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									Engineered Wood Flooring – A Great Alternative To Solid Hardwood Floors

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Engineered wood flooring is a great advance in wood flooring

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Engineered wood flooring has been one of the great innovations in
flooring to hit the market. Engineered hardwood is not made from solid
wood. It consists of several layers and only the top layer is the actual
hardwood that you always dreamed of having for the floors of your home.
The layers underneath are specifically designed to give you maximum wear
and tear and they give you practical flooring for just about every room
of the house. Engineered wood flooring has advantages over solid hardwood
that make it very attractive.

For one thing, engineered wood flooring is not as costly as solid
hardwood flooring. The other layers of the engineered hardwood flooring
are plywood or high density fibreboard. They are molded together under
high pressure in a factory setting. Engineered hardwood floors will not
expand and contract as solid hardwood does with changes in humidity and
temperature. You can install it over just about any type of existing
floor and by following special instructions you can install an engineered
floor over radiant heat sources.

Engineered wood flooring in one of the most versatile choices that you
can make when it comes to flooring in your home. It has many practical
applications. You can install it over an existing concrete floor or one
made with inferior grade wood. You can glue or nail it down and there are
also forms of engineered hardwood floors that are glueless, forming a
floating floor. It is an excellent choice in areas where there are
drastic changes in temperature and humidity. However, engineered wood
does not perform well in rooms of the home where there is an excess of
humidity and moisture, such as in bathrooms or mudrooms.

One of the major reasons that many homeowners choose engineered wood
flooring is its fantastic price. You have the same look and texture of
hardwood, but it seems as if you are getting the hardwood at a wholesale
price. Engineered hardwood floors are easy to install and the
instructions are clearly printed inside each carton of flooring. You do
have to make sure that the subfloor is clean of dust and dirt before you
start so that any small pieces of rock won’t work their way up through
the flooring.
In the line of engineered wood flooring, you can get various types of
wood, stains and finishes. You can also choose prefinished and unfinished
hardwood, but if you are looking for an easy project, then it is best to
go with prefinished. This way when you have the engineered hardwood
flooring installed, you don’t have to bother applying any stain or
finish. You can just sit back and enjoy your engineered wood flooring.

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