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Now that the real estate market has cooled off, selling your home can be
difficult, especially if you are unprepared.

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So you want to sell your home? If you are thinking about putting your
house on the market, there are several things to consider before doing
so. Now that the real estate market has cooled off, selling your home
can be difficult, especially if you are unprepared.

Creating “curb appeal” is one of the most important issues when competing
in today’s real estate market. Without it, buyers will more than likely
not even think about viewing the inside of your home: Of course, unless
you’ve priced your home much less than all the other comparable homes in
your neighborhood. Under-pricing your home is not always the best thing
to do, especially if you have a considerable amount of money invested in
your home. Therefore, you need to prepare your home to sell according to
what homebuyers expect to get when purchasing a home to be in the

Having “curb appeal” simply means showing the front exterior and yard of
your home as neat, appealing and well-maintained, with that “gotta have
it” appearance. What do most buyers expect to see when they look at a
home? Well, peeling paint, weedy grass, empty planting beds and broken
fences are not things homebuyers like to see when they view a home. This
means work, work and more work for them and that puts your house at the
bottom of their list of homes to consider purchasing. If you don’t want
to scare off potential buyers, these things need to be taken care of
before you put your house on the market. First impressions are lasting
impressions when it comes to any real estate market. But, don’t be
discouraged. This certainly doesn’t mean you have to completely renovate
your home in order to sell it.

Try driving by your home first and take a good look at it. You may like
the way it looks, but would a prospective buyer like it enough to spend
their “hard earned” money on it? Creating a look that is pleasing to the
eye is not that difficult. Basic improvements in the front landscaping
and front exterior of your home is usually all that is needed to generate
curb appeal. This is the best place to start when preparing your home
for a sale.

To get a general idea of what buyers desire in a home, just leaf through
a few home and garden magazines. Even though most of the homes depicted
in the photographs are not the norm, most people are media-oriented, so
presenting the front of your home and yard as “visually” appealing will
at least get their “feet” in your door. Once homebuyers start imagining
themselves living in your home, then you have certainly won half the
battle when it comes to selling your home in a “cool” real estate market.