Waggs To Riches Pg4 by uksnow


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									Opposite: Gucci blouse,
$695, David Yurman blue
topaz ring, $1,025, multistone
cuff, $2,300, and bangles in
amethyst, $2,640, and garnet,
$2,050, all from Neiman
Marcus; FACETS by Michele
Della Valle rings in amethyst
and diamond, and citrine and
diamond, $6,950 each, Damiani
multistone and diamond ring,
$6,980, all from Mayor’s
Jewelers, Fort Lauderdale

This page: Catherine
Malandrino dress, $695, and
Jimmy Choo sandals, $585,
both from Saks Fifth Avenue;
green and pink harness and
leash, $60, and silver leash and
cuff, $180, both from Waggs
to Riches, Delray Beach; Felix
collar with rhinestones, $210,
from Chateau Poochie; pink
leather harness and leash, $70,
from Gigi & Luca Pet Boutique

                                   Printed with Permission of Boca Raton magazine   Bocamag.com

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