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					                                July 12 - July 30, 2010
                                A Summer learning program
                                for children ages 6 to 16

                                   PREPARE TO SERVE

                                                      Sponsored by
                                EAST STROUDSBURG      East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
                                    FOUNDED 1893      A Member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education

ESU For Kids activities are not officially approved by the East Stroudsburg Area School
District or the Stroudsburg Area School District and are not necessarily endorsed or supported by
these school districts. Permission to distribute this information is provided as a service to students.
ESU for Kids 2010
What is ESU for Kids?
ESU for Kids is a summer program offering a wide variety of courses designed for
children ages 6-16. It has been in existence for 19 years. Experienced, professional
instructors are eager to teach and challenge each student. ESU for Kids delivers
affordable learning and memorable experiences.

Where does ESU for Kids take place?
All courses are held on ESU campus in Stroud Hall. Take Prospect Street into
College Circle — this is a temporary place to park for a maximum of five minutes.
Read signs carefully in ESU parking lots if you need long-term parking for visitors.
Students may be dropped off 10 minutes prior to their first class. They must be
picked up immediately after their last class. All students are constantly supervised.

When does ESU for Kids start?
ESU for Kids runs Mondays through Fridays for 3 weeks in July. The dates are July
12, 2010 through July 30, 2010. Each course is three weeks long. Different courses
are offered throughout the day from 8:00am to 4:00pm. See course listings for

What will my child do at ESU for Kids?
Create educational video games! Role play! Learn yoga! Become a chef, artist, or
author! Play field hockey or become a SCRABBLE expert! ESU for Kids has all these
courses …and more!

How do I enroll in ESU for Kids?
Enrollment is easy as 1-2-3 !
1) Use the course schedule and course descriptions to choose your favorite classes.
2) Complete the two-page ESU for Kids enrollment form.
3) Submit the ESU for Kids enrollment form along with your deposit/payment to the
   Office of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions by the required deadline.
That’s it! You’ll be notified by e-mail or phone to confirm your child’s enrollment!
ESU for Kids 2010
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
1) Students are encouraged to bring lunches or snacks. They may enjoy their food
   during classes or during the 10 minute breaks between classes.
2) Bathroom breaks take place during and between classes.
3) Students MAY NOT bring relatives or friends with them to their classes unless the
   relatives or friends are enrolled at ESU for Kids through the Office of Continuing
   Education and Summer Sessions.
4) To reserve your child’s course(s), a deposit of $125 is due by Monday, July 12,
   the first day of ESU for Kids. Your total payment is due by Monday, July 19 (first
   day of the second week).

$125 one course.
$230 two courses. You save $20!
$345 three courses. You save $30!
$460 four courses. You save $40!
$575 five courses. You save $50!
$690 six courses. You save $60!
$805 seven courses. You save $70!
NOTE: Families enrolling more than one child per family will receive a $20
discount per course for each additional child. For example, two children enroll in
one three week course. The first child pays $125; the second child pays only $105
for the course.

Still have questions?
Contact the Office of Continuing Education for more information at (570) 422 2872
or visit the website at:
Course Schedule
(See next page for course descriptions)

8:00-9:00 a.m.                            12:40-1:40 p.m.
• Creating Children’s Books               • Comic Heroes 2
• Girls Just Want to Have Fun             • Drawing Portraits
• Magic: The Gathering                    • Food Made Easy and Healthy
• Tai Chi                                 • Lord of the Rings Roleplay
• Video Game Designing                    • The Meaning of Music
                                          • Me-Cubes
9:10-10:10 a.m.                           • Who Wants to Be an Author?
• Be a SCRABBLE® Expert                   • Young Adult Literature
• Chinese Boxing Self-Defense
• Elementary Field Hockey                 1:50-2:50 p.m.
• “Escapes”                               • Beginner Keyboard
• Fun with Photos                         • Drawing Caricatures
• Journal Making                          • Fall in Love with Reading
• X-Files Role Play                       • Harry Potter Role Play
                                          • “Kick It Up a Notch”
10:20-11:20 a.m.                          • Lend a Hand to Puppets
• BeDazzled                               • Touch and Tell Scrapbooking
• Drawing on the Spot
• Mask Mania                              3:00-4:00 p.m.
                                          • All-Star Sports
• Silly Sports and Goofy Games
                                          • Beginner Guitar
• Spanish for Beginners                   • Illustrations
• Star Wars Role Play                     • It’s All in the Mind
• The Unexplained                         • Knight School
                                          • Traveling a World of Food
11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.                     • Yoga
• Acting
• Drawing on Site
• Ghostbusters Role Play
• Hop a Different Hopscotch
• Sensational Science
• Trash to Treasures
• Who Wants to Be a Poet?
ESU for Kids 2010
                                                                           COURSE DESCRIPTIONS

Acting                                                 Chinese Boxing Self-Defense
Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Scott Hnasko                 Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Ted Michalowski
Learn the basic skills of acting! Perform              Learn the fundamentals of Wing Chun, the first
pantomime and do improvisation. Best of all,           martial art style of Bruce Lee! You'll develop a
you’ll take act in a play for parents and relatives!   strong body-state, and gain skills in protecting
                                                       yourself as well as an overall confidence, training
All-Star Sports                                        in techniques to enhance sensitivity and speed
                                                       that could be attained by anyone, regardless of
Ages: 6-12 • Instructor: Nicole Togno                  size or strength. Fun partner drills will work the
Discover the athlete in you as we play soccer,         ability to protect what is viewed as the center of
wiffle ball, kickball, and more! Have fun in a         the body, and to react to a variety of attacks, and
friendly environment meant for beginners!              to counterattack.

Be a SCRABBLE® Expert!                                 Comic Book Heroes 2
Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Scott Hnasko                 Ages: 8-16 • Instructor: Scott Hnasko
Expand your vocabulary & increase your score on        The sequel to last summer’s popular course!
the classic board game SCRABBLE®! A member             Justice League! X-Men! Fantastic Four! Learn a
of the National Scrabble Association will teach        brief history of comic books & become an expert
you tips and strategies to become a champ! You’ll      on famous comic book heroes! Each day will be
play regular SCRABBLE, Super SCRABBLE,                 an in-depth exploration of heroes & villains. Win
Clabbers, SCRABBLE Slam, SCRABBLE Apple, and           prizes in our comic trivia contests!

                                                       Creating Children’s Books
                                                       Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Stephanie Pater
Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Carrie Panepinto             It’s time for you to develop your skills as a writer.
Do you want to add pizzazz to your outfits? Do         Learn fun ways to express your writing and
you want to learn how to create things to add          drawing abilities. You’ll create and publish your
dazzle? Learn how to create jewelry, hair              own children’s book!
accessories and other accessories as well as a
jewelry box to keep your creations.
                                                       Drawing Caricatures
Beginner Guitar                                        Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Ted Michalowski
                                                       Have fun bringing exaggeration to your portraits!
Ages: 8-16 • Instructor: Dave Libecap                  Draw your friends in class! You'll have a blast
Have you ever wanted to learn guitar? This             learning how to distort features in the face to
course starts with the basics – chords, scales,        bring lively character to your portraits. Use photos
fingering, & tuning. By the end, you’ll learn how      from home to draw family, friends, and even your
to play simple guitar songs! Requirement:              favorite celebrity! Demonstrations will be given
Acoustic or electric guitar                            by the instructor.

Beginner Keyboard
Ages: 8-16 • Instructor: Dave Libecap
This basic course will show you how you to play
keyboard. You’ll start with keyboard harmony,
fingering, scales, & rhythm. You’ll read music.
You’ll play simple songs for friends!!
Requirement: Keyboard
Drawing on Site                                        Fall in Love with Reading
Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Ted Michalowski              Ages: 6-9 • Instructor: Nicole Togno
Draw anything in any place, as soon as you see it!     Come and read different types of books that will
If you can see it, you can draw it! We will visit      make you fall in love with reading! As you meet
various locations inside and outside, learning to      new authors and their characters, you’ll learn
look at the world around us more carefully, and        strategies that will make you a better reader!
use this sense of observation to go directly into
drawing, and have fun while we see and draw it         Food Made Easy and Healthy
all. Demonstrations will be given by the
instructor.                                            Ages: 14-16 • Instructor: Carrie Panepinto
                                                       Do you like to cook? Would you like to learn how
                                                       to make easy, healthy and different foods? You
Drawing on the Spot                                    will be able to create a cookbook and make the
Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Ted Michalowski              food in an easy and fun way. Make chicken
Drawing with action! You'll learn to bring much        dishes, pasta dishes, soups, salads, and more!
more life into your drawings, with greater
confidence and courage, and be able to draw            Fun with Photos
more often at a faster and more fluid rate. You will
draw your friends with immediacy and learn to          Ages: 12-16 • Instructor: Carrie Panepinto
capture the gesture of a pose, with dynamic            Do you want to learn how to take digital photos?
results. Connections of the artistic skills of         Do you like to take digital pictures but do not
drawing with the athletic skills of hand-eye           know what to do with them? Come and learn how
coordination will be presented and developed.          to take good digital photos and use an easy and
Fun and fast demonstrations will be given, and         free software to create photo slideshows by using
given away.                                            your own computer. In no time you will have
                                                       created a photo slideshow of the great digital
Drawing Portraits
Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Ted Michalowski              Ghostbusters Roleplay
Draw your friends in class! Use photos from
home to draw family, friends, and even your            Ages: 8-16 • Instructor: Dave Libecap
favorite celebrity! You’ll learn what to look for in   Who you gonna call for roleplay fun that’s
the face and the features. We will focus on            supernaturally fun? Sign up for this class and
accuracy in likeness, while developing the skills      you’ll be a Ghostbuster! Get ready to laugh and
of drawing what we see. Demonstrations will be         trap ghosts and have a blast. Don’t get slimed!
given by the instructor.                               Players are encouraged to bring multisided dice.

Elementary Field Hockey                                Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Ages: 8-12 • Instructor: Becca Perri                   Ages: 6-10 • Instructor: Carrie Panepinto
The game of field hockey is fun-filled, action-        If the title of this class is something that describes
packed and a great confidence builder. You will        you, then this is for you. You will learn a dance
learn skills, be active, make new friends and have     and a cheer as a team. You will also design an
a blast! Requirement: Shin guards, cleats and/or       outfit together to wear during your performance.
sneakers, water bottle, mouth guard                    Come and have fun dancing and cheering!

“Escapes”                                              Harry Potter Roleplay
Ages: 6-16 • Instructor: Stephanie Pater               Ages: 8-16 • Instructor: Scott Hnasko
Create your own “escapes”! “Escapes” are               By popular demand! Harry Potter fans rejoice!
landscapes made with texture paper, markers,           J.K. Rowling’s world of wizardry is at ESU! The
crayons, photos and more. You’ll have fun in this      action begins at Hogwarts and can include
artistic class designing your own perfect pictures.    characters and ideas from throughout the epic
                                                       book series! Don’t miss it! Players are
                                                       encouraged to bring multisided dice.

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ESU for Kids 2010
                                                                        COURSE DESCRIPTIONS

Hop a Different Hopscotch                             Knight School
Ages: 6-12 • Instructor: Ashley D’Anton               Ages: 8-16 • Instructor: Scott Hnasko
Hop a different hopscotch is a unique way to try      Sharpen your logic & broaden your mind!
hopping. You can hop and answer a problem with        Whether you’ve played chess before or you’re just
your friends, make a hopscotch full of ideas, hop     a beginner, Knight School covers chess basics and
and spell words, and so many more all while           challenges experienced players. You’ll play in a
using sidewalk chalk!                                 chess tournament!

Illustrations                                         Lend a Hand to Puppets
Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Ted Michalowski             Ages: 6-10 • Instructor: Mary Winkler
Use all your skills in drawing to create and enjoy    In this class, you’ll design and create your own
the thrill of illustration! We will illustrate book   puppets! You’ll make a puppet stage for them to
and music covers, as well as exciting personal        perform on! Have fun performing puppet skits for
experiences. Learn to tell stories with a visual      classmates, family, and friends.
                                                      Lord of the Rings Roleplay
It’s All in the Mind                                  Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Dave Libecap
Ages: 8-16 • Instructor: Ashley D’Anton            Explore J.R.R. Tolkien’s magical world of Middle-
Come to this class and become a memory master! Earth & its inhabitants! Create and roll your own
Learn different strategies, games and tricks that  character! You’ll enjoy Lord of the Rings roleplay
will improve your memory and teach you skills      & Rings trivia!
that you can share with friends! You’ll experiment
with color word games, optical illusions and       Magic: The Gathering
                                                      Ages: 8-16 • Instructor: Dave Libecap
                                                      You’ll learn the rules and basic play of this
Journal Making                                        popular card game! Design and build your deck
Ages: 8-16 • Instructor: Ashley D’Anton               – then duel against your classmates!
Think creatively and enjoy yourself with journal      Requirement: a starter deck and two boosters
making! Create an escape where you can write
about last night’s football game or dance recital,
or fun times with family and friends! Get to know     Mask Mania
more about yourself while making your memories        Ages: 6-12 • Instructor: Ashley D’Anton
last.                                                 Learn about the process to unique mask making!
                                                      Explore your creativeness and “tattoo” your face
Kick It Up a Notch                                    the way the Maori warriors did! You’ll make
                                                      masks you can wear at home and surprise your
Ages: 12-16 • Instructor: Carrie Panepinto            friends and family!
Come and learn how to create great food that will
impress anyone. It’s fun and easy to “kick it up a
notch” just like they do on TV cooking shows!         The Meaning of Music
You’ll make appetizers, entrees, desserts and         Ages: 8-16 • Instructor: Stephanie Pater
more!                                                 Have you ever wondered the meaning of
                                                      “Yesterday” by the Beatles? Or Whitney Houston’s
                                                      “Celebrate for a King?” Listen to many reggae,
                                                      jazz, blues, country folk, and many other styles of
                                                      music and discover the meanings of songs!
Me-Cubes                                                Touch and Tell Scrapbook
Ages: 6-12 • Instructor: Ashley D’Anton                 Ages: 6-16 • Instructor: Ashley D’Anton
Me-cubes are an awesome way to create a box all         Touch and tell scrapbook is a great way for
about wonderful you! Write about yourself or a          students to be creative by using different textured
friend, your likes and dislikes, plans, dreams and      items and closing their eyes and guessing what
feelings! It’s great to express yourself in this        the item might be! It is also a beginning for
creative and artistic way!                              scrapbooking, where you can learn how to
                                                        compile a book!
Sensational Science
Ages: 8-16 • Instructor: Stephanie Pater                Trash to Treasures
Fascinating hands-on experiments are a great way        Ages: 6-10 • Instructor: Carrie Panepinto
to learn more about science. You’ll experience ice      Do you like to make crafts but do not think that
cube magic, floating eggs, vinegar volcano,             you have the supplies? Do you think making crafts
gravity free water, and much more! Come join the        is too expensive? Come and see what you can do
fun creating weird and crazy things that you            with various items that are just laying around your
weren’t expecting!                                      house. You will be making a craft each day.

Silly Sports and Goofy Games                            Traveling a World of Food
Ages: 6-16 • Instructor: Stephanie Pater                Ages: 12-16 • Instructor: Carrie Panepinto
Learn how to play Terrific Tag, Crazy Challenges,       Learn about food from different cultures and cook
and Blind Caterpillar. You’ll enjoy Toss Around,        it yourself! Create a cookbook! Eat and enjoy food
Frisbee Leap Frog, Ridiculous Relays and more!          from Spain, France, China, Russia, Japan,
                                                        Scandinavia, Latin America and more! YUM!
Spanish for Beginners
Ages:10-16 • Instructor: Janice Rodriguez               The Unexplained
You can speak Spanish! Easy and fun! Games,             Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Scott Hnasko
songs, bingo, & projects. Join us for this exciting     Loch Ness Monster. Bigfoot. Vampires.
adventure. Your family and friends will be              Spontaneous human combustion. Alien
amazed!                                                 Abduction. Could any of these be true? This class
                                                        examines cases and claims of “The Unexplained”
Star Wars Role Play                                     in a search for answers. Bring your curiosity and
Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Dave Libecap                  skepticism with you!
May the force be with you during this exciting
roleplaying class designed for Star Wars fans! Be       Video Game Designing
a Jedi or give in to the dark side!                     Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Scott Hnasko
                                                        Ever dreamed of designing your own video game?
Tai Chi                                                 Learn Microsoft PowerPoint step by step to create
                                                        interactive, animated learning games. Play others’
Ages: 10-16 • Instructor: Ted Michalowski
                                                        games as they try yours!
Learn this ancient martial art that is becoming one
of the most popular exercise systems in the world.      Requirement: a USB Flash Drive
Focusing on the elements of yin and yang, Tai Chi
conditions the body and mind to work together to        Who Wants to Be An Author?
improve posture, balance, stability, flexibility, and
                                                        Ages: 7-12 • Instructor: Mary Winkler
skill. The Yang style Tai Chi form will be taught, as
                                                        Bring your imagination and start an adventure to
well as fun energy drills with partners, to develop
                                                        become an author! You will write, illustrate, and
a sensitivity and non-resistance to force.
                                                        bind your own book! Share it with your family
                                                        and friends!

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                                                         The University
Who Wants to Be a Poet?                                  East Stroudsburg University is nestled in the
Ages:10-16 • Instructor: Janice Rodriguez                foothills of the Pocono Mountains, a resort
In this class, you will learn and practice various       area famous for year-round recreation and
types of poetry. Next, you’ll create your own            entertainment. Because of its location in the
personal book for all of your poems. Delight your        Poconos, you can take advantage of many
family and friends with your poetry!                     scenic, historic, and recreational sites
                                                         including the Delaware Water Gap, Bushkill
                                                         Falls, and the famous Pocono ski areas.
X-Files Roleplay
                                                         Situated on a hill facing Prospect Street, and
Ages: 8-16 • Instructor: Dave Libecap                    bordering the community of East Stroudsburg,
You’ll create a new character to investigate the         the campus is characterized by large areas of
weird happenings in the world of the X-Files!            grassy expanses comfortably shaded by a
Aliens, monsters, ghosts…what will YOU                   variety of towering trees.
discover with Agents Mulder and Scully? Players
                                                         ESU is located approximately 1/4 mile from
are encouraged to bring multisided dice.
                                                         the East Stroudsburg exit of Interstate 80, Exit
                                                         308, and is within easy reach of modern
Yoga                                                     highway systems and commercial air services.
Ages: 6-12 • Instructor: Mary Winkler
This course is for brand new learners or novice
learners of yoga. You’ll learn the importance of
meditations and exercise. Show your family
members how to become flexible and relaaaax!
Requirement: wear loose, comfy clothes – bring
towel, water bottle

Young Adult Literature
Ages: 12-16 • Instructor: Janice Rodriguez
In this class for older readers, you will read and
discuss books that will make you think. You’ll
participate in activities that take you out from the
pages of your book and into your own life.

                                                       For More Information
                                                       Office of Continuing Education &
                                                       Summer Sessions, 570-422-2872

                                                                For additional information or special accommodation,
                                                                please call 570-422-2872.
                                                       NOTICE OF NON-DISCRIMINATION East Stroudsburg University
                                                       of Pennsylvania does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
                                                       religion, national origin, gender, veteran status, disability or age
                                                       in its programs and activities in accordance with state and federal
                                                       laws. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries
                                                       regarding this policy: Director of Diversity/Ombudsperson, 200
                                                       Prospect Street, 115 Reibman Building, East Stroudsburg, PA
                                                       18301, (570) 422-3656.
    ESU for Kids 2010
                                                                                    ENROLLMENT FORM
                                                         Make sure both sides of this form are properly filled

     Parent Name(s)

               Street                                     City                                     State   Zip Code

     Telephone (with area code)
                                   Work                          HoMe                     Mobile

     Parent Email (used for enrollment confirmation)

     Emergency Contact                                                   Telephone

     Child(ren) Medical Information

     Additional Information

    Students MAY NOT come in to class with relatives or friends unless these people are properly enrolled in the
    “ESU for Kids” program through the Office of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions.

                                      CHILD 1                        CHILD 2                       CHILD 3
     T-shirt Size (circle one)     Child — Adult                 Child — Adult               Child — Adult
     T-shirt Size (circle one)    S — M — L — XL                 S — M — L — XL             S — M — L — XL
     Courses (see course descriptions and schedule)
     8:00 -9:00am

    Please complete the statement below and check                Make checks payable to East Stroudsburg University.
    ONE of the payment options below.                            Payments can be dropped off in person or mailed to:
    I have enrolled my child(ren) in _____ courses at            East Stroudsburg University
    ESU for Kids. Total payment due is $_____________ .          Office of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions
        I will make the TOTAL payment for the courses            Attention: ESU for Kids
        selected no later than Monday, July 12, which is the     Zimbar-Liljenstein Hall
        first day of classes.                                    200 Prospect Street
        I will make a $125 deposit for the courses selected      East Stroudsburg, PA 18301-2999
        no later than Monday, July 12, which is the first day
        of classes. I understand that I must pay the
        remainder of my balance by Monday, July 19, the
        first day of the second week of classes.
 Please read all information carefully and sign below
 I realize that risks of injuries are an inevitable and inherent consequence of participation
 in any sport activity; and that no amount of reasonable instruction and supervision,
 proper use of equipment or facilities will prevent all injuries. I realize, and understand
 that severe injuries are possible even from sport camp activities. I understand and
 appreciate that such injuries can range from the most insignificant to death, including
 but not limited to, serious neck and spinal injuries which may result in partial or total
 paralysis; brain damage; loss of sight, hearing, sense of smell or serious or permanent
 injuries to all bodily organs and functions. Serious injury can also occur to all or part of
 the musculoskeletal or nervous systems. All of these potential injuries can impact on the
 general health and well being of participants for the remainder of their natural lives.
 In accepting this risk, I expressly and explicitly release, discharge and waive any and all
 responsibility and liability, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless, East Stroudsburg
 University of Pennsylvania, and the employees, officials or agents of any and all of the
 foregoing, pursuant to, pertaining to, related to, or arising from any injuries to my child
 as a result of his/her participation in this activity.
 I verify that my child is covered by health insurance and that East Stroudsburg University
 of Pennsylvania and the State System of Higher Education, and the Commonwealth of
 Pennsylvania, and the employees, officials or agents of the foregoing are not responsible
 for any health care expenses as a result of my child's participation in this activity. If I do
 not have health insurance, I agree to be totally responsible for any and all health costs
 associated with any injury incurred by my child in participating in this activity.
 In case of injury as a result of my child's participation in this activity, I hereby give
 advance permission to obtain medical service on behalf of my child, including but not
 limited to, paramedic treatment, transportation by emergency vehicle to a medical
 facility and treatment by emergency physicians. All extraordinary measures are to be
 taken in regard to treatment and I shall assume all financial responsibility as to any
 treatment. If emergency treatment is secured, I will indemnify and hold harmless East
 Stroudsburg University, the State System of Higher Education, and the Commonwealth
 of Pennsylvania, the employees, officials or agents of the foregoing from any and all
 actions in the decision to seek emergency treatment.
 East Stroudsburg University and its representatives on occasion take photographs for the
 university’s use in print and electronic publications. This serves as public notice of the
 university’s intent to do so and as a release to the university of permission to use such
 images as it deems fit.
 By my signature below, I hereby acknowledge that I understand and voluntarily accept,
 on behalf of my child, the hazards, risks, rights and responsibilities noted in the release.

Parent/Guardian Signature                                      Date

Note: Make sure both sides of this form are properly filled.

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