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					           Community Resources in Sunnyslope
               (& Metro Phoenix Area)



CLOTHING                                              15

COUNSELING/PARENTING SKILLS                           16

DEBT MANAGEMENT ASSISTANCE                            22

DISABILITY SERVICES                                   23

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/SEXUAL ABUSE                        26

EDUCATION                                             29

EMPLOYMENT                                            33



FOOD RESOURCES                                        43

FOOD BANKS                                            43

SOUP KITCHENS                                         45

CHURCHES                                              46

FURNITURE                                             51

HIV SERVICES                                          51

HOUSING                            53


LEGAL SERVICES                     60


MEDICAL SERVICES                   64


VISION SERVICES                    71

DENTAL SERVICES                    73




SENIOR SERVICES                    81


TRANSPORTATION                     90

WEATHERIZATION                     92

YOUTH SERVICES                     93

OTHER RESOURCES                    94

Chemical Dependency—Treatment & Transitional Living

   •   Chicanos Por La Causa (Corazón)
       (Intensive residential treatment program. 30-day)
       Address: 3639 W. Lincoln St.
       Phone: 602-233-9747
       Services: Male residential treatment program 18 yrs. and over.
       Treatment groups & educational sessions daily. Spanish speaking
       staff available. Sliding Scale fee.

   •   Another Chance (from META Services)
       (Intensive outpatient treatment housing & support for
       homeless substance abusers)
       Address: 2701 N. 16th St. Suite 119 Phoenix
       Phone: 602-636-4454
       Intake: Contact intake counselor for Admission requirement.
       Language: Have bilingual staff, but classes are in English.
       Eligibility: 18 and over; men & women
       Hours: 24 hours
       Program: For first 45 days of the program, participants are
       provided temporary housing and intensive outpatient substance
       abuse treatment. Therapeutic services include treatment in
       recovery, relapse prevention, community living skills, and
       developing support systems. Between 45 & 90 days of the
       program, Another Chance provides participants with job
       readiness, job placement, and job coaching. Once employment
       has been obtained, participants choose permanent housing of
       their choice. Permanent housing includes a subsidy for
       qualifying individuals using a Section 8 voucher-type program.
       Services: Counseling; Recovery Coaching; Employment
       Coordination; Housing Coordination.

   •   Crossroads Rehabilitation-Halfway House
       (38 bed men’s facility; recovering alcoholic & substance
       abusers; 18 years or older)
       Address: 1845 E. Ocotillo Rd.
       Phone: 602-279-2585 Administrative Office

    Basic rules: Residents must be clean (alcohol and drug-free) for
    at least 3 days prior to moving-in. Each resident must obtain
    full-time employment, go to school or volunteer within 10 days
    of entering the program. Residents must attend one 12-step
    meeting each day in addition to 2 house meetings each week.
    Residents are assigned a chore daily to be completed during
    their off hours. If a resident uses drugs or alcohol during their
    stay, they are immediately expelled from the program.
    Fees: Admission fee is $411 (this includes the first two weeks
    of rent and meals, a $53 refundable deposit and a $50
    administrative fee). Following this, fees are $154 per week,
    including all meals.

    Crossroads West for Men (50-bed men’s facility)
    Address: 7523 N 35th Ave.
    Phone: 602-249-8002

    Crossroads Midtown for Women
    (32 bed women’s facility)
    Address: 3702 N 13th Ave.
    Phone: (602) 274-0730
    Fees: $276 move-in (includes 2 weeks rent and $80 deposit);
    $98/weekly fee. No meals are provided.
    Intake: Walk-in from Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

•   Transitional Living Community (for men)
    Address: 9424 N. 9th Ave. (1/2 block N. of Hatcher)
    Phone: 602-216-0297
    Hours: 7am-10pm Mon-Fri. (Office open 24 hours)
    Eligibility: Client must have ID and Social Security.
    ***Residential program for Adult Male Substance abusers.***
    Services include: Relapse prevention courses, AA meetings, GED
    tutoring, and anger management program. If clients are not
    working by the time they enroll in program, they need to find a
    job in order to stay. Clients can come 3 times into program.
    Language: English
    Fee: $100/wk; accept SSI & disability.

•   The Mission-Halfway House
    Address: 9208 N 6th Street
    Phone: 623-764-2788
    Fees: $110/week. $50/move-in fee.
    Requirements for admission: Form of ID
    Eligibility: Single men in recovery. Need 90-day commitment
    for this working program.

•   Step One (men’s transitional living facility)
    Address: 9636 N. 11th Ave.
    Phone: 602-749-5434
    Fee: $95/week (money up front is not required)
    Requirements for admission: Be sober & willing to remain so.
    Must have 2 forms of I.D. and show responsibility in gaining
    What they offer: Apartments & houses are fully furnished.
    Each apartment has a color TV, expanded cable & a full kitchen.
    Food is provided for residents. House phone is provided free of

•   Streets of Joy (Single men in need)
    Address: 4207 N. 12th St. Phoenix, AZ 85014
    Phone: 602-285-9382
    Eligibility: Single men in need. Not allowed to be employed for
    the first 30 days of residency. No welfare or Food Stamps
    allowed. Need 6-month commitment minimum (can stay up to 2-
    3 years).
    Fees: $130/week (includes meals/transportation/bed).
    Services: Case management; chemical dependency; clothes;
    counseling/support groups; education/training/job services;
    housing assistance; laundry services; meal services; showers;
    transitional living arrangements; transportation/bus/gas.
    Program: During the first 30 days, residents are involved in
    classes and community service activities on the campus and in
    the community. Classes, training, and community service are
    mandatory. After 30 days: participants are assisted in finding
    meaningful employment. Transportation to and from work is
    provided. In addition, extensive counseling services for

    substance abuse, marriage/family, financial, and other areas is
    available as well.
    Intake: Call for more information. Ask for Henry Montoya,
    Employment Facilitator.

•   Reborn Assistance Association
    (Residential setting for adult male substance abusers who are
    not currently under the influence. Treatment includes
    Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine
    Anonymous, and anger & life coping skills.)
    Address: 2546 W. Orangewood Ave.
    Phone: 602-433-2382/602-249-9645 (Ask for Doug).
    Hours: 8am-4pm Mon-Fri.
    Fees: $10 one time administrative fee & $100/week. Fees
    include: 24-hr on-site staff; all units fully furnished
    w/kitchens, Cox cable; on-site AA/NA meetings; walking
    distance from U-Can-2.
    Eligibility: Homeless adult male substance abusers who are not
    currently under the influence of drugs/alcohol and are working
    or willing to work; must be able to pass UA; willing to make a
    90-day commitment.

•   Casa de Amigas (60-day Residential treatment for women)
    Address: 1648 W. Colter St. Suite 8
    Phone: 602-265-9987
    Hours: 8am-4:30 pm 7 days/week office; 24-hours residential
    Eligibility: Must pass screening.
    Intake: Call for appointment.
    Fees: $98.33/day
    Program: Residential Treatment center for women alcoholics &
    substance abusers including AA, didactic lectures, group
    therapy, and private counseling.

•   Center for Hope for Infants & Mothers at Risk (transitional
    living center to pregnant women with co-ocurring disorders
    Address: 554-1 Bellview Mesa, AZ
    Phone: 480-461-1711 ext. 304 or 301 for main operator

    Eligibility: Pregnant with co-occurring disorders; 18 years or
    older; desire recovery assistance; Be AHCCCS eligible; may have
    one additional child up to four years old; no complicated medical
    disorder that cannot be medically managed on an outpatient
    Center offers: 24 beds for mothers and 24 cribs for their

•   New Arizona Family, Inc. (NAFI)-Residential & substance
    abuse recovery programs for low-income, seriously mentally ill
    adults, females and women with children.
    Phone: 602-553-7300
    Fees: Sliding Scale
    Intake: Call for appointment.
    Programs: Substance Abuse Treatment; Outpatient and Day
    Treatment; Women & Children’s Programs & Services for the
    Seriously Mentally Ill.
    Services: residential programs; recovery from substance abuse;
    counseling; child care; day programs; outpatient programs;
    referral services; support groups; medical, nutritional,
    psychological and behavioral therapy; among others.

•   Arizona Pathways (Halfway House for men/women)
    Address: 2307 W. Devonshire (North of Indian School Rd)
    Phone: 602-264-3045
    Program: Three phase holistic program from detox to
    independent living. 25 beds available. Group sessions (abuse;
    anger management; codependency; depression; obsessive
    compulsive disorder; relapse; sexual addictions; spirituality).

•   Destiny of Life Transitional Living Center
    (men age 18 & over)
    Address: 5324 N. 29th Ave.
    Phone: 602-995-2411
    Fees: $119/week (including meals). $255 needs to be paid
    upfront (includes rent and meals for the first 2 weeks).
    Intake: Intake can be done 7 days a week. Call for more
    information on hours.

•   Destiny Sober Living (Transitional Living for men)
    Address: 5306 N. 17th Ave.
    Phone: 602-249-6675
    Eligibility: Men in recovery from chemical dependency.
    Fees: $100/week. It does not include meals. Need $45 for
    admission fees.
    Intake: Call for more information 7 days/week. No commitment
    needs to be made of stay.

•   The Solution (Halfway House for men/women)
    Address: 4510 N. Longview Ave.
    Phone: 602-277-7527
    Intake: Call to make an appointment.
    Need $200 deposit (covers first 2 weeks and meals).
    $100/weekly fee. Need to make a 90-day commitment.

•   New Solution (Halfway House for men/women)
    Address: 4430 N. 23rd Ave.
    Phone: 602-266-7527
    Intake: Call to make an appointment.
    Fees: $250/deposit (includes first 2 weeks). Then, it’s a
    $125/weekly fee. Meals are provided. Must make 90-day

•   Chicanos Por La Causa (Centro de la Familia-outpatient)
    Address: 4602 W. Indian School Rd.
    Phone: 623-247-0464
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri; Saturday 9am-1pm.
    Languages available: English & Spanish
    Fees: Sliding Scale (based on ability to pay)
    Services: Outpatient treatment. Chemical dependency
    counseling and support groups available.

•   National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependency
    (outpatient program)
    Address: 4201 N. 16th St. Suite 140
    Phone: 602-264-6214/602-285-1064 24-hour Info line

    Intake: Call. Ask for Carol Lagnese or Karen Mullan. Carol
    works Tues-Fri; Karen works Mon-Thurs.
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Thurs; 8am-4pm Fri.
    Eligibility: AHCCCS patients—no fees. Different program for
    men & women. ENGLISH ONLY.

•   Northwest Organization for Voluntary Alternatives (NOVA)
    Address: 7725 N 43rd Ave Ste 522
    Phone: 623-937-9203
    Hours: 8am-8pm Mon-Thursday; 9am-1pm Friday
    Fees: Sliding Scale (Payment Assistance available); Insurance is
    also accepted.
    Eligibility: Individuals or families affected by chemical
    Intake: Call for appointment.
    Program: Outpatient Substance abuse treatment program for
    families, singles, and elderly.

    Maverick House (Residential Treatment Center for Chemically
    Dependent Men & Women)
    Address: 7022 N. 48th Ave. Glendale, AZ
    Phone: 623-931-5810
    Fees: Sliding Scale (as low as $5/day up to $150/day)
    Eligibility: Citizenship required.
    Intake: Call for an appointment.
    ***Spanish speaking staff available.***

•   CARENOW ARIZONA (Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse
    Phone: 1-888-604-2273
    Eligibility: Youth (Co-ed ages 12-17) who have serious substance
    abuse problems.
    Program: Services are offered 3 evenings/week; for 3
    hours/evening for 10 weeks. Transportation is determined on
    an individual basis. Admission is open ended and can occur on
    the first session of each week. Treatment services includes
    lecture, life skills development, group therapy, home based
    counseling, multi-family therapy and recovery/support.

•   Maricopa County Department of Public Health (DPH) Health
    Care for the Homeless Program
    Address: 1201 W. Madison St.
    Phone: 602-258-2122
    Hours: 7am-4pm Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri; 9am-4pm Thursday
    Programs: Addictions counseling (referrals to detoxification
    and rehabilitation services throughout the community.); Mental
    health services (including medication monitoring and
    maintenance as well as therapeutic counseling).

•   Covenant of Grace – 12-step program for men & women
    Address: 906 W. Peoria Ave.
    Phone: 602-678-0999
    Hours: Tuesdays from 7:30 pm- 9:30 pm; drop-in
    Services: 12-step support group called New Wine. Provides
    support for people that have problems like: Smoking, gambling,
    food, sexual issues, compulsive spending, anger, alcohol, drugs,
    jealousy, abuse, bad relationships, etc.

•   Native American Connections
    Address: 650 N. 2nd Ave.
    Phone: 602-254-3247
    Fees: Vary
    Eligibility: Native American Community and other special needs
    Intake: Call for appointment
    Programs: Substance abuse & co-occurring disorders treatment
    for adults, pregnant women, adults with dependent children.
    (Outpatient clinic 8am-8pm Mon-Thu; 8am-5pm Fri.); Housing
    for recovering substance abusers. 3-6 months.

•   TERROS Inc
    Address: 3864 N 27th Ave Phoenix
    Phone: 602-685-6000
    Hours: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Mon.-Thurs.; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Fri.
    Fees: Sliding scale (based on ability to pay)
    Eligibility: no restrictions.

       Intake: Call for intake appointment.
       Program: Drug & alcohol abuse counseling for adults and
       families; outpatient alcohol & drug detoxification; co-occurring
       treatment (provide outpatient services for persons diagnosed
       with a mental illness and substance abuse issues).
       ***Spanish speaking staff available.***

   •   Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Hotline 602-264-1341
       Al-Anon: (for families & friends of alcoholics) 602-249-1257

   •   Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Hotline 480-897-4636

   •   CA Hotline 602-279-3838

   •   Treatment Assessment Screening Center (TASC)
       Address: 2234 N. 7th Street (between McDowell Rd & Thomas)
       Phone: 602-254-7328
       Hours: 11am-8:30pm Monday-Friday
       Fees: $20 for juveniles. For adults, sliding scale.
       Intake: Walk-in for testing.
       Services: Drug testing. Also provide drug treatment and
       referral for court ordered juveniles.

Childcare Centers in Sunnyslope/After School Programs

   •   Lincoln Learning Center
       Address: 303 E. Eva St. (Cross Streets: 3rd St/Dunlap)
       Phone: 602-943-3731
       Ages served: 1 month 2 weeks-12 years 11 months
       Days Open: Mon-Fri 5:45 am – 6:30 pm; Sat 6:30 am-6:30 pm
       Languages: English & Spanish
       Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner, Evening

   •   DES Child Care Administration (local office)
       Address: 3150 E Union Hills Dr
       Phone: 602-569-4719

    Serves the following zip codes: 85020-85030, 85032, 85050,
    85051, 85085, 85086, 85087, 85253, 85331.

•   Head Start—City of Phoenix
    District office: 602-347-2206
    Eligibility: Children that are 4 years old before August 31st.
    Family needs to be income-eligible.
    Intake: Call the district office to check eligibility. Staff will
    let client know which Head Start program is closest to where
    family lives.

•   Las Salas After-School Program
    Address: 9424 N 7th Ave.
    Phone: 602-674-9940. Contact: Georgia Moseley, Resident
    Service Coordinator.
    Fees: None
    Hours: Monday through Friday from 3pm-5:30pm
    Services: Homework help; vocal music; children’s library;
    drama/puppetry; character building skills; nutritional skills;
    literacy training; piano/keyboards; computer lab; sports/games;
    arts & crafts.
    Meals: Light snack is provided.
    Eligibility: Any child in Sunnyslope community. No requirements.

•   Association for Supportive Child Care-Phone Friend Program
    Phone: 602-253-9099 from 1pm-6:30pm Monday-Friday.
    Service: Free bilingual “warm line” that children ages 5-18 may
    call to get homework help, play a game or hear a story or just
    have someone to talk to.
    For: School age children who are home alone or in sibling care.
    Phone Friend staff and volunteers provide these children with
    fun activities, any help that they may need, or simply a few
    minutes of undivided attention to ease the boredom, loneliness,
    or fear they are experiencing.

•   First Baptist Children’s Center
    Address: 7000 N. Central Ave. (Cross St.: Central & Glendale)
    Phone: 602-943-4437

    Ages served: 3 months-10 years 11 months
    Days Open: Monday-Friday 7am-5:30pm
    Languages: English
    Meals: Morning Snack, Afternoon Snack, Parent Provides Meals

•   Childcare Center
    Address: 4411 N. 7th St.
    Phone: 602-240-2280

•   Child Time Children’s Center
    Address: 1212 E. Glendale (Cross Streets: 12th St. & Glendale)
    Phone: 602-943-4196
    Ages served: 1 month-12 years 11 months
    Days Open: Mon-Fri 6am- 6pm
    Languages: English, Spanish, Other
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack

•   Just Kid’s Preschool
    Address: 214 E. Hatcher Rd. (Cross St: 7th St & Hatcher Rd)
    Phone: 602-861-8499
    Ages served: 1 week – 12 years 11 months
    Days Open: Monday-Friday 5:45 am - 6:30 pm
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Meals: Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack,

•   Most Holy Trinity School
    Address: 535 E. Alice Ave. (Cross St: 7th St & Dunlap)
    Phone: 602-943-9058
    Ages served: 3 years-12 years
    Days Open: Monday-Friday 7 am- 6 pm
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Meals: Afternoon Snack, Parent Provides Meals

•   Little Wonders Preschool
    Address: 704 E. Butler (Cross St: 7th St. & Dunlap)
    Phone: 602-216-0674
    Ages served: 1 month-12 years

    Days Open: Monday-Friday 6:30 am - 6 pm
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack

•   Montessori Day School
    Address: 8818 N. 12th St. (Cross St: 12th St. & Dunlap)
    Phone: 602-943-9400
    Ages served: 1 year 6 months – 3 years 11 months
    Days Open: Monday – Friday 6:30am – 6pm
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Meals: Parent Provides Meals

•   Childcare Resource & Referral
    Address: 3910 S. Rural Rd. Suite E & O, Tempe
    Phone: 602-244-2678 (Phoenix office)
    Toll Free Phone: 1-800-308-9000
    Services: Information about your child care choices; Child Care
    Referrals; Workshops & Community Trainings.

    Ninos de mi Casa Program: Program to become certified to
    provide childcare at home or at a childcare center. Need to be
    a U.S. citizen. Services that are offered are: financial
    assistance (if client is eligible) for fingerprint fees and start-
    up materials needed for certification. Throughout the
    certification process they provide technical assistance and
    ongoing support. Free training is available on childproofing your
    home, child activities, positive guidance, working with parents,
    and other child care tips. Resource Lending Library also
    available. Phone #: 480-829-0500 ext. 403

    Kith & Kin Program: Provide early childhood training & support
    to kith & kin child care providers (people who care for
    relatives/friends children). Small support-training group
    (majority in Spanish). Meets weekly for 14 weeks. Each
    training is 2 hours in length. Program is free (including
    CPR/First Aid certification). Transportation (within 5 miles
    from groups) are offered. Child Care is provided while

    participants are in groups. Project Curriculum: Guidance &
    Discipline; Daily Schedule Planning; Nutrition; Parent/Caregiver
    Relationships; Language & Literacy; Brain Development; 2 guest
    speakers. Phone #: 480-829-0500 x 126.


•   Covenant of Grace Fellowship
    Address: 906 W. Peoria Ave.
    Phone: 602-678-0999
    Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 10:30am-12:30pm
    Need to bring: Picture ID and proof of residence. Need to
    bring an ID for children as well (like birth certificate or social
    security card).

•   Thunderbird High School
    Address: 1750 W. Thunderbird Rd. (behind the school. Follow
    Phone: 623-915-8924
    When: 1st Tuesday of every month from September-April from
    Dates: September 5, October 3, November 7, December 5,
    January 9, February 6, March 6, April 3.

•   Treasure Trove Thrift Store
    Address: 9203 N Central Ave
    Phone: 602-870-6060 ext 1547
    Hours: 7:30am-3:30pm Monday-Friday; 8:30am-3:30pm

•   Salvation Army Thrift Store
    Address: 8231 N. 7th St
    Phone: 602-861-2634

•   Chris Becker Dining Room
    Address: 9227 N. 10th Ave (south of Hatcher)
    Give clothing vouchers every Monday

•   Interfaith Cooperative Ministries
    Address: 743 W. Buchanan
    Phone: 602-254-7450
    Hours: M-F 8:30am-12pm

•   Wesley Community Center
    Address: 1300 S. 10th St
    Phone: 602-252-5609
    Hours: Tuesdays from 8am-10am

             Counseling/Parenting Skills

•   Marley House Family Support Center
    Address: 9221 N. Central Phoenix
    Phone: 602-331-5817

•   Catholic Social Service
    Address: 1825 W. Northern Ave.
    Phone: 602-997-6105
    Counseling in the areas of: Abuse - verbal, emotional, physical;
    Anger Management; Anxiety; Communication Skills; Depression;
    Divorce Issues; Domestic Violence; Family Conflicts; Grief and
    Loss; HIV/AIDS; Pregnancy; Sexual Abuse; Stress
    Management; and Substance Abuse.
    ***Walk-in or call for appointment.*** Sliding-scale fee.

•   Shaw Butte Elementary School-Parenting Skills classes
    Address: 12202 N 21st Ave Room #A-4
    Phone: Contact Moira McKinnon @ 602-347-3700
    Days & Times: English classes – Wednesdays from 8:30am-
              Spanish classes – Thursdays from 8:30am-10:30am
    Eligibility: Parents with children between the ages of 5-12.
    Topics: Communicate effectively with children; prevent the use
    of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; discipline while teaching
    responsibility; encourage the development of self-esteem &
    character; redirect misbehavior and sidestep power struggles;

    explore and encourage nonviolent conflict resolution inside the
    home and out.
    Childcare: Currently not available.

•   Richard E Miller-Parenting Support Group
    Address: 2021 W Alice Ave (class will be in the cafeteria)
    Phone: 602-347-3068. Contact: Jackie Swigart
    Days & Times: 8:10am-10:10am Tuesdays—English Classes

•   Dunlap Community Education Center
    Address: 9014 N 23rd Ave Suite 13
    Phone: 602-347-4434. Contact: Laura Lopez
    Days & Times: Wednesdays 11am-1pm---Spanish only

•   Parents Anonymous of Arizona
    Address: 9317 N 2nd Street (Sunnyslope Presbiterian Church)
    Phone: 480-607-3639. Talk to Viviana if you have any questions.
    Days & Times: Wednesdays. English group meets at 8am-
    9:30am. Spanish group meets at 9am-11am.
    Fees: None
    Program: Local community group. Talk about: How to
    effectively talk to your kids; how to motivate them to do well at
    school; how to manage their difference without fights.
    Intake: Walk-in during this day. Do not need to bring anything
    with you. Childcare is provided.

•   Birth to Five Helpline (Arizona Institute for Early Childhood
    Development)—A toll-free question line for parents, caregivers
    and professionals.
    Phone number: 1-877-705-5437 (KIDS)
    Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-8pm; Saturday from 10am-2pm
    Topics: Health; Child development; Nutrition; Sleep; Discipline;
    Safety; Learning to Read; Getting ready for kindergarten.

•   Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center
    Address: 1130 E McDowell Rd
    Phone: 602-252-8494

    Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm; Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm
    Services: Workshops on different topics (see book for days &
    times); Support groups (self-esteem group 261-7127
    Spanish/English available; divorced support group, Thursdays
    from 6-7:30pm; grief & loss support group, Wednesdays from
    6-7:30pm; surviving abuse support group, Tuesdays from 6-
    7:30pm; Hispanic women support group 261-7138, Liz Avila);
    One-on-One Wardrobe help (clothes for workplace. Contact
    Kathy Starses 261-7141); Legal assistance; mentoring;
    employment resources, etc.

•   ACT-Counseling & Education (for gambling only)
    Address: 5010 E. Shea Blvd. Suite D-202 Phx, AZ
              4480 W. Peoria Ave. Suite 203 Glendale, AZ
    Phone: 602-569-4328
    Language: Spanish speaking staff in Glendale location.
    Fees: First co-pay is $20. From there on, sliding scale.
    Intake: Call to make an appointment for initial assessment.
    Support group meets once a week for 3 hours. Individual
    counseling also available.

•   Arizona Office of Problem Gambling (24 hour gambling
    helpline/referral service)
    Phone: 1-800-639-8783

•   Christian Family Care Agency
    Address: 3603 N 7th Ave
    Phone: 602-234-1935
    Hours: 8:30am-5pm Mon-Thu; 8:30am-4pm Fri; evenings by
    appt. Ask for Christina.
    Intake: Call for more information
    Fees: Counseling services are sliding scale based on income and
    household size. First assessment is $50. The rest of the
    sessions are based on sliding scale.
    Services: Crisis pregnancy services (individual counseling for
    parenting, adoption and open adoption); foster care services;
    adoption services; counseling services for children and families
    (including academic/behavioral school problems; adoption issues;

    anger; depression and anxiety; grief and loss; identity issues;
    low self-esteem; parent-child conflicts; problems due to
    divorce, separation or remarriage. Individual counseling for
    adults include: adoption issues; depression; emotional, physical
    or sexual abuse; grief and loss; infertility; marital difficulties;
    parenting struggles; sexual addiction.); parenting classes (Some
    Spanish classes available as needed. Classes are given once a
    week for two hours. They last for 7 weeks. Usually classes are
    given during the evenings from 6:30pm-8:30pm).

•   Family Service Agency
    Address: 1430 N. 2nd St.
    Phone: 602-252-0918
    Intake: Call for appointment.
    Fees: Sliding scale for counseling and adoption services; none
    for educational programs.
    Programs: Provide individual, group, marriage and counseling for
    adults for substance abuse, sexual abuse, eating disorders,
    grief, dysfunctional families, juvenile delinquents, gang
    problems, divorce, suicide, etc; birth parent counseling;
    adoption/birth parent services; substance abuse programs;
    independent living skills training; and parent aide program.

•   Child & Family Resources Inc.-Phoenix
    Address: 700 W. Campbell Ave. Ste 3
    Phone: 602-234-3941
    Hours: 8 a.m. -5 p.m. Mon-Fri
    Fees: None.
    Intake: Call.
    Services: Center for Adolescent Parents (program for pregnant
    or parenting teen mothers ages 16-21 yrs to obtain GED/work
    maturity skills/parenting classes); Young Father’s Program
    (assist young fathers by providing these services: case
    management; GED preparation classes; job & vocational training;
    parenting classes; life skills classes; and job search &
    placement. No fees. Ages 15-35); Choices for Families (weekly
    home visits where training & assistance is provided in the
    following areas: Child Development; nutrition & health;

    resources in the community; identifying strengths & needs; and
    setting up short & long term goals.)

•   Father Matters
    Address: P.O. Box 13575 Tempe, AZ 85284
    Phone: 1-888-648-0718/480-977-7175
    Services: Offer Father Mentoring Workshops (topics-
    communication; time and commitment; responsibility-
    financial/physical/spiritual/future responsibility/Guide, Guard
    and Governing responsibility; dumping the garbage-pornography,
    alcoholism, adultery, drug abuse, physical/mental/verbal abuse,
    racism). These workshops last for one day (six hours). Also
    available: Men’s meeting groups (topics-father/child relations;
    partnering with mom; dealing with the destructive mom; topics
    from the popular Father Matters workshops; today’s challenges;
    support and encouragement).
    Intake: Register to workshops by e-mailing at or fill out form from website and
    mail it.

•   Healthy Families Maricopa County
    Main office address: 2850 N. 24th Street
    Phone: Intake, call 602-266-5976 ext 5150
    Eligibility: Pregnant women and families with babies under 90
    days old.
    Program: Voluntary long-term intensive home visiting program
    designed to provide early intervention, family support, and child
    development information to at-risk Maricopa County families.
    Services can continue for up to 5 years and include home visits,
    linkage to medical care, and parenting education.

•   Ministry to the Incarcerated/Families-from St. Vincent de Paul
    Phone: 602-261-6836
    Intake: By appointment only, M-F
    Services: Provides case management for those people recently
    released from prison. Their plan provides for food, health care,

    shelter, identification, and a resource packet of community
    services (halfway houses, recovery groups and job placement).

•   Phoenix Interfaith Counseling
    Address: 555 W. Glendale Ave.
    Phone: 602-532-0777
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri; evenings, Sat by appointment
    Fees: Sliding Scale
    Eligibility: No restrictions
    Intake: Appointment by phone; complete intake form first visit.
    Programs: Individual & group counseling for persons with SMI;
    medication management and psychiatric evaluations; Parent
    Information Program (Court approved course for divorcing
    couples with children); Parenting Skills Classes; Dialectical
    Behavior Therapy (DBT) cognitive, behavioral treatment
    approach for persons with borderline personality disorders.

•   Jewish Family & Children’s Service
    Address: 3306 W. Catalina Dr.
    Phone: 602-353-0703
    Hours: 8am-8pm Mon-Wed; 8am-6pm Thu; 8am-3:30pm Fri;
    weekend appointments available.
    Fees: Sliding scale
    Intake: Call intake worker at number above.
    Programs: Individual, couple and family counseling; children’s
    mental health specializing in child centered family therapy;

•   Native American Community Health Center
    Address: 3008 N. 3rd St. Suite 310
    Phone: 602-279-5262
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Eligibility: Must be AHCCCS eligible for prenatal clinic services;
    clinical and WIC services available; some services limited to
    Native Americans.
    Programs: Outpatient individual, group, family counseling for
    Mental Health & Alcohol/Substance Abuse issues to all ages.
    Native Americans traditional services/linkages available.

    Domestic violence prevention & education. Fetal alcohol
    syndrome, effects, prevention, & education. Ext. 231
    ***Multiple ages. Languages:

•   Phoenix Indian Center, Inc
    Address: 2601 N 3rd St. Suite 100
    Phone: 602-263-1017
    Casework services (advocacy, urban survival skills and crisis
    Dawning Family Partnership program -case management-
    emergency financial assistance, health and employment
    opportunities, information & referral; Life Skills Program—24
    hour program throughout 6 weeks--workshops are held
    Tuesdays/Thursdays from 5:30pm-7:30pm. (Topics are:
    decision-making & problem-solving skills; communication skills;
    planning skills; time & money management; attitude for success;
    positive habits; independence; control of my future;
    satisfaction in relationships; career potential; urban living skills;
    friends and social support); Mending Way
    (family/couple/individual counseling, stress reduction,
    relaxation training)—appointments are office-based and can be
    arranged by calling the number. Fees are based only on the
    ability to pay. Some services may be covered by ValueOptions or

            Debt Management Assistance

•   Consumer Credit Counseling Service
    Address: 1717 E. Bell Rd Suite 7
    Phone: 602-674-4606/1-800-308-2227 to make an appt.
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri; other by appointment.
    Languages Available: English & Spanish
    Fees: Vary for debt management plans; none for other programs
    Eligibility: No income restrictions. Can request “budget advice
    only”, if desired.

    Program: Consumer advice & guidance; budget counseling;
    repayment plan to creditors including military allotments;
    consumer education (free education classes to public about
    money management, budgeting, wise use of credit.); HUD
    certified counseling; Specialize in mortgage default.

•   Arizona Saves
    Address: 6633 N. Black Canyon Hwy. 2nd Floor
    Phone: 602-246-3500
    Fees: None
    Eligibility: Children from 7 years old through adulthood.
    Services: Workshops that show how to save, reduce debt, and
    build wealth; assistance to savers who have developed a
    financial goal and are working to meet that goal; individual
    advice from wealth coaches who assist savers in selection of
    their financial goal and plan to meet that goal; no-fee savings
    account with local financial institutions; Saver Clubs for those
    who wish to participate in a group that learns about and
    explores different ways to build wealth.

                   Disability Services

•   Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (A.B.I.L.)
    Address: 1229 E. Washington St.
    Phone: 602-256-2245/602-296-0591 TTY/1-800-280-2245
    Hours: 8am-5pm M-F
    Fees: None for most services
    Eligibility: Individuals with any disabilities
    Intake: call
    Programs: Information & Referral (on services like personal
    assistance, housing, assistive devices, employment, consumer
    rights, home modification, peer support, transportation and
    recreation); peer support (volunteers provide peer support,
    advocacy, and participate in other activities to benefit our
    community); advocacy (offers technical information, training,
    and support to help you advocate for accessible buildings,
    transportation, housing, healthcare, or governmental programs);
    independent living skills instruction (learn skills like using public

    transportation, stress management, household management,
    self-advocacy, communication skills, cooking skills, personal
    assistance supervision, budgeting among other); assistance
    w/home modification (by widening doorways, building ramps,
    installing roll-in showers, grab bars, power-assisted doors and
    other needed modifications); socialization through recreation;
    support groups; counseling; personal assistant service (if help is
    needed with daily living chores-like housekeeping, dressing, or
    bathing- & are eligible for ALTCS, ABIL offers trained personal
    assistants); work incentives planning assistance (provide work
    incentives planning & assistance; explain how earned income
    affects benefits-cash and medical; help with problem solving;
    benefit management; short and long-term support. To be
    eligible, you must be between the ages of 16-64; receiving SSI
    and/or SSDI benefits; and interested in working full or part-
    time); employment services (available to people receiving Social
    Security disability benefits who wish to go back to work; to
    apply call 602-667-0277), etc.

•   Advocates for Disabled
    Address: 5060 N. 19th Ave Suite 306 Phoenix
    Phone: 602-212-2600/TTY: 602-212-2702
    Hours: 8am-noon, 12:30pm-4:30pm Mon-Fri;
    Eligibility: Arizona residents under 65 years of age; who have an
    active claim for disability benefits, (including appeals on denials
    or termination of benefits) and people who are homeless.
    Priority is given to low-income individuals.
    Fees: No fees are charged for services except for
    Representative Payee program.
    Programs: Disability evaluation services (advocacy assistance,
    supportive intervention/guidance counseling, psychological &
    medical evaluation for clients); information & referral.
    What they do: Expedite requests for benefits; educate clients
    on the disability benefits system & use of benefits; provide
    money guidance services through the Social Security
    Representative Payee Program; information & referral; help
    people move from government benefits to financial

•   Friends of St. Anne (St. Vincent De Paul)
    Phone: 602-261-6896
    Intake: By appointment only, M-F.
    Services: Loans durable medical equipment to low-income
    clients. The equipment in their loan closet includes wheelchairs,
    walkers, canes, crutches, bedside commodes, toilet risers,
    shower chairs, tub transfer benches.
    Process: Clients or their health care workers can call and leave
    a message indicating equipment needs. If the item is available,
    it is checked for safety and it will be left at the Conference
    Store so that the client, health care worker or family member
    may pick it up within 2 days.

•   Arizona Chapter Paralized Veterans of America
    Address: 8126 N 23rd Ave Ste J
    Phone: 602-244-9168
    Eligibility: Anybody in need
    Fees: Donation fee (depends on the item)
    Intake: Call or walk-in
    Program: Assistive devices (depends on availability) like
    wheelchairs (manual & power), scooters, shower equipments,
    walkers, crutches, etc.

•   Phoenix First Assembly of God
    Phone: 602-818-8371
    Contact: Pastor Bill
    Program: Lends out wheelchairs. Based on what’s available, he
    can also build one, if the wheelchair is needed permanently.

•   Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Service Office
    Address: 3333 N. Central Ave. Suite 1053
    Phone: 602-627-3286 Administration
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Eligibility: Disabled veterans and their dependents.
    Intake: Call or walk-in
    Programs: Prepare and prosecute claims and requests for
    various federal and state benefits.

•   Raising Special Kids
    Address: 2400 N. Central Ave. Suite 200
    Phone: 602-242-4366/1-800-237-3007
    Fees: None
    Eligibility: Families who have children with disabilities or special
    health care needs and professionals who serve them.
    Intake: Call
    Services: Parent-to-Parent support; Provide disability-related
    information, resources, and referrals.

          Domestic Violence/Sexual Abuse

•   Family Advocacy Center (DV & Sexual/Physical abuse)
    Address: 2120 N. Central Ave. Suite 250
    Phone: 602-534-2120/ 1-888-246-0303
    Services: After-hour advocate response & victim assistance;
    crisis intervention; financial assistance; info & referral
    services; investigative services; legal advocacy referrals; orders
    of protection; safety planning; sexual assault examinations;
    shelter access and emergency housing assistance; support at
    court; support groups; short-term counseling.

•   Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy Program (DVLAP)
    Address: 357 N. 4th Ave.
    Phone: 602-258-0373
    Hours of Service: M-F 8am-5pm; walk-in hrs are 8:30am-11am
    Fees: None
    Intake: Legal advocate may complete an intake over the phone,
    in program offices, or in shelters.
    Eligibility: Victims can be referred by social service agencies,
    domestic violence shelters, or are self-referred.
    Services include: assistance with Orders of Protection, court
    accompaniment and referral provision. Advocates may refer
    clients to program attorneys, who can provide advice and
    consultation on most legal issues related to the domestic
    violence, and when appropriate, direct representation.

•   Dave Bishop
    Phone: 602-266-3176
    Eligibility: Victims of domestic violence that are seeking a
    Fees: No charge for this service if Dave sees a referral from
    an agency (referral can be a letter with agency’s letterhead).
    Language: English. Does not have staff that speak Spanish.
    Service: Will help clients with the paperwork regarding the
    divorce. He is unable to give legal advice.

•   Sojourner Center
    Phone: 602-244-0089

•   Chrysalis Shelter
    Phone: 602-944-4999
    Program: Emergency crisis shelter and transitional housing
    program where women & children can stay for up to 2 years.
    Outpatient counseling also provided.

•   DeColores Shelter
    Phone: 602-269-1515
    Services: 24-bed shelter for women & their children who have
    been victims of domestic violence. Bilingual and bicultural staff.
    They offer 24-hour hotline/referral services; Individual &
    group counseling; parenting classes; advocacy; etc.
    ***Shelter from 45-90 days for crisis situations and
    transitional housing from 3-18 months.
    ***Blanca Cornejo assists DV victims (male & females) and walks
    them through the legal filing process.***

•   House of Compassion (transitional housing)
    Address: 1618 W. Papago St.
    Phone: 602-253-2553
    Fees: $320/month (no food included). No deposit needed.
    Program: Transitional housing for homeless & battered women.
    Women must be recovered from substance abuse. Single women
    (no children allowed). Spiritually-based program.

•   Orders of Protection (there is no filing or service fee)
    Phoenix Municipal Court 602-262-7120
    Maricopa County Justice Court 602-506-1337

•   Domestic Violence Hotline 602-944-4999/1-800-799-7233

•   The Never Again Foundation
    Address: P.O. Box 893 Gilbert, AZ 85299
    Phone: 480-539-9111
    Services: Provide free legal representation of abuse victims
    who qualify for the program in civil actions to ensure the
    abusers are financially accountable for their actions through
    awards of civil compensatory and punitive judgements.
    Acceptance Criteria: women, children or senior citizens who
    have been victims of DV, sexual assault, or elder abuse in AZ;
    high probability of successfully obtaining a civil verdict for the
    victim against the abuser and that this process will help bring
    emotional healing to the victim; clients are from Low to
    Moderate Income; A realization and acceptance by the victim
    that there may be little likelihood of actually being able to
    recover the verdict from the abuser, and that there is the
    potential risk for retaliation by the abuser.

•   Family Lawyers Assistance Project
    Phone: 602-506-7984
    Services: Domestic Violence Orders of Protection

•   Native American Community Health Center
    Address: 3008 N 3rd St Suite 310
    Phone: 602-279-5262
    Hours: 8am-5 pm Mon-Fri
    Fees: Sliding Scale
    Program: Services for Domestic Violence victims

•   Phoenix Area Indian Health Services
    Phone: 602-354-5176
    Services: Native American Services for Domestic Violence

•   Legal Advocacy Hotline
    Phone: 602-279-2900 or 1-800-782-6400
    Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Services: Hotline for information, referral and explanations of
    Arizona’s legal processes regarding criminal, civil or domestic
    relations legal issues. Services also provided: Safety planning
    and anti-stalking resources & information.

•   Center for Prevention of Abuse and Violence (CASA)
    Address: 77 E. Thomas Rd #112 Phoenix
    Phone: 602-254-6400
    Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Fees: Sliding Scale ($25-$85/session); insurance accepted.
    Eligibility: Victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse, family
    violence, child abuse.
    Intake: Call for appointment
    Programs: Crisis counseling for victims of abuse & assault;
    professional counseling for victims (individual, group and family
    counseling for men, women, and children.); Violence Prevention
    Education Programs (to children, adolescents, and adults to
    prevent them from becoming a victim of abuse, from becoming
    an abusive person, and from getting involved in abusive dating
    and other interpersonal relationships. Call Carrie Swenson for
    more information.); Information & Referral to callers to
    advocate for solutions to abusive relationships.

    Counseling for Children: Patty Green ext. 238--Free services
    for victims/witnesses of abuse/violence ages 6-18 (12 sessions).

•   CPS Hotline 1-888-767-2445

•   National Sexual Abuse Hotline—1-800-656-4673


•   Desert View Elementary School-ESL classes
    Address: 8621 N 3rd Street

    Phone: Call to reserve your space at 602-347-4000.
    Days & Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6pm-8pm
    ***ChildCare is provided.***

•   Dunlap Community Enrichment Center-ESL classes
    Address: 9014 N 23rd Ave. Suite 13
    Phone: Call Laura Lopez at 602-347-4434
    Days & Times: Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 8am-11:30am

•   Maryland Elementary School-ESL classes
    Address: 6503 N 21st Ave Suite 1
    Phone: Call Laura Lopez at 602-347-4434
    Days & Times: Mondays & Thursdays from 9am-11:30am

•   Royal Palm Middle School-ESL classes
    Address: 8520 N 19th Ave.
    Phone: Call Laura Lopez at 602-347-4434
    Days & Times: Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm

•   Richard E Miller school-ESL classes
    Address: 2021 W Alice Ave
    Phone: Contact Laura Lopez at 602-347-4434
    Days & Times: Mondays & Wednesdays from 3pm-4pm

•   Covenant of Grace
    Address: 906 W. Peoria
    Phone: 602-678-0999
    Services: Free ESL classes Mondays & Thursdays from
    7 pm – 9 pm. Begin September 14th. Do not need to pre-
    register, just walk-in. Childcare and transportation also
    provided if needed.

•   Gary Tang Adult Education Center
    Address: 7301 N 58th Ave. Glendale (located by 58th Ave and
    Phone: 623-842-8164
    Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:30am-5pm
    Services: ESL & GED classes

    Intake: Walk-in to sign up on waiting list. You’ll receive a call
    when next space becomes available. Classes are typically from
    Monday through Thursday either from 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. or
    from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

•   ESL at Paradise Valley
    Address: 4550 E. Cactus Rd. (inside Paradise Valley mall.
    They’re located above the McDonald’s in the Food Court).
    Phone: 480-517-8760
    Intake: Walk-in during next registration (January 5th).
    Services: Classes are given Monday-Thursday. They have
    morning, afternoon, and evening classes available. They have
    classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced. No
    transportation or childcare is provided.

•   Education & Resource Information Center
    Phone: 1-800-848-4815

•   Sunnyslope Elementary School
    Address: 801 W. Peoria Ave. Phoenix
    Phone: 602-347-4441. Contact: Ada Cabral
    Programs: Computer classes (Mondays/Wednesdays from
    6pm-7:30 pm.); English classes (Mondays/Wednesdays from
    Other services: Childcare is provided for parents that attend
    these classes. Children have to be between the ages of 3-12
    years old.

•   AWEE (Arizona Women’s Education & Employment)
    Address: 914 W. Hatcher Rd.
    Phone: 602-371-1216
    ***Services provided daily for women from 9am-4pm.***

•   Literacy Volunteers of Maricopa County
    ***Adult Education-GED, Reading, & English.***
    To register for classes, call this number: 602-274-3430
    Main office @: 1500 E. Thomas Rd. Ste 102

     Sunnyslope office located @: 601 W. Hatcher Rd. Room #102
                       Phone #: 602-943-7332
             Open on M-Th from 8AM-8PM; F 8AM-2PM

•   Child & Family Resources
    Address: 700 W. Campbell Rd. Suite 3
    Phone: 602-234-3941
    Eligibility: Pregnant or Teen moms between the ages of 16-21.
    Have to reside in Phoenix. Income qualification (if teen is
    receiving food stamps, cash assistance or SSI—automatic
    Language: English only.
    Intake: Call Regina Mitzel for information. She is at extension
    25. If she’s not in the office, you can reach her at her cell at
    Services: FREE GED Classes for Teen moms who have dropped
    out of school (Life/Parenting Skills/Work maturity Skills
    classes are also offered in the curriculum). Free child care is
    provided for children 2 weeks to 2 years old. Transportation
    assistance is also offered for those that need help with
    purchasing a monthly bus pass. Classes are self paced &
    Intake: Call for more information or to make an appointment for
    a tour.
    Schedule: Monday-Thursday 8:45 a.m.- 3 p.m.; Friday—optional
    tutoring is available from 9 a.m. – noon.

•   Phoenix Indian Center
    Address: 2601 N 3rd St Suite 213
    Phone: 602-264-6655 ext 222 Contact: David Williams
    Eligibility: Anyone interested.
    Intake: Call or walk-in
    Services: Offers Free GED classes. Hours are: 8am-5pm M-F,
    based on client’s availability. Textbooks and basic supplies are
    provided. If needed, childcare is available for
    infants/preschool children, free of charge. Bus tickets may be
    available once you walk-in and start their program.

•   Sunnyslope Community Center
    Address: 802 E. Vogel Ave.
    (8th Street south of Mountain View)
    Call phone #: 602-262-6661 for more information.
    Hours of operation: M-F 9am-9pm
    ***Classes offered for adults of: dance, yoga, computer.***

•   Sunnyslope Pal Center
    Address: 1702 W. Peoria Ave.
    Phone: 602-534-5088


•   DES Employment Job Program
    Phone: 602-542-5954
    Services: Provide eligible recipients of TANF the opportunity to
    become economically independent through employment by
    providing employment focused training and case management
    ***Must be on cash assistance or Food Stamps.***

•   Arizona Women’s Education & Employment (AWEE)
    Address: 914 W. Hatcher
    Phone: 602-371-1216
    Services: Employment readiness training. Job interviewing
    techniques, job search & placement, job retention training,
    vocational assessment & counseling, and workshops. Also offer
    assistance with clothing, transportation, and child care if
    Women Living Free Program: Reentry program for nonviolent
    female prisoners transitioning from prison/jail. Must have been
    incarcerated for at least 30 days and must have been released
    within 6 months to be eligible for program.

•   Valley of the Sun School & Habilitation Center
    Address: 1142 W. Hatcher Rd.
    Phone: 602-371-0806
    Intake: Call for appt.

        Eligibility: Developmentally disabled, physically challenged.
        Programs: Job development & placement; adult day treatment &
        training; sheltered & supported employment; Residential;
        Special education grades K-12.

    •   Young Families CAN/JOBS
        Address: 4732 S. Central
        Phone: 602-495-7514
        Goal is to identify and remove barriers to self-sufficiency for
        single teen mothers enrolled, or at risk of being enrolled in
        Arizona’s welfare system. Program assists mothers with
        employment, case management, educational resources,
        counseling, establishing paternity and coordination of resources
        to meet basic needs. Must be 22 years or younger and reside in
        City of Phoenix.

•   Phoenix Workforce Connection
    Address: 9801 N. 7th St. Phoenix
    Phone: 602-861-0208 ext. 1034
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Services: Office Equipment (Phone Bank, Fax Machine, Photo
    Copier, Computer Usage); Workshops (Resume Preparation,
    Interviewing Techniques, Networking, Job Search Workshops,
    Transferable Skills); Resources (Job Postings/Announcements,
    Labor Market Information, Reference Materials, Job Search);
    Career Assessment & Counseling; Training Education &

    •   Opportunity Program (through St. Vincent de Paul)
        Phone: 602-261-6855
        Hours: 12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. M-F
        Program: Helps prepare clients, who are struggling with barriers
        as substance abuse, lack of ID, phone availability and lack of
        references or experience, to enter the workforce.
        Process: Participants work with SVdP 3 days a week for a period
        of 1-2 months. Each of these days, they spend 3 hours
        volunteering at the Center to acquire work experience and

    eventually a recommendation. Then, they spend 1-2 hours with
    staff and volunteers completing a personalized packet designed
    to help them overcome their individual barriers.
    Provide assistance with: Substance abuse recovery
    identification acquisition; short and long-term goals job
    application assistance; voice mailbox role-playing with job
    interviews; clarification of past employer information
    transportation to interviews/jobs; appropriate attire, backpack
    & alarm clock work etiquette and job retention; and job leads
    via the Internet Shelter and Short-Term Housing.

•   Community Kitchen Program (through St. Mary’s/Westside Food
    Bank Alliance)
    Address: 2831 N. 31st Ave.
    Phone: 602-352-3640 ext. 1122
    Fees: None
    Program: 16-week food service training program. Provides
    training and job placement in the food service industry to low-
    income adults. Need to be able to attend M-F from 7:30am-
    2:30pm. In addition to life skills and food service training,
    students will receive a Maricopa County Food Handler’s Card, a
    National Restaurant Association ServSafe Manager
    Certification, CPR & First Aid Certification, Fire Safety
    Certification, Chefs Uniform, 2 week internship placement and
    career assistance.
    Requirements: Be at least 18 years old; have reading
    comprehension & math at 6th grade level; reside in a stable
    living environment; do not have any violent felonies; can work a
    40-hour work week; be drug- and alcohol-free; able to lift at
    least 30 pounds.
    Intake: Fill out a student application and fax it to 602-322-

•   Family Service Agency
    Address: 1430 N. 2nd St.
    Phone: 602-252-0918

    Intake: Call for appointment. Need to pay $35 at time of
    Intake. After intake is done, client needs to attend a 3-day
    workshop where all the information is included.
    Eligibility: Individuals recently released from prison seeking to
    successfully re-enter the community and the workforce.
    Programs: Community Re-Integration Program. Assistance
    includes—Job search training; career planning; assistance with
    job placement; interview and work clothes; referrals for safe
    and affordable housing; substance abuse and anger management

•   Phoenix Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC)
    Address: 39 E. Jackson St.
    Phone: 602-254-5081
    Hours: 7:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri
    For Eligibility, must be able to document the following: proof of
    citizenship; proof of residency; family size; photo ID card;
    proof of household income; Selective Service card, if
    applicable; 3 references.
    Intake: Call to make an appointment when all these documents
    are available.
    Programs: Pre-Employment Work Maturity; Adult Basic
    Education; Administrative Office Skills (for people aiming to
    work in an office); counseling services; job placement services
    (including preparing a resume; learning and/or practicing
    interviewing skills; problem solving strategies/options for
    handling your specific issues); Summer Youth Work Experience
    Program (for youth ages 14-21); Other Trainings (such as
    Paralegal, Certified Nurses’ Assistant; Truck Driver; Graphic
    Arts/Offset Printing; Work Experience; On-the-Job Training).

•   St. Joseph the Worker
    Address: 213 S. 11th Ave. (Cross streets: 11th Ave & Madison)
    Phone: 602-417-9854
    Hours: 7:30 am-11:30 am; 1 pm- 3:30 pm Mon-Thurs
    Fees: None
    Eligibility: Individuals seeking full-time employment.

    Intake: Walk-in to fill out an application. You must present
    picture ID & Social Security card. You’ll be scheduled to talk
    to a Job Developer. The Job Developer will schedule you to a
    job readiness class. You must take this class in order to
    receive any services through them. Class is given on Tuesdays.
    Services: Job development; employment referrals; clothes;
    haircuts; assistance to provide tools, if needed; resumes;
    transportation for interviews; and mailing address. Community
    voicemail; provide local telephone number for homeless
    individuals to give to prospective employers.

•   Phoenix Indian Center
    Address: 2601 N 3rd St. Suite 211
    Phone: 602-264-7086
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Eligibility: Member of a Federally Recognized Tribe, Native
    Alaskan or Native Hawaiian; reside in Maricopa County (off-
    reservation); unemployed for 7 consecutive days or under-
    employed (working less than 30 hours/wk); economically
    disadvantaged (family income below Federal Poverty guidelines,
    person with a disability, homeless, welfare recipient or a foster
    child); selective service registration required for males 18-26.
    Intake: Fill out application; take math/reading test.
    Appointment will be made with Intake Specialist for interview
    (please bring: tribal enrollment—certificate of Indian Blood or
    Tribal I.D. card; proof of residency in Maricopa County; payroll
    of check stubs for last 6 months; Selective Service
    registration for men between the ages of 18-26 yrs.; Social
    Security card; Arizona Driver’s License or I.D. card).
    Native Workforce Services offers: Outreach/intake;
    orientation to services available; career counseling and support
    services; assessment of skills and aptitudes; remedial education
    services; higher educational information; vocational exploration
    services; education to work transition; skills upgrading and/or
    retraining; pre-vocational activities; job search and placement
    assistance; assistance with Welfare-to-Work programs.

•   Phoenix Job Corps

    Address: 518 S. 3rd Street Phoenix
    Phone: (602) 254-5921 or call 1-800-733-JOBS (1-800-733-5627)
    Hours: 7:30am-4:15pm Mon-Fri
    Eligibility: Youth 16-24 yrs. old; be a U.S. citizen; meet income
    requirements; be ready, willing, and able to participate in an
    educational environment.
    Program: Residential/Nonresidential program that helps to
    prepare youth with basic education through high school, GED,
    ESL, vocational training for meaningful employment,
    employability skills, and the responsibilities of citizenship.
    Participants can not have any court pending and must be drug
    free. Program lasts from 6 months-1 year. Services also
    include: counseling, pre-apprenticeship training, participatory
    recreation and college program.

•   Sunnyslope Youth Center
    Work Achievement for Youth (W.A.Y.)
    Address: 1702 W. Peoria Ave.
    Phone: 602-534-5088 (ask for Trevor)
    Eligibility: Must be between the ages of 15-19 yrs old.
    Intake: Fill out application by the beginning of May and turn it
    in at the Youth Center
    Program: Gain practical work experience in: Food Service, Social
    Service organizations, small businesses, goal setting, money
    management, resume writing, and more!

•   Phoenix Shanti Group—Train to be a Certified Nursing Asst
    Address: 2345 W. Glendale Ave.
    Phone: 602-279-0008; call and ask for more information.
    Eligibility: If you are on: Food Stamps, AFDC, SSI/SSD, Living
    in a Shelter, Homeless, Low Income, UI/GA, Subsidized
    Program: Consists of 5 weeks with a total of 23 days of skills
    Training includes: 120 hour curriculum (Extensive Classroom
    Training and Hands on Clinical Training), Red Cross
    Certification, HIV education, Skilled Nursing/Home Health
    Care, Job Placement Asst, Resume Asst, Lifetime Placement

    Asst, Job search workshop.

      Employment-Physical/Mental Disability

•   Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) Rehabilitation
    Services Administration (RSA)
    Address: 3221 N 16th St Ste 200
    Phone: 602-266-6752
    Hours: 8am-5pm
    Intake: Call main number. They’ll let you know what office is
    closest to your address.
    Eligibility: If you want to become or remain economically
    independent through work and:
    The disability is serious enough to make it hard to get or keep a
    job; available services can help get or keep a job; the Vocational
    Rehabilitation Program is the only or best place to provide the
    help that you need.
    Programs: Vocational Rehabilitation; Independent Living
    Rehabilitation Services; Employment Support Services.
    Office closest to DMFB: 706 E. Bell Rd Ste 115
    Phone: 602-494-6229

•   A.B.I.L.’s Employment Services
    Address: 2345 E Thomas Rd Suite 310A
    Contact: Lisa Barnes
    Phone: 602-443-0701
    Eligibility: Assist persons on SSDI or SSI with disabilities in
    acquiring employment.

•   WEDCO Employment Center (Employment Network from the
    Ticket-to-Work Program)
    Address: 5151 N 16th St Ste 124
    Phone: 602-274-4647/602-274-2605/888-802-0081
    Hours: 8:30 am – 5pm M-F
    Eligibility: Disabled individuals qualified by DES Rehabilitation
    Services Administration, or VA Vocational Rehab Svcs, jobs
    administration, Workman’s Comp. Must have ID and proof of

    Intake: Call for appointment
    Program: Vocational evaluation; supported education and
    tutoring; job training (most classes are 4 weeks long); job
    placement (assist through job search and with skills like:
    resume writing, interview techniques, networking skills,
    completing job applications, finding suitable job leads or
    developing employment opportunities specifically for the client);
    work exploration (for any client who is not currently enrolled
    with RSA/VR and who may be thinking of pursuing or preparing
    for employment); supported employment; on-the-job training;
    follow-up services; vocational training; career preparation and

•   Arizona Foundation for Handicapped
    Address: 3146 E Windsor Ave (Off Thomas Rd & 31st St.)
    Phone: 602-956-0400
    Eligibility: Physically/mentally handicapped person age 22 and
    over. This agency is an Employment Network from the Ticket-
    to-Work program.
    Intake: By application and screening process; need to provide
    social security # and report of physical exam indicating
    Services: Outpatient rehabilitation, employment opportunities,
    and training in skills required to obtain employment; community
    living skills and leisure time (training includes cooking, cleaning,
    shopping, budgeting, etc.); case management and transportation
    for clients.

Financial Assistance (Rental/Mortgage/Utility)

•   Sunnyslope Family Service Center
    Address: 914 W. Hatcher Phoenix
    Phone: 602-495-5229/1-866-853-3828
    Hours: M-F from 7:30 am-5pm
    Intake: Call only on Mondays @ 8am for rental/utility
    assistance and deposits. Appointments will be given for that

    week. Operators will keep receiving calls from 8am until
    appointments are filled for that week.
    For Apartment Deposit Assistance, client needs to bring the
    following: Something in writing from the apartment complex
    stating that you have been approved to move in (from
    apartment manager or landlord); breakdown of move-in costs;
    monthly rent amount; list of all household members who will be
    living in the apartment/house.
    For any other type of assistance, call or walk-in.
    Services include: rental & utility assistance, bus tickets for
    travel to other agencies and medical appointments (2 bus passes
    given on a one-time basis; can walk-in for this service),
    assistance with prescriptions (call at any time, preferably in the
    afternoon, for an appointment. Need to bring: the prescription,
    social security cards and proof of income for all household
    members), case management services (Sanida Cengic,
    caseworker 602-534-2375 direct line), tax assistance
    (seasonal); info & referral.

•   St. Vincent de Paul—Most Holy Trinity Church
    Phone: 602-943-1929
    Intake: Call Mondays or Wednesdays from 10-11 am to
    schedule delivery.
    Boundaries: From 19th Ave (on the east side) through 16th Place;
    and Cactus Rd through Glendale.
    ***Services also include: food, clothing, and rental & utility

•   Catholic Charities Community Services
    Address: 1825 W. Northern Ave.
    Phone: 602-997-6105
    ***Call to make an appointment. If no phone is available, you
    can walk-in from the times of 2 p.m.-4 p.m. on Monday-Friday.
    Can also leave a message and the call will be returned within 48
    Contact information: Jayme (at ext. 3304) or Isabel Valenzuela
    (at 602-276-2875).
    Services: Counseling; School Adjustment Services;

    Pregnancy/Parenting/Adoption services; Refugee Services;
    Immigration Services; Parent Information; Emergency Services
    and Financial Assistance.

•   Foundation for Senior Living
    Address: 1201 E. Thomas Rd.
    Phone: 602-285-1800/Jennifer Zwirek (case manager ext. 179)
    Eligibility: Emergency assistance (rent/utilities, food, etc) for
    adults 60 years or older.
    Intake: Call for more information.

•   Phoenix Indian Center, Inc
    Address: 2601 N 3rd St. Suite 100
    Phone: 602-263-1017
    Eligibility: American Indians residing in Maricopa County.
    Intake: Call for more information.
    Programs: Dawning Family Partnership program (case
    management-emergency financial assistance, health and
    employment opportunities, information & referral).

•   Labor’s Community Service Agency
    Address: 5818 N. 7th Street Suite 100
    Phone: 602-263-5741
    Intake: Call and let them know you are interested in program. A
    counselor will return your call.
    Program: Foreclosure Intervention Program. Assist families
    that are 2 months (or more) behind on their mortgage. Must be
    working at the time they are enrolled in the program.
    Services: The HUD-certified housing counselor advocates for
    the family with the mortgage company, help to restructure the
    loan and provide arrearage assistance.

•   Project Restore
    Address: 215 E. McDowell Rd.
    Phone: 602-495-1308 ext. 7417
    Services: Emergency financial assistance for Hurricane
    evacuees. Once this need is met, they are transferred to case

             managers for their long-term needs.

         •   Helping the People (mortgage assistance)
             Address: 4620 N. 16th Street Ste. D-210
             Phone: 602-336-4357
             Hours: 8am-6pm Mon-Fri
             Fees: None
             Intake: Call for more information.
             Program: Home ownership counseling and financial assistance
             including foreclosure relief and mortgage rescue. Does not
             matter how far behind a client is in mortgage payment.

         •   Salvation Army
             Process: For utility assistance - Leave a message with your
             name and phone number at 602-997-5034 for a pre-screening.
             For rental assistance - Must ask the landlord first if they are
             willing to wait for 30 days for a voucher. If they are, call the
             phone number at 602-267-4122 and leave a message with your
             contact information.
             Intake: NO MORE FUNDS FOR RENTAL
             CALL ON MONDAY, AUGUST 28TH.

                             Food Resources


  •   Desert Mission Food Bank
      Phone 602-870-6062 / Fax 602-331-5744
      Serves people that live within these boundaries (Between Glendale
      Ave. & the Maricopa County line; and between Tatum Blvd. & 35th Ave.)
      Hours: 8:30am-4pm Monday-Friday
      Address: 9229 N 4th Street
      Cross Streets: Hatcher & 4th Street (Behind the Fire Station)

  •   St. Mary’s/Westside Food Bank Alliance
      Address: 2831 N. 31st Ave. Phoenix (main office & warehouse)

    Phone: 602-352-3640
    Boundaries (North of Lavine / South of Lake Pleasant/East of 94th
    Ave/West of Central)
    Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday
    Programs: Cash and Carry (food or meat boxes available for purchase
    with cash or Food Stamps without need verification or ID 7:30am-
    11am Fri, 7:30am-2pm Sat. $10/meat box, $15 food box).

    Address: 4211 N 43rd Ave. (Phoenix Food Bank & Food Plus Center)
    Phone: 602-272-6326
    Hours: Wednesday and Thursday 9am-4:30pm; Friday 7:30am-7:30pm
    and Saturday 7:30am-3pm.
    Program: Value Club (Food Boxes available to the general public for
    $10 or $15, without qualification or identification. Each box contains
    a food retailed-value of $35 to $40. You can choose from 3 boxes:
    Variety Box with meat and nonperishable pantry items, Meat Value
    Box with frozen meat, and Pantry Box with double pantry items (ideal
    for vegetarians).

•   Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank
    Address: 10862 N 32nd St (Cross Streets: 32nd St & Shea Blvd)
    Phone: 602-867-9228
    Hours: 9am-4pm Mon-Fri
    Area Served: Paradise Valley Unified School District
    Eligibility: Low income/emergency situation; must have Social Security
    Intake: Call for appointment.
    Program: Emergency food assistance given 4 times/calendar year.

•   Foothills Food Bank and Resource Center
    Address: 7005 E Cave Creek Rd Ste 102-104
              Cave Creek, AZ 85331
    Phone: 480-488-1145
    Hours of Operation: 9am-noon Mon-Wed; 1pm-4pm Thu, Fri.; Closed
    3rd Thursday of month.
    Fees: None
    Intake: Residents of Carefree, Cave Creek and New River.
    Languages: English/Spanish

      Intake: Walk-in; bring some form of ID.
      Program: Emergency food boxes (once/month). Value Club & FoodPlus.
      Emergency financial assistance for medical bills, prescriptions, rent,
      etc. (Walk-in and bring a copy of lease. Give contact information.
      Director will contact client to make a home visit and review situation).
      Referrals to community resources.


  •   Chris Becker Memorial Dining Room (from St. Vincent de Paul)
      Address: 9227 N. 10th Ave. (South of Hatcher Rd)
      Phone: 602-944-0139
      Breakfast served: 9am-10am M-Th; Dinner served at 5pm-6pm
      everyday. From 9:30 a.m. – noon, showers and public phones are
      available. From 12:30 p.m.- 2 p.m., vocational counseling is available
      (resume update, interviewing skills, use of computers for job search).
      Clothing vouchers are given every Monday from 9:15-11:15. Bus tickets
      may be given, if medical attention is needed.

  •   SUPO Foundation-Free hot lunches for seniors.
      Address: 8941 N. Central Ave. (Southeast corner of Central & Dunlap-
      next door to the mini mart).
      Phone: 602-331-9555
      Hours: Lunch is served from 11:30am-1:30pm.
      Eligibility: Any senior.
      Cost: Free
      Other services: Food delivery for the homebound. Boundaries are
      from Camelback Rd through Peoria Ave and from 43rd Ave through
      19th St.

  •   Joshua Tree Feeding Program
      Address: 1601 W. Indian School Rd.
      Phone: 602-264-0223
      Eligibility: Individuals with HIV/AIDS & their family members.
      Intake: Walk-in. Must have proof of HIV status, income, and
      Languages: English/Spanish

      Programs: Serve hot lunches on Tuesdays from 8:30am-2pm. Also
      distribute food boxes on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from


  •   St. Vincent de Paul
      Phone: Call 602-263-8856 for closest St Vincent de Paul parish.
      Boundaries: All of Metro Phoenix. Call the number above. A staff
      member will direct client to the closest church (based on clients’
      cross streets).

  •   Church for the Nations
      Address: 11640 N 19th Ave. (between Peoria & Cactus Rd)
      Phone: 602-861-0000
      Day & Time: Last Friday of the month between noon-2pm
      Program: Care Club. Walk-in during the time listed above. $10/food
      box. Can pay with cash or food stamps. Do not need to show any ID.
      Limited clothing is also available during these times.

  •   Trinity Lutheran Church
      Address: 9424 N 7th Ave.
      Phone: 602-674-9940. Contact: Georgia Moseley, Resident Service
      Services: Can pick up a commodities box once a month, 3rd Friday
      at 1pm. Days are: August 18, September 22, October 20, November
      17, and December 15.
      Care Club also available. Need to pay $15 in cash or Food Stamps.
      Box will be $40 worth of food. Pay at least a week before the dates
      above. Client needs to pick up the box. Not delivered to house.
      ***Also have an emergency pantry. Emergency food can be
      given in a walk-in basis.***

  •   Covenant of Grace Church
      Address: 906 W. Peoria Ave. Phoenix
      Phone: 602-678-0999
      Services: Food Boxes distributed on Tuesdays and Thursdays from
      10:30 am-12:30 pm. Limit one per family/month. Must have photo

    ID, proof of address, and SS#. Provide pet food, if it’s available.
    Clothing is also available during these days & times.

•   Trinity United Methodist Church
    Address: 3104 W Glendale Ave, Phoenix
    Phone: 602-973-1276
    Days & Times: Last 2 Mondays of every month from 8:30am-11:30am.
    1st come, 1st served basis. Walk-in through the back of the building.
    Program: Emergency food box.

•   Cultural Cup Food Bank
    Address: 537 ½ E. Osborn Rd.
    Phone: 602-266-8370
    Hours: M, W 8:30am-4pm; T, Th 8:30am-2pm; Fri 8:30am-noon
    Languages: English/Spanish/Turkish/Arabic
    Intake: Walk-in through any of these agencies to get a referral
    voucher for food—Concilio Latino de Salud (546 E Osborn Rd Ste 22);
    Fresh Start Women Center (1130 E McDowell Rd); or Bethal United
    Methodist Church (546 E Osborn Rd).
    Program: Emergency Food Box & Infant Food Box.

•   God’s Provision-The Valley Cathedral
    Address: 6225 N Central Ave (Central & Bethany Home Rd)
    Phone: 602-265-6225
    Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-11:30am
    Intake: Walk-in and bring picture ID.
    Program: Emergency Food Box.
    Limit: 3 times a year.

•   Vino Nuevo (Church)
    Address: 2425 W McClellan (between Bethany Home Rd &
    Phone: 602-478-2377
    Hours: Every Thursday from noon-2pm.
    Intake: Just walk-in during these times. Do not need to bring
    Program: Food Box.

•   Colegio Hispano de Misionologia
    Address: 4735 N. 19th Ave. (1 block south of Camelback)
    Phone: 602-435-8112
    Program: Provide food boxes to anybody in need on Wednesdays from
    7pm-9pm. Client needs to show ID.

•   First Southern Baptist of Phoenix
    Address: 3100 W Camelback Rd
    Phone: 602-242-6104
    Program: Benevolence Center. Distributes food and clothing on
    Wednesdays from 9am-11am. No restrictions. Only need to bring
    picture ID. Not available 1st Wednesday of the month. Clothing-
    mostly for adults; some children clothing available.

•   Longview Community Church
    Address: 1301 E Whitton Ave (north of Osborn Rd; South of Indian
    School Rd)
    Phone: 602-266-9240 English/602-424-1655 Spanish
    Hours: 9am-5pm Tue-Fri
    Program: Emergency food pantry (distribute canned goods, dry goods,
    personal hygiene items & baby care items). Food Care program also
    available. ($15/food box).

•   Operation Care North - Valley Heights Baptist Church
    Address: 1827 W. Grovers Ave.
    Phone: 602-866-0135
    Hours: Tue./Thu. 9am-11:30am
    Area served: Phoenix, north of Camelback Rd
    Intake: Need to bring 2 forms of ID.
    Services: Emergency food-up to 3 food boxes in a 12-month period
    (but can only get 1 in a month). Also provide clothing for people in
    need, school supplies (Aug), and Christmas toys (December).

•   Seventh Day Adventist Community Services Center
    Address: 1320 N. 15th Street (South of McDowell Rd)
    Phone: 602-258-9951
    Hours: 9am-11am Mon-Wed; closed from May 28th-Sept. 1st.
    Intake: Walk-in. Must have an Arizona picture ID & proof of address.

    Eligibility: No restrictions for clothing. For food, client needs to be
    living on the East side of Phoenix (the streets). Can get a food box
    once every 3 months.
    Services: Distribute food & clothing.

•   Mount Zion Ministries
    Address: 2530 N. 7th Street Ste. 107
    Phone: 602-716-5799
    Hours: 10:30am-12:30pm Tuesday drop-ins for food box.
    Intake: Walk-in or call
    Other services: emergency bus tokens, free phone service for people
    without phones that are looking for jobs.

•   Betania Community Center, Inc
    Address: 1210 E. Virginia Ave. (between Thomas Rd & McDowell)
    Phone: 602-269-2839/602-277-5957
    Area Served: All Phoenix.
    Fees: None
    Eligibility: No restrictions, but limited to 4 boxes/yr.
    Intake: Walk-in
    Program: Emergency food bags on Mondays & Thursdays from 9am-
    11am (need to bring an ID. Limit once/month); ESL classes on
    Mondays/Wednesdays from 9am-11am; Clothing is provided at their
    other office (2811 N 39th Ave) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays
    from 9am-noon.

•   All Tribe Assembly of God
    Address: 1710 W. Highland Ave.
    Phone: 602-728-0699
    Days & Times: 1st & 3rd Friday of every month from 6pm-7pm.

•   First Baptist Church of Phx.
    Address: 7000 N. Central Ave. Phoenix. (Northwest corner of
             Glendale Ave & Central Ave)
    Phone: 602-944-9656
    Food Pantry: Open from Mon–Wed (9am–2pm) and Thurs. from
    Need to bring: a picture ID.


    •   Food Stamp Information Line
        Phone: 1-800-352-8401 or can call: 602-542-9935 (for
        information on: changing an address; getting help choosing an
        AHCCCS plan; Knowing when benefits will become available;
        questions regarding EBT card; getting an application or finding
        out where the closest DES office is located).
        Local DES office: 2311 W. Royal Palm Rd Phoenix, AZ 85021
                           Phone: (602)242-0024
              * only for these zip codes: 85020, 85021, and 85051.*

    •   National School Lunch & Breakfast Programs
        Phone: 602-542-8700 or 602-542-9933
        Eligibility: All school-age children. Children in households
        receiving food stamps are automatically eligible.

    •   Commodity Supplemental Food Programs/Food Plus
        (monthly food supplement for seniors and women with children
        who DO NOT qualify for WIC).
        Phone: 602-550-8298 or 602-550-6260
        Eligibility for seniors (60 yrs or older): Need to meet income
        What they need to bring: Proof of income and a picture ID for
        the appointment.

        Women can qualify if they are:
        Pregnant or
        Had a baby within the past year or
        The child(ren) are between 1-5 years old or
        If the child(ren) are NOT receiving WIC drafts* (Cannot
        participate in both WIC and Food Plus/CSFP at the same time)
        Eligibility: Need to meet income requirements.
        Need to bring: Proof of income and shots record or birth
        certificate of their children.



•   St. Vincent De Paul
    Process: Contact local Parish (based on client’s cross streets).
    Will provide vouchers for furniture if available.

                      HIV Services
•   HIV Care Directions (program through Area Agency)
    Phone: 602-264-2273
    Intake: Call and ask for Phil Seeger (intake coordinator).
    Services: Case management for families or individuals with
    disabilities. Case managers visit clients in their home. Bilingual
    staff is available. Can help clients enroll in housing, financial
    assistance, etc.

•   Arizona Department of Health Services- Office of HIV/AIDS
    Address: 150 N 18th Ave. Ste 110
    Phone: 602-364-3280/800-334-1540
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Fees: None
    Intake: Call for information
    Programs: HIV counselor support. Medication assistance
    program available to those ineligible for AHCCCS & who have no
    other insurance coverage. Medical/social support.

•   Phoenix Shanti Group
    Address: 2345 W. Glendale Ave. Phoenix
    Phone: 602-279-0008
    Hours: 7:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri
    Fees: Vary by program and service
    Intake: Call for information & appointment
    Services: Provide housing for homeless/indigent persons
    w/HIV (emergency, transitional, and permanent shelter);
    counseling (individual, relational, families and groups. Mental

    Health, substance abuse and vocational); Chemical recovery
    group (intensive 3-hr/day, 5 days a week program lasting 12
    weeks); case management (assistance and advocacy); alternative

•   Body Positive
    Address: 1144 E McDowell Rd Ste 200
    Phone: 602-307-5330
    Hours: 8 am – 8 pm Mon-Thu; 8 am- 4 pm Fri
    Services: Advocacy for people with HIV/AIDS; professional
    behavioral health outpatient service; family support services
    (assist women & families in coping with HIV/AIDS within their
    families); positive pals (volunteers assist clients with household
    chores, wellness phone calls, companionship); veterinary care
    for pets belonging to people with HIV.

•   Southwest Behavioral Health
    Address: 3707 N 7th St Ste 100 Phoenix
    Phone: 602-233-0115
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri.
    Fees: Sliding scale
    Intake: Call for information
    Service: HIV/AIDS emergency financial assistance,
    transitional & permanent housing.

•   Native American Connections, Inc
    Address: 650 N 2nd Ave.
    Phone: 602-254-3247
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri administration
    Fees: Vary
    Eligibility: Native American Community & other special needs
    Intake: Call for appt.
    Programs: Housing for individuals w/HIV; Assistance for
    homeless & disabled individuals; Housing for recovering
    substance abusers.

•   Native American Community Health Center, Inc
    Address: 3008 N 3rd St Ste 310

    Phone: 602-279-5262 ext. 292
    Fees: Sliding Scale
    Hours: 8 am- 5 pm Mon-Fri
    Intake: Call for more information.
    Native American Pathways AIDS/HIV Program: HIV pre- and
    post-test counseling and HIV antibody confidential testing,
    community outreach and HIV/AIDS medical & social case
    management services.

•   AIDSinfo
    Phone: 1-800-448-0440
    Hours: Noon-5pm EST Mon-Fri
    Fees: None
    Eligibility: Persons with HIV, their families, friends, health care
    professionals, etc.
    Intake: Call
    Programs: AIDS Treatment Information Service (information
    on research and available treatment).


•   ACORN Housing Corporation
    Address: 1018 W. Roosevelt Phoenix
    Phone: 602-253-7501
    Boundaries: Citywide

•   Desert Mission Neighborhood Renewal
    Phone: 602-331-5833
    Target Area: Peoria Ave. to the Arizona Canal, and from 16th
    Street to 19th Ave.
    Eligibility: Family of 4 earning less than $46, 900 or a single
    person less than $33,000. Must qualify for mortgage and have
    suitable work and credit history.
    Most homes are: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms; 2 car garages;
    Approx. 1300 square feet & Appliance package included.
    Please call: Traci Crouch (Housing Coordinator) at 331-5833.

•   Habitat for Humanity—Valley of the Sun

    Address: 1432 East St. Catherine Street
    Phone: 602-268-9022
    Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm; Sat 6am-2pm
    Eligibility: Low income working families with good credit
    histories who are not able to get a conventional loan for home
    purchase & currently live in inadequate housing (and who are
    first time homebuyers). Must have two years of stable income.
    Ability to cover closing costs (approximately $2,000).
    Applicant must be a US citizen, a permanent resident alien, or
    must be in process. If applicant has bankruptcy on the record,
    there is a 2 year waiting period.
    Intake: Call to sign up for orientation (occurs at the beginning
    of every year-around January/February).
    Boundaries: Phoenix and East Valley
    Program: Volunteers assist families to build new houses with low
    income families with good credit histories, who then buy the
    homes with a no interest loan held by Habitat. Families are
    required to put in a minimum of 400 work hours on the
    construction of their homes. Cannot have any collection (from
    evictions) pending. Applicant must be willing to attend required
    workshops for success in homeownership.
    ***3 and 4 Bedroom homes available ranging from 1,250-1,400
    square feet. Mortgage payments range from $360-

•   Chicanos por la Causa
    Address: 1242 E. Washington
    Phone: 602-253-0838
    Services: HUD certified housing counseling; Mortgage default;
    Crisis landlord/tenant assistance for people w/emergency

•   Labor’s Community Service Agency
    (transitional housing for homeless families)
    Address: 5818 N. 7th Street Suite 100
    Phone: 602-263-5741
    Eligibility for transitional housing: must be homeless or in
    process of being evicted (need to be able to provide verification

    like an eviction notice, judgment, letter from relative/friend, or
    a letter of recommendation from shelter); must have minor
    children (children must be able to move in at same time as
    adult); all adults in home must be willing to work full time unless
    disabled and currently receiving social security or have a note
    from Doctor (this is a working program. There is a better
    chance to get selected if the applicants are working full time at
    date of application).
    Eligibility for other programs: call for more information.
    Intake: If criteria is met, walk-in their office anytime Monday-
    Friday from 8am-4pm to fill out an application.
    Program: Transitional housing (homeless families with children
    who have nowhere else to go can participate in this program for
    1 year. Case management helps each family stabilize and secure
    permanent housing while addressing the needs of each family
    member); Affordable housing (for low-income families and
    elderly or disabled people on fixed incomes may rent safe
    apartments at a low price); Home construction (low-income
    families purchase houses built by the agency); Home
    rehabilitation (Low-income home owners in Neighborhood
    Initiative Areas may have repairs done for free, such as
    painting, roofing and plumbing); job Development & training. job
    interview skill development; job Placement.

•   One Step Closer
    Address: 4154 N. 12th Street (main office)
    Phone: 602-393-4400
    Hours: 9am-5:30pm
    You are eligible if you’ve had: negative credit; an eviction; legal
    issues; repossessions; bankruptcy; a civil judgment; first time
    renter; is employed or starting a job; felony or if you’re on
    parole or probation.
    Intake: Call or walk-in to fill out application. They have
    properties throughout South & North Phoenix.
    Programs: Car Buying program; Home Buying Program; Credit
    Repair Program (can repair rental history in a minimum of 52
    weeks). Based on individual need, there are other programs like
    Family Counseling, Pastoral Counseling, Sober Living, etc.

•   Desert Arbor (do not take anyone with criminal background).
    Address: 726 W Hatcher Rd
    Phone: 602-674-9940. Contact: Georgia Moseley
    Offers: 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for families. Some
    apartments are disability accessible. Apartments also have
    community laundry room, swimming pool and BBQ grills. An
    after-school program is available at Trinity Lutheran Church at
    no cost.
    Fees: 1-bedroom apartments (667 sq. ft.) are $500/month. 2-
    bedroom apartments (867 sq.ft.) are $583/month. Utilities are
    included. 1st month’s rent is free, but a deposit fee is required
    to move-in (of the same amount of the rent).

    Desert Arbor II
    Address: 725 W. Vogel
    Phone: 997-8982
    Office hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm; Saturday 10am-2pm
    Offers: 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for seniors (55 years ond
    over). Senior apartments are gated and single story. Planned
    monthly activities; wellness/exercise/aquatic programs;
    transportation arrangements, housekeeping arrangements and
    healthcare assistance might be available for seniors, if needed.
    Fees: 1-bedroom apartments (640 sq.ft.) are $500. 2-bedroom
    apartments (761 sq. ft.) are $583. Utilities are included.
    Section 8 vouchers are welcome. Month-to-month rent/no lease.

•   Community Housing Partnership
    Address: 609 N. 9th St. (9th St & Fillmore)
    Phone: 602-253-6905
    Eligibility: For families-need to have full-time employment with
    income of $975/month (income must be from a full-time
    permanent job. Unable to accept temporary employment, child
    support, worker’s compensation, or unemployment benefits as
    part or all of your income); for individuals-Need to have an
    income of $545/month (SSI is accepted as income).
    Services: Apartments for low-income families and individuals.

        Intake: No walk-ins. Call for a pre-screening. Once you are
        pre-qualified a housing coordinator will show you an apartment.
        If you are interested in renting from them, you will need to
        come to the office and fill out a housing application. Once the
        application has been accepted, you will need to pay a deposit of
        $150 and have your utilities turned on before you can move in.
        Locations of properties: Central Phoenix (for individuals and
        families) and Sunnyslope (only for families—located on 9th
        Avenue between Hatcher & Dunlap).

    •    Helping Hands Housing Services (2 bedroom, 1-bath apts.)
                           Casa de Paz Sahuaro
        Address: 1530 E. Sahuaro Dr. #108
        Phone: 602-216-7936, by appointment only.
        Hours: Monday 8am-noon; Wednesdays/Fridays 4pm-6pm
        Fees: $375/month. $25 application fee & $150 cleaning deposit.
        Eligibility: Families (need to have at least one child from ages 3-
        14 yrs). Maximum 6 people per unit. Income limit: $950-
        $1,666/month (from $11,400-$20,000 annual income). At least
        one adult needs to have Social Security Number. Need to bring
        a $25 application fee with application.
        Free Program services: ESL classes; tutoring (1st-12th grades)--
        (homework assistance is offered daily for students who have
        questions or need one-on-one support); after school programs;
        little kid time (an hour of time for 3-5 years old to learn how to
        interact socially with other kids, color, listen to stories and play
        games); food services; furniture & clothing donations;
        transportation resource (When Program Coordinator is
        available, rides can be given for medical or DES appointments,
        job interviews, etc.); life-skills training; referral services.
        Intake: Call or walk-in for application. Manager’s office is
        located in last parking lot.

•       Housing Authority of Maricopa County
        Address: 2024 N 7th St. Suite 101
        Phone: 602-257-1113
        Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday

    Fees: Sliding scale, family’s rent or portion thereof; cannot be
    less than 10% of gross monthly income or $50 or more than
    40% of the family’s adjusted monthly income.
    Intake: Call for application information or housing inquiries;
    Families determined to be eligible must attend briefing session;
    waiting periods vary depending on program applied for and
    family size.
    Days accepting applications: 8:30am-11:30am Tuesday; 2-5pm

•   Housing Department Application & Information
    (waiting lists for housing programs)
    Address: 830 E Jefferson Street Phoenix, AZ 85034
    Phone: 602-534-2142
    Programs: Conventional housing, scattered sites;
    senior/disabled housing; or Section 8.
    Eligibility: Only for U.S. citizens or eligible non citizens can
    receive housing assistance.
    **NOTE**: SECTION 8 is currently closed. Not adding any
    names to the waiting list.
                 Scattered sites (Homeownership program):
    Eligibility: Must not have filed bankruptcy or owned a home in
    the last 2 years; criminal & credit check; qualify under income;
    must be a family and be working. There is a 2 ½ year waiting
    list. For more information, call 602-261-8035.
    How to apply: Walk in and fill application between Monday
    through Friday from 8am-5pm; or fax application at 602-534-
    4243; or submit it online at:

• Community Housing Resources of Arizona
    Address: 500 E. Thomas Rd. Suite 300
    Phone: 602-631-9780
    Hours: 8:30am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Fees: None
    Eligibility: Proof of income required for some programs.

    Programs: Pre-purchase counseling. Assist low income home
    buyers qualify for home mortgage & access affordable housing
    programs & financing & downpayment assistance programs.

•   Neighborhood Housing Services Phoenix
    Address: 320 E. McDowell Rd. Ste. 120
    Phone: 602-258-1659
    Hours: 8:30am-5pm Mon.-Fri.
    Fees: Vary
    Eligibility: No restrictions
    Intake: Call to register for HomeBuyer Education Classes.
    Services are offered in English & Spanish.
    Programs: Consumer education to assist families in qualifying
    for mortgage, purchasing and maintaining a home. Downpayment
    assistance & mortgage loans.

           Immigration/Refugee Services

• American Red Cross
    Address: 6135 N. Black Canyon Hwy
    Phone: 602-336-6660

•   Catholic Social Services
    Address: 1825 W. Northern Ave.
    Phone: 602-997-6105
    Fees: Sliding-Scale
    Intake: Call to make an appointment. They have an attorney in
    staff. Attorney may represent people in deportation.

•   International Rescue Committee (IRC)
    Address: 4750 N. Black Canyon Highway Ste. 200
    Phone: 602-433-2440
    Hours: 8:30am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Fees: Small fee for immigration assistance; none for other
    Intake: Call for more information.
    Programs: Reception and placement services to refugees
    entering the U.S. (Financially responsible for the first 30 days

    and provide follow-up services for the first 90 days.
    Information & referral services are available for refugees for
    the first 5 years after arrival in the U.S.). Emergency
    assistance that is provided: water, food, shelter, sanitation, and
    medical care. Also provide: translation services, ESL, job
    training, employment services, and other counseling).

•   Friendly House
    Address: 802 S. First Ave. Phoenix
    Phone: 602-257-1870
    Intake: Walk-in every other Friday from 8:30am-10:30am for
    an initial assessment. Initial assessment is free of charge. Call
    to verify which Fridays are walk-ins.

•   Mexican Consulate in Phoenix
    Address: 1990 W. Camelback Rd. #110
    Phone: 602-242-7398

                     Legal Services

•   Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center
    Address: 1130 E. McDowell Rd Phoenix
    Phone: 602-252-8494
    Intake: Clients are seen on a first come first served basis.
    Hours for walk-ins: Mon-Wed 9:30am-11:30am and 2pm-4pm;
    Saturdays 10am-1pm
    Spanish Speaking Assessment hours: Tuesdays 5pm-7pm and
    Thursdays from 9:30am-11:30am
    Process: All women must first complete an initial assessment
    with a Fresh Start legal department staff. The assessment
    determines the client’s legal needs and refers her to a legal
    professional if need be. Expect a 3-week wait following your
    initial assessment if you intend to seek document preparation
    from Fresh Start legal professionals.
    Services: Divorce (with or without children), legal separation,
    child custody, child support, child support modification,
    paternity issues, parenting time, grandparent rights, and
    domestic violence.

    Fresh Start offers these options: after the initial assessment,
    referral to a Certified Legal Document Preparer (each session
    costs $20); attend Fresh Start’s Help with Divorce Forms
    workshops (check catalog for dates & times); referral to
    external Certified Legal Document Preparer (some of which
    offer reduced rates to Fresh Start clients.

•   Self-Service Center Courthouse
    Address: 101 W Jefferson, 1st Floor
    Phone: 602-506-7353
    Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-5pm

•   Family Lawyers Assistance Project (FLAP)
    Address: 201 W. Jefferson St. 6th Floor
    Phone: 602-506-7948
    Services: Provides brief counsel on Family Law/Domestic
    Relations by volunteer attorneys.

•   Community Legal Service
    Address: 305 S. 2nd Ave.
    Phone: 602-258-3434 or 1-800-852-9075
    ***Free Legal Service Mondays (in the morning).
    Walk-in clinic.***
    Services include: Governmental benefits (TANF, SS/SSI, etc),
    domestic violence, consumer, landlord-tenant disputes, child
    custody, divorce. No criminal cases.
    Eligibility: Must meet income criteria.
    Tenants’ rights clinics held once/week. Attorney always
    present to give legal advice at no charge. Booklet provided that
    explains Arizona Landlord/Tenant Law in simple language. No
    advice given over the phone.

•   Maricopa County Lawyer Referral & Information Service
    Address: 303 E. Palm Ln.
    Phone: 602-257-4434
    Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5pm; Fridays 8am-4:30pm

    ***Intake: Call the number and talk to an interviewer. Answer
    a few questions and pay the $35 administrative fee for the
    initial referral. The interviewer will contact the right attorney
    for you and schedule your 30 min. consultation. It takes around
    2-3 business days to meet with an attorney after your initial
    phone interview with the Lawyer Referral Service. Attorneys
    cover: Bankruptcy, Business/Corporate;
    Copyrights/Patents/Trademarks; Consumer Rights; Criminal;
    Debt Collections; Employment/Labor; Family Law; Immigration;
    Insurance Disputes; Medical Malpractice; Personal Injury;
    Probate/Trust/Wills; Real Estate; Taxation; Workers’

•   City of Phoenix Human Services Department (HSD) John F Long
    Family Services Center
    Address: 3454 N. 51st Ave.
    Phone: 602-262-6510
    Hours: 7:30am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Program: Provide landlord/tenant counseling & mediation
    services 8am-5pm Wednesdays. Phone #: 602-256-3388.

•   City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department-
    Landlord/Tenant Services
    Address: 200 W. Washington St. 4th Floor
    Phone: 602-262-7210
    Eligibility: Phoenix residents only.

•   Slumlord Hotline
    Phone: 602-372-7586
    Services: Call hotline for landlord issues or problems with
    rental property. A hotline operator will refer the complaints to
    agency capable of handling that problem. Examples of problems
    may be: if a landlord refuses to return deposits or doesn’t want
    to fix items in rental property.

•   Office of Victim Services
    (Helping Hands for Justice)
    Address: 1275 W. Washington

    Phone: 602-542-4911
    Services to crime victims: Notification of court proceedings
    and related victims’ rights; Accompaniment to attorney
    interviews and court proceedings; Claims’ assistance services,
    for both compensation and restitution; Referrals to community
    resources to address victims’ needs in the aftermath of crime;
    Advocacy in dealing with other agencies; Guidance in the
    completion and submission of Victim Impact Statements;
    Criminal justice system information, including about the
    appellate process.

•   Friendly House
    Address: 802 S. First Ave.
    Phone: 602-257-1870

•   Catholic Charities Community Services
    Address: 1825 W. Northern Ave.
    Phone: 602-997-6105
    ***Walk-in or call to make appt. Services: Legal, Immigration,
    Counseling, etc.***

•   Arizona Senior Citizens Law Project
    Address: 1818 S 16th St Phoenix
    Phone: 602-252-6710
    Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri administration; 1-4pm intake
    Fees: None; donations accepted
    Eligibility: Age 60 and over who reside in Maricopa County. Must
    verify age.
    Intake: Call
    Services: Legal advocacy services, legal representation &
    referrals to private attorneys regarding governmental benefits,
    consumer, housing, wills, guardianships, other civil matters.

•   Arizona Center for Disability Law
    Address: 3839 N. 3rd St #209
    Phone: 602-274-6287

        People eligible are individuals with disabilities who: have a legal
        problem related to a developmental, physical, cognitive or
        psychiatric disability.
        Services: Information, technical assistance, and training on
        legal rights. Represent individuals in negotiations,
        administrative proceedings or court. Advocacy by addressing
        issues such as: developing discharge plans that will assist
        individuals who are preparing to leave a mental health facility;
        ensuring that Vocational Rehabilitation is providing the support
        & services required to return to work; obtaining appropriate
        educational services; obtaining necessary health care, assistive
        technology, and other services; ensuring access to public places,
        businesses and governmental offices as well as public services &
        programs (Call Mon-Wed from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.); preventing &
        remedying abuse & neglect in mental health facilities, nursing
        homes, group homes or schools; safeguarding employment rights
        & removing barriers for Social Security beneficiaries seeking
        Special Education Advocacy Hotline: free statewide legal
        hotline that provides information, advice, and referrals to
        families & students with disabilities regarding special education
        rights & remedies. Please call the following days & times:
        M (9 a.m.-1 p.m.), T (1 p.m.-5 p.m.), Wed –Spanish speaking staff
        available (1 p.m.-5 p.m.), or Thurs (9 a.m.-1 p.m.).
        ADA Employment & Vocational Rehabilitation Rights Legal
        Advice Line: If you have questions about your rights as an
        employee or applicant at work, or as a client or applicant of
        vocational rehabilitation services, call 1-800-922-1447 the
        following days/times: M (9 a.m.-noon), T (9 a.m.-noon), W
        (11 a.m.-2 p.m.), Th (2 p.m.-5 p.m.).

               Medical/Dental/Vision Services


    •   Sunnyslope Family Health Center
        Address: 934 W. Hatcher
        Phone: 602-344-6300

    Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday
    Tobacco Tax Program—Contact Mercy Ortega W-F 344-6303
    Insurance: Accept most AHCCCS plans. Ability to Pay Program
    (for uninsured who are ineligible for AHCCCS). Upfront
    payment for all services. Primary care: $50-$150 per visit
    based on income and household size.
    Process for Ability to Pay: Call on Monday, Thursday or
    Friday to schedule an appointment for Financial Services to
    determine how much the fees are going to be. Based on income
    and household size.

•   Providence General Medicine-Gerardo Sicalo, MD (Walk-in
    clinic. Not an urgent care or emergency facility)
    Address: 9100 N. Central Ave. Ste. A (next to Via de los
    Phone: 602-254-7077
    Hours: 9am-6pm Monday-Friday
    Fees: First time consultation is $60. Then, flat fee of $50.
    Accept cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard. Take all insurance.
    Languages: English/Spanish
    Services: General medicine practice (arthritis, joint pain,
    allergies, rx refills, rashes, sinusitis, colds, coughs, flu,
    bronchitis, physicals, strains/sprains, urinary tract infections,
    male STD’s (treatment & testing), ingrown toe nail, among other

•   Mountain Park Medical/Dental Center
    ***Please call and ask for discounted rate. They’ll give you
    an appt. Depending on income & family size, they’ll let you
    know how much the discount will be.***

    Medical Offices
    ***Maryvale Office: 4616 N. 51st Ave. #203 (west side of 51st
       Ave. 1 ½ block north of Campbell Rd. Located in the Parkvale
       Medical Building on the 2nd floor)
       Phone: 623-247-6266. First time calling? Ask for an
       appointment with financing.
       Hours: 8 am-5 pm Mon, Tue, Fri; 11am -8pm Thu.

    ***Tolleson Office: 690 N Cofco Center Ct. #230
                 (Cross streets: Van Buren & 44th St)
       Phone: 623-478-0774. First time calling? Ask for an
       appointment with financing.
       Hours: 8 am-5 pm Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri; 11am -8pm Tue.

    Programs: Diabetes & Asthma Collaborative (Assist individuals
    with diabetes or asthma to lead better lives & doctors to find
    the right treatment).
    Dental & Vision Services: Call individual office for financing
    appointment. Once this is done, dental treatment & vision
    services are only given at Mountain Park’s main office:
                           635 E. Baseline Rd.

•   John C. Lincoln Community Health Center
    Address: 9221 N. Central Ave.
    Phone: 602-331-5779 (Children’s Health Services)

•   Mission of Mercy—mobile clinic
    (Shepherd of the Valley—Lutheran Church)
    Address: 1500 W. Maryland Ave.
    Appointment line: 602-486-7798
    Days and hours to call to make appointment: Tuesdays from
    1pm-6pm; Thursdays and Fridays from 9am-2pm.
    Intake: For new patients, call the appointment line. Staff will
    give client an appointment based on closest mobile clinic.
    Eligibility: Treatment for people that have long-term illnesses
    like cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Medications are
    free, if they are available at the clinic.

•   HealthCare Connect (medical discount program for low-to-
    middle income Maricopa County residents)
    Address: 320 E. McDowell Rd. Suite 320
    Phone: 602-288-7564
    Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Services include: Doctor visits; hospitalization; laboratory
    services; radiology services; specialist physician visits;

    prescription drug discounts; dental services discounts; vision
    services discount. Emergency services are not discounted.
    Eligibility: Can not qualify for any other public health program
    (ex. AHCCCS or Medicare); you need to live in Maricopa County;
    your income must fall within these ranges:

                 Family of 1: $9,310 to $23,275
                 Family of 2: $12,490 to $31,225
                 Family of 3: $15,670 to $39,175
                 Family of 4: $18,850 to $47,125

    How to join: If you qualify within these guidelines, fill out an
    application and mail it with the enrollment fee ($50 for singles
    or $100 for families of two or more). There are no monthly
    premiums or fees. Members just pay the enrollment fee every
    year, plus low fees when they receive medical services. Fax the
    application to (602) 288-7565 or mail it with the enrollment fee
    320 E. McDowell Rd. Suite 320
    Phoenix, AZ 85004
    Other things you need to include are: proof of residency (utility
    bill, phone bill, etc.); proof of income (pay stubs for the last 30

•   Phoenix Indian Medical Center
    Address: 4212 N 16th St.
    Phone: 602-263-1200
    Services: Inpatient and outpatient medical care. Emergency
    medical care. Social services & mental health outpatient
    counseling services. Brain and spinal cord injury services.

•   VA Hospital
    Address: 650 E. Indian School Rd.
    Phone: 602-277-5551
    Eligibility: Must be honorably discharged veteran
    Intake: By application.
    Programs: Inpatient & outpatient medical & psychiatric care;
    alcoholism prevention & treatment; residential program for SMI

    homeless veterans (ext. 7608 or 7609); AIDS treatment; spinal
    cord injury services (physical therapy, counseling, speech

•   Ask Woman’s Center
    Address: 9413 N. Central Ave.
    Phone: 602-870-3586

•   KidsCare of Arizona
    Eligibility: Under 19 years of age; not Medicaid or Medicare
    eligible; currently without health insurance.
    Phone: 602-417-5437 or 1-888-764-5437
    Mail applications to: KidsCare, Mail Drop 500
    920 E. Madison
    Phoenix, AZ 85034

    Phone: 602-417-4000/1-800-654-8713

•   Well Woman HealthCheck Program (free cancer screening)
    Address: 150 N. 18th Ave. Suite 310
    Phone: 1-888-257-8502
    Eligibility: Woman age 40 years old or more (for breast cancer
    screening) or 18 yrs old or over (for cervical cancer screening).
    Need to be uninsured or underinsured. Must meet income
    Services: Clinical breast exam; mammogram; pelvic exam; pap
    Intake: Call for pre-screening over the phone to see if you
    qualify under income.

•   Children’s Information Center Hotline
    Phone #: 1-800-232-1676
    Times to call: Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. If you call after
    hours, you can leave a message. They will return your call.
    Services: Offers information for children with special health
    care needs in addition to – traumatic brain injury, immunization,
    dental care, KidsCare, rehabilitative services, Early

    Intervention Program.

•   Assistance with prescriptions
    Sunnyslope Family Service Center:914 W. Hatcher Rd 495-5229

    West Phoenix Human Services Center: 3454 N 51st Ave.
    602-262-6510; 8am-5pm Mon-Fri

    Salvation Army- Call case manager at 602-256-9468

•   Discount Diabetic
    Phone: 1-800-714-0490/480-314-0181
    To enroll: Call the number above.
    Process: Staff helps you sign up over the phone. Then they will
    ship supplies directly to your door (free of charge). They will
    file all insurance forms for you. The initial shipment usually
    arrives within one week depending on how long it takes to your
    doctor to authorize your order. From then on, they will ship you
    a 30, 60 or 90 day supply depending on your medical coverage.
    Insurance accepted: Medicare and most other insurance. Blue
    Cross Blue Shield is also covered. Most HMO’s are not covered,
    though. Call to see if your insurance company is covered.

•   Rx Outreach (patient assistance program that provides more
    than 50 FDA-approved generic medicines to help you treat
    ongoing health problems. Provides a 3-month supply of medicine
    for $18 and a 6-month supply for $30.)
    ***Clients do not need to have a Social Security number in
    order to apply.***
    Eligibility: No age limit. Check income eligibility. If you are,
    see if your medicines are included. Call or visit your doctor for
    a prescription (It is important that your doctor write a
    prescription for a 90-day or 180-day supply of medicine). Fill
    out and sign the Rx Outreach form. Send in your payment,
    prescription, and form in a stamped envelope to:

    Rx Outreach
    Express Scripts Specialty Distribution Services, Inc.

    P.O. Box 66536
    St. Louis, MO 63166-6536
    Phone: 1-800-769-3880 M-F 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Central time.

•   Arizona Long Term Care System-A.L.T.C.S. (Arizona’s Medicaid
    program that provides long-term care services for elderly
    and/or disabled persons. Services are provided at no charge.)
    Address: 700 E Jefferson
    Phone: 602-417-6600/1-800-654-8713
    Eligibility: Senior (65 and over), blind, or disabled individuals
    who need ongoing services at a nursing facility level of care.
    However, program participants do not have to reside in a
    nursing home (many live in their own homes or an assisted living
    facility and receive in-home services).
    Intake: Complete and mail Part 1 of application; you will receive
    Part 2 application in the mail. It is a detailed financial
    application. On the front page you will find you appointment
    time. Complete the application and bring it to your scheduled
    appointment held at your local ALTCS office; a registered nurse
    will make an appointment to come to your home & complete the
    Physical Assessment Screening. You will be notified of your
    eligibility by the ALTCS office if you are eligible for the
    program. If you are denied, you have 30 days to appeal your
    Services: (may include) Institutional Care in a Nursing Facility;
    Home and Community Based Services, combining outpatient and
    in-home care; Medical Services, such as Doctor’s office visits
    and prescriptions; Behavioral health services; preventive and
    well care for children; and hospice services.

•   Maricopa County Department of Public Health (DPH) Health
    Care for the Homeless Program
    Address: 220 S. 12th Ave. (Cross Streets: 12th Ave. & Madison)
    Phone: 602-372-2100
    Hours: 7am-4pm Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri; 9am-4pm Thursday
    Eligibility: Homeless individuals with no medical insurance or
    covered by AHCCCS-MHP or Mercy Care
    Intake: Walk-in

    Services: Medical treatment; laboratory tests; nutritional
    counseling; podiatry; substance abuse treatment; mental health
    services; case management, providing referrals for additional
    social services, emergency, transitional & permanent housing,
    and employment assistance.


•   Maricopa County Department of Public Health
    Children’s immunizations (free)
    Phone: 602-506-6767 Administration
    Grunow Baby Shot Clinic- 1645 E Roosevelt St
          Hours: 8am-noon, 1pm-4pm Tue-Thu
    Spectrum Mall- 1703 W Bethany Home Rd
          Hours: 9:30am-1pm, 2pm-5:30pm Mon-Fri

    Adult immunizations (free)
    Address: 1645 E Roosevelt
    Phone: 602-506-6068
    Hours: Wednesday 1pm-4pm— Walk-in clinic


•   Vision USA 2004
    Phone: 1-800-346-2020/Internet:
    Intake: Fill out application and fax it to: 602-264-6356.
    Applications can also be taken by phone at 1-800-766-4466
    (Monday through Friday).
    Eligibility: Low-income working families & children; have no
    public/private insurance; not had an eye exam in the last 2
    years & are unable to pay for vision care.
    Fees: Need to pay $20 at time of appointment. This will cover
    exam and eye glasses.
    Services: Appointments will be given at doctor’s office.
    Location will be based on availability. No Spanish speaking staff
    at this location.

•   Lions Vision Center
    Address: 1016 N 32nd Street Ste 2
    Phone: 602-267-7573
    Hours: 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday-Thursday. Closed on Friday
    Eligibility: Children and adults who don’t have insurance to cover
    for vision exam.
    Fees: $60/exam and single vision lens & frames (for anybody
    under the age of 39). $70/exam plus bifocal lens and frames
    (for anybody 40 years or older). Eye examination with glaucoma
    check only is $30. All payments must be made in cash or money
    Intake: Call for information and to make an appointment.
    ***Note: Schools can sponsor the costs. Talk to the school
    nurse to see if it’s available in that particular school.

•   DES Sight Conservation (VISION)
    Address: 4620 N. 16th St Suite 101
    Phone: 602-266-7284
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Fees: None for those who meet economic criteria.
    Eligibility: Only for people who are receiving either SSI, TANF,
    GA or are enrolled in AHCCCS. You must be 21 years of age or
    Intake: Call to request an application. Once you are scheduled
    to come in, you need to bring your AHCCCS card and birth
    Programs: Glasses and eye exams available every 2 yrs.

•   Senior Eyecare Program
    Phone: 1-800-222-EYES (3937). Call 24 hours/day; 7 days/week
    Eligibility: U.S. citizen; age 65 and older; have not seen an
    ophthalmologist in 3 or more years; do not belong to an HMO
    or the VA.
    Services: Ensures that every senior has access to medical eye
    care and promotes annual, dilated eye exams. People eligible
    for a referral through the program receive a comprehensive,
    medical eye exam and up to one year of treatment- at no
    out-of-pocket cost-for any disease diagnosed during the initial

    exam. Volunteer ophthalmologists accept Medicare and/or
    other insurance reimbursement as payment in full; patients
    without insurance receive care at no charge.
    Language: No Spanish speaking staff is available when they call
    for a referral.
    Does not cover: eyeglasses, prescription drugs, hospital services
    or fees of other medical professionals.


•   Phoenix College—cleaning only (dental)
    Address: 1202 W. Thomas Rd
    Phone: 602-285-7323
    Hours: 8am-4:30pm Monday-Thursday; 8am-3:30am Fridays;
    Closed from 11:30am-12:45 every day.
    Fees: $35 for people 15 years and over/$25 for people under
    15 years old.
    Intake: Closed mid May-mid August, Christmas break, spring
    break. Any other time, please call for an appointment.
    Services: Teeth cleaning & x-rays for adults and children.

•   Rio Salado College—cleaning only (dental)
    Address: 1150 E. Washington
    Phone: 480-517-8020
    Fees: $25/adults, $20/seniors, $15 for children (4-18 years
    Services: Dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays. No other work

•   Dave Pratt Boys & Girls Club Dental Clinic
    Address: 1601 W Sherman St
    Phone: 602-271-9961
    Hours of Operation: 7am-7pm Tuesdays; 7am-5:30pm
    Wednesdays & Thursdays; 7am-3:30pm Fridays. Closed from
    12:30pm-1pm for lunch.
    Eligibility: Children from 5yrs-18 only that are uninsured.
    Intake: Call to make an appointment. Patient needs to bring
    proof of income, proof of address, and birth certificate. Need

    to bring recent denial letter from AHCCCS, if patient is eligible
    but was denied.
    Fees: $10 on first visit. From there on, it’s sliding scale. It will
    be either $2, $5, $10 or $20 based on ability to pay.

•   Action Referral Network--Dental Information & Referral
    Phone: (480) 850-1474
    Intake: Leave your name and telephone number and someone will
    return your call with information for low-cost dental clinics or
    dentists for the entire area. This service is not for emergency
    dental cases. They will not be taking new applications for the
    Donated Dental Services until further notice.

•   Maricopa Integrated Health System (Dental Clinic)
    Address: 2525 E Roosevelt
    Phone: 602-344-1005
    Hours: 7:30am-4:30pm. Closed between noon – 1pm for lunch.
    Eligibility: Adults & children.
    Intake: Call to make an appointment (for extractions: walk-in at
    Fees: $125 for extractions, without insurance. The only service
    provided for somebody without insurance is extractions. For
    children that have AHCCCS, please call to setup an appointment.

•   St Vincent de Paul Free Medical/Dental Clinic
    Address: 420 W. Watkins St Phoenix
    Phone: 602-261-6868
    Intake: Medical Clinic--If you want to be screened for medical
    services, please call this number. Leave your name and
    telephone number. A phone screener will return your call.
    IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TELEPHONE: Find a phone where
    you can be at for at least 2 hours between 8am-4pm Monday,
    Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday; or 1pm-7pm Thursday evening.
    Call the number and leave a message with your name, the day
    and time you will be at the phone number.
    For Dental Clinic—new patients are accepted through a lottery
    system. Next day to call: Wednesday, November 1, 2006. Call
    anytime throughout this day for further instruction. No dental



•   Castle Foundation, Inc (financial assistance only)
    Address: P.O. Box 3768 Scottsdale, AZ 85271
    Phone: 480-945-5440
    Eligibility: Must be orthodontic (braces) candidate; fill out an
    application and submit with orthodontist’s report (needs, cost)
    Services: Provide financial assistance for those who can’t
    afford entire orthodontic bill. Pay up to $600 (directly given to

•   Orthodontist
    Address: 3019 N. 35th Ave.
    Phone: 602-269-7797
    Hours of operation: M-Th 10am-6pm; F 8am-noon; Sat-by appt.
    Intake: Call to make an appointment.
    ***Payment plans available.***

                   Mental Illness Services

•   META Services, Inc
    Address: 2701 N. 16th Street Suite 316
    Phone: 602-636-4456
    Programs: Home Recovery Team (full psychiatric, nursing, and
    counseling care offered in-home for adults with acute
    psychiatric symptoms as an alternative to inpatient treatment);
    regional psychiatric recovery centers (voluntary and involuntary
    psychiatric evaluations. Outpatients and brief stay alternative
    care settings.); Another Chance (Treatment, housing, and
    support for homeless substance abuse in Phoenix); Peer
    Employment program; Recovery Education Center (offers
    variety of classes on wellness and recovery topics); Wellness
    Recovery Action Plan (WRAP);
    Wellness & Empowerment in Life & Living (WELL) program:
    *What’s WELL about? Learning about your strengths;

    Developing your Wellness Toolkit (by building your toolkit, you
    will find strengths you may not even know you have & you will
    add new ones); Recovering from psychiatric symptoms and/or
    * How does WELL work? It begins with a seminar on recovery.
    Then, they look at the skills, knowledge, and actions you need to
    maintain wellness and succeed in community living. To help
    improve your wellness tools, classes are offered in 6 major
    areas of practical education (physical healthcare; self-
    management of substance abuse; social wellness; family
    wellness; home and financial wellness; spiritual wellness.)
    *How to Enroll. Contact your ValueOptions Case Manager. Your
    case manager will contact the WELL team to arrange for
    *If you have questions: Contact the Recovery Education Center
    at (602) 636-4601.

    Recovery Planner (through META services)
    *What it is? It’s a one-time 2-3 hour class presented by
    META’s Peer Support Specialists.
    It can help you: Identify & prioritize your goals; target your
    immediate and long-term needs; reach your dreams.
    How to enroll: Talk with your ValueOptions Case Manager about
    attending a Recovery Planner Class at your Value Options site.

•   ValueOptions
    Local Address: 702 W. Dunlap Ave
    Phone: 1-800-564-5465 for Intake/Evaluation Customer
    Service/Crisis Line 24-hr (602) 944-8386
    Services: Mental Illness treatment & support services; referral
    to community providers.

•   NAMI—Arizona Alliance for the Mentally Ill (AAMI)
    Address: 2210 N 7th St Phoenix
    Phone: 602-244-8166/1-800-950-6264 Helpline
    Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri administration
    Intake: Call for information.

    Programs: Info & Referral; Family Support Center; helpline;
    Family-to-Family Education Program (free 12-week course for
    family and friends of individuals with serious mental illness);
    Peer-to-Peer Education Course (9 week-2 hours per week-
    experiential education course on the topic of recovery for any
    person with serious mental illness who is interested in
    establishing & maintaining wellness); & support groups

•   Mentally Ill Kids in Distress (MIKID)
    Address: 755 E. Willetta St. Ste 128
    Phone: 602-253-1240/1-800-356-4543
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Fees: None
    Eligibility: Family members who have a child age 0-18 with an
    emotional or mental illness.
    Intake: Call for information.
    Services: Resource Referral; advocacy; support groups

        Pregnancy Resources & Baby Items

•   Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Hotline (through the Arizona
    Department of Health Services)
    Phone #: 1-800-833-4642
    Days & Times to call: Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. If you call
    after hours, please leave a message. Your call will be returned.
    Services: Offers information about pregnancy, in addition to –
    pregnancy testing sites, location referrals, Baby Arizona pre-
    screenings (qualifications: pregnant women with no insurance &
    low income. Need to be U.S. citizens or lawful permanent
    residents. Faster way for pregnant women to apply to AHCCCS
    while getting prenatal care), pregnancy counseling, free prenatal
    vitamins (why they are important and where to get them),
    Federal Emergency Management Administration Services,
    Premium Sharing Options, low cost prenatal packages.

•   Life Choice Women Center
    Address: 9303 N. 7th St. #4 Phoenix
    Phone: 602-305-5100

    Hours of Operation: M, W, F 9 am-5 pm; Tues & Thurs 9 am-8
    pm Sat. & Sun 10 am-2 pm
    ***Free Pregnancy Test.*** Other Services include: STD
    testing, Ultrasounds, Breasts Exams, Pregnancy consultation &
    exams, abortion counseling, etc.
    Learn to Earn Program: Twenty minute classes on various
    subjects. Attendees earn points toward diapers, baby or
    maternity clothing. 10 am English, 11 am Spanish on Saturday.
    Call beforehand to make sure that class is still scheduled. Bring
    an ID for your first class. Eligibility: Pregnant women and
    parents of children under 2 years old.

•   With Child Center
    Address: 3121 E. Greenway Rd. Suite 303
    Phone: 602-788-5434
    Hours of Operation: 10am-2pm Tue, Thu, Fri; 10am-4pm Wed.
    Earn while you’re Learning program: Appointments will be
    between 10:30-1pm (Tue, Thu, Fri) and 10:30am-3pm on
    Intake: Call anytime to make appointment. Bilingual counselor is
    only there on Fridays.
    Services: Free pregnancy tests; referral for free or reduced
    rate medical care; free prenatal, childbirth and parenting
    classes; adoption assistance; and support services.
    Earn while you’re Learning program: Call to make an
    appointment. Appointments last for 30 minutes. You’ll earn
    points as you watch parenting videos. You can exchange points
    for baby and maternity items (including clothing, furniture, car
    seats, etc.).

•   Primer Paso Clinic
    Address: 321 W. Hatcher Rd.
    Phone: 602-943-4746
    Hours: M-F 8am-4pm
    Language: English & Spanish (Doctors/Staff)
    Services: Free pregnancy testing M-F; prenatal care; assistance
    with AHCCCS eligibility; getting help needed to have a healthy

    baby; assistance with Family Planning/Birth Control Methods;
    Gynecology care; Prenatal & Breastfeeding classes.

•   Planned Parenthood Health Center
    (family planning & reproductive health care service)
    Address: 5651 N. 7th St.
    Phone: 602-277-7526 call center
    Health Care Services: Family Planning; Birth Control; Emergency
    Contraception, Pregnancy Testing & Optional Counseling;
    Surgical & Medication Abortion; Pap Smears; Testing &
    Treatment for STD’s; HIV testing
    Eligibility: Accepts most major insurance plans, including some
    AHCCCS plans. Payment plans and/or a sliding fee schedule are
    Intake: Call for appointment at nearest office.

•   Maricopa Integrated Health System
    Address: 2601 E. Roosevelt St.
    Phone: 602-344-5011 Administration
    Eligibility: Need to have been seen within this year in Maricopa
    Integrated Health System.
    Program: Car seats. For infant car seats, need to take a 1hr
    class. For $30, you can purchase car seats. To schedule an
    appointment for the class, please call 344-5046 (contact: Belle
    Hudson). For toddler car seats, call 602-344-5364 and speak
    with JoAnn Cassells. She will make an appointment with client.
    Appointment lasts for 30 min. Car seats are free if client
    qualifies. Hours to call are: M-F from 8am-4:30pm.

•   Children are Priceless Passengers Program (car seats)
    Address: 5555 W. Thunderbird (Banner Thunderbird Hospital)
    Phone: 602-230-CARE
    Fees: $25/class (cash or money order). Bring car seat, if
    available. If not, a car seat will be given at the end of class.
    Days & Times: Saturdays (April 8th & 29th, May 13th & 27th, June
    10th & 24th) from 10am-12:30pm. Classes are in English &

    Address: 9 Park Central Mall (SW corner of Central & Osborn
    Rd) Suite 132 – from St. Joseph’s Hospital.
    Phone: 602-406-2277
    Fees: $25/class (cash or money order). Bring car seat, if
    available. If not, a car seat will be given at the end of class.
    Days & Times: Spanish classes from 8am-10am (registration
    begins at 7:45am). English classes from 11am-1pm (registration
    begins at 10:45am)

•   Crisis Pregnancy Center of Greater Phoenix
    Address: P.O. Box 60336 Phoenix
    Phone: 602-508-3340/ 1-866-303-5683 (24-hour helpline)
    Hours: 9am-4pm Mon, Wed, Fri; 9am-7pm Tue, Thu
    Fees: $20/STD testing; none for other services
    Eligibility: No restrictions
    Intake: Call, walk-in
    Services: Crisis pregnancy services (free pregnancy tests);
    Information on abortion (risks and alternatives and abortion
    counseling); Referrals for medical services, housing, childbirth,
    and parenting; assistance with maternity, baby clothing, and
    other materials; STD testing by appointment.

•   Maggie’s Place
    Phone: 602-257-4648
    Hours: 9am-6pm Mon-Fri
    Fees: None
    Eligibility: Pregnant women age 18 and over with no dependent
    children and are drug and/or alcohol free.
    Program: Housing--Gives pregnant women that are alone or on
    the streets a safe place to prepare for the birth of their child.

•   WIC
    Address: 9100 N. Central Ave. #B Phoenix
    Phone: 602-331-8311
    Toll Free hotline: 1-800-252-5942. Call from 8am-5pm M-F (if
    you want the nearest WIC office or for complaints). If you call

    after hours, you can leave a message & your call will be
    Hours: 7am-5:30pm Mon-Fri
    Eligibility: a) Must be in one of the following categories:
    nutritionally at-risk pregnant women, breastfeeding & non-
    breastfeeding post-partum mothers, infants & children under 5
    yrs. of age; b) Meet income guidelines; c) Must be at nutritional
    risk; d) Must be a resident of AZ.

    ***You will need to bring: the person/child being screened; ID
    for the person being screened (like DL, Birth Certificate, and
    Shot Record); Proof of current address w/your name on it (like
    AHCCCS/ALTCS/FOOD STAMPS approval letter, driver’s
    license, utility bill); and Proof of total household income (like
    Approval/Award form from AHCCCS, Food Stamps, TANF;
    Current paycheck stub for everyone in household or your most
    recent income tax form).

                    Senior Services

•   Adult Day Health Care (JCL)
    Address: 303 E. Eva St.
    Phone: 602-870-6374
    Hours: 7am-5pm M-F
    Services: Gives a rest to caregivers by providing a safe &
    stimulating environment for loved ones. Activities may include:
    poetry group, gardening, table games, bowling, arts & crafts,
    stretching, etc. Breakfast, snack and lunch is provided. Center
    offers 2 outings each month (like movies, casino, and

•   JCL Senior Apartments-Independent & Assisted Living
               (139 apartments)
    Phone: 602-997-6224
    Fees: Studio ($1,052/month) & 1-Bedroom Apts.
    Deposits: $700 for a studio; $800 for a 1-bedroom. Deposits
    are non-refundable.

    Average income: $1400-$1500/month
    Monthly fees include: Rent; all utilities (except telephone); one
    meal a day; a nutritional daily snack; 24-hour-a-day caregivers,
    if needed; a Front Desk staffed 24 hours a day for general
    assistance & emergency response; LIFELINE safety system;
    cable TV; access to all common area equipment & swimming pool;
    Weekly Wellness Program; computer center and vision
    enhancement equipment; transportation 3 days a week for
    grocery shopping; social, recreational activities and more.
    Services as an assisted living facility: There is a wide range of
    health-related & personal care services available, which can be
    selected individually or a part of a package of personal care.
    You only pay for the services you need, though. These services
    may include: assistance or administration of medication, bathing
    services, assistance post-surgery or just reading your daily mail.
    An individualized Resident Service Plan is designed by the
    resident and staff together to help assess any problems,
    determine appropriate levels of service and find solutions
    Extra features (some at no charge and some can be purchased
    for a nominal fee): Extra meal services; housekeeping & laundry
    services; transportation; beauty & barber shop services;
    covered carport.
    ***Call or walk-in for more information.***

•   Mobile Meal Program
    Phone: (602) 870-6055
    Area Served: 24th Street on the east, I-17 on the west, Union
    Hills on the north, and Glendale Ave. on the south. Client must
    live within these boundaries.
    Eligibility: When meal preparation is a hardship or distress due
    to a medical condition. This program serves people who do not
    have any other support or community service system that could
    provide meals.
    Program: Provides two meals a day, Monday through Friday.
    Anyone can make a referral to the program, 24 hours a day, 7
    days a week by calling the phone number provided. Referral
    requests will be reviewed each morning (M-F).

    Fees: $28 weekly charge for 10 meals per week. Sliding fee,
    based on ability to pay, is available for clients who demonstrate
    that payment of the weekly charge would cause financial

•   Sunnyslope Senior Center
    Address: 802 E. Vogel (Inside the Community Center)
    Northeast corner of 8th Street & Vogel; north of Dunlap Ave.
    Phone: 602-262-7572
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Eligibility: Age 60 and over or disabled; disabled need doctor’s
    letter stating disability and how client would benefit from
    senior program.
    Fees: $2/meal donation.
    Services: Recreation & socialization including trips, exercise
    groups, computer classes, craft classes, card groups, dart
    baseball, bingo. Transportation (Can help with registration for
    Dial-A-Ride). Congregate meals. Health programs & wellness
    clinics. Lunch (served at noon. Reservations required 48 hours in
    advanced). Advocacy & assistance. Home delivered meals (for
    homebound frail, elderly, or disabled clients).

•   City of Phoenix-PACE program
    Address: 200 W. Washington Street, 17th Floor
    Phone: 602-262-6631
    Eligibility: Seniors 60 years & older who live in the City of
    Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday
    Fees: None
    Intake: Call to make an appointment. If eligible to the program,
    the case manager will do a home visit in order to assist you.
    Services offered: Financial assistance (caseworkers will assist
    during a crisis with utilities, rent and/or water service to obtain
    financial assistance); information & referral;
    casework/counseling (caseworker can arrange a meeting at a
    senior center, in the home, or another convenient location).
    Linkages to other services may include: advocacy; housing; minor
    home repair; legal resources; medical resources; transportation;

    senior centers; in-home services; utility discounts.

•   Chicanos por la Causa Senior Center-Santa Rosa
    Address: 1901 W. Ocotillo Rd. (19th Ave. & South of Glendale)
    Phone: 602-242-2258
    Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-2pm
    Eligibility: 60 years + or spouse of eligible client
    Services: On Site Meals; Information & Referral; Home
    Delivered Meals Referral; Recreational Activities; Mall Outings.

•   Beatitudes Center D.O.A.R.
    (Developing Older Adult Resources)
    Address: 555 W. Glendale Ave.
    Phone: 602-274-5022
    Intake: Call appropriate program for more information.
    Services: Assists older or disabled adults, family caregivers,
    and congregations through the following programs:
    1. Flinn Learning Resource Center (circulating library focused
       on aging and caregiving.);
    2. GENERATIONS (coordinates support groups, workshops,
       and information services for persons concerned about aging
       loved ones.);
    3. Volunteer Interfaith Caregivers Program - provides
       informal support services to homebound and/or disabled
       adults over the age of 18 and to family caregivers. Services
       include: grocery shopping (for or with the person; 1 grocery
       store; 1 time/week), transportation to medical appointments
       (3-5 days notice), friendly visiting, business help (sort mail;
       correspondence; bill paying; medical forms; supplemental
       insurance forms), home repairs, respite assistance (sitter
       companion to care-receiver while the caregiver is provided
       respite; 2 ½ hrs.; 1 time/week), friendly phoning (2-3
       calls/week; 10-15 minute conversations), Project Safe Home,
       TASH/Computer assistance (teach basic computer skills,
       internet and E-mail) and Information & Referral. All services
       are free. For more information, call the office at 602-285-

    4. Project GrandCare (Grandparents raising grandchildren).
       Program provides: Sharing groups in multiple valley locations;
       respite care (program pays for all or a portion of camping
       fees, day camp programs, swim classes, after school
       programs, etc.); benefit/entitlement counseling; social
       therapeutic groups for children; workshops and seminars on
       parenting, legal issues, and other topics; help in accessing
       resources; legal/guidance and assistance; info & ref
       services; support for maintaining a healthy balance in life.
       For more information, contact Patricia Dominguez at
       (602) 274-5022 ext. 44.

•   Elder Resource and Referral Line
    Phone: 1-800-686-1431

•   Grandparents United for Children’s Rights
    Address: 1642 N. 24th St.
    Phone: 602-273-0004 English/602-273-0006 Spanish
    Intake: Call to make an appointment.
    Services: Provide referral for support groups and parenting
    classes. Provide legal assistance (visitation rights and custody).
    Sliding-scale fee for legal assistance. Bilingual staff is

•   Foundation for Senior Living (FSL)
    Address: 1201 E. Thomas Rd.
    Phone: 602-285-1800/Jennifer Zwirek (case manager ext. 179)
    Hours: 8am-5pm
    Services include: Adult Day Health Care (provide therapeutic
    activities, health monitoring, and respite care); Community
    Living Resources (Program of recruitment, training, and
    monitoring of caregivers who integrate elders & persons
    w/disabilities into their homes); Assisted Group Living
    (homelike settings that provide supervision, supportive personal
    care and therapeutic services to adults with behavioral health
    problems); Care by Design (providing individualized services
    such as companionship, housekeeping, personal care, skilled
    nursing, and other services on a fee-for-service basis. Fees are

    usually $15-$20/hr. If interested, please dial ext. 133);
    Community Action Programs (Emergency services-food,
    utilities, rent, referral services and short-term case
    management); Healthy Visions Wellness Center; Home Care;
    Home Health; Home Improvements (Minor, major and
    emergency home repairs & weatherization services for low-
    income individuals, seniors, and adults with disabilities, 480-
    784-1900); Housing (affordable housing throughout Arizona
    providing individual apartments for low-income seniors and
    adults with disabilities); Senior Centers.

•   Senior Adult Independent Living (S.A.I.L.)
    Address: 1366 E. Thomas Rd. Suite 108 Phoenix
    Phone: 602-264-4357/1-888-264-2258
    Eligibility: persons with physical problems, 60 years or older or
    people 18-59 years of age with a diagnosed disability, receiving
    or eligible for SSI disability payments. These people must be
    unable to prepare or get food.
    In-home services: home delivered meals; personal care/home
    health aid (to assist with bathing and personal grooming;
    homemaking services (such as cleaning, laundry, and shopping);
    adult day health care; home nursing; assistance with completion
    of applications for the Arizona Long Term Care System
    services & information on other health care options.

•   Area Agency on Aging, Region One Inc.
    Address: 1366 E. Thomas Rd Ste 108
    Phone: 602-264-2255 Administration/1-888-264-2258
           602-264-4357 SENIOR HELP LINE (24 hours/day)
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri Administration; Help Line 24 hrs
    Services: Help Line--Information in English/Spanish about
    services like transportation, housing, home care, long-term care,
    and meals on wheels; Care Directions (case managers visit
    clients in their homes. Services available for men, women, &
    children of all ages, and are offered in English/Spanish);
    AGEWORKS (employment & training program information &
    referral hotline); Emergency Response Services Program
    (provides emergency crisis dental services, home repair &

    medical transportation to seniors 60 & over); Vision, Hearing,
    (If in need of hearing aids, eye glasses, and low-vision devices
    like magnifying glasses); Maricopa Elder Emergency Housing
    Program (temporary assisted living housing for victims age 50
    and over of elder abuse & late life DV); Eldervention (program
    providing support & education for older adults who are at risk
    for depression & suicide. Includes group presentations, in-home
    support and education, elder FRIENDS, telephone reassurance,
    etc); Elder Refugee Program (available for refugees who need
    to obtain U.S. citizenship in order to maintain their benefits
    such as SSI, food stamps and/or AHCCCS. Qualified refugees-
    65 yrs old as of October 1, 1999-can get help w/ESL classes,
    prepare for the citizenship test and obtain supportive social
    services.); Senior Centers.

         Shelters & Services for Homeless

•   CONTACS Shelter Hotline
    Phone: (602) 263-8900 or 1-800-799-7739

•   Emergency Housing-for winter (until March)
    Address: 1125 W. Jackson (Day Resource Center-orange bldg)
    Hours: 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.
    Eligibility: Men, women, families.

• Respite Shelter (for singles)—men discharged from hospital
    with no terminal or contagious illnesses.
    Address: 7000 N. Central
    Phone: 602-870-4353
    For information on vacancies: Page Linda at 602-415-7970.

•   Vista Colina (for families)--emergency
    Address: 1050 W. Mountain View
    Phone: 602-870-9885.
    Intake: Call by 8:30 a.m. to check availability and go through
    screening process.
    Services: Emergency Shelter (Families may stay up to 90 days
    in a one or two-bedroom apartments. They have access to food,

    clothing, and hygiene products.); Case Management; Child Care
    Program; After School Programs; Adult Programs; Apartment
    Support (clients are given donated furniture, clothing, and
    household items); and employment services.

•   House of Refuge (shelter for men)
    Address: 9835 N. 7th St.
    Phone: 602-678-0223
    Intake hours: Monday through Friday 9am-noon; 3pm-5pm
    Fees: $55/week
    Program: 2-year shelter/counseling program for homeless
    working men. Don’t need to be working by intake, but clients
    have 30 days to get employment. Services: Shelter; meals;
    counseling/case management; employment assistance; education
    assistance; support groups; long-term homes; recovery
    programs; medical assistance; spiritual direction. One time only

•   Ozanam Manor (49 dormitory beds, 3 well-balanced meals)
    (transitional housing shelter of St. Vincent de Paul)
    Phone: 602-495-3050 ext. 10
    Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m.- noon or 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
    Intake: Call for a phone screening. If potentially eligible, an in-
    person assessment interview will be scheduled.
    Eligibility: Homeless men & women age 50 and above; along with
    physically or mentally disabled adults age 18 and above.
    Program: Transitional housing. Individual case management &
    mentoring is provided with a goal of preparing each guest to
    make a transitional to independent permanent housing with the
    skills and resources needed for independent living, usually
    within 6 months. Provide meals, housing, case management,
    mentoring to elderly & disabled homeless men & women.

•   The Bridge (transitional shelter for families)
    Address: 2001 W. Northern Ave. #110
    Phone: 602-589-5556

•   Sun Dance Lodge (transitional shelter-women & children)

    Address: 1825 W. Northern
    Phone: 602-870-0376

• Catholic Social Services/Sundance Lodge
          women & children only (as families)
    Address: 322 E. Vogel Phoenix
    Phone: 602-256-6945

•   Chrysalis Shelter (Domestic Violence)
    Phone: 602-944-4999

•   Community VoiceMail (if number is needed for prospective
    Phone: Call 602-263-8845 ext 108 to set up your voicemail.

•   Ministry to the Homeless (through St. Vincent de Paul)
    Phone: 602-261-6883
    Hours: 9am-3pm; walk-ins welcome
    Services: referrals to dining rooms, clinics, and shelters; mental
    health case management health insurance; job training,
    placement, and education substance abuse programs. Can also
    provide the following (to people who make honest attempts to
    implement changes): vouchers for identification; bus tickets to
    job interviews; bicycles for transportation to new jobs; work
    boots; alarm wristwatches.
    Intake: Call to set up an interview

•   Ecunemical Chaplaincy for the Homeless
    Address: 1125 W. Jackson
    Phone: 602-393-9930
    Hours: 9am-1pm Mon-Thu.
    Eligibility: Homeless individuals
    Intake: Walk-in. Be at front door by 8:15 am. Chaplain sees
    people on a first come, first served basis (only the first 15-18
    Services include: accessibility to local phones and phone book,
    bus schedules, ads for job searches and counseling.

    When funds are available, the Chaplain can assist with:
    procuring documents (birth certificates, marriage licenses,
    W-2’s, etc. for Arizona ID’s); purchase an Arizona ID or
    Driver’s License or get a duplicate (one time only); bus tickets
    and passes for specific needs; long-distance phone to contact
    family or agencies for information out-of-state; hygiene kits
    (monthly); socks (weekly); referrals.

•   Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS)
    Address: 230 S. 12TH Ave. (south of Jefferson)
    Phone: 602-256-6945
    Intake: Waiting list is created every day, Monday-Friday from
    10am-2pm. People start lining up from 6am. By 9pm, they start
    calling names from waiting list until beds are filled up. If name
    hasn’t been called, client can come back the next day and write
    their name on the list again. This is done until a bed becomes
    available and staff calls client’s name. Once a bed becomes
    available to client, case manager is assigned. Can be in shelter
    up to 6 months.
    Programs: Working Person’s Program (clients stay in men’s or
    women’s dormitory until they save enough money for housing
    move-in costs. Provide clients with work clothes, tools, bag
    lunch and transportation assistance until they receive first
    paycheck. Project Help (assistance in preparing for job search
    and placement. Phone available for job search calls. Help in
    obtaining tools, specialized clothing, etc for jobs. 602-252-
    8405. CASS Works (provide transitional services for homeless
    day laborers to full-time regular employment).


•   Valley Metro—City Bus service in Phoenix
    Address: 302 N. 1st Ave.
    Phone: 602-253-5000 Route and Schedule Information

    Reduced fare with Valley Metro Disability Card. Eligibility:
    Youth-from 6yrs through 18yrs; seniors-65 yrs and over; and

    disabled. Fill out application and take it to 302 N Central. With
    the application, you need to bring a letter from the Doctor or
    Social Security award letter; picture ID; and $2.50 for the
    Reduced Fare Card. Discount local bus fare would be $0.60 and
    monthly bus pass would be $17 if you show the reduced fare
    Dial-A-Ride: 602-253-4000
    Phoenix Reserve a Ride: 602-262-4400 (for
    Ride Sharing: 602-262-7433

•   Sunnyslope Family Service Center
    Address: 914 W. Hatcher Rd.
    Phone: 602-495-5229
    Toll Free Number: 1-866-853-3828
    Services: Bus tickets 1 x only; thereafter on approval of case
    Work Transportation: Person needs to bring letter from
    employer (on Employer letterhead) stating the following:
    starting date; hours expected to work; rate of pay per hour;
    date you will receive your first paycheck.

•   Greyhound Bus line
    Phone: 602-528-0901

•   AZ Department of Motor Vehicles
    License & ID replacement
    Phone: 1-888-713-3031/602-255-0072
    ***20626 N. 26th Ave. (I-17 N, exit @ Yorkshire)
    ***2739 E. Washington
    ***221 E. Olympic Dr.
    ***4005 N. 51st Ave.

•   Maricopa County Special Transportation Services
    Door to door transportation for seniors & people w/disabilities
    or if they are income eligible. Need to call from 2-14 days in

    advance. Does not serve Phoenix, but they transport to any
    other city.
    Phone: 623-934-4256
    Hours: Monday- Friday 7am-3:30pm

•   St. Vincent de Paul Diocese of Phoenix Transient Aid Center
    Address: 420 W. Watkins
    Phone: 602-261-6852
    Eligibility: For 18 years and older, stranded while passing
    through Phoenix; 9am-1pm M, T, Th, F. Walk-In only.
    Recommended: Walk-in at 9am
    For assistance, the client: will have been in Phoenix area 4
    weeks or less; and has a support system elsewhere in the
    country, usually a family member or employer, who is able to
    commit to housing and food upon the client’s arrival.
    What you need: US ID required to receive aid. Client must
    walk-in with all members that are going to travel with him/her
    to the office at time of assistance.
    Services: Gives the client a bus voucher, gas voucher or debit
    cards for car travel; provide showers, clothing and travel food.

•   Yellow Cab
    Phone: 602-252-5252

•   Vehicle Repair & Retrofit Program
    Phone: 602-506-6016
    Program: For vehicles that failed an emission test. Provides up
    to $650 in repair assistance. Vehicle at least 12 yrs. Old.
    Needs current AZ title & registration. Client pays first $150.


• Neighborhood Services Department
    Address: 200 W. Washington St. 4th Floor
    Phone: 602-495-0700
    Intake: Call to make an appointment.

• Utility Repair & Replacement Program (from City of Phoenix
    Human Services Department)
    Address: 200 W. Washington St. 17th Floor
    Phone: 602-262-4614
    Service: Provide emergency repair and replacement services to
    homeowners of low-income households. Eligible applicants may
    receive services like water heaters, cooking stoves, evaporative
    coolers, electrical wiring or gas systems, air conditioners (minor
    repairs), refrigerators, furnaces, water & sewer systems.
    To be eligible: Residents must own their home and not have
    received services in the past 12 months. Income eligibility.
    Applicants must provide proof of identity & citizenship.
    Intake: Call to make an appointment.

•   FSL Home Improvement Program
    Phone: 480-784-1900 x10. Ask for Shaun.
    To be eligible: Must live in the City of Phoenix; Must own a
    home; Must meet income guidelines. Citizenship is not required.
    Services: Emergency minor repairs (including carpentry;
    electrical repairs; heating & cooling maintenance & service;
    plumbing repairs & service; installation of home safety &
    assistive devices; air conditioner repairs (only up to $500).
    ***Clients can only get 2 visits/year, regardless of what that
    visit is for OR up to $500 worth of repairs (whichever comes

                     Youth Services

•   HomeBase Youth Services-homeless & runaway youth age 18-21
    Address: 1244 E. McDowell Rd.
    (Outreach center is located on 1301 E. Almeria Rd.—1 block
    north of McDowell Rd.)
    Phone: 602-263-7773 Administration/602-254-7777 Outreach
    Hours: 7am-4pm Monday-Friday
    Services: Outreach center (provide case management,
    employment assistance, hygiene supplies, showers, laundry
    facilities, transportation, life skills, ID assistance, & referrals
    for community resources. Breakfast & lunch are provided);

    Transitional Living Program (for youth age 18-21. Need to be
    either working or going to school. Provide: shelter, case
    management, groups addressing life skills, substance abuse
    education, anger management. Working youth are required to
    save 80% of earnings. For youth who have not obtained a high
    school diploma, case managers work with them to enroll them in
    program most appropriate. Average stay is 6 months. Can stay
    up to 2 years); Mobile Medical Outreach (provide medical
    services and referrals to youth); Learning Center (GED & High
    School preparation classes. Registration occurs every Friday
    from 1pm-3pm. Just bring an ID, if available. Classes are only
    for youth from 18-21 yrs old).

• Pappas Place Drop-In Center & Youth Outreach
    Address: 420 E. Roosevelt (corner of 5th St. & Roosevelt)
    Phone: 602-462-5611/1-888-229-9926
    Center hours: Monday-Thursday 8:15 a.m.–7 p.m.; Friday 8:15
    a.m.-5p.m.; Saturday and Sunday 9:15 a.m.–2 p.m.
    Outreach hours: Monday and Tuesday 4 p.m.-8 p.m.;
    Wednesday and Thursday noon-4 p.m.; Friday 8 a.m.-noon.
    Eligibility: Homeless youth 21 years or younger.
    Services: Showers; clothing; jobs; DES support; meals;
    identification; phones; shelter placement; case management.
    Staff is able to pick up youth if outreach team is available
    (during the week). They can not pick up youth during the
                   Other Resources

•   Child Support Enforcement
    Address: 2222 W. Encanto Blvd.
    Phone: 602-252-4045

•   Social Security Administration
    Toll Free Number: 1-800-772-1213
     (SSI: Aged, blind, disabled)
    (SSDI: Based on work history)
    Hours: 7am-7pm Mon-Fri phones (Call before 8am or after 6pm
    for fastest service); 9am-4pm Mon-Fri Walk-in

    **Address: 16241 N. Tatum Blvd.
    (north of Greenway)
    Phone: 602-569-8797

    **Address: 1122 N. 7th St. (south of McDowell Rd)
    Phone: 602-379-4709

•   Unemployment-Department of Economic Security
    Call (602) 364-2722 or file a claim online
    Address: P.O. Box 29225 Phoenix
    Information needed: Social Security number; mailing address,
    city, state, and zip code; county where you reside; names,
    addresses, and phone numbers of all your employers for the last
    18 months; the last day you worked immediately prior to filing
    your claim; if you received severance, vacation, holiday or
    payment for unused sick pay-the amount (before deductions)
    and the date it was paid to you; if you are collecting a pension
    or social security benefits, you will need the start date of the
    pension & the monthly benefit amount.
    Eligibility: Must be able to work, available for work, willing to
    accept suitable work, actively seeking full-time work, and be out
    of work through no fault of your own.
    *File for benefits immediately after you become unemployed.
    You will not receive benefits for any period prior to the
    effective date of your claim.

•   Community Information and Referral
    Phone: 602-263-8856 (free, confidential, bilingual 24-Hour
    Help Hotline).
    Online database:

•   Phoenix Public Library--Acacia Branch
    Address: 750 E. Townley Ave.
    (south of Dunlap; east of 7th St.)
    Phone: 602-262-4636

•   MVD
    Address: 20626 N 26th Ave (between Beardsley Rd & Rose
    Garden Rd)
    Phone: 602-255-0072
    Hours of Operation: M-F 8am-5pm; information only after 4:30.
    Services: To get duplicated ID/Driver’s license, client can go to
    nearest MVD or apply online at
    Fees: There is a $4 fee to get a duplicated ID.

•   State of Arizona Office of Vital Records (Birth & Death
    Address: 1818 W. Adams St.
    (Adams is 2 blocks south of Van Buren)
    Phone: 602-364-1300/1-888-816-5907
    Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Fees: Prior to 1990 (Certified Copy-$15); 1990 to present
    (Certified Copy-$10).
    Intake: For Arizona births that occurred from 1990 to present,
    request can be made by mail or in person from the county
    offices. Address: Send check or money order and a copy of
    picture ID to:
    Office of Vital Records
    Arizona Department of Health Services
    P.O. Box 3887
    Phoenix, AZ 85030-3887
    For contact information of Vital Records Offices for other
    states, go to:
    Intake: Can apply in person, by mail, by fax or online.


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