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					Amadeus Ticket Changer
                                                                                     Travel Management Companies

With Amadeus Ticket Changer you can service your customers’ change requests anywhere in the
world – in a matter of seconds – giving them the right fare and the right penalty charge at any point
of sale.
Airline debit memos, 30 minute calls to your call centre, lengthy and expensive staff training… these are just some of the
factors involved in manual ticket reissuing. Sweep them all away with Amadeus Ticket Changer, an entirely automated
end-to-end solution that will help you significantly reducing costs.

Cut down your costs                           Increase customer satisfaction
You will no longer have to spend vast         In today's environment of last minute
sums of money training staff, to make         alterations, having the flexibility to
sure that they understand and                 change flights is very important to
remember each airline's cancellation          business travellers. For corporations the
and change policy. Instead, Amadeus           ease of change and cancellation is the
Ticket Changer does it all for you,           most important factor when
incorporating the myriad airline policies     negotiating fares with a Travel
into one easy to use solution which           Management Company.
even reissues the ticket. Your agents can     Amadeus Ticket Changer allows all
now handle the process on their own           kinds of changes, including date, flight
and your call centre costs will very          and routing, and processes a vast range
noticeably decrease.                          of tickets. Significantly increasing the
Designed to come up with the correct          time you spend changing and reissuing
fares, taxes and penalty fees Amadeus         a ticket will increase your customers’
Ticket Changer will make you forget all       satisfaction and secure their loyalty.
about airline debit memos!
                                              Rock-solid reliability and accuracy
Enhance your productivity                     Benefit from Amadeus' technological
Save up to an impressive 25 minutes           expertise and precision. Mistakes are
per reissued ticket, and transform a          avoided and airline debit memos will
once tedious and difficult process into a     become a thing of the past. Amadeus
single transaction which can be               Ticket Changer systematically and
completed in seconds.                         accurately calculates the fare/tax
                                              balance and penalty fee amount for                   1 Retrieve original
Amadeus Ticket Changer is a fully             electronic and paper tickets while                     e-ticket record
automated solution, which incorporates        automatically generating the necessary
every airline's policy. As it doesn’t         reporting.
require specific training, your staff will    With Amadeus Ticket Changer you will                 2 Rebook the
find it very easy to complete the process     have worldwide consistency in                          itinerary
in only 4 simple steps instead of 15.         implementing and collecting re-issued
                                              fares and penalties.
  A comprehensive list of                                                                          3 Reissue request
  business benefits:                          Discover new revenue
  >    Cost reductions
                                              Your customers know that nothing
  >    Productivity enhancement
                                              comes without a cost, least of all ticket            4 Document
  >    Increase in revenues
                                              changes. Leverage this opportunity by                  issuance request
  >    Customer satisfaction                  charging a service fee per change and
                                              watch your revenues grow thanks to
                                              this new channel. Bearing in mind that              4 steps instead of the
         ATC not only calculates the
                                              approximately 10% of tickets are                 original 15 step manual
         correct fare, tax balance and
                                              changed at least once, can you really            reissue process
         penalty fee, but also
         prepares all travel                  afford not to dive into this nearly
                                                                                                  Up to 25 minutes saved on
  USP    documents ready for                  untapped market? Let Amadeus Ticket
                                                                                               time to change a ticket
         issuance                             Changer help you capture this new
                                              source of income.
                                                                        A better quality of service for your customers
                                                                        In a few key strokes the multitude of functions required to make
                                                                        a change is expertly taken care of and guaranteed by the fully
                                                                        automated process. A service your customers will be happy to
                                                                        pay for.

                                                                        A New Revenue Opportunity:

                                                                        > Up to 10% of tickets are changed at least once*.

                                                                        > Applying a change fee therefore offers very interesting
                                                                          revenue potential.

                                                                        *Source: ATPCo

 Key Benefits                                          Key Features
 Automated end to end                                  Calculates and displays fares/taxes balance + penalty fee
 process improves efficiency                           Creates accounting reports and travel documents
 and productivity

 Reliability assures customer loyalty                  New generation technology
                                                       Best-in-class pricing accuracy
                                                       Reissue guaranteed (when successfully completed)

 Easy to learn and use                                 4 new dedicated entries
 means fast adoption and                               Process shortened: 4-5 steps from 14
 satisfaction                                          Similar workflow as to price and issue a first ticket.

 Multi-channel - effortless                            Available to any point of sale worldwide: offices & call
 integration into your                                 centres via cryptic access or Amadeus Selling Platform
 applications                                           (v3.1)
                                                       Available on your website via Amadeus API v2

 A powerful and                                        All types of ticket can be changed: domestic, international, multi-carrier wholly
 comprehensive solution                                unused or partially used tickets
                                                       Electronic tickets regardless of the original issuing GDS
                                                       Paper tickets issued by Amadeus system
                                                       Public & ATPCO Private fares (categories 15, 25 and 35 IT/BT) are processed
                                                       All currencies are handled including their conversion

With more than 20 years experience in the travel and tourism industry, Amadeus, the world's leading
provider of IT solutions, offers products and services under four categories:
Distribution & Content, Sales & e-Commerce, Business Management, Services & Consulting