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									                      Below is a list of all the Anti-Violence Advocates at Penn. AVAs have completed a comprehensive
                  training about issues related to dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking on Penn’s campus. They are
                   available to lend students support by providing information and referrals. AVAs also play an important
                                      role in spreading the message of anti-violence across Penn’s campus.

Name                  Department              Address                                Email                           Phone
Bill                  Director, Counseling    133 South 36th Street, 2 fl.                   215-898-7021
Alexander             & Psychological
Janice                Clinical Director,      3535 Market Street, Suite 100          215-662-2874
Asher                 Women's Health
Brianna E.            Admin. Coordinator,     School of Engineering                 267-974-4053
Banford               Office of Academic      220 South 33rd Street
                      Programs                111 Towne Building
Patricia              Assignment              220 South 40th Street, Suite 260     215-898-0810
Briscoe-Cypress       Coordinator,
                      Tutoring Center
Gina                  Admin. Assistant,       Moore Building                        215-573-5257
Burgese               Electrical and          200 S 33rd St., Room 202
                      Systems Engineering
Tracey                Victim Advocate,        4040 Chestnut Street                   tburke@publicsafety.upenn.ed    215-898-9001
Burke                 Special Services                                               u
Dr. Karlene           Director, VPUL-         ARCH Building                                 215-573-0823
Burrell-McRae         Makuu                   3601 Locust Walk
Elissa                Assoc. Director,        3708 Chestnut Street                       215-898-3357
Buxbaum               Greenfield
                      Intercultural Center
Robert                Assoc. Director,        3537 Locust Walk, Suite 200          215-898-0104
Carter                African-American
                      Resource Ctr.
Shiella               Assoc. Director,        ARCH Building, PAACH                        215-746-6049
Cervantes             Pan-Asian American      3601 Locust Walk
                      Community House
Cece                  Head Counselor,         220 S. 40th Street                  215-898-6440
Citron                PENNCAP                 Suite 240
Christina             Asst. Dean, Nursing     School of Nursing                  215-898-6687
Costanzo Clark                                418 Curie Blvd, Room M-20
Beverly               Minister& President,    118 S 37th Street                      215-746-6350
Dale                  Christian Association
Ralph                 Assoc Dir, Training     228 Sansom Place East, 6106                215-898-1745
DeLucia               Affirmative Action &
                      Equal Opportunity
Melissa               Research Assistant,     SP2 Research Building                  215-746-0241
Dichter               School of Social        3815 Walnut Street
                      Policy & Practice
Marilynne             House Dean,             310 South 36th Street                  215-898-2855
Diggs-Thompson        Riepe College House
Christine     Research Dir., Craig-     CHOP, 34th and Civic Center Blvd              215-590-1204
Forke         Dalsimer Division of      Main Building, 11 Floor, NW Suite 10 34
              Adolescent Medicine
Gloria        Assoc. Director, Penn     3643 Locust Walk                               215-898-8611
Gay           Women’s Center
Ken           House Dean,               3901 Locust Walk                           215-573-3952
Grcich        Rodin College House
Ninah         Program Coord.,           3907 Spruce Street                           215-898-5044
Harris        LGBT Center
Sandi         Health and Wellness       3611 Locust Walk, 3rd fl.                       215-573-3525
Herman        Educator, OHE
Stacy         Assoc. Director,          3933 Walnut Street                               215-898-5263
Kraus         Fraternity and
              Sorority Affairs
Meeta         Assoc. Director, CAPS     133 S. 36th Street, 2nd fl.                        215-898-7021
Alison        Assoc. Director, Civic    3914 Locust Walk                           215-898-4831
LaLond        House
Catherine     Admin. Coordinator,       220 S. 33rd Street                          215-746-8605
Lawrence      Bioengineering            240 Skirkanich Hall
Matty         Assoc. Dir., Office of    3611 Locust Walk, 3rd fl.                        215-573-3525
Lehman        Health Education
Julie         Director, Alcohol and     3611 Locust Walk, 3rd Fl.                 215-573-3525
Lyzinski      Other Drugs
Troy          Ass. Dir., New            3702 Spruce St, 6027                         215.573.1218
Majnerick     Student Orientation/
Deborah       Administrative Chief,     3535 Market Street, Suite 100                     215-746-3535
Mathis        Women’s Health
Joanne        Assistant Dean,           3620 Walnut Street                           215-573-6349
Murray        Annenberg
Rachel        Program                   34th and Civic Center Bldg., 11th Fl. Suite         215-590-3401
Myers         Coordinator, CHOP         10
Alice         Assoc. Dir. Students      3451 Walnut Street                          215-573-9235
Nagle         w/ Disability Srvcs
Gail          Staff Assistant, Equity   220 South 40th Street                      215-898-7021
Oberton       and Access Programs
Felicity      Director, Penn            3643 Locust Walk                             215-898-8611
Paxton        Women’s Center
Lisa          Administrative            3611 Locust Walk                          215-573-4641
Payakovich    Assistant, VPUL
Michelle D.   Director, Sansom          3650 Chestnut Street, Suite 105, 6182           215-898-6871
Ray           Community Services
Pamela        Assoc. Dir. College       3702 Spruce Street, 6027                      215-898-5551
Robinson      House & Academic
Hilary        House Coordinator,        Rodin College House, 3901 Locust Walk   215-573-3576
Sendall       Rodin College House       Room M10
Sharon       Dir., Student           3611 Locust Walk, Room 6222      215-898-0706
Smith        Intervention Services
Ellen        Assoc. Dir, Alcohol &   3611 Locust Walk, 3rd fl. Suite 300 B         215-573-3525
Trappey      Other Drug Program
Lisa         Assoc. Director,        Sweeten Alumni House,3533 Locust Walk   215-898-3097
Vaccarelli   Alumni Relations
Patricia     House Dean, W.E.B.      3900 Walnut Street, Suite 132A      215-898-3677
 Williams    Du Bois College

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