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Cat 336D L Hydraulic Excavator D by pengxuebo


									                                                          Press Release
For Worldwide Release: March 2010
Release Number: 25PR10

Cat® 336D L Hydraulic Excavator Delivers Expanded Versatility
and High Productivity in Demolition Applications
The Cat® 336D L Hydraulic Excavator features greater performance, flexibility and versatility
compared to the C-Series model. A new, spacious cab and new styling also set the D-Series
apart from previous machines. And additional guarding for demolition applications helps
ensure reliability and durability in demanding tasks.

The 336D L has more engine power and hydraulic pressure than the C-Series model. The result
is increased breakout force and greater lift force, which create faster cycle times and superior
productivity. The heavy lift circuit is now standard on D-Series models. At the touch of a
switch, heavy lift will boost hydraulic pressure for increased lift performance.

The 336D L has a maximum operating weight of 82,962 pounds (37 631 kg) and net power of
268 horsepower (200 kW). The Cat C9 engine powers the 336D L and meets U.S. EPA Tier 3
emissions regulations. The engine management system provides flexible fuel mapping,
allowing the engine to respond quickly to varying application needs. For reduced power
consumption and reduced noise, the excavator has a hydraulically driven fan controlled by the
electronic control module.

Strong and versatile in demolition applications
To enhance durability in demolition applications, the 336D L can be equipped with heavy-duty
triple grouser tack shoes for long wear and solid traction. Track guards for the sprocket end
and idler end are fitted to protect the full length of the track. Rubber bumpers attached to the
sides of the excavator reduce inadvertent damage when swinging, and bottom and bearing
guards protect those areas from damaging debris.

Additional cab guarding includes a full-length wire mesh window cover and a falling object
guarding system. The spacious cab features glass affixed directly to the pillars to eliminate
window frames and enhance visibility. A large skylight provides a view upward. Joystick

controls have low lever effort and are designed to match the operator’s natural wrist and arm
position. The operator can operate joystick controls with an arm on the armrest.

For expanded versatility, many factory-installed options are available. The 336D L features a
wide range of factory-installed auxiliary hydraulic systems, including a one-way, high
pressure, high flow circuit for hammers. Also, a two-way circuit is available for thumbs and
other hydra-mechanical work tools.

Tool control and coupler systems speed work
Another option is the Tool Control System for D-Series models. The Tool Control System is
exclusive to Caterpillar and allows operators and technicians to set auxiliary hydraulics flows
and pressures by using the monitor in the cab instead of using expensive service tools. The
customer can pre-set and store as many as 10 flow and pressure settings for 10 different hydra-
mechanical work tools.

The Tool Control System is available in two factory-installed configurations—as a stand-alone
system or with a medium pressure circuit and third pump. The latter system handles tools that
require rotate function, such as multiprocessors or rotating grapples. It also can handle
hammers, thumbs and similar tools. Single-function and double-function hydraulic tool
systems also are available as a factory installed attachment

An expanded line of work tools is available. For fast work tool changes, two different quick
couplers are available—a dedicated quick coupler and the Center-Lock™ Pin Grabber coupler.
The latter uses a patented over-center locking mechanism and two hydraulic locking features to
assure positive work-tool attachment. The new over-center locking technology promotes
jobsite safety and allows operators to quickly, simply and confidently engage and disengage
work tools regardless of boom and stick position.

To aid in machine management, Caterpillar offers Product Link. The optional system provides
information on machine location, service hours and machine health via wireless

For more information about the 336D L excavator, contact the local Cat dealer or visit the
Caterpillar web site at

                   Basic Specifications for 336D L Hydraulic Excavator
                                                                           336D L
                                  Operating weight                  79,700 lb (36 151 kg)1
                                  Engine model                          Cat C9 ACERT
                                  Net power                            268 hp (200 kW)
                                  Bucket dig force (SAE)             42,376 lb (188.5 kN)
                                  Max. reach (horizontal)          38 ft 5 in. (11 714 mm)
                                  Max. digging depth               26 ft 10 in. (8 185 mm)
                                  Track length                      16 ft 6 in. (5 020 mm)

                              Base machine; reach boom, 12 ft 6 in. stick, 1.56 cu yd bucket, 32 in. shoes

  CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow” and the “Power Edge” trade
 dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and
                              may not be used without permission.

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