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Country paper - Sri Lanka


									                            Classifications Workshop
                    14-16 October 2003, New Delhi, India

   United Nations International Standard Industrial classification for all
                         Economic Activities (UN – ISIC)
                                   Sri Lanka
                    U. S. Wanapushpa , Senior Statistician
                     Department of Census and Statistics

The Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) is the central authority vested
with all statistical functions of the government, including conducting censuses
and surveys, data collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of Socio-
economic data of the country. The DCS has the centralized system together
with the decentralized network through all decentralized administration such as
District level Kachcheries and Provincial councils etc.. DCS has the statutory
obligations to conduct censuses on population, agriculture, industry and other
economic activities too.

United Nations International Standard Industrial classification for all economic
activities of the Economy (UN – ISIC-1990 Revision -2) is the main handbook
for activity classification of the economy at present in Sri Lanka. This UN-
ISIC-1990-Rev.-2 is mainly used at present for the following Censuses and
Surveys and other activity classifications, which are done by the Department of
Census and Statistics.

   (1)     Annual Surveys of Industries and Census of Industries.
   (2)     Annual Surveys on Construction Industry.
   (3)     Compilation of National Accounts.
   (4)     Household Income and Expenditure Surveys, which are conducted in
           every five years.
    (5)     Compilation of Consumers’ Price Indices (with COICOP and UN-
    (6)     Surveys on Trade and Services.
    (7)     Listing of non-Agricultural Economic activities-Rural sector.
    (8)     Census of Agriculture.

Sri Lanka has been using these given UN., Guide lines or Hand Books for
various aspects of economic activity classifications. The Occupational
classifications are based on International Standard Classification of Occupation
(ISCO). The International Trade Statistics are given on the basis of Harmonized
commodity Description and Coding System (HS Codes).

There are few government and semi government institutions dealing with
industrial statistics. Those are Ministry of Industries, Central Bank of Sri Lanka,
Industrial Development Board and Board of Investment (BOI). Department of
Census and Statistics is the only institution-conducting comprehensive and
regular annual surveys on Industries and releases its reports annually for the
users. These surveys conduct mainly based on guidelines given by UN manuals
for this subject.

At present, we have not yet fully introduced CPC system for our Economic
activity classifications. However, we are planning to introduce this CPC system
gradually. At the same time, it is necessary to mention that this CPC system is
not very much familiar by data collectors. COICOP system is now gradually
introduced for the classifications of expenditure data collected from household
income and expenditure surveys, sub-sector of Private Consumption
Expenditure of Gross Democratic Expenditure (GDE) and Consumer Price
Index (CPI).

Industries and Construction Division of the Department of Census and Statistics
conducts its Annual Survey of Industries starting from 1978 and the Division
releases a Report on this Survey. Data classification basically based on UN-
ISIC, 1990 Revision 2. This Report contains data at Two digit level (ISIC)
summary including one sector for Mining and Quarrying, nine sub sectors for
Manufacturing Industries, one sector for Electricity, Gas and Water. This also
contains detail information at Three digits and Four digits level of UN-ISIC.
Some selected information on product or commodity wise was given in
beginning years of the Survey indicating UN-ISIC product code number at eight
digits level and with its product description starting from 1978 to early 1980’s.
At present, this eight digit level information is not included in the publications.
Those are available in our data tapes and this information is released on a
request made by the users only. More than 80 per cent industrial output is
covered by selected few major groups (ISIC) of industries. Those are UN-ISIC
two digit numbers of 31, 32, 35 and 38 in these surveys. The surveys of
Industries are an establishment type surveys. The product code numbers (UN-
ISIC) are given by the office staff who has been trained on each major sub group
of ISIC. At the field level, information is collected with indicating product
description and relevant ISIC code list is also given to the field officers or data
collectors for their use.

The Department has not seen big issues relating to classification using UN-ISIC.
Department was able to insert or locate the local products/commodities within
the framework of UN-ISIC classification. Ministry of Industries has its own
twenty sub sectors for all Manufacturing industries starting from 401 to 420.
Again this reclassification of industries falls within the UN-ISIC classification

At present, The Department is engaged in the process of introducing UN-ISIC
1990 Revision 3 as new classification version for our annual Surveys on
Manufacturing Industries as a current requirement. This has come very much
needed for the users like who are compiling estimates on National Accounts.
This UN-ISIC 1990 Revision 3 introduction is needed for Industries to introduce
SNA1993 for compilation of National Accounts. Similarly, now our Income and
Expenditure Surveys are giving attempts to use UN-ISIC 1990 Revision 3 for
their classification purposes instead of Revision 2 version which has been used

Compilation of National Accounts.

The classification of the economic activities is done by using UN-ISIC -1990-
Rev.-2) at present. So, Summary Tables by industrial origin are given according
to the UN-ISIC-1990-Rev.-2. So, it includes eleven (UN-ISIC) sub sectors for
the total economy for Gross Domestic Product (GDP).            The details of sub
sectors of GDP are also given on the basis of UN-ISIC-1990-Rev.-2

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka is also using the same UN-ISIC-1990-Rev.2 for
their GDP compilation. In this case, they do strictly follow the same for all the
sub sectors of GDP. Even that there are little difference in sub sector level.

International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic
Activities (ISIC) Revision 3.

Tabulation             Division Description

A                      Agriculture, hunting and forestry

                 01          Agriculture, hunting and related service
                 02          Forestry, Logging and related service

B                      Fishing

                 05              Fishing, operation of fish hatcheries and
                                 fish farms;
                                 service activities incidental to fishing.

C                      Mining and quarrying

                 10          Mining of coal and lignite, extraction of
                 11          Extraction of crude petroleum and natural
                             gas; service activities incidental to oil and
                             gas extraction excluding surveying.
                 12          Inning of uranium and thorium ores
                 13          Mining and metal ores
                 14          Other mining and quarrying

D                      Manufacturing

                 15          Manufacture of food products and
                 16          Manufacture of tobacco products
                 17          Manufacture of textiles
                 18          Manufacture of wearing apparel; dressing
                             and dyeing of fur
                 19          Tanning and dressing of leather;
                             manufacture of luggage, handbags,
                             saddlers, harness and footwear
                 20          Manufacture of wood and of products of
                             wood and cork, except furniture;
                manufacture of articles of straw and
                plaiting materials.
    21          Manufacture of paper and paper products
    22          Publishing, printing and reproduction of
                recorded media
    23          Manufacture of coke, refined petroleum
                products and nuclear fuel
    24          Manufacture of chemicals and chemical
    25          Manufacture of rubber and plastics
    26          Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral
    27          Manufacture of basic metals
    28          Manufacture of fabricated metal products,
                except machinery and equipment
    29          Manufacture of machinery and equipment
    30          Manufacture of office, accounting and
                computing machinery
    31          Manufacture of electrical machinery and
    32          Manufacture of radio, television and
                communication equipment and apparatus
    33          Manufacture of medical, precision and
                optical instruments, watches and clocks.
    34          Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and
    35          Manufacture of other transport equipment
    36          Manufacture of furniture, manufacturing
    37.         Recycling

E         Electricity, gas and water supply

    40          Electricity, gas, steam and hot water
    41          Collection, purification and distribution of

F         Construction
G         Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor
         vehicles, motorcycles and personal and
         household goods

    50         Sale, maintenance and repair of motor
               vehicles and motorcycles, retail sale of
               automotive fuel
    51         Wholesale trade and commission trade,
               except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
    52         Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and
               motorcycles, repair of personal and
               household good

H        Hotels and Restaurants
    55          Hotels and Restaurants

I        Transport, storage and communications

    60          Land transport; transport via pipelines
    61          Water transport
    62          Air Transport
    63          Supporting and auxiliary transport
                activities, activities of travel agencies
    64          Post and Telecommunications

J        Financial intermediation

    65          Financial intermediation, except insurance
                and pension funding
    66          Insurance and pension funding, except
                compulsory social security
    67          Activities     auxiliary    to    financial

K        Real estate, renting and business activities

    70         Real estate activities
    71         Renting of machinery and equipment
               without operator and of personal and
               household goods
    72         Computer and related activities
    73         Research and development
    74         Other business activities

L        Public administration and defence; compulsory
                social security
    75         Public administration and          defence;
               compulsory social security

M        Education

    80         Education

N        Health and social work

    85         Health and social work

O        Other community, social and personal service

    90          Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and
                 similar activities
    91          Activities of membership organizations
    92          Recreational      cultural and    sporting
    93          Other service activities

P        Private households with employed persons

    95         Private households with employed persons

Q        Extra-territorial organizations and bodies

    99         Extra-territorial organizations and bodies

Central Product Classification (CPC)

Section Division

0      Agriculture, forestry and fishery products

       01     Products of agriculture, horticulture and marker gardening
       02     Live animals and animal products
       03     Forestry and logging products
       04     Fish and other fishing products

1      Ores and minerals, electricity, gas and water

       11     Coal and lignite; peat
       12     Crude petroleum and natural gas
       13     Uranium and thorium ores
       14     Metal ores
       15     Store, sand and clay
       16     Other minerals
       17     Electricity, town gas, steam and hot water
       18     Water

2      Food products, beverages and tobacco; textiles,
           apparels and leather products

       21     Meat, fish, fruit, vegetable, oils and fats
       22     Dairy products
       23     Grain mill products, starches and starch products; other food
       24     Beverages
       25     Tobacco products
       26     Yarn and thread; woven and tufted textile fabrics
       27     Textile articles other than apparel
       28     Knitted or crocheted fabrics; wearing apparel
       29     Leather and leather products; footwear

3.   Other transportable goods, except metal products
         machinery and equipme nt

       31     Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting
       32     Pulp, paper and paper products; printed
              matter and related articles
      33          Coke oven products, refined petroleum
                  Products, nuclear fuel
      34          Basic chemicals
      35          Other chemical products; man- made fibers
      36          Rubber and plastics products
      37          Glass and glass products and other non- met
                  Metallic products n.e.c.
      38          Furniture; other transportable goods n.e.c
      39          Wastes or scraps

4   Metal products, machinery and equipment
      41      Basic metals
      42      Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
      43      General purpose machinery
      44      Special purpose machinery
      45      Office, accounting and computing machinery
      46      Electrical machinery and apparatus
      47      Radio, television and communication equipment and apparatus
      48      Medical appliance, precision and optical instruments, watches
              and clocks
      49      Transport equipment

5   Construction work and constructions land

        51         Construction work
        52         Constructions
        53         Land

6   Trade service; hotel and restaurant services
       61     Sale, maintenance and repair services of motor vehicles and
              motor cycles
       62     Commission agents and wholesale trade services, except of
              motor vehicles and motorcycles
       63     Retail trade service; repair services of personal and household
       64     Hotel and restaurant services

7   Transport, storage and communications services

             71      Land transport services
             72     Water transport services
             73     Air transport services
             74     Supporting and auxiliary transport services
             75     Post and telecommunications services
8   Business services agricultural mining and manufacturing services

          81        Financial intermediation services and auxiliary services
          82        Real estate services
          83        Leasing or rental services without operator
          84        Computer and related services
          85        Research and development services
          86        Legal, accounting, auditing and book-keeping services,
                    taxation services; market research and public opinion
                    polling services, management and consulting services,
                    architectural, engineering and other technical services.
          87        Business services n.e.c.
          88        Agricultural, mining and manufacturing services
          89        Intangible assets

9   Community social and personal services

          91        Public administration and other services to the community
                    as a whole, compulsory social security Services
          92        Education services

          93        Health and social services
          94        Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and other
                    environmental protection services
          95.       Services of membership organizations
          96.       Recreational, cultural and sporting services
          97.       Other services
          98.       Private households with employed persons
          99        Services provided by extraterritorial organizations and

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