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									          Fantastic Neon Light
       & Beer Advertising Auction
                                                                              Mark your calendar and bring a friend. Great tim-
  Backes Auction Center                                                       ing for this auction for Christmas Gifts!! Look
                                                                              close, some collectibles, some new and definitely an
     6605 Dubuque Road, Raymond, Ia                                           interesting auction of 60+ neon lights, 100+ lighted
                                                                              signs, tins and more. Check the internet for all the
   Sunday, November 29, 12:00 PM                                              pictures. 10% buyer’s fee.

                             Older Tins – Signs                                       Neon Lights
                             Items of Interest
                                                                             Budweiser Sturgis 2002 – Mount
                  Hamm’s moving waterfall lighted sign                       Rushmore/motorcycle; Budweiser
                  34” Budweiser Clydesdale with wagon double                 20” x 24”; Old Style 22” tall Open;
                    sided lighted clock                                      Budweiser 36” King of Beer with
                  16” x 26” Old Milwaukee Trout Beer with                    eagle; Amstel Light 24”; Miller Lite
                    bottle and can lighted display                           True Pilsner; Chicago Bulls MGD
                  Coors lighted 1978 Mountain Scene clock                    neon with Bull; Old Style reach for
                  Peerless Beer wall sconce                                  the best; 3 Silver Bullet; Blue Moon
                  Hamm’s 16” tall Hamm’s Bear plastic beer                   24”; 2 Pabst ribbons; Budweiser
                    can display                                              EATS; 32” tall Smirnoff Ice; Miller
                  Pabst Blue Ribbon 60” old PBR bottle tin                   Lite true pilsner beer; Miller LIte
                  Hamm’s Beer 32” lighted wall sign with Bottle              36”; Puckers neon with lips; Tequila
                    and mug with shake shingle top                           Sauza Margarita; MGD neon; 16” x
                  Light Beer 32” x 32” lighted wall clock                    32” Ice House; Miller Genuine Draft
                  32” x 60” Coca Cola old wall tin                           neon blimp; Miller Light; Michelob
                  Kemps Ice cream lighted wall clock                         32”; Michelob Golden Light; Sky
                  Borden Milk and Cream wall clock                           Blue; Molson Golden Golf Flag and
                  4’ x 10’ Hamm’s Refreshing as the land of the              ball; Busch Light with Mountain;
                    sky blue waters wall cardboard display                   Bass Triangle; Lite Beer; XXXX
                  Olympia 18” keg barrel lighted waterfall                   neon light; 2 South Paw Boxing kan-
                                                                             garoos; Miller High Label; Bud-
                                                                             weiser 32” bow tie; Miller Genuine
                                                                             Draft; Busch Beer bottle; 30” Sharps
                                                                             Bottle; Double Bud OPEN; Bud
                                                                             Light; 32” Hamm’s; Rolling Rock;
                                                                             Coors Light with mountain; Ice
                                                                             House; Saint Pauly girl; Budweiser
                                                                             King of Beer; Coors Light mountain
                                                                             neon; Killians Irish Red; Miller
              Beer Signage and Lights                                        Genuine Draft; Old Milwaukee; Bud
                                                                             Light on Tap; Miller Beer with Eagle;
Colt Beer lighted sign; Corona Extra with Palm Tree neon; Bud & Bud          Marlboro; Killians Irish red; Bud-
                                                                             weiser clover; Miller Lite Miller
light clocks; Coors Light Silver Bullet plastic wall display; Mike Hard
                                                                             Time; Coke; Pabst ribbon; Dos
Lemonade 36” slippers; Sierra Nevada Ales & Lagers lighted wall              Equis; Budweiser 28” Bow tie;
sign; Busch plastic wall display with Lasso; Coors Beer lighted wall         Lowenbrau; Miller Neon light with
sign; Bud #25 Nascar car wall hanging; Pennzoil lens; Miller High Life       Miller & MGD displays
Baseball bat tin; Dale Jr life size Budweiser cutout; Camel cigarette tin;
Miller Lite 36” wall tin; Sierra Nevada lighted sign; Dr McGillicuddy
wall tin; Red Dog 16” pocket watch clock; 2 Seagram’s Crown of
                                                                               Pool Table Lights
Sports Mirrors; Pabst Blue Ribbon mirror; Coors wall mirror; Chester-
                                                                              42” Miller Lite Miller Time leaded
field cigarette tin; South Paw 48” bottle mirror; Pabst Blue Ribbon wall               glass pool light
light; Budweiser Bow Tie motorcycle mirror; Budweiser 22” 32” wall           48” Budweiser pool table blimp light
mirror; MGD 48” wall mirror; Old Style welcome light; Sony Mobile               Bud Light 48” pool table light
lighted display; Sielly neon light; Captain Morgan wall mirror – rope &         O’Doul’s 48” pool table light
tie downs; 2 Sauza Diablo whisky wall lights; PBR barrel keg light;
Leinenkugle wall light; 22” x 34” MGD Boston Celtic lighted wall             TERMS: Full payment via cash or certi-
                                                                             fied funds. Checks accompanied by a
light with hoop; Miller Lite 32” mirror; Bud Light 16” x 22” lighted
                                                                             current bank letter of credit. No property
wall sign; Old Mil wall sign; Clarion lighted sign; Budweiser 16” x 12”      removed until settled for. After the auc-
wall light; MGD lighted clock; Sam Adams 16” round button light;             tioneer has sold a piece of equipment, it
Schlitz 13” wall clock; Coors Original 19” Golden Colorado button            becomes the sole responsibility of the
                                                                             purchaser. Any announcement made day
light; Miller Lite 20” button light; Budweiser 36” tall bottle; Busch        of sale takes precedence over printed
Light – Pabst – Boulevard button lights; Budweiser plastic 42” wall          material. Everything sells as is, where is.
light; Coca Cola plastic light; MGD lighted bottle display; Pepsi wall       No warranties. No guarantees.
clock; Budweiser wall clock; Light Ice wall sign; Michelob hanging           NOTE: The information contained in this
                                                                             brochure is subject to inspection and
wall clock; Busch Beer lighted clock; Marlboro lighted sign; Pabst           verifi cation by all parties relying on it.
Cold Beer wall lights; Schlitz light; Tapper Handles; Michelob hanging       No liability for its
lights; Bacardi bottle display; Misc beer sponsored race cars; Large         accuracy, errors, or omissions is assumed
                                                                             by the representatives of the seller, or        VIEW WEB
mural wall coverings; Bud Select large helmet; Misc framed prints;                                                         FOR 80 PICTURES
                                                                             Dick Backes Auctioneers. 13% Buyer’s
German wall sign; Prairie Farms lighted wall clock                           Fee with 3% cash back for cash/checks.                                                                           800-876-8070

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