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									                                                                                                  rob & cheryl
                                                                                              ENTERTAINMENT                                                 Technique • Friday, October 20, 2000 • 21
                                                                                                 page 21

ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                        A hop, zip, and a jump
                                                                                                                     The Squirrel Nut Zippers stay ahead
                                                                                                                     of the bandwagon and go back to
                                                                                                                     basics with Bedlam Ballroom. Page 23
                                                                                                                                                                A new Spike Lee joint
                                                                                                                                                                Bamboozled takes an interesting look
                                                                                                                                                                at a very un-poltically correct topic—
                                                                                                                                                                minstrel shows of the 1800s. Page 25
                                 Technique • Friday, October 20, 2000

Pay it back? It’s better to ‘Pay It Forward’ New roads for
By Carter Green                        good deeds like rabbits makes
Second ugliest man on campus

MPAA Rating: PG-13
                                       the film difficult to pull off. Once
                                       Trevor begins doing good deeds,
                                       his circle of influence gets very
                                                                                                                                                         old masters
Starring: Kevin Spacey, Helen          large, very fast.
   Hunt, Haley Joel Osment                 Once again, Haley Joel Os-                                                                                    By Alan Back
Director: Mimi Leder                   ment steals the show. After his                                                                                   Case Closed
Studio: Warner Brothers                captivating role in The Sixth Sense,
Rating: yyyy                           Haley portrays a middle school                                                                                        What a difference a year makes.
                                       kid with big ideas. His enthusi-                                                                                      Ask the members of Blues Traveler and
    “Think of an idea for world        asm sells the “pay it forward”                                                                                    they’ll tell you some stories. Personal trage-
change, and put it into action.”       idea to the audience, almost                                                                                      dy, health problems, and a long break from
Eugene Simonet gave this as-           against their will; the plan seems                                                                                performing add up to a triple whammy
signment to his junior high stu-       to be an idea destined for fail-                                                                                  that could sideline most other bands built
dents every year. Each year, some      ure. After all, it operates on the                                                                                on relentless touring and dedicated fan sup-
would find ways to clean up the        honor system.                                                                                                     port. For one of the pioneer groups on the
neighborhood, or make small                Hunt does a good job of bal-                                                                                  modern jam scene, though, it’s been a chance
change, but no one had ever had        ancing a difficult role. Arlene                                                                                   to figure out where to go next and how to
an idea with global implications       McKinney is an alcoholic, rais-                                                                                   keep everybody coming back for more.
until Trevor.                          ing a child on her own while                                                                                          After Bobby Sheehan, the group’s orig-
    This movie has a simple            working two jobs to make ends                                                                                     inal bassist, died of a drug overdose in New
premise. Trevor McKinney took          meet. Hunt delivers everything                                                                                    Orleans last August, rumors of a breakup
this junior high school social stud-   that the audience has come to                                                                                     began to spread among the fans. However,
ies assignment to heart. His idea:     expect. Compassionate, yet eas-                                                                                   the three remaining members (lead singer/
do something nice for three peo-       ily frazzled, Hunt does the best                                                                                  harmonica virtuoso John Popper, guitarist
ple. These people are not allowed      she can to match Osment’s en-                                                                                     Chan Kinchla, and drummer Brendan Hill)
to pay him back, however. They         ergy.                                                                                                             chose to push on and look for new blood.
must pay it forward instead to             While Kevin Spacey is an im-                                               By David James / WARNER BROTHERS   Several people sat in on bass during a short
three more. The very strength                                                 Haley Joel Osment gives another spectacular performance as a               private tour last November; Chan’s young-
of Trevor’s plan to reproduce          See Forward, page 22                   junior high kid trying to change the world—literally—in Pay It Forward.    er brother Tad ended up with the job.
                                                                                                                                                             He had been involved with a band dur-
                                                                                                                                                         ing his time at Brown University and con-

‘Jurassic Park’ roars again in divine DVD                                                                                                                tinued with them on the New York music
                                                                                                                                                         scene, also touring up and down the East
                                                                                                                                                         Coast. After the group broke up, he began
By Jayson Wehrend                      provided an interesting vision       Due to the legal entangle-                 Movie: Someone deserves a         to play with other bands around the city
Yay, he’s back!                        of the events chronicled there- ments involved with the possi-              lot of credit for this film trans-    while considering his options.
                                       in. For the average moviegoer, bility of a fatal accident, he needs         fer. It’s not often that I find a         “I was kind of at a point where I was
    Before the worlds of movies        they got a movie with mind- experts to sign off on the park to              DVD that’s practically flawless.      thinking, ‘I need to be making some more
and video games finally took over      blowing spe-                                         continue con-          Where are all the specks? Surely      money; I’ve been in the city five years play-
my mind, my chief obsession            cial effects and                                     struction. He          there has to be some pixeliza-        ing around’—I was going to pull that back
was dinosaurs. I could rattle off      a soundtrack                                         gets them in           tion somewhere! Good luck find-       a little and start trying to make more mon-
an enormous number of dino             that was equal-                                      the form of            ing it. Like most avid DVD            ey free-lancing on the computer stuff.” He
names, behaviors, and descrip-         ly dazzling.
                                                           Every scene on the               Dr. Grant              watchers, I flinch at using the       had been working on Web page design and
tions like any other good child            A       rich    DVD came off clear (Sam Neill),                         words “reference quality,” but        programming as a side job before being
of the 80s.                            amusement                                            Dr. Sattler            this disc came blessedly close.       asked to audition for Blues Traveler.
    When I was in junior high          park owner sets
                                                           and clean; even in               (Laura Dern),              Every scene came off very clear       On the other hand, new keyboardist
(and already starting down the         out to make         the brightest                    and Dr. Mal-           and clean, which is quite a task      Ben Wilson had been thinking about going
dark path of video games), I en-       the greatest                                         colm (Jeff             when you think about this mov-        into carpentry after leaving his own group
countered the book Jurassic Park       park ever cre-
                                                           daylight, the                    Goldblum).             ie. You have multiple indoor and      in Ann Arbor, Mich. When Popper and
by Michael Crichton. I enjoyed         ated. Through       grassland picture                In a severe case       outdoor scenes both in bright         company visited Austin in February to start
it immensely but soon went back        some techno-                                         of deja vu,            light and almost utter darkness.      writing songs for their upcoming sixth stu-
to other pursuits.                     wizardry, he
                                                           remained pristine.               Steven Spiel-          Even in the brightest daylight of     dio album, they flew in a handful of pro-
    Like millions of other fans I      manages to                                           berg again             the grassland area, the picture       spective players to audition. Before Wilson
eagerly awaited the upcoming           create living bi-                                    teams up with          remained pristine.                    found out about the opening, he had been
movie and I can proudly say I          ological attractions in the form John Williams to create an in-                 Before I ever got this DVD, I     planning to head for the Far East and then
saw it at the very first showing.      of dinosaurs, freshly resurrected credible movie of animal versus                                                 start swinging a hammer back in the States.
For fans of the book, the movie        from extinction.                  man.                                                                                “He was the last one to come in,” Tad
                                                                                                                   See Jurassic Park, page 24
                                                                                                                                                         recalled. “It was a unanimous decision—
                                                                                                                                                         the band just said, ‘You’re the guy.’” The

Hurley is bedazzling devil; film falls short                                                                                                             new five-piece lineup has given rise to a
                                                                                                                                                         different sound, both in the studio and in
                                                                                                                                                         front of an audience.
                                                                              By Gus Ramage, IV                    ters the Devil, in the shapely            “My influences are a lot of old soul
                                                                              Parking IS Satan                     form of Elizabeth Hurley.             songs, like Parliament and their funky bass
                                                                                                                       Satan seduces Elliot into sign-   playing. And to bring in the keyboard and
                                                                              MPAA Rating: R                       ing away his soul by offering         organ with Ben, it fills the space where
                                                                              Starring: Brendan Fraser,            him seven wishes to improve his       Bobby used to be. He was almost organ-
                                                                                 Elizabeth Hurley                  life. After a mere glance at the      like in his playing, very wandering and
                                                                              Director: Harold Ramis               enormous contract, he signs it        psychedelic, and he really filled up a lot of
                                                                              Studio: 20th Century Fox             and is given the wishes. To at-       that sound while Chan and John used to
                                                                              Running Time: 93 minutes             tract women, Elliot decides that      solo,” Tad explained. “Now it’s like we’re a
                                                                              Rating: yy                           he to wish for riches and power.      little more rooted in the groove, and Ben
                                                                                                                       Seizing this opportunity to       fills a little bit of that space. It’s kind of a
                                                                                  Bedazzled is a mildly funny      turn his life into hell, Satan puts   rootsy, little older sound.”
                                                                              movie about the lengths a man        him into the life of a Colombian          However, he readily pointed out that
                                                                              would go to get a woman. Elliot      drug lord with business and           the other elements that make Blues Travel-
                                                                              (Brendan Fraser) is a technical      marital difficulties. Once Elliot     er what it is are still very much present—
                                                                              support staffer at a San Fran-       realizes that things are not going    Popper’s limber voice and harp, Chan’s
                                                                              cisco tech firm. His “friends”       the way he planned, he always         masterful guitar work, and Hill’s dead-steady
                                                                              can’t stand him, and Elliot finds    has the option of pressing 666        drumming. The loss of a founding mem-
                                                                              it virtually impossible to talk to   on a beeper and be whisked back       ber couldn’t break up the act, and neither
                                                                              an attractive woman.                 to his normal life.                   could a serious medical crisis.
                                                                                  After an embarrassing inci-          Elliot finally visits a church        Popper checked into the hospital last
                                                                              dent when trying to ask a partic-    to talk to a priest about his deal    summer, complaining of chest pains, and
                               By Francois Duhamel / TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX    ular woman out, he begs for God      with Lucifer and see if the pas-
Elizabeth Hurley plays a beautiful and ever-seductive version of              to help him get the woman of                                               See BT, page 27
Satan in Bedazzled. How can bumbling Brendan escape this one?                 his dreams. Instead he encoun-       See Dazzled, page 22
22 • Friday, October 20, 2000 • Technique                                                      ENTERTAINMENT

                     Crossword Tri-Cycled                                              By Kit FitzSimons
                                                                                       Raiding Parties of Three
                                                                                                                                53. Space org.
                                                                                                                                54. Bully (2 wds)
                                                                                                                                                                          21. “…maids all ______” (2 wds)
                                                                                                                                                                          22. Singer Amos
1     2    3                                 4    5     6                                                                       57. Use a foot when you mess up in        26. Sty
                                                                                       ACROSS                                       SkiFree? (4 wds)                      27. Word with lumbar or “the bar”
7               8                 9    10                          11    12   13
                                                                                       1. Carry, as a sack of rocks             63. Bill Lann Lee, right now (abbr)       28. “I love Brutus.”
14                    15     16                              17                        4. OSS follower                          64. Overly done, as cheesy acting         29. Transcontinental train, for short
                                                                                       7. “Ten minutes ago!”                    65. Mailed                                30. LXI x IX
                18                                           19
                                                                                       9. Block thrusts                         66. Advice                                34. See 20 DOWN
20    21   22         23                                     24                        11. Some college students (abbr)         67. Word with soup or shooter             35. Squeal (on)
                                                                                       14. “Memory” with a complete                                                       36. Actress Gardner
25              26                     27    28   29    30                                 collection? (4 wds)                  DOWN                                      37. Not even!
31                                     32
                                                                                       18. Time’s rack neighbor                 1. On the______                           38. McGuire’s competition
                                                                                       19. See 11 DOWN                          2. My land, and your land                 39. Aussie ostriches
      33              34     35   36                         37    38    39            20. Foot-wiper                           3. It’s used to bust a cap in yo’ *ss     42. Tolkien tree
                      40                                     41               42
                                                                                       23. CD Club Provider                     4. Native Canadians?                      43. High intelligence society
                                                                                       24. Dog of Kansas                        5. “Mad About You” cousin                 44. Honshu city or bay
43    44   45   46                           47   48    49                             25. The bun falls when you cork the      6. Author Rand                            45. With a 43 DOWN grp. (2 wds)
                                                                                           bottle? (4 wds)                      8. Angel dust (abbr)                      46. Tide type
50                                           51                    52
                                                                                       31. Aching                               9. Like Pius and his robes                47. All lathered up
53                                54   55                    56                        32. Lynn Reid Banks hero                 10. All that’scut out (abbr)              48. “_____ girl!”
                                                                                       33. Score in overtime, otherwise         11. With 19 ACROSS, “Lead                 49. It can be pro or proper
57                    58     59                                    60    61   62
                                                                                           you’re out? (4 wds)                       ______ temptation…” (2 wds)          54. Sound in the night
63                    64                                     65                        40. Rant’s partner                       12. Arrive at (2 wds)                     55. Magneto’s specialty (abbr)
                                                                                       41. Geodesic shape                       13. Bend to pick up                       56. Boys in Blue HQs
                      66                                           67
                                                                                       43. Expose yourself in Hollywood,        15. Frankfurt fellow                      58. Play part
                                                                                           and it’s on to the beach? (4 wds)    16. Federal property, but run by          59. _____ alai
Answers on page 25. Kit, our wonderful crossword guy, apologizes for the               50. Caesar’s “You aren’t, are you?”           companies (abbr)                     60. Cool cat
confusing puzzle last week. We still love him though. Please do this puzzle            51. Aural prefix                         17. Morse code parts                      61. The Chosen ______
anyway—he promises it’s not as evil. Evil evil evil evil. Evil is a good word.         52. Suffix meaning “participant in”      20. ER staff members (abbr)               62. School org. for mothers

                                            no match for Ramis’ last outing,                                                    is lost in awkwardness and uncon-         about another twenty minutes could
Dazzled                    from page 21     Analyze This, in terms of comedic
                                            value. The jokes are not that funny
                                                                                       Forward                from page 21      vincing drama.
                                                                                                                                    The film manages to cover a wide
                                                                                                                                                                          have wrapped up some loose ends.
                                                                                                                                                                          Because of this, the twist at the end
tor has any advice for him. The             and the sex appeal of Hurley is heavily    pressive criminal mind in The Usu-       range of popular topics. Single par-      comes across as more of an after-
priest is not amused, Elliot is es-         relied upon to sell the film.              al Suspects and pulls off a man in a     ent homes and substance abuse coun-       thought than as a compelling com-
cortedto the police station for a drunk         The acting is mediocre, as is nearly   mid-life crisis all too well in Ameri-   terpoint the challenges of growing        ponent.
and disorderly charge. While in jail        always the case with Fraser. The           can Beauty, he is not equipped to        up in today’s society and seeking to          Overall, Mimi Leder’s direction
awaiting his hearing, Elliot talks to       only talent Hurley had in the movie        pull of the roll of Simonet. As          achieve real change. The most diffi-      is solid. The plot is complex enough
his cellmate and realizes his oppor-        was the ability to look out-of-this-       Trevor’s teacher, Simonet has his        cult part of the movie is listening to    to stay interesting. The movie comes
tunity to set everything straight.          world in skintight leather apparel.        own struggles centered around see-       the ideas of a kid without losing the     across as thought provoking and
    Harold Ramis (Groundhog Day)            Bedazzled would be much improved           ing the world past his disfigured        idea in skepticism.                       compelling, despite its limitations
directed and wrote the screenplay           with a better male lead. With the          face. The role comes across as dry           Surprisingly, I found this movie      in script and casting. It will leave
for this movie, a remake of Peter           plethora of excellent autumn films,        instead of tragic. The potential for     was just a bit too short. Many mov-       the audience wondering what they
Cook’s 1967 version. This film is           this one is easy to skip.                  romance and character development        ies drag on too long, but in this case,   can do to help pay it forward.

                                                                        Rob got engaged! I am so so so excited. Everyone say “yay Rob!”
                                                                                               ENTERTAINMENT                                                           Technique • Friday, October 20, 2000 • 23

Zippers raise the ‘Ballroom’ roof                                                                                                Here a band, there a band…
By Alan Back                                territory for “Bent Out of Shape”—        these two tracks, though, and you                                                         ROXY (3110 Roswell Rd.)
                                                                                                                                 COTTON CLUB (152 Luckie St.)
Pleasant gas…night-night gas…               turn the lights down, sit back, and       come to a goofy little treasure in the     (404) 874-1993                                 (404) 233-7699
                                            get ready to be blue.                     title cut. All eight band members          10/21—Injected, Bend, Steep                    10/21—Delirious?, Kendall Payne
Artist: Squirrel Nut Zippers                    Rhythm and blues, Dixieland,          sound as if they want to run in dif-       10/22—Buddy Miles, Spoonful James              Web site:
Title: Bedlam Ballroom                      calypso, and even a little bit of slea-   ferent directions; the result is a         10/25—J Mascis and the Fog, 6 Gig
Label: Mammoth                              zy ska rear their heads at times; the     Beetlejuice-style romp that could be       10/26—Chris Whitley, Shivaree                  SMITH’S OLDE BAR (1582 Piedmont Ave.)
Genre: Oldies but goodies                   Zippers practically switch gears on       the perfect soundtrack to a carnival       10/27—Vibrolush, Wayne                         (404) 875-1522
Tracks: 13                                  the fly, charging through 13 tracks       freak show. In other words, this is fun!   Web site:      10/20—Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Rating: yyyy                                in less than 40 minutes. This is the          Bedlam Ballroom has more au-                                                          10/21—El Pus, Slangbanger, Justin Hale
                                                                                                                                 DARK HORSE TAVERN (816 N. Highland Ave.)       10/22—Ethan and the Ewox, Shane
                                            way recordings used to be: compact        thenticity than two-thirds of the
                                                                                                                                 (404) 873-3607                                    Hines, Shelley Yankus
    When the infamous swing re-             song structures, solos that got to the    albums put out by groups that              10/20—Johnny Hyde, Brandon Harvey,             10/23—Ian Moore, Lifehouse
vival took hold in 1998, the Squir-         point without noodling, and very          jumped on the swing bandwagon.                Appleseed                                   10/24—Apartment Projects
rel Nut Zippers seemed a little out         few notes that didn’t need to be there.   There’s a fine line between paying         10/21—The Union, The Johnny Society, 4 Souls   10/25—Stew, Anthony David
of place against the likes of Big Bad           The disc sags a bit in the middle.    respect to the music that came be-         10/25—Whild Peach, Black Pearl, Velour         10/26—Big Sky, Drifting Through
Voodoo Daddy and Brian Setzer.              “Hush” never really gets out of the       fore you and just sounding dated           10/26—1401, Ghost Town, The Wood               10/27—Ultraphonic, Mindseye, Moye,
The reason was simple: they didn’t          gate, even with guest performer           and stupid, and the Squirrel Nut           10/27—Eden, Another Man Down,                     Lifehouse
play swing, and they couldn’t have          Andrew Bird providing strings, and        Zippers manage to stay on the right           Friends of the Family                       Web site:
cared less about zoot suits or chain        “It All Depends” veers into corny         side of it most of the time. Snag this
wallets. What they were after was a         bossa nova (though Whalen feels a         disc and take a spin back through          ECHO LOUNGE (551 Flat Shoals Ave.)             STAR BAR (437 Moreland Ave.)
                                                                                                                                 (404) 681-3600                                 (404) 681-9018
return to the “hot music” days of           little more at home with the groove       the speakeasy era, but without Pro-
                                                                                                                                 10/20—Young Antiques, Modeltones,              10/20—Lizardmen, Blue Velvets
early jazz, when banjos and Ham-            than the brass players do). Get past      hibition hanging over your head.              Scotch Bonnet                               10/21—Belmont Playboys, White Lights
mond organs could be found shar-                                                                                                 10/21—Superjack, Rare Air, Clocked In          10/25—Moto-Litas, Telepathics, Sound Device
ing stage space with tight horn sections.                                                                                        10/24—Pedro the Lion, Death Cab for Cutie      10/26—Rex Hobart, Deanna Vargonna
    Bedlam Ballroom, their latest trip                                                                                           10/26—Isotope 217                              10/27—Billygoats, Mike Plumb
back in time, sports a different line-                                                                                           10/27—Melt Banana, Telepathics, Drill Team     Web site:
up from earlier albums but remains                                                                                               Web site:
true to form. The opening cut “Bed-                                                                                                                                             TABERNACLE (152 Luckie St.)
bugs” gets the disc off on the right                                                                                             EDDIE’S ATTIC (515-B N. McDonough St.)         (404) 659-9022
foot, boiling up out of the bayou                                                                                                (404) 377-4976                                 10/24—Soulfly, Primer 55, Slaves on
                                                                                                                                 10/20—David Ryan Harris, Beth Wood,               Dope, Downset
and echoing as if it was recorded in                                                                                                                                            10/26—Bad Religion, The Promise Ring
                                                                                                                                    John McVey
a creaky old house with a pest prob-                                                                                             10/21—Kristen Hall                             10/27—Common, Jill Scott
lem of its own. Jimbo Mathus knows                                                                                               10/22—Jud Duncan, Mia Johnson and Hoagy        Web site:
how something like this should be                                                                                                10/25—Eddie Elliott Band
sung, and he brings the gravel of                                                                                                10/26—Zrazy, Angela Motter                     VARIETY PLAYHOUSE (1099 Euclid Ave.)
Louis Armstrong and Charlie Shavers                                                                                              10/27—Carrie Newcomer, Christine               (404) 521-1786
into the picture.                                                                                                                   Havrilla                                    10/20—The Funky Meters, Rebirth Brass Band
    At the other end, there’s a fragility                                                                                        Web site:                  10/21—The Funky Meters
to Katharine Whalen’s voice that                                                                                                                                                10/22—Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Beat Junkies
                                                                                                                                 MASQUERADE (695 North Ave.)                    10/24—Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller
evokes hints of Billie Holiday. Pay
                                                                                                                                 (404) 577-2007                                 Web site:
attention to “Baby Wants a Diamond                                                                                               10/21—Voodoo Glow Skulls, Agnostic
Ring,” which jumps cheerfully along                                                                                                 Front, All, Straight-Faced                  Check out the Tourdates Web site
thanks to the horns (especially David                                                                                            10/27—Crazy Train                     
                                                                                                                                                                                ( to find out where your
Wright’s trombone) and even has a                                                        By Chris Eselgroth / MAMMOTH RECORDS
                                                                                                                                 Web site:                         favorite bands will be performing next.
little bit of Iggy Pop thrown in. She       The Squirrel Nut Zippers, led by Jimbo Mathus (standing, with glasses),
leads the band into Duke Ellington          return once again to the early days of hot dance jazz on their new album.

          rob & cheryl

                                                                      Becca: “What does the ring look like?” Rob: “Well, it’s sparkly.”
24 • Friday, October 20, 2000 • Technique                                               ENTERTAINMENT

                                                                              ence than any of the other dino-          goes into fairly good detail on how
Jurassic Park                                                 from page 21    saurs in the film.
                                                                                 John Williams’s score is faith-
                                                                                                                        the special effects came together. I
                                                                                                                        remember seeing this on TV before
                                                                                                                                                                      GTCN Update
was mostly worried about one thing.     ning of the movie is a great exam- fully reproduced with some very nice         though, so it’s nothing too new.           By Rebekah Bardwell
How well would such dated (it’s         ple. You have terrific low frequency fill-ins thanks to the rear surround           After that we have theatrical trail-   GTCN Correspondant
from 1993, after all) computer graph-   roars supported by the shrill screams speakers. This is the sort of             ers for all three Jurassic Park mov-
ics look? Generally, graphics quali-    of the unfortunate                                       soundtrack you         ies. They are presented in Dolby               This week on Flava 101,
ty decreases with the screen size,      victim. Sound                                            show off your          2.0 and full frame.                        Pier gives you food and opin-
and I was dreading what the dino-       blasts out of the                                        sound system               Don’t get too excited about the        ions. The African American
saurs would look like.                  front and rear sur-     The audio track                  with.                  trailer to Jurassic Park 3. It’s only      Student Union cookout is the
    All I can say is that these CG      rounds as weap-                                            Extras: Due to       some text with dinosaur noises in          place to be to hear students’
models are way ahead of their time.     ons go off, the
                                                                blows you away.                  my choice to go        the background. Considering the            voices concerning hip-hop,
Even now, after movies like The         raptor roars, and       Tremendous roars,                with the DTS ver-      quality of the sequel, I’m not too         voting, and race issues.
Matrix and The Phantom Menace,          the doomed work-                                         sion of this disc, I   excited about the new movie any-               On Phat Videos, Kara goes
the CG looks great. I’m still im-       er gets ripped
                                                                pounding footsteps,              have significantly     way.                                       shopping at Holiday Costume
pressed by the realistic motion of      apart.                  and a soaring                    less extras than if        Lastly, there was an interesting       and gets essential tips on make-
the creatures. The picture on this           Although the                                        I had gone with        feature called the “Dinosaur Ency-         up, accessories, and outfits.
DVD will not disappoint.                raptors stole the
                                                                musical score all                the Dolby Digi-        clopedia.” It goes through all the         Watch Kara make a transfor-
    Audio: Just as the visual effects   show in movie           hammer your senses tal version. I chose                 dinos in the movie and explains what       mation from sweet Tech stu-
blew me away, so did the audio          theaters, I think                                        to have better         facts are known about them and             dent to one of rock’s most
track (quite literally in fact). It’s   it’s the Tyranosau-
                                                                (in a good way).                 sound quality in-      where the animal fit into the movie.       infamous performers—Elvis.
been many, many years since I saw       rus Rex that wins                                        stead of some oth-     I actually kind of liked it, and thought       Flava 101 comes on Mon-
Jurassic Park in a theater and now I    out on the DVD.                                          er additional          it was a worthy addition to the disc.      days at 3 and 7 p.m. and
remember what it was like. Tre-         All of the scenes with the T-Rex goodies. That’s not to say that this               Despite the reduced number of          Thursdays at 7, and Phat Vid-
mendous roars, pounding footsteps,      were much more effective, thanks movie doesn’t have any extras.                 extras I was very happy with this          eos comes on Mondays at 3:30
and a soaring musical score all ham-    to a healthy output of bass. Every       First off there’s the documenta-       release. The image and sound are           and 7:30 p.m. and Thurs-
mer your senses (in a good way).        time the animal moves, roars, or ry entitled “The Making of Jurassic            the most important part of the movie       days at 7:30 on Channel 21.
    The raptor attack at the begin-     just looks around, it has more pres- Park.” James Earl Jones hosts as it        anyhow.


                                                                                                                                                                         7 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                    student services
                                                                                                                                                                       room 137

                  So it’s a Subway Series. That absolutely sucks. It makes me want to puke. And it made us vote Anthony off the island, cause Chris Young said we had to.
                                                                                          ENTERTAINMENT                                                      Technique • Friday, October 20, 2000 • 25

        ...Two Bits  Don’t take ‘Bamboozled’ too seriously—enjoy
...01010101010101...                                                              By Jamie Schulz
                                                                                  Suffering from theatre booty
    The other day, while sitting          “stumbling across” a violent act,
in Psych class, I realized that in-       showed that a majority of peo-
terpersonal relationships consti-         ple will ignore events rather than      MPAA Rating: R
tute the fiber of all humanity’s          attempt to stop them. Reasons           Starring: Damon Wayans, Savion
existence. Where would we be              ranged from “someone else will             Glover, Jada Pinkett Smith
today without people?                     call the police” to “it’s impolite      Director: Spike Lee
    Interestingly, the lecture hap-       to stare,” one of the most com-         Studio: Tri-Star Pictures
pened to relate to that very sub-         mon thoughts going through my           Running Time: 135 minutes
ject, so I pulled off my headphones       head when witnessing a murder.          Rating: yyyy
and listened for a while.                     The professor informed us that
    The first complete thought I          because of her lecture, we were             First, you must be given a little
heard was a theory stating that           better equipped for those situa-        history of the Minstrel Show. Made
there are two types of love, pas-         tions. “When witnessing an act          popular when it was begun in 1828,
sionate and compassionate. Pas-           of violence,” she continued, “you       it was once again revived shortly
sionate love, which is “intensely         will be more likely to say, ‘This       after the Civil War. It involved ac-
emotional and physical” (um...            is one of those Bystander Inter-        tors donning blackface (a mixture
passionate) is observed in high           ventions.’” Either that, or the         of charred cork and water spread
levels at the start of a relation-        student will snap their fingers         over one’s face, with lips painted
ship. As the relationship contin-         and say, “Oh, shoot, what is this?      red) and satyrizing the Southern
ues, this passionate love is slowly       I t was just on that test last week!”   Blacks, usually embellishing the al-
replaced by compassionate love,               Following on the heels of al-       ready wild misconceptions and ste-
defined as “deep affection, friend-       truism was aggression, the obvi-        reotypes made in accordance with
ship, and emotional intimacy”             ous response to altruism…or is          the Jim Crowe laws that popped up
(in other words, lovey-dovey).            that intrusion? The study dis-          during the period.
    Moving on, the professor              cussed was one performed by the             That said, Pierre Delacroix (Da-
                                                                                                                                                                               By David Lee / NEW LINE CINEMA
delved into the topic of altru-           University of Michigan to de-           mon Wayans) is in a bind. As a
                                                                                  producer for Continental Network         Tommy Davidson and Savion Glover are two no-names tapped for a new
ism—the act of being nice. After          termine whether southern males                                                   and controversial type of TV show in Spike Lee’s new film, Bamboozled.
convincing the class that people          were more aggressive than north-        Systems (CNS), he needs a show
are, in fact, nice sometimes, the         ern males.                              for which his boss is chomping at        face routine, but at the offer of money   ties up all the loose ends in the re-
prof explained the two theories               The researchers first tested        the bit. (Delacroix’s mantra: “Feed      and new clothes, they’re more than        maining fifteen minutes of the movie.
concerning explanations of al-            volunteers’ testosterone and cor-       the idiot box.”)                         willing to take society’s progress a          The film winds up being some-
truism.                                   tisol levels (hormones linked with          Unfortunately, he wants some-        few steps back.                           what of a cross between social com-
    The first theory is hedonism,         aggressive acts), then sent them        thing else—to be fired. So he comes          The show’s first taping is a bit      mentary and satire. Lee runs the
which claims that there is no             down a hallway under some pre-          up with the outlandish idea to pro-      rocky to say the least. The audience      gamut with the topics, ranging from
such thing as an altruistic act.          tense. Along the way, someone           duce a minstrel show. It’s a show so     doesn’t really know what to make          “keeping it real” with the rap group
We’re always acting for a reward.         would bump into them. The in-           offensive and politically incorrect      of the show, starring Mantan (Glov-       (the Mau Maus, headed by Mos
The second theory is reciprocal           cident was videotaped, with tes-        that the network will have a fit. But    er) and Sleep-n-Eat (Davidson). To        Def) shown in the movie to whites
altruism, which basically says,           tosterone levels checked again at       his boss loves the idea, and so do the   Delacroix’s amazement (and hor-           trying to act hip and with it, as
yes, there is, and no, we’re not.         the end of the hall.                    heads of the network.                    ror), the show is a runaway hit, with     Delacroix’s boss saying that he’s more
    These two views are arguably              The Northerners’ testoster-             But what about actors for the        audience members donning their            black than Delacroix himself.
mutually exclusive, but studies           one levels actually dropped, and        show? Certainly no top-name Hol-         own blackface and attending the               The verdict on the film really
to that end have yet to be per-           the tapes showed they were very         lywood sort is suitable, or even any     tapings.                                  depends on how you want to inter-
formed.                                   likely to be amused. The South-         lesser-known actor. The solution             Filmed with digital cameras (like     pret it. Some see it as a return to the
    Tied to altruism is bystander         erners’ testosterone shot up, and       comes in the form of two street          The Original Kings of Comedy), many       cotton-picking, watermelon eating
intervention—the action of wit-           they were more likely to grab a         performers, Man Ray (Savion Glover       times handheld, Bamboozled often          days of the late 1800s. Others, like
nesses to aid in ending violence          handy fire extinguisher.                of Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da      gives a first-person perspective of       myself, just see it as another jab at
(um...intervention by bystand-                Until next time, this is the        Funk) and Cheeba (Tommy David-           the action. The only problem is that      how PC we’ve tried to become. Bam-
ers). Studies in this area, most          Two Bits Man, and I’ll be avoid-        son).                                    Lee tries to cover too many issues in     boozled is an enjoyable film. It gives
involving unwitting volunteers            ing fire extinguishers for a while.         At first, the two are apprehen-      the limited time frame, and com-          a bit of history while still delivering
                                                                                  sive about doing the whole black-        mits a serious film mistake, as he        some good laughs.

  L    U    G                               C     I   A
  A    S    A   P              P      A     R    R    Y    T    U    G    S
  M    A    T   C    H    G    A      M     E    A    N    D    S    E    T
                P    E    O    P      L     E               I   N    T    O
  M    A    T        R    C    A                           T    O    T    O
  D    R    O   P    R    O    L      L     A    N    D    S    T    O    P
  S    O    R   E                     O     M    R     I
       W    I   N    D    R    A      W     O    R    L    O    S    E
                     R    A    V      E                    D    O    M    E
  M    O    O   N    S    T    A      R     S    A    N    D    S    U    N
  E    S    N   E                           O    T    O         A    S    T
  N    A    S   A              B      E     A    T    U    P
  S    K    I   P    A    J    U      M     P    A    N    D    H    O    P
  A    A    G        C    A    M      P     Y              S    E    N    T
                     T     I   P                                P    E    A

and it didn’t take ‘em long to decide...that earl had to die! man.
there’s nothing like listening to dixie chicks in the office late at
night. I love the dixie chicks. they rock. but alas, the cd had to end,
and so now we’ve moved on to the cool jazz cd I bought when I was
in new orleans over the summer. I must say, n’awlins was very cool
indeed. I even rode the streetcar. I had fun. anyway. my friend nick
called me last night, and I was sooooo excited! not like he’ll ever see
this psa and know how excited I was ‘cause he goes to purdue, but I
was very excited. nick saadah is one of my favorite people in the
entire world. there. it’s true. so I still don’t know what I’m doing for
fall break this weekend. all I know is that I’m going to the football
game. then home at some point. in between is the fuzzy part.
anyhoo. my life is weirdly uncomplicated right now. I think I like it
that way. wait—I know I like it that way. silly sarah. it’s bedtime.

                                                                                          Sliver me timbers!!
26 • Friday, October 20, 2000 • Technique                                                   ENTERTAINMENT

                                             Whether they or any of the other       headed up until its last run to date
BT                     from page 21      new songs end up on radio playlists
                                         is anyone’s guess, but it’s not
                                                                                    two years ago, helped bands such as
                                                                                    Widespread Panic and Phish gain
ended up having surgery to clear a       something that keeps the band awake        exposure even without heavy airplay.
blocked artery near his heart. Tad       at night. “Good songs do make the               “The great thing about being in
stated that Popper’s health has been     radio all the time, but there are other    this band is the fans, that grassroots
excellent since then—“He’s in prob-      songs that—you don’t know what             idea that we just tour and that’s
ably the best shape since he was         the hell they’re doing there,” Tad         what we do the best…And it’s cool
16”—and the fans can hear the im-        commented. “Songs are on the radio         because there’s no influence on the
provement.                               because people are buying the              writing end like, ‘We want to get a
    Blues Traveler’s current tour,       albums, or the [publicity] machine         hit.’ If it happens, if happens and
which began on October 6 and runs        has created an album that sells itself.”   everyone’s happy. But it doesn’t
until Thanksgiving, is a chance for          He continued, “With any band,          penetrate the ideology of the band.”
fans to hear the mix of old and new      anyone involved that spends a lot of           With or without radio airplay,
grooves. It also gives the band a way    money is going to say, ‘Hey, we’re         the show must go on—and that’s
to field-test some of their new ma-      going to need something we can play        the idea that keeps them rolling from
terial and get comfortable with each     that will sell the album.’ That’s a        gig to gig. When a big guy with a
other in a live setting.                 pressure that’s there, and how a band      rifle cartridge belt full of harmoni-
    After the new album is released      reacts to it is kind of its own thing.”    cas draped over his shoulders steps
(February 2001, by Tad’s estimate),          For the most part, Blues Traveler      up to the microphone, you know
they plan to hit the road again for a    chose to deal with that pressure by        he and his buddies mean business.
full-scale national tour. In the mean-   ignoring it and doing what they did
time, they will be offering four new     best: touring, expanding their fan         Blues Traveler will be performing at
tracks on their Web site                 base at every turn, and giving a leg       the Georgia Theatre (215 N. Lump-
( for fans         up to fellow road warriors. Tad            kin St., Athens) on October 31. Call
to download. These songs are from        explained that the H.O.R.D.E.              (706) 543-6666 to order tickets, or                                                      By Paul Natkin / A&M RECORDS
the first sessions on which Tad and      (Horizons of Rock Developing               visit the Theatre’s home page at         Blues Traveler (clockwise from back left: Brendan Hill, John Popper, Tad
Wilson played with the group.            Everywhere) tour, which Popper                     Kinchla, Ben Wilson, Chan Kinchla) are back on the road with a vengeance.


                                                                                                                                                                       by 3 out of 4

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