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Wang CIBER Advisory Council


									                       Wang CIBER Advisory Council 2009-2010

                             University Administrative Representatives

Ralph Faudree                                        Andrew Meyers
Provost                                              Vice Provost for Research

                             College of Arts & Sciences Representatives

Henry Kurtz                                          Robert Blanton
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences                   Director, Interdisciplinary Studies Center

Ralph Albanese                                       Randy Dupont
Chair, Foreign Languages & Literature                Chair, Criminology & Criminal Justice

William Thompson                                     Charles Williams
Assistant Dean /Undergraduate Studies                Associate Professor, Anthropology

Hsiang-Te Kung                                       Dipankar Dasgupta
Professor, Earth Sciences                            Professor, Computer Science

                    Fogelman College of Business & Economics Representatives

Rajiv Grover                                         Ernie Nichols
Dean, Fogelman College of Business                   Director, FedEx Center for Supply Chain Mgmt.

Emin Babakus                                         Zabihollah "Zabi" Rezaee
Professor, Marketing and Supply Chain                Thompson-Hill Chair in Accounting

Greg Boller                                          William Smith
Director, EMBA Program                               Professor/Chair, Economics Department

Lloyd Brooks                                         Ronald W. Spahr
Professor/Chair, Mgmt. Infor. Systems                Chair, Finance, Ins. and Real Estate Dept.

Carolyn Callahan                                     Marla Stafford
Director, School of Accountancy                      Chair, Department of Marketing & Supply
                                                     Chain Management
Jasbir Dhaliwal
Associate Dean, Academic Programs                    Robert Taylor
                                                     Professor/Chair, Management Department
Ben Kedia
Director, Wang Center for Int’l Business

                       Wang CIBER Advisory Council 2009-2010
                                Professional Schools Representatives

Marjorie Luttrell                                    William Terry Umbreit
Dean, Loewenberg School of Nursing                   Director, Wilson School of Hospitality
                                                     & Resort Management

                             Local & Regional Business Representatives

Lyman Aldrich                                        Kathy Buckman Gibson
Partner, Financial Solutions Worldwide, LLC          Chairman of the Board
                                                     Bulab Holdings, Inc.
Frank Barnett
Governor’s Representative                            B. Lee Mallory III
                                                     Executive Vice President
Bob Bennett                                          Mallory Alexander
VP, Human Resources Performance & Support
FedEx Express                                        Max Painter
                                                     Marketing Director
Jerry Cardwell
                                                     US Biologic Trauma Division
Vice President, Corporate Development
                                                     Medtronic Spinal & Biologics
 And International Sales
                                                     Edson Peredo
                                                     President, International
Brad Champlin
Entrepreneurial/Public Service                       Buckman Labs
Regions Financial, Exec. VP (retired)
                                                     David James A. Spann
                                                     Director, Memphis U.S. Export Assistance Ctr.
Wei Chen
Chief Executive Officer                              International Trade Administration
Sunshine Enterprise, Inc.                            U.S. Department of Commerce

Patricia Covington                                   Stephen Stapleton
Director, of Operations & Transportation             VP International Services
Cummins Engine                                       Primacy Group

Mike Demster                                         Mark Sutton
VP, International & Technical Business               VP Corporate Strategic Planning
                                                     International Paper
Greater Memphis Chamber
                                                     Robert and Susie Wang
Misty Duke
Mexico Merchandising                                 Creative Co-Op
AutoZone, Inc.


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