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									                                                                                                                       April 2008

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AT Rydell YOU CAN TRUST                                                                               Mr.
YOUR COLLISION CENTER                                                                                 Goodwrench
                                                                                              Because who knows what’s down the road
                                                                                              STEPHAN JOHANSSON
                                                                                              WITH A NON-RACING
                                                                                               COLLISION REPAIR

                    This ADT Van promised in one week—delivered in
                        one week — with graphics fully restored!
        e recently had an unpleasant               1. To do the best job possible.
W      experience with a construction
service provider. It wasn’t that his
                                                   2. To not overcharge or
                                               cheat us.
work was bad. He was an excellent                  3. To keep all agreements
craftsman, with state-of-the-art tools         and commitments or to notify
and equipment. The quality of his              us immediately of any un-                      Stephan Johansson’s route to
work was good, but he lacked the               avoidable changes .                            Formula One racing was via the British
most important quality we all look for             This individual was able to provide        Formula 3 Championship, which he won
when we choose someone to serve                the best job possible. As far as we            in 1980. In 2005, he drove the Chip
us: TRUST.                                     could tell, he wasn’t overcharging or          Ganassi run, New Century Mortgage
                                                                                              sponsored, Lexus Riley Daytona
    When most of us look for a                 cheating us. But he completely de-             Prototype in the American Grand-Am
doctor, a dentist, a mechanic, or              stroyed our trust on number three. He          Rolex Sports Car Series. With co-driver
even a hair stylist, we want to be             estimated a week to do the job, and            Cort Wagner he scored his best finish, a
able to trust them . . .                                      (Continued on Page Two)         2nd place, at Mont Tremblant in Canada.
                                                                                              They finished the year in 5th place in
                                                                                              the championship.
    CORNER                                                                                         Johansson has 103 races (79
                                                                                              starts) , 12 Podium finishes, and 88
  T     he Callaway Corvette is a specialist
        version of the C6 Corvette, built by
  Callaway and sold through selected
                                                                                              Career points. Outside racing, Stefan
                                                                                              has a number of business ventures
                                                                                              and is a keen artist — he is particu-
  Chevrolet dealers. They are professionally
  engineered, seriously fast and an unbeat-                                                   larly known for his watch designs.
  able value: 580 bhp, 510 lb-ft torque for                                                        But like the rest of us, he
  2008 6.2 liter LS3, supercharged with          available in either platform: Convertible    occasionally has collision damage
  Eaton/Magnuson Roots-style super-              or Coupe— 6 speed manual or 6 speed          to his own personal vehicle, in this
  charger. Super high performance is now         paddle-shift automatic transmission.         case an Audi Q7. And like other
                                                 Callaway's approach to extreme high          knowledgable drivers, he brings
                                                 horsepower has been confirmed as             his vehicle to Rydell’s Collision
                                                 the same supercharged configuration          Center for repairs.
                                                 Chevrolet will release in May 2009.
                                                 They are also fully warranted and
                                                 emission compliant in all states.
                                                      Callaway Corvettes may be              2009 PONTIAC G8 GXP AT
                                                 ordered starting in June, 2008, from         NEW YORK AUTO SHOW
                                                 Rydell Automotive Group.
                                                                                                       See Page Two
                                     Collision Center News — Page Two
AT    Rydell
         YOU CAN                                               2009 PONTIAC G8 GXP
   TRUST YOUR                                                   AT NEW YORK INTER-
COLLISION CENTER                                               NATIONAL AUTO SHOW
               (Continued from Page One)
three weeks later it was still not com-
pleted. Worse than that, he allowed us
to make plans based on his commit-
ment and didn’t notify us so we could
adjust our schedule. And after that, he
agreed to a new completion date
which he also didn’t keep. He prom-
ised to notify us if there was a change,
and he didn’t do that either.
     This one quality that was lacking     GM            only showed three new
                                                          vehicles at the New
                                           York International Auto Show this
                                                                                  power at 6000 rpm. The automatic
                                                                                  makes 402 pound-feet and the stick
                                                                                  makes 400 at 4400 (all pending SAE
completely nullified all of his other
                                           year: Pontiac 2009 G8 GXP, 2010        certification).
good qualities. When trust is gone,
                                           G8 ST, and Solstice Coupe. They              How will Pontiac do it with a
there can be no possibility of con-                                               larger, heavier sedan? With very
                                           call the 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP -- the
tinuing a business relationship.                                                  little modification to the Corvette
                                           poor man's BMW:
     That’s why at Rydell’s , we                The only exterior visuals         C6's 436-horsepower, 428-pound-
make trust our top priority. How           betraying the Corvette 6.2-liter,      foot LS3. There is a different water
can you be certain you’re getting a        402-horsepower LS3 V-8 under its       pump and exhaust manifold, and a
fair and honest estimate?                  hood are the new front fascia with     slightly modified intake, mostly for
     1. Be certain the estimator is        big fog lamps, 19-inch wheels 19-      packaging.
using an authorized, computer-based        inch wheels, new rear diffuser, two          The Corvette is optimized for
estimating system.                         badges on the side, and one on the     airflow, but this car isn't quite as
     2. Be certain your estimator          decklid. Pontiac considered a kid-     optimized. As in the Corvette, the
has been professionally trained and        racer rear wing and replaced it with   LS3 trumps the 6.0-liter LS2 with
has I-Car or ASE certification.            the GT's lip spoiler at the last       high-flow L92-style cylinder heads,
                                           minute.                                unique camshaft and camshaft
     3. Check with your Better
                                                GXPs with the 6L80 six-speed      timing, a tweaked valve-train with
Business Bureau and/or the Board                                                  offset intake rocker arms, high-flow
                                           Hydra-Matic automatic get a 3.27:1
of Auto Repair to be certain a shop        final-drive ratio, and a Tremec        intake and fuel injectors.
has not been cited for fraud.              TR6060 six-speed manual (this is             The extra 12 cubic inches is the
     At Rydell’s we consider the           the only G8 offered with a stick)      result of a bigger bore, with larger-
trust of our customers to be our           comes with a 3.70:1 final drive.       diameter cylinder heads and pistons
most important asset!                           Pontiac rates both 402 horse-     for high-rpm performance.

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