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Gucci is pleased to announce the launch of Gucci Eyeweb, a new collection of sunglasses designed
by Creative Director Frida Giannini with the digital generation in mind.
For those avid social networkers Giannini has created an innovative microsite at,
where visitors will be able to "reflect and connect" their own creativity virally across the internet using
the silhouettes of the new Gucci Eyeweb collection as their palette.

Already a leader in the luxury eyewear segment, Gucci is extending its product portfolio with its first
line of youth-oriented styles. Taking a pioneering approach, Gucci Eyeweb combines high - end quality
with strong iconic styles that are destined for a younger audience both in terms of design and price.

Produced under license by Safilo, Gucci Eyeweb consists of two models, in six different colors and will
be followed by the subsequent debut of 3 new models in early spring.
The male model carries a single iconic G, while the female model carries the Gucci iconic double GG.
Each model is distinguished by the signature green and red stripes of the iconic Gucci web, which
together with the “world wide web” inspired the new product’s moniker.

An unprecedented interactive campaign will support Gucci Eyeweb when it launches globally on Oct.
15. The creative concept, which includes the debut of a dedicated microsite, has been developed
especially for social web-users, who frequently share photos and party experiences online.
On, users will encounter a multi-functioning online world to meet, play and

“I designed these sunglasses and the accompanying social networking site with today's digital
generation in mind. I hope that they will both enjoy wearing them and 'reflecting and connecting' their
own creativity with their friends around the world," said Frida Giannini.

The site’s main feature is a striking 3D image of the sunglasses (choice of male or
female) which rotates through 90 degrees and reflects images in the lenses.
Users can “connect” (log on and share images with friends) as well as “reflect” (upload images which
will flow over the 3D eyewear lenses as in a real life reflection). All images will be time-stamped, geo-
located and placed on a timeline through which users and friends can save and track memorable

Sharing experiences is a key feature of, as is user interactivity. The site is
characterized by bold visual graphics and a constant sense of movement.
Music plays during photo uploads, a “time-slider” allows users to choose whether they want a day or
night ambience. Visitors can choose the city they feel like being in, which instantly changes the
ambience, language and background music of the site.

“It was important for us to speak to these customers in their own language and in their own world,”
continues Giannini. “The novelty of this microsite illustrates that perfectly.”

Though the site illustrates cutting edge technology at work, the product itself reflects Gucci’s attention
to quality, craftsmanship and detail.
A key visual icon in Gucci’s 88 year heritage, the web, has once again been re-imagined and refigured
in a youthful, modern context. The signature striping detail, an immediately recognizable as Gucci’s
own, appears not only on the sunglasses themselves but also prominently on the packaging which
features a neoprene case and a black pouch.
The sunglasses retail for 165 Euro EU, 135 GBP, 220 USS, 25.000 Yens (RRP) and will be available
at Gucci stores worldwide, e-commerce at via a hyperlink embedded on the microsite and
at selected retail distribution global networks.


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Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the world's leading luxury fashion brands. With a renowned reputation for quality and
Italian craftsmanship, Gucci designs, manufactures and distributes highly desirable products such as leather goods (handbags, small
leather goods, and luggage), shoes, ready-to-wear, silks, timepieces and fine jewellery. Eyewear and fragrances are manufactured
and distributed under license by global industry leaders in these two sectors. Gucci products are sold exclusively through a network
of directly operated boutiques (272 at June 2009) and a small number of selected department and specialty stores.

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