,Quad, ATV-200, 200-cc, [Yr.
               2007, never regd.,appears new, liquid cooled, w/grill.]

215-X-24.---   Mod. A-209, Black Helmet w/visor, Sz. Lge.

215-X-25.---   Mod. A-209, Red Helmet w/visor, Sz. X-Lge.

215-X-26.---   Mod. A-209, Silver Helmet w/visor, Sz. Med..

215-X-27.---   Mod. A-209, White Helmet w/visor, Sz. Small.

215-X-28.---   Mod. A-209, Black Helmet w/visor, Sz. Extra Small.

215-X-29.---   Mod. A-209, Black Helmet w/visor, Sz. Extra Small.

215-X-30.---   Mod. 611, Red Helmet, Sz. X-Lge.

215-X-31.---   Mod. 611, Black Helmet, Sz. Lge.

215-X-32.---   Mod. MAX, Black Helmet, Sz. Lge.

215-X-33.---   Mod. MAX, Black Helmet, Sz. Med.

215-X-34.---   Mod. MAX, Black Helmet, Sz. Med.

215-X-35.---   Mod. MAX, Black Helmet, Sz. Extra Small.

215-X-36.---   Bicycle Helmet, Axiom-Glide, Sz. L/XL

215-X-37.---   Bicycle Helmet, Axiom-Glide, Sz. L/XL

215-X-38.---   Pink, Bicycle Helmet, Axiom-Glide, Sz. 2-5 yrs.

215-X-39.---   Blue, Bicycle Helmet, Axiom-Glide, Sz.2-5 yrs.

215-X-40.---   Red, Bicycle Helmet, Axiom-Glide, Cabreto, Sz. 5-10 yrs.

215-X-41.---   Yellow, Bicycle Helmet, Axiom-Glide, Cabreto, Sz. 5-10 yrs.

215-X-42.---   Green, Bicycle Helmet, Axiom-Glide, Cabreto, Sz. 5-10 yrs.

215-X-43.---   Green, Bicycle Helmet, Axiom-Glide, Cabreto, Sz. 5-10 yrs.

215-X-44.---   Purple, Bicycle Helmet, Axiom-Glide, Cabreto, Sz. 5-10 yrs.

215-X-45.---   3-pairs Yellow Riding gloves, {x-3}

215-X-46.---   2-pairs Riding gloves, (1-Black & 1-Green) {x-2}

215-X-47.---   Black, ONEAL chest protector, size- Jr. Small.

215-X-48.---   Blue, ONEAL chest protector, size- Jr. Small.

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215-X-49.---   Racing shirt, “Honda”,black & red, Sz. Med.

215-X-49.---   Racing shirt, “Honda”, black & red, Sz. Med.

215-X-50.---   Racing shirt, “Fly”, black & red, Sz. Med.

215-X-51.---   Racing shirt, “Oneal”, pink & black, Sz. Med.

215-X-52.---   Racing shirt, “Fox”,black, Sz. X-Lge.

215-X-53.---   Bag lot: 3-pairs Eliminator goggles.

215-X-54.---   On Choice: 11-pairs new Custom Ride Sunglasses w/cases, {Manfg. sugg. retail price; $$129.95
               each. On Choice take as many pairs as you wish at per each.

215-X-55.---   Mini-Chopper Motorcycle.

215-X-56.---   Custom Ride Board Games, selling on choice, but they do come 6-to a case if you want to take
               them by cases. Selling On Choice.

This concludes the Auction, we appreciate your attendance. 

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