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					                                          November/December 2007

          New Bridge
          Rising Over
         Marooon Creek,
         SH 82 at Aspen

Aeronautics Wins Major Award ....... 2                               CDOT Environmental Awards ...... 6-7
Fitness Lifestyle Pays Off ............... 3          INSIDE         Safety/Wellness Features ............... 8
Awards Highlights ........................... 4                      Stories of CDOT ......................... 9-14
Patrol Spotlight ................................ 5   This Edition   Service Awards ........................ 15-16

                                     Taking Care to Get You There
    Note of Thanks from                                          “I would like to say a big ‘thank you, thank you, thank
    Rey Diaz Santigo                                             you’ for all the prayers, support, and financial help. I
    On May 1, 2007, Rey Diaz Santiago (HQ Facilities             could have never anticipated the expenses that would
    Management) suffered major burns at his home                 have been involved in the accident - medications, trans-
    when a portable generator caught fire. He was in             portation, clothes, special dressings, and more. I
    intensive care at the University of Colorado Medical         wouldn’t have been able to get through this without your
    Center until June 16 and was hospitalized for a total        help. CDOT reacted like family for me; I can’t say
    of 86 days. He returned to limited duty work at              enough good things about my co-workers. Thank you,
    CDOT on Sept. 18. During that time, various fund-            thank you, thank you! Please keep those candy jars full.”
    raisers and other activities were held to support him.                      Rey Diaz Santiago (AKA: Mr. Sweet Tooth)

    CDOT-Aeronautics Wins FAA Award
                   Meth Lab Waste
                                                                                       of this project and formed a Colo-
                                                                                       rado/FAA partnership to help with
         CDOT’s Aeronautics Division near Greeley the loan amount for
                                          which raised                                 administration and funding.
    has been awarded the 2007 Federal     entitlement funds for airport projects            The Aeronautics Division
    Aviation Administration (FAA)         from $150,000 to a much more                 was nominated for the Aviation/
    Northwest Regional Administrator      helpful $600,000, leading to easier          Aerospace Partnership Award by
    Award in the cateogory of Aviation/   program administration and higher-           three members of the FAA North-
    Aerospace Partnership for special     quality projects. Division work in           west Regional Division staff. The
    service and contributions to the      this area included helping general           nominations were all made indepen-
    aviation industry.                    aviation airports develop their              dently. In the Aviation/Aerospace
         The Division was cited for its   funding plans.                               Partnership category, their competi-
    work on a variety of projects and          Work with the FAA Air Traffic           tion included Lockheed-Martin,
    programs, especially related to       Organization on a variety of issues          Boeing, and Honeywell.
    finding unique solutions to the needs to reduce delays for landing and                  “I’m very happy for our staff
    of the energy and recreation indus-   takeoffs at mountain airports during         because this award recognizes the
    tries for use of mountain airports.   the high-demand ski season. The              hard work they put in every day to
    Specific examples include:            Division worked to obtain $2.7               assist general aviation in Colorado,”
         Airport Improvement Program,     million in funding for the first phase       noted Travis Vallin, CDOT-
                                                                                       Aeronautics Director.
                                                                                            “We’ve worked hard to build a
                                                                                       partnerships with the FAA and
                                                                                       Colorado’s general aviation pilots
                                                                                       and airports. It’s gratifying to see
                                                                                       those efforts recognized.”

                                                                                          CDOT     INSIDER
                                                                                           Published by the Colorado
                                                                                          Department of Transportation
      Award Winners - CDOT Aeronautics Division staff, from left:
      Shahn Sederberg (Public Communications); T.K. Gwin (Engineer);                           Public Relations Office
      Christine Eldridge (Administrative Assistant); Travis Vallin (Director);                4201 East Arkansas Ave.
      Scott Brownlee (Senior Aviation Planner); Nikki Koplitz (Business                              Room 277
                                                                                                Denver, CO 80222
      Manager); and John Sweeney (Aviation Planner).
                                                                                                  (303) 757-9509
                                                                                                (303) 757-9153 fax
                                 The new Maroon Creek bridge, SH 82 at the
       Cover Photo
       Cov                       west entrance of Aspen, rises alongside the 1889                Stacey Stegman
       trestle originally built to carry trains and now in use for highway traffic.           Public Relations Director
       Careful and innovative construction techniques allowed the new                        Dennis Van Patter, Editor
       bridge to be built with minimal disturbance to the creek/wetlands                           Gregg Gargan
       environment 100 feet below. CDOT photo by Gregg Gargan.                                   Staff Photographer

    On their second date, future      variety, the longest and most
husband and wife Scott and Mary       grueling, which involves
Hoftiezer went on a two-hour run.     swimming 2.4 miles,
    Conclusion - either Scott was a   bicycling 112 miles, and
cheap date, or else two people with   running a full marathon (26
                                      miles, 285 yards). These
similar interests had really hit it off.
    Fitness, Competition Drive have taken             them all
         Workout Regimen for                          across the
                                                      world - New
          R1 Engineer, Family                         Zealand,
     The truth is the latter. Scott   Arizona, Canada, and
(Region 1 Assistant Traffic Opera-    Hawaii.
tions Engineer) and Mary met at a          Mary, a Colorado native
2002 swim meet where he was           and a teacher, has been
competing and she was timing.         running, bicycling, and
They were married in 2005.            competing for 12 years.                    Mary & Scott Hoftiezer
                                           Scott has competed in
Shared Interests                      swimming since he was a sopho-                 “We’re no different than anyone
     Among the many shared            more in high school in Valparaiso,        else. We like the wrong things, too,
interests they discovered were eating Indiana. He competed in his first         and when we get busy, it’s tempting
healthy, staying in shape, and        triathlon as a high schooler in 1987.     to grab something that’s bad for us,”
training for competitions in running,      Sometimes their training and         Scott admitted.
bicycling, and swimming.              competitions take them on separate             They try to practice common
     Or combine all three into any of paths, but most often they travel to      sense, balance, and moderation in
several versions of triathlons. Mary  the same sites and compete so they        their food habits.
has competed in 16 of them all over   can support each other.                         “If we crave something, we
the world, Scott six or more.                                                   allow ourselves to have it - in
     Most of their triathlon competi- Nutition is Key                           moderation,” Mary explained.
tions have been of the Ironman             Nutrition is a big focus for both.        Her weakness is cookies.
                                                                                His - Lamar’s donuts. Both confess
                                Notes & Quotes                                  a love of chocolate.
                                                                                     “If I don’t eat right, or skip a
       In Season training regimen - 12 to 15 hours per week, broken down        meal, I can tell it during my next
  into bicycling three or four times, swimming three times, running, and        workout,” Scott admitted. “For
  weight training. This regimen includes two or more “bricks,” bicycling        some of our shorter competitions,
  and running back-to-back.                                                     what we eat before an event isn’t as
      Off-Season training regimen - up to 12 hours per week; running            critical. But in the case of an
  shorter times and distances, bicycling less than three times per week. In-    Ironman Triathlon, where we’re
  home bike trainers came in very handy during the harsh winter of 2006/        going for 11 to 12 hours straight, it’s
  2007, when snow and ice conditions made outdoor training difficult or, at     absolutely essential.”
  times, impossible.                                                                 Their best advice to anyone who
                                                                                wants to move into a more active,
       “Working out is our lifestyle because we enjoy the training and          healthier lifestyle is to start slowly
  competitions. But you don’t have to take it to the degree we have in order    and build up gradually. Even
  to improve your physical fitness. Small, gradual changes can make a big       starting with as little as 10 minutes
  difference over time for anyone.” - Scott Hoftiezer                           of physical activity per day is
      “The exercise involved in staying fit has so many benefits, from          beneficial.
  improved health to greater energy, mental clarity, and self-confidence in          Among the many things Scott
  knowing you can take control of your well-being. It may seem daunting at      and Mary agree upon is the fact that
  the beginning, but once you’re underway, value outweighs effort.” - Mary      staying active and healthy helps
  Hoftiezer                                                                     them feel their best.

    Presented to Jennifer Finch
         Jennifer Finch, CDOT Trans-        to stakeholder and public
    portation Development Director, has     issues.
    received two recent national awards:         The Alfred E.
         The Dr. L.I. Hewes Award           Johnson Achievement
    from the Western Association of         Award from the Ameri-
    State Highway & Transportation          can Association of State
    Officials (WASHTO), presented for       Highway & Transporta-
    her 25 years of working on complex      tion Officials (AASHTO)
    environmental and transportation        for her “leadership on
    planning issues.                        complex transportation
         She was selected unanimously       programs and projects           Colorado Transportation Commission Chair-
    for the award by a committee of         while protecting the            man Doug Aden with Jennifer Finch.
    state DOT executive directors.          environment.”
         She was specifically cited for          She was cited for her work on        Environmental Revolving Fund, and
    her collaborative approach to           several programs, including the           the Strategic Transit Program Task
    decision-making and her sensitivity     Shortgrass Prairie Initiative, the        Force.

    International Police Association Honors Glenn Davis
         Glenn Davis, manager of impaired driving programs      has impaired their ability to
    for the CDOT Safety & Traffic Engineering Branch,           drive.
    received the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Emeritus              Davis, currently Colorado’s
    Award from the International Association of Chiefs of       DRE coordinator and adminis-
    Police on Aug. 2.                                           trator of the state’s Law Enforce-
         He was honored for significant contributions to the    ment Assistance Fund (LEAF),
    development, support, and improvement of DRE pro-           has increased the number of
    grams within law enforcement. He has excelled as a          DREs in Colorado by 39%, and
    DUI enforcement officer, certified DRE officer, and a       the number of DRE instructors            Glenn Davis
    DRE instructor.                                             by 40% since joining CDOT in 2004.
         A DRE is a law enforcement officer trained to               He has been involved in every DRE school con-
    recognize when someone is under the influence of drugs,     ducted in Colorado since 1992 and has mentored many
    what category of drug they are on, and whether or not it    officers who are entering the DRE field.

    Celina Benavidez Honored for Career of Civil Rights Achievement
        Celina Benavidez, CDOT                   She was cited because “under       Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II
    Director of Human Resources &           her leadership, CDOT made major         Compliance Program;
    Administration, has been awarded        changes to its Civil Right Pro-              Providing leadership for
    the Conference of Minority Trans-       grams.”                                 CDOT’s commitment to grassroots
    portation Officials’ 2007 Diversity          Examples cited in the nomina-      on-the-job training programs with
    Leadership Award.                       tion included:                          various agencies and organizations;
                                                 Conducting the first Disparity     and
                                            Study, with subsequent updates, for          Establishing the CDOT Con-
                                            CDOT and for Colorado state             struction Development Center and
                                            purchasing;                             the Business Opportunity &
                                                 Successfully defending             Workforce Development Program.
                                            Colorado’s Disadvantaged Business            Benavidez, a CDOH/CDOT
                                            Enterprises (DBE) program in the        employee since 1979, was also cited
                            Celina          federal court system;                   for her legislative work, which
                            Benavidez            Implementing race-specific         included leading the passage of
                                            DBE goals;                              Colorado’s first anti-stalking law.
                                                 Developing an American with

    The high plains of the old American West are reality       ers, and getting ready for major repairs the week of Oct.
for Patrol 13 at Springfield, Pueblo Maintenance Section       15-19.
4, Region 2.                                                        “That was a pretty big maintenance project,” Wacker
    Patrol members Matt Wacker (TM-II), Joe Bob                admitted. “We had a lot of help.” The project also
Casper, and Lee                                                                                    involved setting up a
Adame handle 72              CDOT Spotlight - Patrol 13 at Springfield 14-mile detour via
miles of U.S. 160, from                                                                            county roads.
the Kansas line nearly to                                                                         “We wanted to get it
Kim. They also have the                                                                       completed as quickly as
shortest segment of high-                                                                     possible so we could
way in Colorado, three-                                                                       reopen the highway and
tenths of a mile of SH 100                                                                    keep the inconvenience to
from U.S. 160 into Vilas.                                                                     a minimum,” Wacker
    Antelope may well                                                                         explained.
outnumber people in the                                                                           Even in mild winters,
area. “It’s isolated, but                                                                     the Springfield area has its
                                    From left: Matt Wacker, Lee Adame, and Joe Bob
everyone is very friendly,                                                                    share of high winds and
                                    Casper. CDOT photo by Dennis Van Patter.
and if we need help, we                                                                       poor visibility. The winter
seldom have to ask for it,” noted Wacker.                      of 2006/07 was much worse than normal - several
    Last July, a grass fire started by a passing vehicle       blizzards incapacitated wide areas and created crises for
severely damaged a 1930s-era wood timber bridge                area livestock producers.
structure on U.S. 160 west of Springfield.                          “Those guys do a great job covering a lot of highway
    Patrol 13, helped out by their co-workers from Patrol      miles and handling special situations like the bridge
14 at Springfield and others, worked on repairs for            fire,” noted Mike Watson, LTC Operations I at Lamar.
weeks. The hard work included scraping off charred and         “They work hard to keep their highways in the best
sooty wood, cutting out blocks from between the string-        shape possible.”

                                                                               2007 Region 2 Service
                                                                               Award Honorees
                                                                                  Photo at left - Receiving five-year
                                                                              service awards at Region 2 employee
                                                                              appreciation at the Royal Gorge on Oct. 9
                                                                              were, front row from left: Randy
                                                                              Johnson; Jason Nichols; James Sawaya;
                                                                              Kenneth Quintana; and Mel Bueno.
                                                                              Second row from left: Scott Dalton;
                                                                              James Richardson; Bob Reinhardt; and
                                                                              Mark Pennington. Back row: Carl
                                                                              Buford (left) and Jered Morgan.

    Photo at right - Receiving service
awards at Region 2 employee appreciation at
the Royal Gorge on Oct. 9 were, front row
from left (years of service in parentheses):
Richard Culver (10); Michael Asbury
(10); Randy Bevsek (10); and Mark
Herrera (15). Second row from left: Joe
Zamarripa (10); Larry Sanchez (15);
Lontie Clemence (15); and Keith Hammel
(15); Back, from left: Don Borden (10);
Dale Andreatta (10); Gary Gardner (10);
and Dave Coleman (15); and Dan Hunt
(15). CDOT photos by Dennis Van Patter.

      2007 CDOT Environmental Awards
      Category: Project
      Winner: Maroon Creek Bridge, SH 82 at Aspen
      CDOT Recipients: Joe Elsen, Pete Mertes & Josh
      Cullen (all R3 Engineering); Tammie Smith (R3
      Environmental); Lisa Schoch (DTD Environmental)
      Others: Tom Metheny (Carter & Burgess); Thomas
      Stelmack (Parsons Transportation Group)

        This project located at the west construction.
    entrance to Aspen constructed a new       For example,
    SH 82 bridge over Maroon Creek,      a segmented               From left: Pete Mertes, Joe Elsen, and Josh Cullen.
    replacing an adjacent 1889 bridge,   construction
    originally built as a railroad restleconcept was used to construct the             CDOT’s
    and believed to be the oldest bridge new bridge entirely from above,           partners in this
    in continuous use in Colorado.       minimizing direct contact with the        project included
         The project was honored for its creek, wetlands, various habitats,        Pitkin County
    innovation and protection of natural and a popular recreation path 100         and the City of
    and historic resources during        feet below.                               Aspen.
                                                                                       The project
                                                                                   incorporated          Tammie Smith
                                                                                   considerations into every aspect,
                                                                                   ranging from design to use of the
                                                                                   overhead construction system to
                                                                                   wetland restoration to safeguarding
                                                                                   of wildlife movement patterns.
                                                                                       Project leaders have observed
                                                                                   deer, elk, and bear moving along the
                                                                                   Maroon Creek corridor below the
                                                                                       The project was described as
                                                                                   “exemplifying how environmental
       The new Maroon Creek bridge is under construction to the left of the        protection and transportation
       current highway bridge. CDOT photo by Gregg Gargan.                         development can work together.”

         This project rehabilitated an          2007 CDOT Environmental Awards
    historic 1937 bridge over a high-           Category: Project
    quality trout stream and key wildlife       Honorable Mention: Whiskey Creek Bridge Rehabilitation, SH 12
    corridor in Las Animas County not           CDOT Recipients: David Miller & Brian Barrera (R2 Engineering)
    far from the Trinidad Lake State            Others: Wayne Dunkle (Wilson & Co.); TLM Construction
    Recreation Area west of Trinidad.
                                                  Initial plans called for replacing   time, limiting impacts to wildlife
                                             the bridge with an 83-inch corru-         using the corridor below as a result.
                                             gated steel arch pipe, but David              An inset pattern in the new
                                             Miller and Brian Barrera felt there       bridge rail mimics the concrete
                                             was a better and less disruptive way.     doghouse rail of the original bridge
                                                  They implemented a construc-         without compromising safety
                                             tion approach that allowed all work       requirements. The original Works
                                             to take place from the roadway,           Project Administration (WPA)
                                             eliminating disturbance of the            bridge monuments were moved
                                             channel and surrounding vegetation.       behind the rails where they will be
                                             Prefabricated bridge deck panels          protected.
    Brian Barrera (left) and David Miller.   were used to reduce construction

     Deb Angulski is a 23-year CDOH/ 2007 CDOT Environmental Awards
CDOT employee who worked in the              Category: Special Contributor
area of archaeology until moving to          Winner: Deb Angulski, Region 1
environmental in 1992. She was
nominated for the Special Contributor Award by three of her Region 1 co-workers; the
nomination was then supported by letters and e-mails from nearly 20 CDOT employ-
ees and private-sector partners.
     Angulski was especially cited for her collaborative work in bringing project
partners together to form consensus solutions in the areas of environmental clearances
and challenges. Although she is a specialist in cultural resources, she is highly valued
for her expertise in the area of wildlife, as well. Her CDOT career has been high-
lighted by numerous awards, honors, and accolades from the public and private
sectors.                                                                                          Deb Angulski

                                                                                    with Greeley Maintenance Section
  2007 CDOT Environmental Awards                                                    1, Region 4), whose role included
  Category: Maintenance Project                                                     assuring that all permitting require-
  Winner: SH 128 Erosion Control/Endangered Species Reclamation                     ments were met.
  Recipients: Roy Smith, Dave Baloun, Dustin Spencer (Region 6)                          With the washouts corrected,
                                                                                    project staff noticed off-road vehicle
                                                                                    activity in the environmentally
                                                                                    sensitive areas. The area was fenced
                                                                                    off and signed appropriately.
                                                                                    Cooperation with the Rocky Flats
                                                                                    public liaison helped ensure that the
                                                                                    habitat will be undisturbed.
                                                                                         Assisting in the project were
                                                                                    Abe Lopez, Gordon Bohl, Chris
                                                                                    Herrera, Casey Roby, John
                                                                                    Wilson, Alan Martinez, Duane
           From left: Dave Baloun, Roy Smith, and Dustin Spencer.                   Romero, Joleigh Doudy, Dale
                                                                                    Templeman, Al Vanderbroek
    This maintenance project              Jumping Mouse, numerous environ-          (retired), Tom Pacheco, Tony
corrected three large washouts along      mental clearances were necessary.         Cdebaca, Ranger Geremaia, and
SH 128 north of Rocky Flats.                  With biological opinion and           Duncan Gillis. All work for Denver
Because repairs for the washouts          wetland permitting issues addressed,      Maintenance Section 8 except Dale
would affect adjacent wetlands and        the project moved forward under the       Templeman, who works for Greeley
habitat for the Preble’s Meadow           supervision of Dave Baloun (now           Maintenance Section 1.

 SH 128 project under construction (above) and
 completed (right) with lush grass, no more washouts,
 and protected areas below. CDOT photos courtesy of
 Denver Maintenance Section 8, Region 6.

    Foul Weather Driver Alert                                          Stay at least four seconds behind the
                                                                  vehicle in front of you. At 60 mph,
    from the CDOT Executive Safety Committee                      you’re traveling 88 feet per second, so
    and the CDOT Region Safety Officers                           you would need a distance longer than
         There are precautions you can take to lessen the risk    the length of a football field, in dry
    of accidents in bad weather during any season. Some fall      conditions, to stop safely. At 30 mph, you would need
    under the category of common sense, including:                more than 160 feet to stop safely. It’s a fact - most
         Keep your lights, wipers, and tires in good working      drivers follow too close in all weather conditions.
    order.                                                             Roads are the most slippery when they’re just a little
         Always use your lights, wipers, and defroster to                    wet or when liquid de-icers have been applied.
    give you the best driving vision possible.                                    If you skid, take your foot off the accelera-
         Don’t drive through flooded areas.                                  tor and the brake, then steer gently in the
         Clear snow and ice off your vehicle before                          direction you want your vehicle to head.
    you drive.                                                                    Remember - ice forms first on bridges and
         Other tips and ideas may not be so intui-                           lasts the longest in shaded areas.
    tive, such as:
        Colorado Road Conditions                  Winter Driving Safety Precautions - Keep your vehicle’s gas
                                               tank at least half full. Advantages - better traction due to increased weight,
                                               and fuel to run the vehicle preriodically if you become stuck or stranded.
          511 Traveler Info Line
                                                  Your safest haven if you are stuck or stranded is in your vehicle. If you
                                               leave it, you run the risk of becoming lost or being hit by another vehicle.
      YOUR Travel                                 Keep the following emergency supplies in your vehicle at all times:
      Responsibility Code
                                                  Blankets          First aid kit    Can with candle      Tool kit
      Plan YOUR route
                                                  Compass           Tire chains      Paper towels         Shovel
      Maintain YOUR vehicle
                                                  Water             Can opener       Extra batteries      Flashlight
      Focus YOUR attention
                                                  Maps              Ice scraper      Tow rope/strap       Jumper cables
      Minimize YOUR distractions
                                                  Mobile phone & charger             Canned/dried foods
      Know YOUR surroundings
                                                  Sand/cat litter for traction       Waterproof matches
      Share YOUR space
                                                  Canned compressed air/sealant      Warm clothing & gloves
      Watch YOUR speed
      Keep YOUR distance                          Four-wheel-drive vehicles may have better traction, but they don’t stop
      Signal YOUR intentions                   any quicker than other vehicles.
      Always wear YOUR seat belt                  Know your route and don’t take chances, winter or summer.

    Seven Great Tips for Surviving Holiday Season Stress
    by Nicki Upright                         you enjoy, like chocolate. In              exercise regimen, try to keep it
    Region 4 Wellness Coordinator            moderation, dark chocolate has             going during the holidays.
                                             several health benefits, and can               5. Don’t forget to laugh.
        Here are a few pointers on how       actually improve your mood.                Scientists recognize that laughter is
    to survive the upcoming holidays:                                                   very beneficial. It reduces stress
        1. Set limits on what you can             CDOT Wellness Program                 and is good for the soul.
    do. You don’t need to attend                                                            6. Plan. If you have a plan for
    everything. Pace yourself and
    organize your time so not
                                               WELL              NOW!                   your time, which special events you
                                                                                        will attend, and how you will be
    everything is happening at once.                                                    organized, you will lessen the
        If you organize things so each           3. Don’t go to a party                 chances of things going wrong.
    day something is happening rather        hungry. Drink lots of water to             Preparation pays.
    than everything on one day, it will      help control your appetite and try             7. Get at least six hours of
    make your life easier.                   to avoid alcohol. Eat in moder-            sleep per night. Sleep deprivation
        2. Enjoy your favorite               ation at parties - and always.             makes holiday stress even worse.
    holiday food. This is the time of            4. Get some exercise. Even a               Your CDOT Wellness Program
    year in which we always eat a lot.       short walk can help clear your mind        wishes everyone a Merry Christmas
    Don’t deprive yourself of the things     and relieve stress. If you’re on an        and a Happy New Year.

 Stories of CDOT                                               Glimpses of CDOT and our Employees

Helping Wyoming                                                                   “Calls on our cell phone brought us
                                         the Colorado State Patrol, and
State Official                           assisted in getting my tire changed.”
                                                                                  no help.”
     Wyoming Secretary of State                                                       Ray Baltazar and Dennis
                                              Helping out that day were
Max Maxfield wrote to CDOT                                                        Eastman (both TM-Is, Patrol 24 at
                                         Pablo Guzman and Scott Johnson,
Executive Director Russell George                                                 Wiggins, Greeley Maintenance
                                         both with Patrol 18 at Wellington,
to share the story of how two CDOT                                                Section 1, Region 4) were heading
                                         Greeley Maintenance Section 1,
employees helped him when he had                                                  the opposite way on I-76, but “they
                                         Region 4.
a flat tire on I-25 near Ft. Collins.                                             made a U-turn and came back to
                                              “They were courteous and
     “On Aug. 22, when I had the                                                  help us. They got the tire changed
                                         professional, and gave me a great
flat tire, unfortunately I could not                                              and calmed us down. They were
                                         appreciation for the employees of
get my vehicle totally off the                                                    helpful in giving us directions to
                                         your agency,” Maxfield concluded.
highway, leaving me in a pretty                                                   where we could have our tire
dangerous situation,” Maxfield           Grateful for Tire Change                 checked and fixed,” Phil Ferber
wrote.                                        Phil and Lee Ferber of Las          explained.
     “Thanks to the ‘above and           Vegas, NV, were driving on I-76 on           “We will be forever grateful to
beyond’ help from two of your            Aug. 1 when they had a tire blow-        them.”
employees, I did not get hit by a        out.                                                           CDOT
                                                                                             Stories of CDOT
passing vehicle. They parked                  “It was a hot day and we are                   Continued on Page 10
behind me, directed traffic, called      senior citizens,” Phil Ferber wrote.

“Blast from the Past” -
Long Lost Wallet is Back
     Three members of Patrol 10 at Boulder,
Greeley Maintenance Section 1, Region 4, were
fixing fence along the west side of U.S. 36
north of Boulder in July when Clarence “Sky”
Solomon (TM-I) found something that made an
ordinary day extraordinary.
     Under a small ledge of rock, he spotted a
woman’s wallet, the kind that opens in half and
was fastened with a clasp on the outside.
     “I remember thinking ‘that’s a strange place
for a wallet’,” Solomon recalled. “I was
wondering how it ever got there.”
     He and his patrol mates Nathan Torrez and
Buz Fisher turned the wallet over to Maureen         From left: Buz Fisher, Nathan Torrez, and Clarence “Sky”
Day, office manager in the Boulder mainte-           Solomon share smiles with Grace Morlock as they recalled
nance office. Day did some research and found        the return of her wallet which had been lost since November,
a Longmont phone number listed for the owner,        2002. CDOT photo by Dennis Van Patter.
Grace Morlock. From the condition of the
wallet and expiration dates on credit cards, it had         license and credit cards and long ago moved on.”
obviously been in the ditch for a long time.                     The wallet was lost in November, 2002, just days
     Morlock got Day’s message on her answering             after Morlock’s husband passed away unexpectedly. “I
machine when she returned from an overseas trip.            was in a fog right then,” she explained. “I put the wallet
     “Maureen said “this is a blast from the past’,”        on top of my car while I helped my mother, and then I
Morlock recalled with a laugh when she visited the          drove off. I walked both sides of the highway afterward
Boulder office on Oct. 4 to thank the CDOT employees        looking for it.”
personally. “She said they found my wallet, and I                Everything in the wallet was intact, including a few
remember thinking ‘THAT wallet?’ I had replaced my          bills of currency that were fused together.

     Stories of CDOT
     Continued from Page 9

     CDOT Listens -
     and Responds
          A letter written by six families
     who live along University Boule-
     vard in Centennial to Rob Haines,
     Denver Maintenance Section 8
     Superintendent, gives a good
     illustration of how public input
                                                          Chili Cooks Spice Up CCC Fundraiser
     translates to action at CDOT.
          The writers said they called          Tops in the R4 Evans area chili cookoff to benefit the Colorado Combined
     Stacey Stegman, CDOT Public                Campaign on Sept. 13 were, from left: Eric Salemi of Thornton (PE-I) -
     Relations Director, on Aug. 22 to          People’s Choice winner for red chili; Melania Lingo of Wiggins (TM-I,
     report sightline problems. Stegman         Patrol 24 at Wiggins) - second in the green chili category; and Troy
     returned the call at 7 p.m. that night.    Dickerson of Eaton (TM-I, Patrol 20 at Pierce) - first in the green chili
          The following day, Randy              category and first in People’s Choice for green chili. Other top place
     Richards, LTC Ops I for the Denver         finishers were Juan Tamez of Greeley (Region 4 Traffic Section Signal
     Maintenance Section 8 landscape            Crew) - second in red chili; and Kenny Neb of Wiggins (TM-III) - first in
     crew, called the families, who             the red chili category. CDOT photo by Dennis Van Patter.
     explained that overgrown ever-
     greens, weeds, and brush were             Melissa DeAngela “worked hard to        Assistance Makes
     contributing to poor sightlines as        be sure there was a clear line of       Denver Man a CDOT Fan
     they were using their driveways.          sight for everyone. Jeff Martinez            Patrick Vance of Denver was
          They were very concerned about       made sure they were safe from high      driving along I-76 near Brighton
     close calls involving vehicles and        traffic volumes on this curve, then     when he ran out of gas.
     walkers, runners, and bicycles on         he pitched in, as well.”                     He was walking along the
     the sidewalks in the area.                     The families concluded, “We        freeway with a gas can in hand
          At 7:50 a.m. on Aug. 24, a           thank the hardworking maintenance       when a CDOT truck pulled up
     Section 8 crew comprised of James         crew for a job well done. This is a     behind him. Robert Mitchell and
     Merritt, Roger Shuey, Kurt                great example of CDOT keeping our       Melanie Lingo (both TM-Is, Patrol
     Bradley, Shelly Espinosa, and             highways and drivers safe.”             23 at Hudson, Greeley Maintenance
                                                                                       Section I, Region 4) stopped to help
       Latest Round of R5 Nonsalary Incentive Awards                                   “no matter what my problem was,”
            Recent R5 nonsalary incentive awards went to the following:                Vance wrote to their boss, Kenny
            Paul Butero, Kevin Schmittel, Lucas Riggenbach, Gabriel                    Neb, TM-III at Wiggins.
       Martinez, and Joe Romero (all with Alamosa Maintenance Section 7),                   “They gave me gasoline and
       for their work to remove trees and clear highway lanes following 100            followed me to the nearest service
       mph winds in the San Luis Valley on June 6.                                     station to make sure I made it. They
            Mike Coggins, Robin Diferdinando, Mike Somsen, and Cody                    couldn’t have been more pleasant or
       Jordan for their assistance to a contractor, making completion of a             helpful,” Vance reported.
       shoulder paving job in the region possible in one day. Coggins is the R5             “I am very thankful for their
       Materials Engineer; all others work for Durango Maintenance Section 3.          help. I am now a big supporter of
            Albert Lincoln (Equipment Mechanic III at Ridgway), who welded             CDOT. I wanted to thank CDOT for
       and repaired a carrying rack on a vehicle alongside U.S. 550 on Red             having such good people working
       Mountain Pass, assisted in loading a heavy box onto the rack, and got the       for you. Thank you for all you and
       citizen back on the road.                                                       your staff do for the people of
            Penny Faust, Fran Block, and Karen Peterson for their efforts to           Colorado.”
       ensure a smooth and productive PE-III meeting in Durango in July.
            Deb Haglund, CDOT Human Resources, for her work to provide a
       Region Salary Report, which combined information from several other                                   CDOT
                                                                                                  Stories of CDOT
       existing reports. Congratulations to all.                                                  Continued on Page 11

Stories of CDOT                          Bicycle Trail Erosion Stopped
Continued from Page 10                        Chris Porter, vice president of the Team Evergreen Bicycle Club,
                                         recently wrote to Colorado Governor Bill Ritter to express his apprecia-
Helped by a Tire Change                  tion for CDOT’s response to erosion problems on a bicycle trail along I-
     Jack and Jody Hall of Anthem,       70 near Idaho Springs.
AZ, were pulling a fifth-wheel                “I recently contacted Scot Crabdree (TM-III at Hidden Valley,
trailer along U.S. 50 near Cotopaxi,     Aurora Maintenance Section 5, Region 1) about substantial erosion that
in the Arkansas River Canyon east        was making the bike trail underneath I-70 at the bottom of Floyd Hill
of Salida, on Aug. 29 when they had      largely impassable,” Porter wrote.
a flat tire on their trailer.                 “Scot came up with a creative solution to control the erosion by using
     “Not knowing we had the flat,       available concrete barricades. As a result of his going above and beyond
we drove on a ways, but the trailer      his required duties, this trail is now withstanding continued erosion and
was swaying on the road,” the Halls      should be able to stay in good shape for the future.”
wrote.                                        Crabdree said there were a couple of problems at the site. First, a
     The Halls describe themselves       ditch needed to be cleaned to direct runoff water into nearby culverts
as senior citizens, and since Jack       instead of allowing it spread across the bike path.
Hall has a bad back, they said “we            “Then we built up the area with rotomill material and placed some
would have been unable the change        type IV (Jersey) barrier to keep silt and other debris from coming onto the
the tire, and we didn’t know what        path,” he reported.
we were going to do.”                         Working with him on the project were Dave Bushrow (TM-II) and
     “We were very fortunate as two      Roy Culver, both with Patrol 45 at Hidden Valley. “Dave came up with
CDOT employees came up behind            the idea of building up the area with rotomillings,” Crabdree said.
us, got us off the road, offered to      “Hopefully we’ve found a solution for this problem.”
change the tire for us, and had it
done in record time.”                      Needless to say, the Halls were      “Saved on I-70”
     The help was provided by Scott    pleased. “These two men need to be            Magda Vossler of Edwards was
Terry (TM-II) and Matt Bennett         highly commended for their help.         westbound on I-70 just west of
(TM-I), both with Patrol 9 at Poncha   CDOT can be very proud to have           Parachute on July 31 when her car’s
Springs, Alamosa Maintenance           them as employees. We are truly          alternator belt broke, leaving the
Section 7, Region 5.                   grateful!”                               vehicle disabled.
                                                                                     She wrote to report what
                                                                                happened next.
                                                                                     “Kevin Macoubrie (TM-I,
                                                                                Patrol 9) pulled up behind me with
                                                                                his truck, protected my car, and had
                                                                                me climb over the guardrail to be
                                                                                out of harm’s way. He stayed with
                                                                                me until friends from Grand Junc-
                                                                                tion could come to rescue me.”
                                                                                     Vossler, who describes herself
                                                                                as a 72-year-old widow who doesn’t
                                                                                often drive long distances alone,
                                                                                added, “You can imagine what an
                                                                                ordeal this was until Kevin came to
                                                                                help me.
                                                                                     “I would appreciate it if there is
            R5 Durango Service Award Winners                                    some way your department could
Among numerous service award recipients at Region 5/Durango employee            recognize his acts of kindness and
appreciation near Durango on August 29 were, front row from left (state         concern. I feel certain that he saved
service years in parentheses): Lysle Wilson, Nucla (5); Scott Brown,            my life.”
Norwood (25); Dale Sterling, Norwood (15); and Buckshot Burbridge,
Nucla (10). Back row from left: Terry Barron, Durango (20); Greg Stacy,                                CDOT
                                                                                            Stories of CDOT
Ouray (20); Kyle Lester, Cortez (5); Paul Blocker, Ignacio (10); and Mike                  Continued on Page 12
Somsen, Durango (15). CDOT photo by Dennis Van Patter.

     Stories of CDOT
     Continued from Page 11

     Roadside Help
          What happens when you’re
     stranded along the roadside, out of
     cell phone coverage, and no law
     enforcement officials happen by?
          Rev. Steven Chappell of San
     Diego, CA, believes the help would
     most likely come from CDOT.
          “On June 2, my wife and I were
     on our way to Pagosa Springs from                    R5 Alamosa Service Award Winners
     San Diego when, near Cortez, our         Among those receiving service awards at the Region 5/Alamosa employee
     handicap ramp van broke down,”           appreciation at Poncha Springs on Aug. 30 were, front row from left:
     Chappell explained.                      Cipriano Carrillo, Monte Vista (15); Steve Lucero, Alamosa (10); and
          They were out of cell phone         Mark Quintana, Salida (5). Back row from left: Don Millemon,
     coverage and no law enforcement          Fairplay (20); Steve Johnson, Alamosa (15); Pete Werner, Fairplay (5);
     vehicle drove past.                      and David Vialpando, Salida (20). CDOT photo by Dennis Van Patter.
          “Julie Peters (Patrol 4 at
     Hesperus, Durango Maintenance           truck,” Chappell reported.              Peters, you really have a jewel. This
     Section 3, Region 5) drove by on her        He added that Peters stayed         also says a lot for CDOT employing
     way to a maintenance call. She          with them until the tow truck arrived   dedicated people who care,” Rev.
     returned shortly afterward to assist    and she was sure they would be          Chappell concluded.
     us. She stayed with us and after I      cared for.
     was able to restart the van, she            “I wanted to let you know we                              CDOT
                                                                                                Stories of CDOT
     followed us to the closest safe         appreciate dedicated people working                Continued on Page 13
     location to call and wait for a tow     on our nation’s highways. In Ms.

     Team Effort Helps Denver Maintenance Staff Up for Winter
          Faced with 24 vacant Transportation Maintenance            Human Resources staff members Jackie Perez, Len
     Worker I positions, Region 6 had to do something            Kiziuk, Misty Valles, and Joe Czjaka saluted the
     proactive to get staffed up before the winter season.       efforts of the following Region 6 employees:
          The team of Jackie Perez (CHRM), Micki                     Jerry Johnson; Al Rodriguez; Paul Padilla; Mark
     Vialpando (R6), Randy Jensen (R6 RTD), Kevin                Carrillo; Frank McCoy; Randy Richards; Curtis
     Siders, and Roy Smith (both with Denver Maintenance         Vigil; Nick Madrid; Greg Hayes; Ron Ratzell; Dave
     Section 8) tackled the project. The objective was to        Haley; Burt Farrow; Tony Bertram; Stuart Tashiro;
     complete a two-to-four week hiring process in two days.     Trinidad Urrutia; Ed Brown; Fred Barela; Roy
          After one month of planning and hard work, 21 of       Smith; Kevin Siders; Pam Maes; Donna Duran; Tina
     the positions were filled.                                  Baca; and Annette McFadden.
          Friday, Aug. 17, was a busy day at the R6 Holly St.        As a result of this event, the following 21 employees
     complex. Nearly 100 Colorado citizens were introduced       have been welcomed to CDOT:
     to CDOT’s Maintenance Section 8.                                Sept. 1 - Kevin Mondragon; Maomao Niko;
          Potential employees viewed a slide show of             Patricio Ortega; and Tim Flores. Sept. 17 - Bryan
     maintenance workers in action developed and presented       Ward; Jeff Aragon; Jaime Gutierrez; Frank Chmura;
     by Roy Smith. They applied for maintenance positions        William Fort; Lloyd Lopez; Scott Younkerman; Jesus
     if they wished, had their questions answered by Smith       Jaramillo; Pamela Livesay; Roy Robinson; and
     and Rob Haines, took the maintenance exam if they felt      Edward Williams. Oct.1 - Randy Kittinger;
     ready, interviewed for the vacant positions, and            Benjamin Luevano; Christopher Haines; Andrew
     conducted pretrip vehicle inspections. Five applicants      Avila; and Gerald Morehead. Oct. 9 - Michael
     received job offers that day.                               Zamora.

Stories of CDOT                          R5 Staffer’s Avocation is Pure “Nunsense!”
Continued from Page 12                        You might say that Lisa Zwisler (Region 5 Engineering Residency I
                                         Office, Durango) has multiple personalities.
CDOT Events Help                              But don’t call a psychiatrist.
Worthy Employee Causes                        Zwisler’s alternate personalities only come out when she’s on stage
     Major poker run and golf events     and has a captive audience, either as a stand-up comedian or in the
held in September in northeastern        Durango Lively Arts Company (DLAC) production of “Nunsense,” in
Colorado raised more than $2,500         which she played Sister Mary Hubert.
which was then distributed equally            Zwisler grew up in Vermont, where she was in community theater,
                                         and she’s been
to four CDOT family members in
                                         involved in similar
need, and to a memorial scholarship
                                         activities in
for a former co-worker.
                                         Durango for the
     Receiving payments of $550
                                         past eight years.
were Roger Baxter (Aurora
                                         She has also
Maintenance Section 5); Jerry
                                         performed standup
Buchanan (Pueblo Maintenance
                                         comedy in Phoenix
Section 2); Bob Eastin (CDOH
                                         and Durango.
retired); Rey Diaz Santiago (Head-
                                              Reviews of            Lisa Zwisler cuts up during “Nunsense.” Photo
quarters Facilities Management);
                                         DLAC’s                     courtesy of the Durango Lively Arts Company.
and the Rodger Bell Memorial
                                         “Nunsense” produc-
Scholarship Fund.
                                         tion stated that young, old, and even Catholic priests enjoyed the lively
     Rodger Bell, who died in the
                                         musical comedy.
line of duty in 2006, worked for
                                              In the spirit of the production, Zwisler’s fellow performers at DLAC
Durango Maintenance Section 3,
                                         poked light-hearted fun at her in their promotional flyer, stating that
Region 5.
                                         since she normally has trouble chewing gum and walking at the same
     The two Helping Hands events
                                         time, her expertise at singing and tap dancing at the same time was
were headed up by Nicki Upright
                                         literally a miracle. Bravo, Lisa!
(Region 4 Engineering), who said
the planning and organizing were a
true team effort, with many CDOT        (R4 Traffic Section); Kevin Piper       area headed up by Jim Hoffman
employees and friends involved.         (Greeley Maintenance Section 1);        (R4 Engineering).
     Specifically, the planning group   Richard Vance (Greeley Mainte-               Scores of volunteers worked the
included Bob Grube (R4 Right of         nance Section 1); Miranda Roskop        two events, helping make sure
Way Supervisor); Linda                  (R4 Engineering); Wendy Turner          everything went smoothly. Hats off
McWilliams (R4 Traffic); Terry          (R4 Engineering); and Corey             to all who were involved for a job
Roop (Denver Maintenance Section        Stewart (R4 Engineering).               well done.
8); Cheryl Geer (Denver Mainte-             Providing entertainment at the
nance Section 8); Connie Rochelle       poker run event was Errata, a                                 CDOT
                                                                                           Stories of CDOT
(R4 Business Office); Vicki Sladek      classic rock band from the Greeley                 Continued on Page 14


          Among those receiving service awards at the Region 5/Alamosa employee appreciation at Poncha Springs
          on Aug. 30 were, from left: Carlito Umali, Alamosa (20); Rob Beck, Poncha Springs (10); Albert
          Valenzuela, Alamosa (10); Mickey Widhalm, Alamosa (15); and Darryl Wilson, Sargents (5).

     Stories of CDOT
                                             Appreciating SH 141 Rockfall Efforts
     Continued from Page 13
                                                  On Oct. 13, Joann Sharp of the Uravan/Nucla area in far western
                                             Colorado wrote to the Durango Maintenance Section 3 office about
     Complicated Solution                    rockfall incidents on SH 141 on Sept. 27 and Oct. 7.
          A complicated traffic/access/           She said, “I really don’t have the words to express to you what a
     private development situation at        tremendous group of people you have.
     Lazy Hills, near Parker Road and             “I thank God that not one person was hurt. The dedication to safety
     Arapahoe Road in the southeast          first among the Nucla Patrol and all CDOT personnel who came to assist
     Denver metro area, required a           was awesome! Every day we watched the work under difficult situations -
     careful and lengthy solution negoti-    it was something to be proud of. Thank you for having men and women
     ated among several interests and        who believe in CDOT and who take their jobs seriously.”
     jurisdictions.                               Patrol 19 members are Jack Lee (TM-II), Bill Stewart, Buckshot
          Nancy Spence, Assistant            Burbridge, Lysle Wilson, and Preston Nusser. Longtime patrol member
     Minority Leader of the Colorado         Don Spies retired in October.
     State Senate, wrote to Randy                 The rockfall incidents required the help of many CDOT employees,
     Jensen, CDOT Region 6 Transpor-         among them Greg Stacey, Ray Ledford, and Paul Wilson, all supervisors
     tation Director, to express her         in the Ridgway Foreman Area Office, and Dwight Cooper, Dack Klein,
     appreciation for the hard work.         Bernie Kuboske, Lori Ethridge, Lancy Falk, Richard “Red” Brown,
          “Your willingness to meet with     Woodie Daves, and Toney Buffington.
     members of the community and lead
     discussions with CDOT, the City of
                                            Horseshoe Pitching Reigns at R5 Appreciation Events
     Aurora, and the City of Centennial
     led to this resolution,” Spence
     wrote. “I very much appreciate the
     attention you gave this matter and
     the swiftness with which you
          Jensen said several others were
     also involved in the project: Region
     6 Traffic Engineer Tony DeVito;
     Program Engineer Reza Akhavan;
     Resident Engineer Abe Lavassani;
     and project engineer Neil Lacey.       Tops in the horseshoe pitching tournament at Region 5/Alamosa employee
          “The whole process took about     appreciation at Poncha Springs on Aug. 30 were, from left: Todd
     six months. We’re glad it turned out   Cunningham, Villa Grove & Desiree Peterson, Alamosa (first place team);
     so well for everyone involved,”        and Jose Baros, Sargents & Darrel Maez, Center (second place team).
     Jensen concluded. “Our folks who
     were involved did a great job.”

     Receiving service awards at R5/
     Durango employee appreciation on        Tops in the annual horseshoe tournament during Region 5/Durango Em-
     Aug. 29 were (years of service in       ployee Appreciation on Aug. 29 were, from left: Phillip Beight, Ignacio &
     parentheses): Rob Kulovitz, left,       Shane Ridings, Durango (third place team); Randy Crumbaugh, Bayfield
     Durango (5), and Dean Stanton,          & Marcus Skaggs, Durango (first place team); and Kathryn Fulton,
     Durango (10).                           Durango & Scott Carlstrom, Mancos (second place team).

Ser vice Awards
Service    ards                                                Achieved during November, 2007

5 YEARS                                                 15 YEARS
Kent Baxstrom, Durango Section 3, Region 5              Ernest Abeyta, Region 5 Engineering
Debbie Biays, Region 5 North Program Engineering        Robert Brown, Aurora Section 5, Region 1
Garth Bockelmann, Pueblo Section 4, Region 2            Bob Grube, Region 4 Engineering
Ricky Bogs, Denver Section 8, Region 6                  Robert Madrid, Pueblo Section 4, Region 2
Jeannie Burkhardt, Intelligent Transportation Systems   Chris Miller, Craig Section 6, Region 3
Michael Burns, Facilities Management                    Don Olmstead, Region 3 Traffic Section
Shane Chevalier, Safety & Traffic Engineering           Thom Rivera, Information Technology
Giovanni Ciddio, Region 6 Safety Officer                Victor Romero, Greeley Section 1, Region 4
Jeff Costin, Alamosa Section 7, Region 5                Travis Vallin, Division of Aeronautics
Everett Cranmer, Region 5 Traffic & Safety
Woodrow Daves, Durango Section 3, Region 5              20 YEARS
Greg Diehl, Center for Equal Employment Opportunity     Tony Bertram, Denver Section 8, Region 6
Ray Edelen, Greeley Section 1, Region 4                 Larry Cisneros, Region 5 Engineering
Gerald Garcia, Alamosa Section 7, Region 5              Larry Cooper, Alamosa Section 7, Region 5
Tim Holbrook, Grand Junction Section 2, Region 3        Lawrence Encinias, Denver Section 8, Region 6
Scott Johnson, Greeley Section 1, Region 4              Ernest Gonzales, Facilities Management
Monta Lykins, Aurora Section 5, Region 1                Ali Harajli, Bridge Design & Management
Paul Mandarich, Region 2 Right of Way/Surveying         David Hickey, Alamosa Section 7, Region 5
James Mitchell, Pueblo Section 4, Region 1              Rod Lighthizer, Craig Section 6, Region 3
Mike Morgan, Region 2 Traffic & Safety                  David Lucero, Durango Section 3, Region 5
Anthony Russo, Aurora Section 5, Region 1               Rudy Marquez, Pueblo Section 4, Region 2
Earl Selvage, Headquarters Business Office              Michael Naranjo, Region 5 Right of Way/Surveying
Gary Sparrow, Grand Junction Section 2, Region 3        Doug Palmer, Craig Section 6, Region 3
Sandra Taylor, Region 5 Engineering                     John Willis, Region 5 Right of Way/Surveying
David Valentinelli, Region 5 Traffic & Safety
Anna Welch, Region 1 Access Coordinator                 25 YEARS
                                                        Jeffrey Doyle, Alamosa Section 7, Region 6
10 YEARS                                                Vince Estreich, Aurora Section 5, Region 1
Thomas Aguilar, Greeley Section 1, Region 4             Jake Kononov, DTD Research Branch
Stephen Brown, Craig Section 6, Region 3                Ken Martinez, Eisenhower Tunnels Section 9,
Kim Decoursey, Region 3 Information Systems               Region 1
Theodore Dooley, Alamosa Section 7, Region 5            Mark Nord, Bridge Design & Management
Nabil Haddad, Region 1 East Program Engineering         Don Spies, Durango Section 3, Region 5
Lila Harnan, Headquarters Materials Branch
Alan Kellogg, Alamosa Section 7, Region 5               30 YEARS
Bernie Lay, Pueblo Section 4, Region 2                  Bill Bingham, Grand Junction Section 2, Region 3
Val Ramsey, Eisenhower Tunnels Section 9, Region 1      Michael Trejo, Greeley Section 1, Region 4
Art Reliford, Headquarters Motor Pool
Jason Simpson, Craig Section 6, Region 3                35 YEARS
William Stewart, Durango Section 3, Region 5            Clarence Groves, Region 3 Traffic & Safety
Michael Trant, Grand Junction Section 2, Region 3       Paulette Shaver, Bridge Design & Management
Trinidad Urrutia, Denver Section 8, Region 6
Donald Wilson, Grand Junction Section 2, Region 3

 Ser vice Awards
 Service    ards                                               Achieved during December, 2007
5 YEARS                                                 Nancy Dunsmuir, Craig Section 6, Region 3
Paul Anderson, Grand Junction Section 2, Region 3       Robert Hayes, Region 4 Engineering
Clay Anderson, Grand Junction Section 2, Region 3       James Henn, Human Resources Management
Roscoe Bailey, Denver Section 8, Region 6               Lisa Hodgson Zwisler, Region 5 Engineering
James Bright, Headquarters Facilities Management
Mindy Crane, Public Relations Office                                              Service    ards
                                                                         December Ser vice Awards
Rey Diaz Santiago, Headquarters Facilities Mgmt.                                       Continued on Page 15
Devin Drayton, Region 3 Engineering

         Service    ards
December Ser vice Awards                            15 YEARS
Continued from Page 14                              Darrell Archuleta, Region 2 Traffic & Safety
                                                    Joyce Bunkers, Financial Management & Budget
                                                    Delnita Gadpaille, Region 6 Engineering
Paul Jankowski, Region 5 Planning & Environmental   Scott Hedge, Pueblo Section 4, Region 2
Larry Lockman, Denver Section 8, Region 6           Lon Hollingsworth, Greeley Section 1, Region 4
Angel Lovato, Headquarters Facilities Management    Curt Martinez, Aurora Section 5, Region 1
Chris McCartney, Grand Jct. Section 2, Region 3     Randal Phillips, DTD GIS Support Unit
Bart Necessary, Region 3 Engineering                Allan Robinson, Aurora Section 5, Region 1
Dan Nelson, Pueblo Section 4, Region 2              Jose Romero, Alamosa Section 7, Region 5
George Preiser, Region 4 Engineering                Robert Roscoe, Pueblo Section 4, Region 2
Leo Reckker, Craig Section 6, Region 3              Edward Trujillo, Materials & Geotechnical Branch
Chris Ribera, Region 5 Equal Employment
  Opportunity                                       20 YEARS
Nolan Troudt, Greeley Section 1, Region 4           Golda Davydov, Bridge Design & Management
Tony Wendt, Region 2 Traffic Section                Patrick Kropp, Region 1 Engineering
                                                    Anthony Macias, Bridge Design & Management
10 YEARS                                            Jim Pitkin, Grand Junction Section 2, Region 3
Trevor Allen, Grand Junction Section 2, Region 3    Allen Roys, Greeley Section 1, Region 4
John Bohman, Grand Junction Section 2, Region 3     Mark Stadig, Bridge Design & Management
Cary Griffin, Grand Junction Section 2, Region 3
Bea Haggard, Region 2 Engineering                   25 YEARS
Beverly Kelly, Materials & Geotechnical Branch      Myron Cunningham, Denver Section 8, Region 6
Nancy Mahoney, Region 4 Engineeirng                 Robert Harris, Region 5 Right of Way
Gloria Martinez, Headquarters Business Office       Dave Judy, Intelligent Transportation Systems
Kenny Neb, Greeley Section 1, Region 4              Bill VanVoorst, Aurora Section 5, Region 1
Mark Pope, Region 2 Right of Way
Marquema Warren, Aurora Section 5, Region 1         30 YEARS
Julia Wilson, Region 3 Engineering                  Walt Black, Maintenance & Operations Branch

                                                                                   PRESRT STD
                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                    DENVER CO
                                                                                    PERMIT 738

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